Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Stupidity From Commies part 3

There are some of you who pretend that Trotskyites are somehow free of the historical sins of communism. Those who continue to believe this ignore the war crimes and record of Trotsky. Many of you believe that Renegade Eye is somehow a benign variant of the malady of Marx.

Ren is on Sonias blog blaming the food shortages in the Hugo's blunderland on price gougers. In the words of Ren he should "use the army" to solve this problem.

Where have we seen this solution before? This is exactly a repeat of the Kulak disaster in the Soviet Union and starvation followed. Mugabbe, Castro and others stole productive land from small farmers and starvation followed. This is yet another example of commies revealing their faithful adherence to failed ideas that do not work in the name of populism.

Of course after the enemies of the people are found they must be killed or shipped to gulags.

The truth is that anyone who views commies as thugs are mistaken. Christians like Junglemom,
TMW, Justin and others have dedicated large amounts of time to helping the poor and troubled in the name of Christ as their calling. Those who want to help the poor and needy should just join Christ or at least stay out of the way.

Commies are thugs and their sole goal is power. They can rationalize all forms of criminality and failure to justify their warped utopia. In reality they are more fundaMENTAList than the genuine Christians they mock.

Viva Beamish El Presidente in 08.


Ducky's here said...

Quiet, you Stalinist stooge.

Beamish said...

Scary isn't it? You really have to wonder about the left sometimes.

From Stalin and Trotsky's ethnic cleansing to today's Democratic Party believing "cutting the size of big government" means disbanding 6 Army divisions, you get the impression that leftists at least philosophically equate the regulatory power of government with the ability to destroy things with military force.

From the liquidation of the Kulaks to the War on Poverty and War on Drugs, leftists are gung ho for combat.

As long as the enemy can't shoot back.

Farmer John said...

How dare the farmers ask more for their produce than it cost to grow it. What impertinence! Miserable greedy b*stards!

The Pagan Temple said...

Their alleged criminal past, or whether they are or are not guilty of the crimes of the past, is irrelevant to me. All that matters to me is the fact that they are a variant of communism, and I am not a communist of any variant. That is all that is really important. They could be as pure as the driven snow and have nothing but the best of intentions, but as far as I'm concerned nothing would change those facts.

Z said...

BEAMISH, I had COFFEE in my mouth when I read "the Dems think cutting big gov't is disbanding 6 army divisions"....STOP THAT!! Oh, MAN, that is SO funny and so true!

Beak.....what was REALLY wierd about living in Paris during the last election of the dreaded Chirac, was hearing from the TROTSKYITE Party. Right out there... They don't cover themselves with a term like DEMOCRATS. they just USE THE TERM!
(they lost!)

The Merry Widow said...

It's called a "Spew Alert"!
And commies just can't understand why we, normal humans, reject their version of "U"topia...the Greek is lost on them too!