Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama is right about this one

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that Bill Ayers is a vile terrorist. His crimes had absolutely nothing to do with the Vietnam war. The crimes were that of a spoiled communist criminal who basically bombed to create revolution fantasies. Where do communist criminals go when they stop bombing? They go to the old Bolshevik network in higher education.

Obama stupidly knowingly served on a board with Ayers. Obama did point out that Bill Clinton pardoned Weathermen and should have pointed to FALN terrorists as well. The latter says more about Hillary as it was an attempt to buy votes before her Senate election.

Obama is 100% correct about Clinton's blatant dishonesty. However Obama's non answer about Ayers and his crimes tells us all we need to know. Obama has a hard time just admiting he made a mistake in judgement and moving ahead.


Always On Watch said...

Obama has a hard time just admiting he made a mistake in judgement and moving ahead.

He's arrogant. Look at the spin on his Jeremiah Wright connections.

Beamish said...

Y'all should have seen this coming.

We're back to the "I repudiate and regret and whatever everything my close but still despicable friends say more than she repudiates and regrets and whatevers everything her close but still despicable friends say" mode.

Trouble is, Obama's close but despicable friends are not superdelegates.

Ain't that a bitch?

Z said...

That's okay. Who wants Obama admitting lacks of judgment and 'moving ahead'? I want him moving AWAY.
He's been in and out of Ayers' home, apparently....socialized with a guy who, fairly recently, insists he didn't do enough damage...but I wouldn't judge obama on that (much). I do judge him re: the WRight thing; particularly when he said he'd have left the church now if Wright had not (conveniently) retired AND if Wright had not acknowledged that some of what he said was hurtful.
Trouble is, Wright has never come close to saying any such thing. Spin spin spin...........(and, why hasn't our media mentioned CHURCH v STATE was breached at Wright's church? imagine if this had been a Conservative minister!? OH, GOD!!

you mention Hillary's "blatant dishonesty". Did anybody ever consider that she's NEVER been under sniper fire ANYWHERE? This wasn't "i forgot", or "She was just tired" like her husband says now about the misspeak. She has NEVER been under sniper fire in her life...BLATANT lie. Nobody's mentioned THAT, either...just that she 'misspoke'. WHA???

The Merry Widow said...

Elitist snob...


The Frank Family said...

Obama can't even explain why he runs away from the American flag like someone runs away from a bear. To say that you love a country and have no affection for its flag would certainly come across as particularly vile to the military of that country. Much blood has been shed to give us a flag to fly and to keep that flag flying proudly. Maybe he should be reminded who it is that gave him his freedoms.