Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Protocols 2008 Commie Update part 1 stealth

There are some of you out there who fail to see the importance of anti-semitism amongst communist bug eyed types. Lets talk about the history of commies in a large pattern. The life blood of communism is alienation for the foot soldiers. For the more ambitious like Che "Sponge Bob" or Ren the draw is power.

Communists are driven by a religious type of fervor. Thus it is hardly surprising that Ren has attended Lubavitcher functions looking for identity. For the record I have never attended any meetings at Chabad or the JDL. In fact I have been opposed to Kahane consistently for well over two decades. As far as Chabad, I have given them money in the past and support their community efforts. On a personal level I have my own faith, but prefer to walk apart for my own reasons. I have remained the same Cold Warrior since the late 70's.

I have battled communists on their home turf in NYC. My observations of their behavior comes from two decades of dealing with them as a foe.

1 Communists know they are pariahs and will use a variety of names to escape their deserved isolation.

a) Calling ones self a green like Maoist Norman Finkelstein. Finky is known as the most rabid anti-semite on the planet works with Hezbollah and Nazi like Zundel. He presents himself as an outraged Jew and omits his Maoist history that would label him a crank. He also neglects to point out his mother was also a commie and his father a fellow traveler when presenting their views. What is green about Finky other than book sales, speaking fees and the traditional colors
of the jihadis he supports remains a mystery.

Kovel unlike Finky does have some green credentials. In between bong hits he sees anti communism as anti semitism but anti zionism is not anti semitic. A green who writes pot laced
tracts about anti communism doesn't pass the smell test.

b) Anarchist Commies like Chomsky pretend they are Anarchists. However, phantom US/Nazi alliances while ignoring actual commie/Nazi alliances does not pass the test. Support for Pol Pot, Vietnamese Communists and so forth also is part of a pattern.

C) Social Democrats. Michael Harrington attempted to repackage communism into a socially acceptable movement. He still marched lock step and endorsed communist party lines and attempted to infiltrate the Democratic party. One can see the real Harrington's colors in his reaction to Ronald Radosh who published the truth about the Rosenbergs. In short Harrington tossed Radosh under the bus to keep his red minions happy.

Part two Tales about Neocons and using populist antisemitism.


Ducky's here said...

I remember meeting Michael Harrington at the Boston Catholic Worker house.

A wonderful, intelligent man. You can learn much from his writings. It would be a good change from you and help shed your tunnel vision.

Warren said...

When you met Che were you impressed with his humanity and charity work?

It doesn't surprise me that Harrington was living in a commie flop house.

Ducky's here said...

I've never met Che, Mr. Strawman.

You aren't fit to wash Micheal Harrington's jock.

Warren said...

Sorry ducks ass, I don't touch anything you've had your nose in.