Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reverend Wright is a crackpot

The media campaign to reduce the idiocy of Barak Obama's crackpot Minister falls short. Wright's
rant about Barak HUSSEIN Obama and Arabic is a language not a religion marks an all time new low for Wright who would have been better off keeping his mouth shut.

Obama would have been better off with an Imam who was reality based than this lunatic. One can find decent Muslims with almost no effort. The Wright admix of Marx, Nuremberg and Archie Bunker is a clear joke.

This country does have an idiocy when it comes to clergymen. If you are white and Conservative every goofy comment one makes is publicized. If you are Black or far leftist and make stupid remarks then the media just moves on to something else.

The more you see of Wright the more absurd the excuse of Obama becomes I didn't know.....

Obama's greatest problem is that the more we learn the less we like. He is every bit as arrogant and out of touch as Hillary. He is 100% packaging with no substance.

Maybe someday the Democrats will learn that appealing to commies and freaks costs national elections. That being said it looks like Hillary is purposely tring to sink Obama in an election she can't win.


Beamish said...

Maybe someday the Democrats will learn...

Never let anyone tell you you're not an optimist, Beak.

The Merry Widow said...

Mr. B.-They do have an obtuseness that persists...what do they do? Check their brains in as part of the ritual of becoming a voting dhimmicrat?
No wonder they stalk the cemetaries, they find more logic there than in their rank and file!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

In about half and hour, Wright will be on C-Span; he's addressing the National Press Club here in D.C.

Another forum for the man to show his stupidity and lunacy? I'll know soon enough as I plan to tune in.

Z said...

If pastors said anything close to what Wright said, their church would be under investigation now about removing tax exemption because of crossing the line between church and state.
I like it when a newscaster reads the church mission statement (you sould pardon the pun) with WHITE instead of BLACK inserted in the points.
"We will be a White centered church"....oh, ya...THAT would fly.

The Pagan Temple said...

The Democrats can't drop these people, because that's who they get a majority of their money from. Without them, they are non-competitive. This puts them in a deep bind. In order to keep the money coming in, they have to play up to their vanities and their prejudices-things they like to pretend they do not have.

The rest of the party rank-and-file have to make do with a few crumbs thrown their way here and there, and otherwise we should just shut up and play along.

The result of this was Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The Democratic Party plays all their registered voters for fools, including the cheese-eaters. All they care about is keeping the money flow. If they lose votes, they don't mind, when they are in the minority they aren't expected to deliver, and in the meantime they can ratchet up the rhetoric and get even more money.

When the Democrats get too much power, it's not too long before you get another Reagan, or anther Republican Congress-or both.

Z said...

pagan temple, do you think what you said is true about "dems get too much power and reps get voted in"? I'm thinking our kids have been so indoctrinated by now that a LOT of things Americans think could happen again (great numbers volunteering to fight for our country, voting conservative versus a free hand out, believing we're more trustworthy than other countries with weapons, instead of what I sometimes hear: 'if WE have nukes, why SHOULDN'T N. Korea..?', etc etc.. I think it's scary to consider we don't have that great base of Americans we once did, thanks to indoctrination by teachers and the media.
I hope I'm wrong.
Beak, I hope you'll tell me something more optimistic than I am!?