Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cultural Oddities

Often I take for granted that coworkers or readers will understand a cultural reference. One of the oddities is that I did see the very end of the Catskills brand of comedy. The saddest part is this world may be remembered best by the dreadful film dirty dancing or in a Michael Savage story.

I used an odd technique to get information at work. To the unaided eye it looks like disjointed questioning. However, anyone who has seen Lou Goldstein at work in a Simon Says game or I am the boss in Grossingers could recognize the technique.

Lou Goldstein held court at Grossingers and his brand of comedy was worth the stay. I watched a few clips on the web but it was such a unique experience that the memories have stayed with me for decades. The technique works on speed, timing, comedy and being three steps ahead of those being questioned or consul. You think you can keep up with Goldstein but you can't, nor can you really prepare for it.


Warren said...

Were there really that many sexually deviant midgets in the Catskills?

beakerkin said...

I guess just me. It was a lost world
that was culturally unique.