Friday, October 27, 2006

In the Hot Seat with Morgan

It is often harder to interview a friend like Morgan than to interview a Ducky or a Disgruntled Chemist. This is one of the rare times I get to interview someone who is from a similar cultural backround and political leanings as myself.

1 I never cease to be amazed at the monofocused obsession the far left has with Israel and the Jews. I have seen example after example of the basest mindless moronic comments eminating from the Duck, Weazie and others on the left. Have you experienced antisemitism? If so does it come from a particular political philosophy?

2 The frequent charge of the left is that Jews have dual loyalty issues. However, no group has a larger and more profound history of dual loyalty than the far left itself. What are your thoughts on this issue?

3 I have looked at the FBI hate crime index, I still can not find the hate crimes to match the hysteria of Ducky and CAIR. There are still roughly five times more anti-semitic crimes against Jews and Gay men than those commited against Muslims. Is this another example of the Duck getting it wrong.

4 Should we end the current focus on family based immigration and move towards a vocational based immigration in the future?

5 Should we require immigrants to obey our family laws? What should we do with polygamous unions?

6 What are your views of hidden taxes gasoline, phone taxes and users fees? Are these stealth tax increases.

7 What are your views of gasoline and cigarette taxes?

8 Should the USA seek better relations with India? Which countries are vital to our future economy?

9 What sports teams do you root for? What are your thoughts on Golf, Bowling and the new sport Grenade fishing?

10 Should racial and ethnic quotas be abolished? Should the Universities eliminate legacy prefferances as well?

11 Is drug abuse a medical or criminal problem?

12 What are you views of Rabbi Michael Lerner?

13 What are your views on Jews like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein who seem to be prototype anti-semites? Are Jews who believe in Marx still Jews?

14 Is the liberal conservative chasm just Nationalists vs Internationalists? What are your thoughts on the UN?

15 What are your views on labor unions? Have they outlived their purpose?

16 Who is the funniest person on the web. Impertinent at FPM and Mr Beamish in our community have me in stitches. I am still laughing over Gert crying about a Mr Beamish quote " Get off my planet".

17 What are your views on hunting and fishing?

18 There is a insanity amongst the left and a while back I was accused of concealing my ethnicity? Why does the left seem to obsess over who is Jewish? I do not recall anyone making similar complaints about AOW or Elmer's Brother. I know they are not Jewish, but I do not see any similar demands over other bloggers ethnicity.

19 What are your picks for the three most under rated and over rated films of all time?

20 Do you believe in the death penalty for terrorists?

21 Should non citizens serving in Iraq get their citizenship and waitng times for relatives reduced. There are plenty of non-citizens serving in the US military.

22 What qualities do you view as important in a President?

23 Who is the most obnoxious celebrity?

24 What condiments do you put on a hot dog?

25 Should we place more emphasis on results over self esteem in our educational system?


The Merry Widow said...

Boy,o boy, o boy! Morgan will have some fun tonight!


beakerkin said...

I walked in on schedule there is a major storm in the area.

nanc said...

does morgan have his asbestos britches on for when plucky comes and tries to light a fire under him?

beak - we're in peak autumn today - pop went home to tend to the yard and i think i'll try to take some photos.

nanc said...

speaking of asbestos - y'all's bible lesson for the morning:

it is a greek word in the new testament meaning "unquenchable fire" - yikes!

JINGOIST said...

Thanks for the opportunity Bikkur, I hope I can do justice to your questions.

1. What's my take on the leftist obsession with Jews and Israel?
We are the world's scapegoats. I forget the year, but Indonesia had a terrible earthquake on one of it's islands. The world flooded the nation with relief flights of food and supplies. Tiny Israel not only sent supplies, but they had a unique gift; well-equipped search teams with dogs to go through the rubble.

Do you think that these Indonesians had ever met a Jew? I doubt it. Yes most of them are Muslims, but beyond that we can only speculate about the cause of their revulsion and miserable behavior.
I know the question dealt with leftist Jew hatred as exhibited by the Duck and Weazie, but I think it's all the same. The reason that we can't COMPLETELY explain anti-Semitism is that it doesn't have an earthly origin in my opinion. It's all part of the larger struggle of good vs. evil, yin vs. yang whatever you want to call it. The insanity of Jew hatred draws out the bad guys like a roach trap. If you are ever confused about someone's viewpoint because you think they're not telling you the whole truth, inject Israel into the conversation. THAT will smoke them out!
G-d knew about this in the Torah.

1A. Have I ever experienced anti-Semitism? Yes. From Catholic kids in my neighborhood. After a good fight or two we usually became fast friends. Sometimes it just didn't pay to be stupid. :-)

2. Do Jews have dual loyalty issues?
Some do, and I think justifiably so given our unique history of torment from others. This does NOT excuse treachery against America on behalf of Israel. Pollard needs to be shot if he was guilty of espionage against our country. While I care deeply and profoundly for the well being of Israel, I'm 100% American to the bone.

2A. Does the far left have dual loyalty issues?
NO! They are loyal to one thing, and one thing only, their utopian vision and those things that will bring it about. Leftistas will whore themselves to the bitter end to further their goals. They care about NOTHING else, including the simple G-d given morality that the rest of us strive to live by. It's up to sane people to remember that.

3. Does the Duck quack hysterically and incorrectly about hate crimes?
Yes of course he does. He lies. Imagine my complete surprise that a leftist would lie.

3A. On hate crimes against gays...
In Key West a few years ago my brother and I and my 18 year son witnessed a gay parade. One float had two guys pushing a bed while a partially nude guy gyrated on the bed in a diaper with his rump in the air and a pacifier in his mouth! It was a sickening display to say the least. Had someone taken a baseball bat to this revolting animal, I wouldn't have stopped it.
Having said that, homosexuals will always be with us. They experience their needs and desires, just like we do, but without women to tell them NO! I don't think that they should be allowed to redefine marriage though.
This subject of hate crimes could really get me going.

4. Should we move towards skill-based immigration instead of family based?
Yes. It's in America's best interest. We should offer incentives to the best and brightest non-Muslim foreigners and their families if that's what it takes.

5. Should we require immigrants to obey our family laws and how about polygamy?
Absolutely! This is a melting pot issue. Muslims should be allowed ONE ewe and one ewe only! They keep those flowing robes in the era of pants because those damn sheep can hear a zipper a mile away!

6. How about hidden taxes and users fees? Are they stealth taxes?
Politicians have moved beyond Roget's abilty to keep up when it comes to their euphemisms for taxes. Take a look at any thesaurus. Excessive taxes are about ONE THING! Using your money to buy other people's votes.

7. How do you feel about gasoline and cigarette taxes?
As long as gas taxes go DIRECTLY to road improvement projects, fine. If they go into a state's general fund, then there are serious problems. I don't smoke, but cigarette taxes are completely insane and have led to a real black market. Good! That's a case of a state-sanctioned injustice being corrected by free people using a free market.

8. Should we seek better relations with India?
Absolutely Beak. We need to cultivate better trade relations with a number of large democratic countries as a counterbalance to the threat posed by China, Russia and Islam in general. We need to isolate Venezuala in South America ASAP, rearm Japan, help the Phillipines defeat their Muzzies, make nice with the English and the Aussies and start having power teas with the Indians. One other thing. We should do whatever it takes to keep Kazakhstan and Mongolia out of the Russian and Chinese spheres of influence. Talk about a strategic trump card.

9. Who are my sports teams?
GO JAGUARS!! I also love the Tampa Bay Lightning, Minnesota Twins and Miami Dolphins. I love sports Beak. If you lived in the Jacksonville market you would see my commercial during Jaguar games.

9A. How about golf, bowling and grenade fishing?
Let's leave the weird sport out. Golf and grenade fishing are a great way to pass a Saturday afternoon! The net can hook right to your golf bag. Unfortunately I haven't had time for either in a good while.
Seriously Beak, they do fish with dynamite sometimes here in Jacksonville. :-)

10. Should racial and ethnic quotas be abolished?
Of course, it's an injustice. Especially in colleges that receive public funding.

10A. How about universities' legacy preferences?
Well allow me to brag. My brother and cousin got their MBA from Harvard and another cousin, David Freedman is a genticist who currently teaches there, so I'd like for my daughter to go there too. They got all the brains while I was blessed with a talent for invective.
It should be up to the university.

11. Is drug abuse a medical or criminal problem?
It's both. If drug abusers kept their problems to themselves it would be an entirely private matter. They seem to have a remarkable talent for killing people and breaking things. So it's also a criminal problem, unfortunately. This is one of the areas where I differ with Libertarians.

12. How do I feel about "Rabbi" Michael Lerner?
Contempt. He's not even a real Rabbi. He was ordained by a few "Jewish Renewal" Rabbis who probably sprinkled him with water from the Volga that was blessed by Leonid Brezhnev! He disgusts me.

13. What do I think of Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein?
Have I mentioned that I HATE communists!? I suppose their thinking goes something like this: "When Israel and all conservative and Orthodox Jews are killed or subdued, my fellow travelers will see me as one of them and spare my Jewish ass."
There are heaps of bones in Poland Russia and Germany that give lie to that line of thinking. Bikkur they are a disgrace to our proud heritage as Jews.

13A. Can one be a Marxist and a Jew?

14. Is the liberal/conservative chasm(good word) just Nationalists vs. Internationalists?
No, but that is a large element of the conflict. Hayek, Horowitz and numerous bloggers--including you-- have mentioned an even brighter dividing line on the ideological battle field.
On one side you have those who believe in freedom, limited government, religious tolerance, G-d given rights and rugged individualism.
On the other side you have the ideological pile of maggot- infested debris known as the totalitarians. If you have a hard time identifying these types, notice that they will lie at the drop of a hat and they hate Israel.

14A. My thoughts on the UN?
We should drastically reduce our fees and stay there in order to veto all things that harm America and Israel.

15. How do I feel about labor unions?
You should probably ask that question to someone who has "labor unioned" themselves and their entire town right out of a job. They are the enemy within to the company that employs them. It is a private matter though, between the business and the union.
Public government unions should promptly be outlawed, they are enemies to the taxpayers.

16. Who's the funniest guy on the web?
The Impster is funny. Beamish is enough to cause me to spit up my soda! I've had to turn my keyboard upside down on two occassions due to his blurtings. So he gets the nod.

17. My thoughts on hunting and fishing?
I love them both. My parents own 95 acres of mountain property and the deer never obey the "no trespassing" signs. A few have managed to step in the way of a perfectly good bullet on a peace keeping mission too! As the old saying goes, "if G-d hadn't intented for us to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them out of meat." Dynamite is no good for fast stream fishing.

18. Why has your ethnicity (Jewish)become a matter of concern among those on the left?
Beak I've always known you to
be proud of your Jewish identity and never have you concealed it to my knowledge. The fact that the lefties accuse you of such nonsense only serves to identify them as the bad guys. Once again Jew hatred ID's freedoms' enemies. Make no mistake, they hate real Christians too.

19. The most underrated and overrated movies of all time?
Overrated--my brilliant wife Nanette says the Star Wars movies, and I agree.
Underrated--Oh Brother Where Art Thou? comes to mind.
I could use some help on this question.

20. Do I believe in the death penalty for terrorists?
Those who have yet to commit murder should be given a jail sentence if they cooperate fully and immediately. That's their only incentive. The others should be promptly executed after getting all possible information from them. Maybe we could torture them with nude pictures of Lynn Stewart?

21. Should we reward non-citizens serving in Iraq?
YES! We already do reward them in some ways and we need to expand that program based on evals and SIT REPS. I knew some damn fine sailors and Marines from the Phillipines and Jamaica during my enlistment.

22. Important Presidential qualities?
1. Decisivness
2. Good moral grounding.
3. Intelligence and the ability to delegate effectively.
4. Always agrees with me.

23. Who is the most obnoxious celebrity.
Since we are talking about leftists it's unfair to seperate them from their commuuuuuunity. So here goes.
1. Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover, Harry Belefonte and Jane Fonda. These are the MVP's of the anti-American dirtbag ranks.
2. Insert name of favorite actor. Singers can be included. Beaker you don't happen to know any, do you? :-)

24. My condiments for a hot dog?
Ketchup and mustard or cheese, coleslaw and chili if they are available. I could never get used to relish and onions.

25. Should we place more emphasis on results over self-esteem in our educational system?
You nailed it. Leftist morons have yet to figure out that self esteem FOLLOWS results!!! It's not the other way around. Many of us are starting to think that the government schools are purposefully dumbing down the curriculum as part of their left wing agenda. Ask any group of idiots who they will vote for. As soon as they are done scratching their ass, they will answer Democrats!

Thanks for the opportunity Beak, it was lots of fun!

The Merry Widow said...

Morgan- I'm with you on everything, except libertarians. The only reason I am one is because of continual betrayals by the gop! faugh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Personally, I believe that any legal, gun owner has the right to clear their property of "vermin", of either the 2 or 4 legged type!
What commercial?


Anonymous said...

Oh Brother Where Art Thou was a great movie!

Gay pride parades are some of the worst examples of the gay community, but someone dosen't deserve to be beaten up for acting stupid in a Parade, in that case, Every Coach of a professional team that tries to dance after winning a Championship should get beaten up.

Where is honesty in Presidential Candidates, some would say that comes in under Morals, i don't think most politicians think that, besides in our society we seem to base morals only on 2-3 Subjects, other than that you can be a criminal, because the inflated ego radio personalities will defend anything.

Elmer's Brother said...


What's wrong with you. Everyone knows a good ex sailor wants sports peppers on his dog.

Bravo Zulu!

beakerkin said...


I am a NYC type and we eat our hot dogs with Sauer Kraut and Deli Mustard and a tad good of good relish.

Hebrew National Deli Mustard is a diferent and animal than French's. If that is not available Gulden's will do.

nanc said...

beamish? funny? and all this time i thought he was being serious!

nanc said...

aspolutely a fine interview. kudos to the beak and thank you morgan for the thought put into every answer.

now, please tell us about people south of the equator! i didn't live this long to have to wait some more! on the downhill side here...

nanc said...

ah-oh - sure hope beamish doesn't see this one:

"14A. My thoughts on the UN?
We should drastically reduce our fees and stay there in order to veto all things that harm America and Israel."

JINGOIST said...

TMW it's not a commercial for my company, but I figure very prominently in it. It runs only during Jaguars games and shows. I agree with the Libertarians on most things, but not drug policy and especially not on national defense.

Robert I agree with you about the gay issue. The animal in question probably didn't deserve a HUGE beating. I guess it was just a visceral reaction on the part of us three guys.
The last 3 Republican presidents have been good and moral men. The elder Bush was the best of them in my opinion. Although he wasn't the best President.

Thanks EB! What are sports peppers?

Beaker, kraut is good too but the relish?

Always On Watch said...

I haven't yet read all of this. I just HAD to zoom in on this:

25. Should we place more emphasis on results over self-esteem in our educational system?
You nailed it. Leftist morons have yet to figure out that self esteem FOLLOWS results!!! It's not the other way around. Many of us are starting to think that the government schools are purposefully dumbing down the curriculum as part of their left wing agenda. Ask any group of idiots who they will vote for. As soon as they are done scratching their ass, they will answer Democrats!

Gotta love that last sentence. Bwahahahaha!

The point is valid, I think. Voting for idiots is indeed the result of indoctrination in schools.

As for the much touted self-esteem nonsense, it's turning out in study after study that the emphasis on self-esteem has resulted in the watering-down of educational standards. Sure, self-esteem has a place, but the original intent (for some, at least) has been bastardized--much like what happened with multiculturalism.

Morgan's view is exactly the same as mine:

Leftist morons have yet to figure out that self esteem FOLLOWS results!!!

Furthemore, many students figure out that promotion of undeserved self-esteem is a crock. They grow to resent it and entire educational establishment.

BTW, I don't hear whining from homeschoolers about self-esteem. Homeschool parents find a different route to help their children attain the proper level of self-esteem. As parents should! And certainly not all parents of students who are not in the traditional classroom put great value on self-esteem. But the public system harps on it all the time.

I could go on for hours about the negative results of promoting a false sense of self-esteem. Don't get me started!

Off to put in a load of laundry. Back in a few.

Always On Watch said...

16. Who's the funniest guy on the web?
The Impster is funny. Beamish is enough to cause me to spit up my soda! I've had to turn my keyboard upside down on two occassions due to his blurtings. So he gets the nod.

Renoir Duck made me laugh all the way to work and all the way home. And Mr. Beamish was kind enough to put this one on the right sidebar, at my request. I can't tell you how many of my friends and clients have ended up ROTFL about that one.

Is drug abuse a medical or criminal problem?
It's both. If drug abusers kept their problems to themselves it would be an entirely private matter. They seem to have a remarkable talent for killing people and breaking things.

What drug abuse does to families is unconscionable. I've seen so much of that! Families destroyed, children forever emotionally scarred by what one or both parents have done. Sad.

Excellent interview, Morgan.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You all keep talking me out of faking my death and going serious.


I'd rather sell my Blogger account on Ebay.

Elmer's Brother said...

I think sports peppers are a Chicago thing. They're basically little hot peppers. I like kraut and mustard too beak. Onions too. There's a little place I stop at on my drives to Tucson. I can get a good braut with onions, mustard, kraut and sports peppers. On top of that I get the garlic/butter french fries. Funny thing is my wife won't kiss me when I get home though.

JINGOIST said...

All right nanc here goes. Time to get myself in trouble. When it comes to civilization and achievement I have some definite ideas based on experience and travels while in the military.
First grab a globe, or if you're drinking a distorted wall map will due just fine since the distortions will cancel each other out.
With the exception of the Americas, where the opposite is true, all of mankind's greatest achievements have taken place between the Tropic of Cancer degrees and 55 degrees north latitude. England and Ireland overlap that. When you leave Europe out the area narrows to between the Tropic of Cancer and 40 degrees north latitude.

My point? Simply stated, in those areas of the world where the environment is the harshest humans have progressed the least. This is a fact, not just my opinion. Extreme cold or equatorial heat have stifled the hell out of human achievement in nearly all areas. Witness the Eskimos/Aleuts or the Siberians in the north or the array of hunter/gatherers and tribal peoples that exclusively populate the equatorial regions.
When people left these regions and moved to the temperate areas they were forced to adapt to changing temperatures and far more pronounced seasons. This "stimulation" forced them to be more mentally nimble in my opinion. Even today the IQ tests will probably bear this out.
In my military travels I found extereme environment peoples are a bit less energetic mentally and physically, no matter where I was.
I hope that answers your question nanc, thank you for the nice words!

Aow thanks a lot. The fraud in education angers me too!


Kyle said...

High, I am here again!

The reason that we can't COMPLETELY explain anti-Semitism is that it doesn't have an earthly origin in my opinion.

I agree completely. The more filled with hate a person is the more likely they will spout anti-semitic crap.

It seems to go for the far right, the far left, conspiracy people, and muslims as well.

The Merry Widow said...

Kyle- Yup! Straight out of the Pit and smells like smoke! And if G*D loves and uses a person or people, satan gets very nasty!
Morgan- you know where I stand on national defense, I'm no isolationist! it worked when Europe was a many days journey, now...


JINGOIST said...

AOW thanks for sharing that Beamish classic with us! OMIGOD was that bit about koran handling funny!!
Beamish you should do stand up.

Kyle it sure does seem that Jew hatred follows wackos around, doesn't it?


Mr. Ducky said...

This is great. I've never said anything about hate crimes, oppose hate crime designation and Beak talks about my obssession. Morgan goes right along with him as if being let by the nose.

Outstanding Beak.

Can a jew be a marxist. Beak, Marx was a jew. So is Chomsky (but he's more an anarchist).

Most over rated films of all time ?

Stars Wars is an excellent choice. Lucas is a bore.
The correct answer is:

1. Pulp Fiction : Now that Tarantino has stolen everything there is to steal from Don Siegel, Seijun Suzuki and film god Jean Luc Godard I notice that he's gone silent.
A fun exercise is to watch Siegel's "The Killers" and compare Lee Marvin and Clu Gulager to the Travolta/Jackson team. Much better in the Siegel film and neither one has a permed Afro that makes him look like an ass.

2. The Passion of the Christ: Now in matters of lighting, blocking, costume and makeup it was clear to cineastes that Gibson was doing an anti-semitic film. OOdd how much support he got and still does. Just hard for everyone to admit what a disgrace this homoerotic sadomasochist trash pile really is.

3. Saving Private Ryan: I despise the way Spielberg treats his audience like dumb children. As a film maker he doesn't have the balls to make a picture that doesn't lapse into cliche. He's the proverbial empty suit.

Most underrated?
"Say Brother" can't really be called under rated. It did solid box office and is well known and admired. Wonderul little love letter to American traditional music.

The answers:

1. The Passion of Joan of Arc: Maria Falconetti turns in the greatest film performance of all time ... in a 20's silent. It was so difficult working with Dreyer and retaking scenes 20, 30, 50 times that she never did another film. Absolutely astonishing performance.

2. Tokyo Story: Maybe the best of the great Ozu's miraculous body of work. Never moving the camera, never changing the tripod height, never doing the things the the impatient, easily distracted audience demands. Yet, very few directors get this much content into an entire body of work. Too bad that Western audiences have not taken the time to enjoy Setuko Hara's work. The Japanese Garbo, indeed.

3. Au Hasard Balthazar: Bressons meditation of most everything important seen in the life of a donkey. It surprises me that religious movigoers would tout junk like Gibson's film while being unaware of the deep spirituality present in Bresson.

Oh and the correct answer to most offensive celebrity --- Julia Roberts. Please make that no talent ditz go away. At least Fonda did a few good films (especially Klute).

So Beak, back to your prattling about leftists.

nanc said...

beamish should ALWAYS come with a disclaimer. ALWAYS...and elbro too. those two are deadly.

thanks morgan.

beakerkin said...

Lets see a Jew can not believe in the creation of Utopia in this world. I find it amusing the Duck would claim to lecture two actual Jews about Jewish authenticity. Chomsky is one of the many actual Communists who tries in vain to hide his Communist past by claiming to be an anarchist.

Marx has religious dimensions and as Jews we serve only one God. One can not be a Jew and a Marxist they are incongruous.

Marxists are also not Americans as treason and sedition are as natural as breathing. Gitmo is calling you can run the film library. Try showing Yentyl and Exodus to the blood crazed jihadis.

Anonymous said...

Morgan, i think Regan was the best of the 3.

Maybe water boarding for Ducky?

JINGOIST said...

Senor Duck I'll have to take Beaker's word where you are concerned, he's not a leftist.
When it comes to movies, I'll bow to your technical expertise but not your opinion. I thought "Saving Private Ryan" was an amazing movie. What EXACTLY was your problem with "Pulp Fiction?" That was a great flick and one of the few I can think of that was better than the book.

Also Marx was BORN a Jew, but left the faith for Christianity. He later started his own sick little murderous cult. Chomsky and Finkelputz are communists which means that they are no longer Jews.


JINGOIST said...

Robert I agree that Reagan was the best President of the three, followed closely by George W.. The elder Bush was not only a WWII hero at the age of 18 or 19, but his life afterwards was EXCEPTIONAL! And just look at the family he raised. Here in Fla. we are having the youngest Bush term limited out of the governors' office unfortunately. Many are already claiming that he is Florida's greatest governor. Crist will be a large step backwards. The other guy is just a socialist.


Elmer's Brother said...

Ducky you're Catholic, I thought Passion was based on the stations of the cross? At least you're sticking to something you know.

beakerkin said...


Water Boarding doesn't work with Communists. They aspire to be the new Rosenbergs and die for the cause of class genocide.

Justin said...

So Ducky Miester thinks the Passion of the Christ was anti semetic.

Is it because of the Roman Soldier flogging Jesus? Or could it be because of the Roman Procurate who sentenced him to death? Or could it be because of the Roman Soldiers who nailed him to the Cross?

Ducky do you think God is anti semetic since he put the whole plan in motion and saw it to completion.

You know all my life I heard about Jews being The Christ Killers. Well, I'm damned glad they followed the plan and let the Romans do what needed to be done because if they hadn't we would all be in a sheep dip.

beakerkin said...

Justin the Duck is very concerned about anti semitism in Mel Gibso's drunken tirades and the prosecution of the Rosenberg's. Norm Finkelstein, Chomsky and Jihadis who blow up Jooos get a free pass from the Duck. He is also worried about Liberterian Islamophobia. Liberterians do not fly planes into buildings or sever heads.

nanc said...

waterboarding? doesn't plucky have a watertight hiney? NAAAAAAAAH!

The Merry Widow said...

I have no desire to fly a plane into a building and kill a bunch of people who are going about their lawful occassions! And sawing peoples heads off with rusty saws. Hmmmmm, there I go again, ruinning plucky's ideas again!


Anonymous said...

Ok how about making him listen to Barbara Stresiand and have a hooker give him a lap dance, i hear that is suppose to be one of those "evil" torture things we do!

Purple Avenger said...

Mustard is clearly the condiment of the gods. Ketchup makes me want to projectile vomit...its only rational use is to create ersatz tomato soup for hobos out of hot water.

Ketchup is the American Vegemite.

JINGOIST said...

Purple A. I like dijon mustard, but you gotta get grip on that ketchup loathing. Stop the hate!


Kyle said...

Oh and the correct answer to most offensive celebrity --- Julia Roberts. Please make that no talent ditz go away.

WOW! Hell must be freezing over, I am in agreement with Duck. She is just awful.

Can't agree about pulp fiction. So what if it was derivative of older films? Most audiences of the 1990's were not going to see "The Killers"
but we did see Pulp, and it was very good. His other stuff, not so much.

My underrated movies are Slingblade and Fight Club. I love those two.
Plus the original Flight of the Phoenix, (didn't bother seeing the remake)
Most overrated film of all time?

Kyle said...

Ketchup is the American Vegemite.

Whats wrong with vegamite?

nanc said...

all mustard is good...

Justin said...

vegimite :/ runs for procelain throne. :)

Always On Watch said...

I came away with this message from Passion: He died for ME? He went through all of this for ME? I did not focus on who persecuted and crucified Whom.

I agree with you that Klute was good. But for suspense, I'd have to vote for Wait Until Dark.

Glad the you enjoyed that Beamish masterpiece about how to handle the Koran. That particular posting of his is what finally made me "catch on" to the wit of Mr. Beamish, about whom Beak once said to me (when I first started blogging), "Beamish is fun too."

beakerkin said...

My favorite Mr Beamish story was when I tried to convince Jihadis on Mark Alexanders blog to embrace Mr Beamish as the final prophet. The jihadis were quite perplexed but did not embrace Beamishism

JINGOIST said...

Kyle I agree about Slingblade, I love that movie! I'd also love to see Julia nekked. That vein in her forehead is kinda rough. She better watch out for sharp ledges!

Beaker that's friggin hilarious that you actually did that to the poor muzzies!


Elmer's Brother said...

Vegemite like scottish food must have been based on a dare. Long live peanut butter!

No offense Beak but I have heard they were playing Babs music down at Gitmo.

Elmer's Brother said...

Did you see Julia in Ocean's 12...she looked like she was suffering from bulemia.

kevin said...

Purple is right about ketsup, it's the result of John Kerry's sugar momma.

How predictable that Ducky wouldn't like Saving Private Ryan and Passion.

I love O' Brother Where Art Thou?, one of the first movies I bought on DVD.

Anonymous said...

I put kethcup on everything.

I personally was not a fan of the Passion, i thought it was to gory, and really missed the most important part, the Ressurection of Christ, but thats another story.

Saving Private Ryan was a decent film, but i'm not big of War films, so no shock there.

The Merry Widow said...

Rob- The Passion actually was less gory than the reality of what Christ endured for us! And I spat on HIM, and I mocked HIM and I hammered the nails in!


Always On Watch said...

And I spat on HIM, and I mocked HIM and I hammered the nails in!

I had exactly the same reaction to the film. He CHOSE to die for me.

Mr. Ducky said...

well jingoist, the problem with Pulp Fiction is that it is so derivative. If you are going to steal the Madison scene from Band of Outsiders then do something to improve it.
If you are going to copy the Marvin-Gulager hit team from The Killers then mske them more interesting. Compare Gulager to Travolta, it's clear who gives the superior performance. Jackson can't approch Marvin's worst performance.

It's just a derivative film.

Private Ryan breaks down into cliches because pielberg has never been a confident story teller.

Compare to Flags of Our Fathers. Eastwood can deliver a subtle story and has enough confidenc that he doesn't need cliches.

If you want to see a violent war film you'll need to take a look at the Russians. The scene in "Come and See" where the young girl has been raped by the Germans and has a whistle stuffed down her throat is pretty rough. Walking down the road with the blood and feces running down ther leg and you hear the whistle when she tries to breath.
One of the milder scenes. Makes Private Ryan looka little tame. Tarkovsky's "Ivans Childhood" is also pretty moving.

As far as the Passion goes ... it's a vulgar little film. Only one culture has ever stressed the physical suffering of Christ in art...Germany. Do with that fact what you will. Gibson's idea of redemtion through violence isn't biblical either.

Warren said...

Morgan said:
"Beak I've always known you to
be proud of your Jewish identity and never have you concealed it to my knowledge."

There is always a retarded element that misses subtleties such as, "My brother is a Rabbi", or, "I'm am of Ashkenazi Jewish descent".

Or perhaps they wish him to begin and end each post with, "I am a Jew!"

Great interview Morgan.

Anonymous said...

While i agree tmw, for me it was just to gory.

The Merry Widow said...

plucky- You're making critical judgements on what G*D choose to do! Gibson actually toned down what the Romans used to do to those they crucified. If you have a problem with what G*D chose, take it up with HIM! Just let me know, so I can be out of the area!
Since you don't want to believe, why don't you be quiet about matters you have no clue of!


Farmer John said...


beak, thanks for a great interview!

JINGOIST said...

Thank you Farmer John. Beaker actually surprised me with some of the questions. They were well considered questions which made them easy to whack!