Sunday, October 08, 2006

Reality Check on Gert

Gert's new claim is " I can not be anti-semitic because I am writing an article that denounces the Israeli-Nazi connection". This is akin to David Duke saying " I am not anti-black because I just wrote an article stating blacks should not be compared to apes"

Lets see a person whose blog consists of 90% attacks on Israel from far left communist sources wants to claim he is moderately pro-Israel. This must be because he is comparing his position to Hezbollah, Hamas, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein and the Iranian regime. Those jooos have a right to live in a postage stamp sized state just small enough so the awabs can finnish the job later.

Gert likes to hids behind Israeli dumbass Eitan for his clam he is not anti-semitic. Even his friend generously conceeds that Gertrude is " slightly obsessed with the jooooos and Israel ". Moreover, when an annonymous post came on the unemployable retardo's site that compared the Talmud to Mein Kamf, Eitan blamed Gert immediately.
Gert was upset that only a " sick individual would make a claim". The description of Gert as a sick individual is accurate. It is quite revealing that his friend retardo
would immediately suspect Snagglepuss. Then Gertie went on to throw a hissy fit and retardo backed down.

Gertie would like to lecture us about homophobia. I am also against homophobia as most of us are. However, Gert has some rather odd hypocritical standards. MZ is a homopbe because he is against a Gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Unlike the cowardly Gert I spoke up and MZ made his points and visa versa. At no time did MZ or any other poster ever urge violence or jailtime. The worst thing was a few dreadful tems were used, but that is it. Gert also likes to slur Nanc as a homophobe, for reasons that remain elusive. Nanc has never been called this by the the gay posters who post here.

If Homophobia is such an important topic to Gert why does he white wash the PA that persecutes homosexuals as governmental policy. Where is his post on Iran and Saudi Arabia that execute gays after genuine torture and a trial in a sharia Kangaroo court? Where are his posts on Cuba or Zimbabwe's persecution of homosexuals? One can check but the standard in the Islamic countries is roughly five years in prison. Has Gertrude written a single post on the subject. No, the only time he mentions homophobia is when MZ disagrees with him and to smear Nanc.

The question of if Gert himself is or is not gay is ammusing. His feminine manners are comedic and he comes across as flaming. He also likes to point to a long forgotten post Beakerkin steps out of the semitic closet. The truth is that it is easy to stereotype gay men. Gay men do not watch team sports and sing Broadway show tunes. Justin and Rob are both avid sports fans and to the best of my knowledge neither has ever been to a Braodway show. Moreover, one would never presume either is gay from their manners or writting style. If we were to do a gay stereotype meter
I would fit more stereotypes than both. I am a fan of Broadway shows, one may find me in an art museum, I seldom drink beer and I worked in the fashion industry. My reaction to someone calling me gay would be "so what". Gertie who would like to lecture all of us got defensive, obviously he is not as enlightened as he presumes.

The question of if Gertie is anti-semitic is obvious. We have a rather annoying poster named Uptown who is black. Do note that when I put down Uptown it is never in racial terms. He still plays the race card, but he has no ammunition and frankly I don't think that way. My personal favorite was Uptown claimed " there is no crime in the area where he lives". My response was " so you commute to work". Lets see among the terms Comwad Gertrude calls me Jewish clown, Jewish Comedian, Stupid Jooo, Donkey of Zion, Zionist, Jewish Supremacist ( a term used almost exclusively by Communists with an odd Nazi type tossed in) . Now if I put black in front of any of those most people would correctly deduce that the person uttering those remarks is a racist.

Gertie has the standard Communist definition of race. Race is anything we want it to be at any given moment. Muslims and Jews come in all racial forms so calling someone
a racist based upon that becomes idiocy. Arabs are white and in no definition have ever constituted a racial group. Palestinians do not nor have ever qualified as an etnic group much less a racial category. There is a greater claim for a Brooklyn ethnicity than for a Pseudostinian one. Any comparison between Jews, any genuine Indian tribe, Basques and Psuedostinians is laughable.

Gertie also would have us think that there are no Communists. Communists have a history of deception, lies, treason and subversion that spans their history. They grow through extreeme measures to conceal their identity. They call themselves progressives, labor socialists, greens, liberals, various forms of anarchists, poultry and whatever else is fashionable at the moment. Central to their core is a rabid anti-semitic obsession that is readilly apparent. In rare moments when they are not in an anti-semitic frenzy they are in anti-American mode. Norman Finklestein calls himself a Green, but his Marxist history is widely known to all ut Gertie. Why Gertrude would choose to defend a noted Holocaust minimizer and a Jooo praised by Neo-nazis like Zundel remains a mystery.

Obviously, Gertrude is upset that this Joooo tells it like it is and doesn't care about the opinions of Communist anti-semites. My advice to Gertrude, stick with Retardo who will placate your obsession and tell you what you want to hear. I call them as I see them and you are a "rabid antisemite" and a commie.


Justin said...

Ok, I admit curiosity got the better of me this morning so I went to Freedom Nows site and read what Gertie had to say.

I must say I almost spit out my coffee and fell out of my chair laughing when he/she offered up the lamest excuse to try and prove he/she is not gay.

Gert said he/she could not be gay because he/she has been married for 10 years and has a 12 year old daughter. That statement alone brings up many questions.

So his/her child is 2 years older than his/her marriage. Is this child adopted (as mine were)? Is this a step child? Or was this child simply born out of wedlock?

Not that it matters but some one should explain to Gert the reason given for saying he/she isnt gay doesnt fly. I am gay and I raised two sons who are straight and have given me the best daughter-in-laws a father could ask for and in Decemeber my eldest and his wife are having their first child. But, back to the point just because you married and have a child and are raising that child does not mean you are not nor cannot be gay.

Was McGreevy Happily married?
Was Foley Happily married?

Well, their wives thought they were.

Gert thinks MZ is homophobic because he opposes a Gay Pride parade in Irsael. Well, he/she might truely lose it because I am against gay pride parades in Israel, New York, Dallas, ok, ok Im against them anywhere so I guess Im a homophobe. Now there would be a laugh a homophobic gay person how ironic that would be.

Gay pride parades are nothing more than the depraved Bachanal side of the gay life style. It exhibts nothing positive about gay people who contributed great things to this country and man kind.

Damn folks do you know what its like to wake up gay sit at the computer and suddenly find out that your HOMOPHOBIC.


Gert needs to get a life and quit fooling him/herself let alone trying to fool others who can see through the ruse.

nanc said...

fern's blog is missing.

The Merry Widow said...

Justin- By gertie's reasoning, you're right, you're weird! Hahahaha! That is funny.
Nanc-Fern's was there at about 12:30pm, my time. Hmmmm.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm not homophobic. I just hate fags.

beakerkin said...

There is something more important about the Gert homophobia bit. No poster on this blog has ever urged violence or jail terms for homosexuals. I think the worst think that has ever been joked about was watching two hours of home improvement shows, like Bob Villa.

Everyone here is against jail time or worse for gays. Why does Gert invent homophobia in Nanc. Would Justin or Rob who have interacted with her have an understanding.

There is no gay test. I will do an imaginary Gayometer between myself
and Justin.

Children: Justin 2 Beakekin 0
Team Sports Both watch
Jobs: Justin: Army Vet Beakerkin Fashion Industry before DHS
Broadway Justin: Probably never been there. Beakerkin: Been to around 200 shows
Gay Parades: Probably never attended one. Beakerkin: Been to several as they passed my appartment.
Locality: Justin; Texas and Beakerkin: Lived in Greenwich Village among other places.

By any counting of stereotypes more people would conclude that I am gay as oppossed to Justin or Rob. However, people are not stereotypes and there should be nothing wrong with a heterosexual male enjoying Broadway or a homosexual one who likes bowling.
Stereotypes, are the product of people without life experience.

I do not know if Gert is gay and it is not a major concern. However, he appears to be flaming in his mannerisms. His dennials are proof he has issues of his own in this area.

Justin said...


You are right when you say there is no stereotyping. I have always wanted to go to Broadway but found myself more inclined to go to a Hank Williams Jr. concert.

Where one lives, what one does for entertainment does not make nor does it not make him gay. The true measure of a man is how he treats others as he passes through this world.

I think people spend way to much time on the gay issue anyway. There are much more important things we need to be correcting rather than going on witch hunts.

What Gert did by putting your name on the internet was repugnant. It is up to the individual if they want their name out there or not. Much the same as the Foley story. While I find Foley's actions repugnant and his resignation was justifide, what worries me more is the fact that someone has set on this story for over 3 years and just now decided to bring all the dirty little details to the front.

And to try and believe the Democrats have finally found moral ground to stand on is about as laughable as Gerts accusations of Beak being anti-semetic.

beakerkin said...


Gert has accused me of being uncomfotable with my Jewish identity and being a Jewish supremacist. The obvious question is why does this idiot focus 24/7 on who is a Jew. This is the mindset of a Howard Stern joke gone bad.

We have done posts on Gay stereotypes before and the whole bit is laughable. However, any look at Gert's language and mannerisms reminds me of Dr Smith from Lost in Space. He is prissy
and feminine for a man and that is not my opinion alone.

beakerkin said...

Gertie is crying because of this post. He will not be permitted to defend himself as he violated the rules of this blog and Freedomnow.

Greg picked a great friend. He fucks up so his good friend compounds his fuck up. He does this after several people warn him.

Lets see if Greg is man enough to own up to this fuck up. Let him come here and explain why he ignored his friend Freedomnow and several other people. Let him defend his association with a virulent communist antisemite.

This time an apology just doesn't cut it. Let him explain why anyone should ever trust him when he violates that trust.

I do not want to hear an appology. I do not want to hear excuses about anger management or cheap meds. I do not want to hear excuses about a low IQ.

In his own words he started this and any abuse I dish out is warranted.

To the flaming Queen of anti-semitic trolldom. You have used your best ammunition. In doing so you have also violated the rules of blogging. I am not obligated to post your responses.

I wonder how your good friend Eitan the nebbish feels about your burrying him. He needed a friend and you burried him.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Beakerkin said fuck. Twice.


beakerkin said...

I apologize Mr Beamish as Eitan/Greg is a genuine asswipe.
Seriously, how is anyone supposed to trust him. Moreover, rather then own up to his mistake he makes excuses. Then when a series of people tell him he messed up, he does it again. Then he tries to minimize his grave error.

He can never redeem himself from this one. I would like to see him defend Gert who has burried him.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It's one of the most versatile words in the English language.

Everyone who is fucking offended by the fucking word fuck should fucking go fuck themselves the fucking fucks.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish in your hands or Jeff Bargholz it appears appropriate.

In real life I seldom curse and am fairly even tempered. My cursing says more about retardo Eitan than about me.

Will he be man enough and own up to his error? Will he make more excuses? How will he continue to defend a friend that keeps burrying him and is an antisemitic Communist.

Let him come here and own up to his mistake. Let him explain why Freedomnow should explain his association with MZ, Nanc or myself
and Greg should not be held to any similar standard with Gert.

There are times appologies and excuses do not cut it. A true man steps forward and understands that.

nanc said...

gert-RUDE is one of the most potty-mouthed women i've come across since i last talked to my mother on the phone! ah-oh.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Profanity is the crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers.

beakerkin said...


Your friend Weazie is on the next post. Let him awkwardly flirt before you laugh at him.

Mr Beamish

This is funny because a person like yourself or Jeff Bargholz can curse and look manly. Gert does it in a way that he honestly looks flaming and it is not just my opinion. He honestly just comes across as a poof. Maybe he can explain why he appears so feminine.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I honestly haven't read much of Gert to make an assessment.

As far as cursing to look manly, the scuffed knuckles and dirty fingernails helps too.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

The flaming queen of the UK has not figured out how to get a postable comment. You can see his routine on Freedomnow's site.

nanc said...

it IS difficult to find a good troll these days. just when you think you've got them under control...

Mad Zionist said...

Beak, when someone pisses you off I think it's safe to say you make them rue the day...

No, I am not poet.

The Merry Widow said...

Justin- In gertrude's case it's, he/she/it! And I think the IT is the most accurate description!


nanc said...

gert has been working this angle since july 28:

read ALL comments to ALL posts. guess you can fool ALL the gregs ALL the time!

greg, you idiot!