Sunday, October 15, 2006

Good News

I have contacted the Editrix and she has agreed to sit for an interview. The crux of the interview will focus on Germany. The Editrix is quite an interesting person and well worth reading. However, if you are a fool then do not waste her time. The time and date of the interview is being worked out.

The dreaded top ten most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Mark Alexander
5 Kuhnkat
6 Elijah
7 Angel from Woman Honor thyself
8 Batya from Shiloh Musings
9 Jingoist
10 Mark Winters of Bad Eagle.


The Merry Widow said...

Oh good, I like her and am sorry that rm had a hand in discouraging her from posting at antiprotestor!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


nanc said...

i have sent you glad tidings from the farmer.

ave farmer!

nanc said...

my client would like a word with you:

beakerkin said...

I will have to schedule the Farmer for a couple of Five Segment Questions with no filler questions.

nanc said...

did you see his terms?

he IS a very busy man.

The Merry Widow said...

I'm sorry but I haven't heard from KuhnKat about an interview with you. I shall attempt to locate him, he may be in a canyon, at work or getting ready to depart for elsewhere!


nanc said...

one segment, five questions and we'll stay away from the editrix hotseat interview.

Farmer John said...

We can't lurk? Not even peek w/one eye closed?

nanc said...

of course we can lurk, farmer - we just have to change our identities to comment. you be me and i'll be you and they'll never know.

Russet Shadows said...

Whoo hoo. I am glad to see Angel back on the list. :)

Farmer John said...

Well, we can try that nanc, but I'm not sure I'll be able to pull the make-up off.

Farmer John said...

...but hey, if I can fool AoW with this get-up, I'll be willing to give it a go.

nanc said...


nanc said...

are you there, farmer?

the editrix interview is a smashing success - excellente! too bad i have no way of telling her...

Farmer John said...

I enjoyed the interview as well. Beak is right in that the history of the Green's is rather surprising. I'd have thought they were a left-of-center creation similar to the Trotskyites who emigrated to Mexico and who wrapped themselves in Mexican culture and art so as to seem more patriotic than other foreigners... but I guess the German experience is more like the Irish.

I guess that ultimately every revolutionary/out-of-power group digs itself into the local culture and emerges/metamorphosizes from there. That's why many American communists were so put-off when Dylan went "electric" and turned his back on folk-music. The old-line communists were too afraid of joining the progressive movement. They remained in the larval state.

nanc said...


that editrix has quite the potty mouth on her, eh?

did you have a good weekend?

Farmer John said...

I wonder if there are many Burschenschaft organizations in Germany today and whether they still maintain their academic fencing traditions.

beakerkin said...


I like the Editrix's straight ahead style. I would pay to see what would happen if the cowardly Gert would repeat his idiocy here. The Editrix is opinionated, but very articulate. To put it mildly she does not suffer fools and knaves.

nanc said...

i like her, beak! she has panache.

farmer? the article says they are approximately 20,000 strong. our son has spoken of taking up fencing and has been obsessed with epees and foils since he could pick up a stick and wave it around!

Farmer John said...


Yes, she is very direct in her use of language and doesn't mince words.

Fools and knaves... I think beak is talkin' bout us.

I had a great weekend. I re-read a great harliquinade and almost made it to 7/4/1776 in the Adam's (John/Abigail) correspondence.

Its' so quiet around the house now that all the kids are off to college!

Farmer John said...

In the olden days of Rome when a man ran for "consul", he had to wear his poorest clothes and display his scars to the plebes. In this manner he "humbled" himself, and the people could assess his courage (Shakespeare "Coriolanus")

Today, my politicians seeking elective office stand at the on-ramp to the Interstate and wave to me on my way to work. I'm always tempted to stop the car and ask to examine their scars....

Well then, I pray, your price o' the consulship?

First Citizen
The price is to ask it kindly.

Kindly! Sir, I pray, let me ha't: I have wounds to
show you, which shall be yours in private. Your
good voice, sir; what say you?

Second Citizen
You shall ha' it, worthy sir.

A match, sir. There's in all two worthy voices
begged. I have your alms: adieu.

Third Citizen
But this is something odd.

Second Citizen
An 'twere to give again,--but 'tis no matter.

Exeunt the three Citizens

Re-enter two other Citizens

Pray you now, if it may stand with the tune of your
voices that I may be consul, I have here the
customary gown.

Fourth Citizen
You have deserved nobly of your country, and you
have not deserved nobly.

Your enigma?

Fourth Citizen
You have been a scourge to her enemies, you have
been a rod to her friends; you have not indeed loved
the common people.

You should account me the more virtuous that I have
not been common in my love. I will, sir, flatter my
sworn brother, the people, to earn a dearer
estimation of them; 'tis a condition they account
gentle: and since the wisdom of their choice is
rather to have my hat than my heart, I will practise
the insinuating nod and be off to them most
counterfeitly; that is, sir, I will counterfeit the
bewitchment of some popular man and give it
bountiful to the desirers. Therefore, beseech you,
I may be consul.

Fifth Citizen
We hope to find you our friend; and therefore give
you our voices heartily.

Fourth Citizen
You have received many wounds for your country.

I will not seal your knowledge with showing them. I
will make much of your voices, and so trouble you no further.

Both Citizens
The gods give you joy, sir, heartily!


Most sweet voices!
Better it is to die, better to starve,
Than crave the hire which first we do deserve.
Why in this woolvish toge should I stand here,
To beg of Hob and Dick, that do appear,
Their needless vouches? Custom calls me to't:
What custom wills, in all things should we do't,
The dust on antique time would lie unswept,
And mountainous error be too highly heapt
For truth to o'er-peer. Rather than fool it so,
Let the high office and the honour go
To one that would do thus. I am half through;
The one part suffer'd, the other will I do.

Farmer John said...


Its' a test of old-fashioned individual courage... something missing in much of our leadership today. We tend to focus more on "group" tasks and thereby do not suffer leaders or leadership well. Just look at what happened to GWB.

Farmer John said...

Funny she should mention Rudolf Steiner, having just posted on his liberal theology at my own site.