Monday, October 09, 2006

Beakerkin will answer the Dimwit's Questions

Life is not fair there are those who are dimwits and dullards. Such is the plight of Greg whose stupidty and poor judgement are near legendary. Yet even the dullard can come up with a decent question. However, the best guidance is listen to Freedomnow as he never sters you wrong. Then devote the rest of your life to the teachings of Mr Beamish.

Question 1A Is Marxism inherently evil?

A movement that has killed 100,000,000 people for no purpose is inherently evil. Marxism is what happens when man plays god and decides he can create Utopia on this earth. Any sacrafice thus becomes excusable in an effort to create this utopia. Planned starvation is a great way to liberate the masses from life itself. Then there is the communist example of how to deal with pesky Muslims. Just pack them off onto cattle cars ( along with other pesky nationalities) and send them to frozen Siberia to die. Then turn around and shake your fist at those pesky Joooos er zionists for imaginary crimes on a much larger scale. The great thing about being a Communist is that no matter how hypocritical or disasterous your flops are the standard excuses of well that wasn't true communism, blame the zionists (joos) or imaginary McCarthyism always seems readily available.

The thought of anyone making a similar argument with Nazism would be absurd. However, Communists killed several times more people then Nazis. Moreover Nazis and Communists were actual allies until Hitler double crossed his Commie allies. Less well known is that the SS and Communists had several meetings in Poland and co-ordinated their mayhem. Also less known are the local massacres that took place well before the Nazis ever got there, the most famous of which is Katayn. Unsurprisingly, many Balts and Ukranians looked favorably on the Nazis. Left unsaid is that the Communist deliberately starved the Ukranians causing many to become Hiwis. The notion of Communists as less evil than Nazis is a joke perpetuated by malfeasance in our Universities.

Communist have a lengthy history of deception, treason, espionage, infiltration and subversion in the West. This history is well documented in the Venonna Project and the Soviet Archives. Communists do not want you to know they are advocates for class genocide. They call themselves liberals, progressives, greens, labor socialists, various types of activists, various types of anarchist and everything under the sun except Ronald Reagan. It is very rare a deranged person like John Brown or Robert Lindsay will come out and admit they are a Communist. I would invite people to compare the statements of 167, Gert, Weazie, Ducky with that of John Brown or Robert Lindsay. A trained observer quickly knows the difference between a patriotic liberal like Rob Bayn and a shit flinging imbecile like John Brown or Gertie. Communists are obsessed with Jews and Israel and a clear indication that one is dealing with a commie is a 24/7 focus on Jews, word games with Jew and Zionist and holding the US and Israel to impossible standards and scrutiny and holding the rest of the planet to none. Most Nazi types who are also obsessed with dem Joos tend to be very young and post absurd material on race. There still are a few classic anti semites like Pat
Buchanan but they are rare.

A trained observer can quickly figure out who is an actual communist. This is not that dificult when one lives in NYC in the infamous Union Square locale. I know their playbook better than they do. Most communists have abysmal social skills and fall into the mental health defective maladies. Most are unemployable outside of accademia or little cabals in some government offices. They readily discriminate against people who do not pass their litmus tests.

Any idea with such a disasterous track record belongs in the ashbin of history.

1B Is Islam Evil

Unlike Communists one can easily find decent Muslim people. The hard working shop owner or the Doctor who is dedicated to his craft are easily located.

A closer look at Islam itself reveals it has nothing in common with religion as we define it. There is no modern notion of a Jewish or Christian plan to dominate the globe. The notion of having Israel run by halchic law is confined to a few oddballs.
The far left likes to inflate their importance and numbers and compare them to Islamic terrorists. They do not smack planes into office buildings and the mere fact you can name Baruch Goldstein is because his behavior was so inconsistent with Jewish norms.

The logical place to evaluate Islam is with the Koran read it yourself. The read the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt, Indigenous People Under the Rule of Islam and the decline of Eastern Christianity by BAt Yeor.

1 There is no seperation of Church and state in Islam
2 Individual rights do not exist
3 Minorities have even less rights then ordinary Muslims and they must pay extortion.
This extortion is the divine right of Muslims and it may be removed for any reason.

A system that starts with submission is easily manipulated by strongmen of varying degrees of maliciousness. These strongmen create and perpetute a cycle of violence that scares away investment. If there was no violence the constant corruption at all levels of government as an accepted norm scare off the remainder.

Any system of law that has no concept of indivual rights and liberty for all can hardly be expected to honor agreements with other nations. Sharia as the basis of law is an Rx for human rights disasters. It is no accident that Christians are fleeing the middle east. Even Muslims do not want to live in the hell holes they create because there are no jobs. A logical solution would be to adapt Civil law with property rights. Do not hold your breath on this one as the Commie left will rationalize or white wash the history and reality of Islam.

2 Will there be peace betwenn Israel and Arabs

No one can not have peace when the other party is entrenced in the position you have no right to exist.

Imaginary negotiations between John " Gomer" Kerry fellow traveler and genuine moron
and your friendly local bloodcrazed Jihadi.

Jihadi: I kill all of you now . Die infidel scum
Kerry: How about you kill us all in twenty years.
Jihadi: You die now
Kerry; How about we die in twenty years and I hand over that Beakerkin Jew for a nice Beheading.
Jihadi: You die now.
Kerry: Did I tell you I was a Vietnam Veteran. Apocalypse Now was made after my life story. Martin Sheen played me and I was off to kill Col Kurtz who was an incoherent zionist thug in Cambodia. I spent 3 1/2 months in Vietnam and the next 33 years talking about it.
Jihadi: Allah I can't take this clod any more eith he shuts up or I kill myself.
Kerry: Look here are the medals I allegedly threw away at Dewey Canyon. Here is the magic hat the CIA man gave me on my trip to Cambodia.
Jihadi Magic hat this looks like ordinary Mickey Mouse ears. Muslims invented Disneyland before the evil Zionist Eisner stole our ideas. We invented Ice cream , baseball and the toilet.
Kerry: So if we hand over Eisner and Beakerkin you kill is in twenty years.
Jihadi: We let you live one year
Kerry: Ah progress have some ketchup.

One can not have peace when people have this mindset. The entire notion of Peace with the Arabs was a pipe dream.

3 Who lies more Bush or Clinton

Slick Willie was a term invented by Al Gore. Lying is a way of life to the Clintons.
All together now sing Blue Stained Dress. I smoked but I didn't inhale. I never has sex with that woman. The meaning of is is have all entered history.

For those of you who do not read as widely as yours truly there is always follow the wit and wisdom of Mr Beamish.

Beamish in 08


JINGOIST said...

Good point Beak. I too have met good Muslims. I can't say the same for Nazis or Communists, they are all miserable creatures.

One more thing. You state that social justice is nothing more than state-sanctioned theft. EXACTLY!!


Freedomnow said...

Haa haaaa haaaaaa

Asking Beak if Communism is evil, is like asking a Leftist if he or she wishes that Saddam Hussein was still the "President" of Iraq.

If your meeting between Kerry and the Jihadi were to make the NY Times, the headline would say;

"Kerry Makes Progress for Peace"

It would then go on to praise Kerry's war record, slip in references to Bush's stateside service and throw in a paragraph or two on how the Iraq war has made us unsafe.

They would conclude the article with a lengthly list of the accomplishments that Islam made over 600 years ago and the bright prospects for peace that Kerry accomplished.

When Osama bin Laden gets a two-month old copy of the paper and reads it from the comfort of his cave he will crack a smile and give out a rare laugh. He will feel that his Jihad is making progress.

kuhnkat said...

Excellent post Beakerkin!!!!

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Notice you haven't actually said he is any worse than Bush, good cover that.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Anonymous Lefty:

Decent people naturally assume that liars are worse than honest people, and that Presidents who kill jihadis are better than Presidents who aid them.