Monday, October 09, 2006

Greg Fails In Life

There are times when all of us need to man up. Those are the times that we need to take responsability for our fuck ups acknowledge them and move on. These aren't pleasant times but every man has them. Greg has had his man up moment and failed. This comes as no surprise to someone whom is a failure in every aspect of life. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has dealt with the childish idiot.

Greg had begged to maintain a friendship after I cut him off and told him. " Close the door as you leave". The reason that he was cut off had nothing to do with Saba or his shit flinging temper tantrum after I posted the truth about the lack of a Palestinian ethnicity. He did not take the rejection well and I could post the emails where he tried to maintain contact.

The reason that he was cut off was the lattitude that he gives a virulent anti- semetic communist fop that most of us have grown to laugh at. Gert's naked anti-semitism and trollish behavior is on display at Freedomnow's site. Gert is an imbecile who uses a half baked moron in an attempt to convince himself and the world
that he is not a communist anti-semite. Gert rails about labels but has zero problem calling anyone who disagrees with him racist or homophobe. He cries about charachter assasination but my first encounter with the jerk was him bad mouthing me on the dimwit's site. I had zero idea who this fop was but I had a series of hysterical screching attacks from a person who had never posted here. There is good reason Gertrude did not post here. My readers have zero patience with his brand of communist crapola. Moreover, his drama queen antics would result in a fast butt kicking.

Greg is a failure in life and there is no way around that fact. The person who would ecture MZ or myself about zionism is the Israeli equivalent of a perpetual welfare case. Immigrnts to Israel get their college paid for, medecine is socialized and housing is paid for by the state. Thus Greg in one of his few saner moments took his act to Israel where he is a perpetual ward of the state. It is not easy to be disqualified from the military in Israel but he has been granted the Isreali equivalent of the infamous section eight. Non military people know this is the code Cop Klinger tried to get himself disqualified from the military in MASH. Klinger used tacky dresses but in no way was useless. Greg has proven with his behavior that his section eight is totally waranted.

Greg is not as stupid as he sems. His calculated attention drawing stunts are calculated. His crude attempts to blackmail me by threatening to reval my name were condemned by his freind Freedomnow, Nanc ans TMW. After his friend told him not to do it and deleted the post. He goes on to post my first name dozens of times. He totaly disrespects his friend Freedomnow's wishes in the process. Then he comes back and feigns ignorance as to why this is offensive.

His friend the communist anti-semitic drama queen then decides to make his friend Greg look like a total asshole by demonstrating the reason I value my privacy. Gert then trolls the internet compounding his friend's fuck up. If people who did not know Greg was an idiot it is certainly on display now. Moreover Gregs friend Gert did not seem to care how many new enemies he created for Greg.

Gert's antisemitic tirades are on full display at Freedomnow's site. Greg is now defending a person whose antisemitism is very blatant to all. Gert's usual line is don't tell me I am not anti semitic I just wrote an article claiming the Israeli-Nazi connection was unwarranted. This is essentially like David Duke of the KKK claiming he is not a bigot because he wrote an article claiming blacks should not be compared to apes.

Greg would like to let the world know he disagrees with MZ or myself to score brownie points with antisemites. He has made no statement on Gert's anti-semitic drama queen antics on Freedomnow's site. Freedomnow had zero problem denouncing such classics as Jewishcunt, Donkey of Zion, Stupid Jew. This clown seriously believes such fare is not anti semitic.

In life there are tests we all face. Greg was given the chance to own up to his own mistake with no excuses. He was presented with an obvious anti semitic tirade from his close friend Gert. He sent me an email where he finds the whole matter funny. Greg seems to think that Freedomnow should have to answer for his friendships with MZ, Nanc, TMW, The Editrix because Gert calls them racists or homophobes. Well Gert has been revealed as a virulent anti-semite and a hypocrite on homophobia. Greg has said nothing and finds the whole matter funny.

Greg's whole life is a lie. The rabid zionist who would lecture MZ and myself is a section 8 perpetual welfare recipient. The poster who would lecture MZ or myself has now defended an anti semite whose act has removed any doubt. The preposterous claim of Gert whose entire blog consists of cut and paste anti-Israel hit pieces is I am moderately pro-Israel. This must be in comparison to Hezbollah, Hamas, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein and the Iranian regime. He is also the world's laziest anti-semite
as he doesn't even write original posts. His blog has one reader noted communist anti-semite Weazie. Weazie also is fond of 9-11 conspiracy theories. Weazies lame attempts to flirt with Nanc are the best comedic theatre I have seen in a while. Neither Weazie or Gert have any readers.

Gertrude is all upset because he was outed as a homosexual. Gert's effeminate manners are obvious to anyone who reads his posts. In truth one can not deduce sexual orientaion from writting style. Justin nor Rob would appear gay on that basis, but in fact are. However, Gert has decided to label everyone out of the blue homophobes. Yet he failed miserably when his own orientation was questioned. His high pitching crying and ignorant answers prove that it is he who is ignorant and a homophobe. His excuse was I have been married for ten years, James McGreevy was married twice. His next excuse was he has a twelve year old daughter, adopted stepchild is not stated. The fact is that many Gay men have children, but Gert who would lecture us doesn't seem to know this. His answers and crazed dennials prove he is in fact a homophobe himself. Given the same question my response has been and. The reason is the whole subject is no big deal. Being gay would not change my value as a friend or as a person. Thus we have as Rob suggested a heterosexual without a clue lecturing people about a subject he knows nothing about. Conversely, we have a closeted person who is probably in denial for what seriously does appear to be a person with serious gender issues. Gay or not Gertrude clearly does appear quite feminine with none of the warmth and charm of a real female. The women in our lives
make our days with their warmth and charm. Gert is not even a real woman, he is a poor mans immitation of a drama queen

On Deck John and Theresa Heinz Kerry play dodgeball against Mr Beamish and Beakerambo on ESPN 15.


Mr. Ducky said...

"Greg is a failure in life and there is no way around that fact. The person who would lecture MZ or myself about zionism is the Israeli equivalent of a perpetual welfare case."

Wow catch that irony.

Myself, I never lecture MZ on zionism. I lecture him on being an ethical human being who can get beyond the moronic idea that God is a real estate agent.

American Crusader said...

Wow...I'm guessing that you didn't hold much back.
I'm sure you made your point.

The Merry Widow said...

Come on, Beaker, tell us how you REALLY feel! Yeah, I happen to agree, if you will not admit your faults and mistakes, if you manage to get yourself fired from every job you've had, if you won't speak up for the truth, if you won't stand up, you are not a grownup! Reality bites, it's better to judge yourself than wait for G*D to do it! That goes for you too, plucky. Yes, Fern may be to the left of me, but that doesn't change the fact that I enjoy his posts, that he does address truth and stands up for what is right! greggie is useless and gertrude is hysterical, what a pathetic pair.


Always On Watch said...

You must feel better now. I know that I would.

Mad Zionist said...

Ducky, it's nice to know that you are the keeper of all worthy ethics. How did you become so perfect, and how does one become as awesome as you?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Mad Zionist,

A do-it-yourself lobotomy beginning with the premise "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles" and concluding with "A barely armed, tattered Iraqi military contained the threat of Iranian hegemony until America took it out" should bring you down to a level Ducky understands.

But, you should warn your loved ones to ignore your future habit of licking windows before proceeding.

Warren said...

Yea, MZ, Ducky is just a font of ethics!

Ain't that right, thief... err Mr Dumpy.

nanc said...

well, go over to fern's and see for yourself how good beak feels!

how did nanc get caught up in this saga?

Jeff Bargholz said...


Gregory is a Latin name that means "Watchman." Watching men is probably one of Greg's favorite pastimes, so I guess he chose that screen name as a fruity pun. He probably thought "gaylord" would be too obvious, even though it actually means jailer.

Mr. Ducky may have the same sense of humor and gaiety. Remember, when a guy ducks, he bends over. Maybe we should cal him Mr. Ben Dover from now on.

What do you say Ducky? Do you take it up the butt?

Mr. Ducky said...

Oh my, little jeff is trying to act butch.

My guess is that jeff plays a lot of football and he's in demand as a wide receiver.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Mr. Ben Dover:

Do you miss the Oilers and Packers games? I'm not talking about the football teams.

What position do you play now? Deep end? Hindpacker? Cheerleader? Are you sore on both ends?

nanc said...

definitely not "tight end"!

bwaaaaaaaaahhhh - i kill me!