Saturday, October 07, 2006

Predictable Greg and Gert Stinky and the Stain Get it All Wrong and Uptown proves he is illiterate

Greg, violates my privacy and trust on Freedom Now's site. He is told by several people it is low. The post is removed by Freedom Now and then he throws a temper tantrum and does it again. Then after the damage is done he comes back and attempts to play ignorant, quite easy in his case. You have now seen why Greg can not hold a job for any length of time. He can not be trusted, is immature, shows poor judgement and does not own up to his errors. There are just times apologies no longer cut it and the best thing to do is hold your head in shame and shut up. Greg likes to portray himself as a true visionary going to Israel while MZ and myself are in America. The reason Greg is in Israel is that he is cared for by the largess of the social services. His tuition is paid and he get subsidies from the state and has been disqualified from the military. Meanwhile MZ supports a growing family and I am serving my country in an arm of law enforcement.

Then we move on to the dumber Gertie who is even dumber than Greg and that is an achievement. MZ and Nanc are homophobes in his opinion and as such are pond scum. Unlike the flaming queen of cowardice Gert I have discussed MZ and others view of homosexuality with them. No poster on my blog has ever advocated violence against homosexuals. There have been some awful terms that I would never use but that is about the worst of it. MZ is against public in your face sexuality at parades. He would rather thi matter be kept private. I voiced my disagreement, but having seen several in NYC MZ's does have a point. In fact many gay people in my building are embarassed by some of the antics at these parades. For reasons known to the deranged Gert he includes Nanc in his list of homophobes. Nanc does not support Gay marriage, but neither does Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and other far left politicians. We have a couple of gay posters who are trusted friends and nobody has claimed Nanc is a homophobe other than Gertie.

However, I want to compare and contrast the positions of homosexuality of MZ and the PA. Gert seems to worship fake indigenous people and white wash Islam. MZ has stated he is against public orientation parades. He has not advocated jail time or any harm
on the basis of sex. The PA has persecuted gays who flee to Israel in a matter of life or death. The persecution is a governmental policy carried out by jackbooted thugs who obviously have too much free time. They do this in between lynching alleged collaberators, planning attacks against Joooish civilians and stealing money from the UN and fellow Arabs. Gert ignores the fact that people are executed under Islamic law in Iran and Saudi Arabia. The executions come after genuine torture and a show trial in a kagaroo sharia court. I have published the list of Muslim countries penalties for homosexuality. Most countries average about five years, provided some lynch mob doesn't get them first.

Then Gert ignores his own far left brothers history of persecuting gays. Has Gert said a word about Zimbabwe or Cuba where gays are persecuted by governmental policy.
Of course Gert doesn't say anything because it doesn't conform to the commie party line of attack Israel and the USA. Rob Bayn is a genuine anti war patriotic liberal and will call them as he sees them. Maybe Gert would like to lead the gay pride event in Mecca or Ramallah.

I could do en entire post on Gert's warped view of Islamic history. His views are so divorced from reality he makes Ducky look sane. He also has a low opinion of the Duck who is his superior in every respect.

Lastly we bring up the Special Ed class scholar Uptown. Lets see Uptown has still not figured out that nobody is sticking up for Foley. However, the Dumbocrats hypocrisy on this case is blatant given the Clinton, Kennedy and Studds precedents.
The furor has zero to do with emails, but Uptown would know this if he read a newspaper. The vulgar content was on IMS and sent to eighteen year olds. The content was no worse than Bill Clintons creative use of Tobacco. Bill was abusing tobacco products while lecturing America about the evils of tobacco. Then Uptown seems to think that Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are an arm of the Government.

This blog does not cater to the mentally challenged and never will.

Beamish in 08


The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- One of them is back, spewing, on your site, quite immaturely too!
Doesn't he have a life? If not,why not? He is just a little flea in the universe, but he hasn't figured it out yet!
These three have another in common characteristic, they are all convinced the entire universe revolves around them and their thoughts, opinions and vocalizations. When the rest of humanity doesn
t fall down in worship of them, they get very upset. Rather like al'a'alah when non-mohammadins brush him off! That's what causes their assorted forms of temper tantrums! 3-4 yr. olds used to be disciplined out of this nonsense, bet their parents are followers of Dr. Spock!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


beakerkin said...

I have improved Gerts life by aborting him. Take out the shop vac and terminate another anti-semite.

beakerkin said...

Gert speaking about undercover or out of the closet is there something you would like to tell us. It seems you have your own identities that are secret.

Justin said...

I personally chose to refrain from posting on any of the Mark Foley post because I refuse to get into the lunatic rantings from either side about what is in truth a non-story.

This whole thing was never about Mark Foley from the begining. As you and I both know the most effective tool the communist left has and uses quite effectively I might add is "Devide and Conqure".

The whole purpose of this story was set out to destroy the leadership of the House. This whole episode was timed and correographed by the leadership of the left to destroy one man "Dennis Hastert" and destroy the conservative movement itself.

The left knows all to well the way to win is to get your opposition fighting among themselves and then you can step up and take the power with out a fight.

Look at the actions of the past few days by some prominent Republican leaders. They have turned on their own speaker. It is not about saving the party or the movement. It is like a pack of wild dogs who, when they sense a weakness in the leader they attack trying to gain control for themselves. They never see the enemy on the side line waiting to move in for the kill when the pack falls into total disaray.

Unfortunatly many of the so called Conservitive voters have failed to see this non story for what it is and have fallen into the quagmire of destroying their own party.

Now as far as Gert,Uptown etal are concerned. They not only hold hypocritical standards they cant even read history and see where they are headed.

What is the first thing any communist or socialist government has ever done when it came to power. It purges itself of the very people who spoke for it and helped bring it about. Why? because they know those people who enjoyed the freedoms of spreading their lunacy will be a danger to them when those freedoms are taken away.

Oh yes, the left in this country already has a plan to destroy the speech of the blogs just as China does. It is called a "gateway" to the internet. If they think the NSA program is so evil, as the old saying goes "they aint seen nuthin yet". In this gateway all speech will be regulated.

The lefts ultimate goal is the total destruction of the conservative blogs and to regulate what is written on the leftist blogs. Step out of line, complain about what is happening and you will be dealt with.

If anyone thinks I'm crazy just wait until the election. If the conservatives allow this non story about Mark Foley continue and the left gets the power you will see the "gateway" Hillary Clinton proposed in the late 90's appear. China uses its gateway in the following manner. They have thousands of people who monitor every aspect of the internet. I know this for fact because we have 4 factories there. Every piece of e-mail, every IM and every search goes through this gateway and is read by someone on the government payroll.

It may suprise Gert, Uptown etal that their form of government would do this but all I can say is "Welcome to the real world of the totalitarian government folks. At least under conservatives you have the right to speak your mind. Under what you and your parties propose you will have that right one time and one time only before you are silenced.

beakerkin said...


Foley's behavior was wrong and the problem of adults preying on teens is not a gay issue it is right or wrong. Teens belong with other teens or at least someone who is near the same age group. Politicians should not be anywhere near staffers of that age.

There is a mared difference betwwen a twenty five year old and an eighteen year old. The fact that something is legal doesn't make it right.

Justin said...

Did I say it was right? Did I say it was legal? No, and I agree What Mark Foley did is not only repugnant but reprehinsible as well. Whay I am saying is people better see the full story for what it really is.

You may remove the post if you think it was in anyway supporting or condoning what Mark Foley did. However, I think if you read it you will find it does not even come close to defending the man.

The Merry Widow said...

Justin- You are so right! We are in very great danger and I am not sanguine for our future. All who love freedom are going to have to step up to the plate and start hammering the balls out of the park! There is a very strong spiritual context to all of this that the majority of people are totally ignorant of, wonder why? And how? Our freedoms have been chipped away, little by little and I am certain that in spite of the Constitution we are already being monitered. Certain words or phrases are the triggers and be sure that freedom lovers use them! We are in for a nasty ride, very shortly!
Beaker- I know you are a proud American, but I am afraid that soon this country will be no friend to the Jews. Be prepared to make aliyah, Israel is going to need people of your intelligence and abilities! I know it is something you don't want to contemplate, but for the love of G*D, get ready to leave soon! G*D may be closing the door to working in government for a purpose, don't waste your life when the time comes! Don't dither around and argue, don't lie to yourself that it can't happen here. It will! I'll give that warning to any Jew I know, if your brain gets that buzzy little tickle in the back, GO! It may not be immediate, but soon enough, be prepared!


beakerkin said...

Justin that post wasn't aimed at you. Nobody has been defending Foley certainly not you or anyone else.

All of us are focusing on the Gay aspect too much. You are a father and have children of your own. Nobody would ever accuse you of supporting predatory behavior.

Justin said...


2 Chronicles 7:14
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

As much as it pains me I have to agree with TMW, America is turning away from supporting Israel to its own detriment. America is forgeting the words spoken to Israel so long ago.

"I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you."

We all know the leftist agenda for Israel. And TMW is right should it come to it and you have to Israel would benifit greatly from you.

Jusitn said...

Gert, Gert, you poor blind fool.

nanc said...

let me make this perfectly clear: I AM NOT A FAR LEFT POLITICIAN!


beakerkin said...

Of course Greg did not forsee this.
He never dreams of the consequences of his actions. The fact that an army of trolls is always at my site eludes Greg.

Of course we are going to get a tearful apology. Greg always does this after he screws up again and again. It is time for Greg to walk into Ramallah and look for moderates.

Justin said...

It is a shame that Greg, Gert, Uppy etal cannot see they are sheep being led to slaughter. They will allow themselves to be used then they will be flushed like used toilet paper.

I think it is a disgrace that you cannot run a reasonable blog with out these dogs coming in and trying to spread their fleas everywhere.

It is a real shame that the door has to be locked on occassion. But I think we can all understand why.

Always On Watch said...

Then we move on to the dumber Gertie who is even dumber than Greg and that is an achievement.

Good one!

The lefts ultimate goal is the total destruction of the conservative blogs and to regulate what is written on the leftist blogs. Step out of line, complain about what is happening and you will be dealt with.

If anyone thinks I'm crazy just wait until the election.

That's what worries me. Right now, I know many staunch conservatives who are considering staying home on Election Day in 2006 "to teach the politicians a lesson." I dread the possible backfire.

beakerkin said...

Okay I want everyone to prepare to boo as I go Victorian.

Most people experience their first true love in their teens. It is a magical time when people bond and dream together. This should be experienced by people of the same age who sometimes even go through life together. There is something evil about an adult taking the magic that most of us remember.

Now for having delved into the magic of young love I am ready for the recipient of verbal jibes. There is just something magical that I can not put my finger on.

Nanc I was comparing your views with those in the mainstream.

Justin said...

Ummmm Beak is that the soft strains of violin music I hear in the back ground playing "Tonight".

You go boy! lol :P

beakerkin said...


I deserve any comedic jokes for talking about the cliche magic of young love. There is just something special about it almost sacred, but it may be in my mind.

nanc said...

you are talking young love and not youthful lust?

beakerkin said...

Nanc the lines between young love and young lust often get blurry. Yet I am refering to the magic of young love.

I have no desire to be young again but I remember it well.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- Young, first love is magical! To many it is the first time that they put another first and above their own usual selfishness. The whole world seems to disappear from around them.
Justin-I'm afraid unless there is a massive revival we are beyond the point of G*D being able, because of our free will, to move! Not that HE can't, but because HE won't! Having had family on both sides in this country for 381 yrs., I am grieved for the choices made and the judgement to come! My heart is broken!


Robert Bayn said...

Ever notice it's always leftist "heterosexual" males who always think something is homophobic, maybe they just secretly have dreams of a wild sexy Micheal Moore.


Justin said...

Beak :)

Love at any age is has its magical qualities. However, I agree with you nothing seems so special as that first young love that most of had the joy of having.

NO NO NO Nanc not lust, love LOL :P

I fear I have to agree however I am not about to give up hope that the winds of change for the better will come at last. What is the old saying. Despare is but a fleeting moment but HOPE always springs ETERNAL.

beakerkin said...


You disappointed me I was expecting a beaning from you about veering into the category of love.
I should leave this topic for the poets.


You are right that love at any age is magical. However, there is something magical about the first one. Yet this may sound funny but the more times someone gets burned or swatted in the process the less it hurts. However never, tell a young lover who is in pain to get dumped a few more times to ease the pain.

I can see Nanc on her way with a quip. Head for cover!!!!!!!

Elmer's Brother said...

ahh first love...Mazda wagon and a Saturday night.

Robert Bayn said...

Beak, love is for sappy lonely old men!

As far as when i had my first love, i guess i was about 15, i loved that girl a lot, than sometimes i wanted to strangle her, see now thats true love, not lust! We broke up about 4 times in 5 years. Love and marriage is like football, just a little nastier.

beakerkin said...


I remember my first love fondly. It was a magical time of dreams and hope and the whole world seemed possible. Then you grow up and deal with the real world and disappointments.

You think the world owes you something at that age. Life teaches us otherwise in short time.


I know there was a significant other. However some guys do get into their cars a tad. The kid two doors down had a Charger and spent months working on it. I think he spent more time working on the car then driving it.

JINGOIST said...

Good post Beak. Let me deal with one small aspect of it. Gay parades. These parades are legal and even great entertainment when done in San Francisco or Key West. They are tawdry to say the least, but so is that whole culture. Live and let live right?
Not so fast.

I have to agree with MZ when it comes to a gay parade taking place in Jerusalem. Israel SHOULD NOT ALLOW IT! Like it or not the Torah forbids it and Israel is a country that reveres the Torah. Tel Aviv is a modern secular city, let them have their gay parade there. I wouldn't care. Having the parade in Jerusalem is such an in-your-face display that it's infuriating and I understand MZ's anger at the whole affair.


beakerkin said...


I want to stress that I have had discussions with MZ and Mr Beamish on this issue. Neither one has ever advocated violence.

Contrast this to the hysterical Gert screaming about MZ's homophobia while glossing over a culture that actually executes people for being gay. Gert also remains silent about Cuba and Zimbabwe two far left wing states that persecute Gays. Nobody should go to jail for this and the reality is what it is. Reality and the anti-semitic party line never meet.

nanc said...

my, my, my - love is in the air!

i happen to believe your last love is the very best.

bunch of sappy geeks...

to stay on topic - somebody answer me this and you get to hurl the first cowpatty at elbro:

why is it socialists have not the least in social skills?

nanc said...

our russet shadows has an excellent foley post up - great investigative work:

and mr. dipippo has up a new post on foley at autonomist:

beakerkin said...


Gert is a Communist and the heart of Communism is alienation. They buy the party line and attempt to cloak themselves in an aura of self righteousness.

Thus no matter how absurd the logic they return to the party line. Homophobia is evil, this is fine and correct. However, criticizing MZ for homophobia while white washing genuine homophobia in Islamic societies is insane.

There is a serious mental health malady in those on the far left.

JINGOIST said...

Beak you don't expect commies to be honest about anything, do you? I agree with you about Gert completely. She ignored me when I repeatedly asked her to look up the definition of racism.

As I've always said we only have 3 defenses against communism;

1. Steadfastness and courage.
2. Memory of history
3. Good recording devices because the commies LIE LIKE HELL!


beakerkin said...

Gert is not a woman. He is a man in any of the standard definitions as his manerisms are seriously flaming.

I had the same argument with it about the meaning of racism on Greg's site. He repeats cliches and is unaware he has become a cartoon charachter. Lets see his entire blog is almost entirely dedicated to critique of the worlds only Joooish state, he calls me a stoopid Jooo, a Joooish clown, tells me to go to Israel. even his good friend the Dimwit calls him "obsessed with Jews".

He thinks that calling me by my first name is a great victory. Excuse me comwad that name is the most popular on the planet. It also speaks about a looooooser who is obsessed with me.

His communism is apparent in any reading of his blog or posts.

nanc said...

okay beak! you get to hurl the first cowpatty! let the games begin!

Justin said...


In this day an age are you sure he is not a she or she is not a he? :)

beakerkin said...

Justin I am glad you said that. Gert is on Freedomnow's site claiming I imagined his feminine manners.

He also thinks calling a person a Jewish comedian or a stupid Jew is not anti semitic. I think there must be something in the drinking water.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The Democrats have been sitting on the "who knew Mark Foley was a faggot" scandal for three years.

This is not the first time the Democrats have gone after someone over homosexuality, real or alleged. Nor is it the first time the Democrats have gone after Mark Foley for being a rectum romper.

"Mark Foley is a fag" was a winning slogan for Senator Bob Graham in removing him from consideration in GOP primaries for Senate candidates.

Democrats will hate on jism jugglers and prostrate pilots when they lack a coherent ideology to present at election time.

And the target of their smears doesn't even have to be a pillow bitin' peter puffer. Ask Mike Taylor about his Senate race against Max Baucus.

It's hard to distinguish whether or not this is a deep-seated hatred of faggots in the campaign leadership of the allegedly gay-friendly Democratic Party, but I suppose they figure it's impossible to anger people who like to take it in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Hello beaker,hello everyone. Have to admit,not being here all the time,I don't know ''Gertie''.Sounds like a wing-nut for sure. I say that because "Gertie'' seems to have a problem with my good friend nanc. Quite honestly I don't know how nanc feels personally about gays but I do know personally that nanc is a loving,caring Christian woman and wouldn't wish ill or evil on any gay person or otherwise. Yeah,they Left has its own history of persecuting gays;Hitler gassed thousands of them. Stalin killed them too. Great leftists those two. "Gertie'' would love how the "Religion of Peace'' treats gays. Muslims kill them out right.J'Mac.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beak,I posted somthing a little while ago,I'm wondering if it got through. J'Mac.

Warren said...

After I have done my best, when I have done everything I possibly can, my fate lays in Gods hands.

I will not quit, I will not submit. I will continue from this moment in time forward. The past is gone it cannot be changed and I will fight to my dying breath.

This whole Foley thing is another "October surprise". Democrats have had this information for years. Their fake indignation is laughable. It really hard for me to believe that, Nancy Pelosi, gives a damn about what Foley did when she has marched in gay pride parades along with representatives of NAMBLA, (North American Man Boy Love Association). Its hard for me to believe that, Chapiquidic Ted, famous for his swimming, waitress sandwiches and "off-shore drilling", (and I'm not talking about oil), really cares. Please I'm not even getting into the hypocrisy of Barney, whorehouse, Frank.

Its just an attempt to drive down Conservative turn-out for the election.

We already know that they can't win on issues, they know it too. Their internal polling tells them its so.

Last time round it was the "fake but true" Bush, National Guard, fairytale.

nanc said...

j.m. - it's all about the feng shui, my friend.

JINGOIST said...

JM you're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! The left couldn't give two sh-ts about the real plight of gays in the worker's paradises of Cuba or Zimbabwe!

Warren your reference to the fat swimmer's "off-shore drilling" is great! ROFLMJAO!! I never heard that one! Talk about funny. The visuals alone, with that piece of wet whale sh-t doing his thing, heaven help us!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Democrats have been without a winning issue since the Civil War forced them to soften their approach towards destroying the Constitution.

If it were humanly possible to imagine a scenario in which a Democrat would be intellectually equipped to face the challenges of the 21st Century (and no, dropping 100 hits of acid doesn't help), they wouldn't have to go for the "Foley is gay" option they decided on THREE YEARS AGO.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who has voted for at least one Democrat since 1960 deserves to be treated as the retard that they are.