Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Londonistan Chapter 5 Multicultural Madness

In chapter 5 Phillips discusses the legacy of the multicultural madness. One may not critique any behavior of a minority group, no matter how offensive as it would be considered racist. The multicultural bias places up a guilt trip for Christians and white washes the reality of Islamic civ. Jews in the Marxist madness are considered powerful so despite being an actual minority the far left has declared open season on them. This does explaim why Gertrude thinks calling me a Jewish Cunt or the Donkey of Zion is not anti-semitic.

The realities of Islamocolonialism and Islamo brutality towards ereligious and ethnic minorities is ignored. Instead what is taught is a Disneyfied version of Islamic civ where the sense of perpetual rage is nutured. Any critique of Islamic Civ is considered racist even if grounded in facts. Thus far leftards are much more worried about the alleged Islamophobic reactions of a Jason Pappas than actual suicide bombings.

There was an unwritten social contract That immigrants had a duty to respect the norms and culture of the dominant country and get jobs. The Commie left has tossed out the formula for sucsessful immigration and assimilation for moral relitavism. On today's Drudge Report Americans ( not many) are now seeking Assylum in the UK and are being granted free Healthcare and Welfare until their case is heard. This describes an immigration system that is out of control.

Moreover the amazing part about the multicultural guilt trips is that the two most deserving recipients get zero scrutiny. Islamo and Marxist evils are ignored in the multicutural morass and both are deserving of intense scrutiny.

Beamish in 08


Always On Watch said...

Great phrase: Disneyfied version of Islamic civ!

I wonder who was the financial power behind Disney's Aladdin? Maybe I'm being too suspicious. On the other hand, following the money trail often yields a clue as to a hidden agenda.

Some of the tales from Arabian Nights are culturally graphic, with the lopping off of body parts and the denigration of black Africans. Those particular tales are often overlooked in collections of the tales.

True: One may not critique any behavior of a minority group, no matter how offensive as it would be considered racist.

In that phone conversation I mentioned on a previous thread here, the caller said that Muslim is a race. Ugh!

beakerkin said...


Phillips is really tough on Prince Charles. Prince Charles has made a series of looney remarks about Islam. The notion of the pompous Charles lecturing anyone on any subject is a joke.

The Merry Widow said...

He's a globalist, that's why he can and does speak the way he does! His father is too.


Purple Avenger said...

...seeking Assylum in the UK...

Good riddance to them. If the Brits are moronic enough to grant this to them, then they richly deserve whatever political evils that crew plans to bring with them.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


That's the movie where the Arab thief went around calling his monkey "Father?" (Abu)

Always On Watch said...

Mark has posted a bit about Prince Charles.

I've never been impressed with Prince Charles's intelligence. Maybe I'm wrong, but he looks inbred.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


The only real difference between America and England is that in America, we provide welfare and housing to our inbred, unskilled social parasites, and in Britain, they do all that and put crowns on their heads.