Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Policy

This blog will run in moderation in perpetuity. The days of Uptown, Weazie, Gert and 167 are over at this site. None of your comments will be published, so do not try it.
I will accept comments only from known posters. The Duck is welcomed as he has always demonstrated a certain restraint.

There is a sick and stupid individual in Israel. This person knows I am a law enforcement official and value my privacy. His crude attempt to blackmail me failed.
His friend even told him it was a childish stunt. What does this moron do? He goes back to the site and posts my first name a dozen times. Then he feigns ignorance as to why someone would object. This is a pattern with this individual, he screws up shoots off his mouth and then cries I am sorry. Sorry does not even begin to cover this one. Then is asshole buddy goes on to troll this site compounding the situation. My advice to this person is to forget the medication and end it. You are human excrement and should flush yourself down the toilet.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

My first name is Mister.

The Merry Widow said...

I'm sorry, Beak, stupid people insist on ruinning it for others and then act amazed that the victims are mad at them! As I've said elsewhere, the behavior most parents disciplne out of their 3 &4 year olds! Then when the undisciplined little monsters make a mess, someone runs in with an excuse for their unsocialized behavior! Of course ignoring the mess and damage the victim is left to deal with! I'm sorry, but understand, we can live with it!


beakerkin said...


Three people tell him that it is wrong. Freedom Now delettes the post and the jackass does it again.

Then his communist anti semitic buddy spams my blog. He feigns ignorance and doesn't understand why people are angry with him.

He seems to think that we are supposed to forgive every one of his stupid mistakes. There was an unprovoked tirade against Nanc. He removed it but this time he has gone too far.

Greg has proven he is an imature, pycho with shit for brains. He pretends he is a brave hero. The brave hero who is a welfare recipient and unemployable.

No doubt he will pretend that he just doesn't understand. I like Freedomnow but he needs to have words with Greg and fast.

kuhnkat said...


I know going to moderation is a pain, but, trying to hold Day Care in conjunction with entertaining adult friends is just not sensible.

How about a homily:

Great Walls backed by mines, moats full of toxic substances, and automated guntowers make good neighbors!!


nanc said...

he just did...

beakerkin said...

I am encouraged

The Merry Widow said...

As I keep saying, it's your livingroom and if you want to keep out those who poop in the middle of the room, who's to blame you!
You do what you have to do! You've been patient( I have a "friend" who is as much a pain, I'm counseling her though)and enough is enough! Guntowers may be an option!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

This blog will run in moderation in perpetuity.

I understand. Comment moderation is a pain, but the step has become necessary. Remember that a while back I, too, got pushed into that method. And Mark Alexander has had to enable comment moderation as well.

I'll be by and commenting as usual. Comment moderation doesn't deter me from commenting at a friend's blog.

What does this moron do? He goes back to the site and posts my first name a dozen times.

That's outrageous and in violation of blog ethics! Of course, some people don't give a hoot about ethics.

Purple Avenger said...

The brave hero who is a welfare recipient and unemployable

A legend in his own mind ;->

beakerkin said...

Weazie you comments will not be printed.

Your blog shows no posts and no steady readers. You lack the social skills or talent to develop a steady base.

Dream on Weasie.

As for who shits on whom. I am too busy responding to traffic to take note of a failure like yourself.

The Merry Widow said...

Heck, you don't invite children to adult formal dinners! You invite interesting grownups! With some variety and imaginative seatting, you end up with everyone having a wonderful time! You don't want babies crawling around, tearing lace on expensive dresses or spitting up on expensive suits! You leave them home with a babysitter. Just so, greggy, gertie, uppity, jobro and 167 need to stay home with a sitter, with a bullwhip!


Da Weaz said...

You block my posts all you want. My posts are addressed to you, you fucking retarded jackass. Dream on? If you had anything more than a pea for a brain, you could go to Crooks and Liars yourself, but you're too busy living in your fantasy world, and getting lost trying to find the spell check.

You're a laugh. A pathetic feeble minded joke. And I completely laugh at you as there are now more people on my site in an hour than there will be on your site for morons for the whole day.

Fuck off, you shit eating moron.

You've been punked.

beakerkin said...


Unlike you I have an audience. You may live in a fantasy world all you like. Nobody cares about your identity or fantasy life.

Lets see Urkel dot net is one of your links. Wait news from Steve Urkel might be genuine. You get your news from Saddam Hussein's news site.

You can live in your fantasy world
but you are a failure. Nanc finds your pathetic attemps to flirt comedic. We are not paid to listen to your delusions of granduer.

The fact that you are drawn to this site shows your envy and failure. Nobody cares about you or your opinions.

Place the tinfoil hat on your head and tell us who blew up the WTC. The only one who is living in a fantasy world is you.

Sorry there Weazie but we are not paid for this. Enjoy your fantasies and the annonymity you deserve.

Da Weaz said...

"Urkel dot"

Sorry, not only can't you write. But you can't fucking read. There is no link to an "Urkel dot", so try to get your tutor to better pronounce those squiggly lines for you, you fucking jackass.

beakerkin said...

Lets see for someone who claims to have such a high IQ this was an obvious joke. Most of us are quite fond os Steve Urkel the loveable nerd from Family Matters.

Take a look at your links and see what links fits the joke. It is the one affiliated with Saddam Hussien.

Still no answer to who blew up the
WTC. As a charter member of the tinfoil hat conspiracy crew the burden of proof is on you. Who blew up the WTC and what is your evidence.

Sorry there Weazie but your time is up. It is back to the padded room with all the other Communist anti-semites. Maybe some nice Joooish er zionist doctor will cure your mental illness.

Now take your meds like a good psycho and ask yourself why do you keep returning for more abuse.

I think I hear Nanc laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beaker.How are you? Glad to hear you've kicked those trolls out. It explains why weezer showed up over at Donals. Johnnymac.

nanc said...

ah - hahahahahahahahahahaha!