Thursday, October 05, 2006

Missing the point on Foley

I am glad Duncetown and Duncy are around to demonstrate the illucid quality of he far left. What has Foley been charged with? He has been charged with sending peverted IM's to a 16 year old. Shame on him and he should resign, but lets get realistic about the Dumbocrats.

Congressman Studds had actual sex with a 17 year page and was sent back to office by the insane people of MA. Was Studds denounced by the dumbocratic party? Lets see nasty emails or sex with a real teen.

Conressman Mel Reynolds had actual sex with e teen and was pardoned by Bill Clintooon.

Bill Clinoons own messages with a subordinate including creative use of cigars were far worse then anything Foley sugested. Foley was never accused by anyone of rape. Nor was Foley charged with fondling any pages. Nor was Foley ever accused of placing his member in pubic with any sexual request. Nor was Foley accused of Sexual harassment. Nor did Foley lie about any activity under oath. Any comparison of Bill Clinton's behavior and that of Foley is an insult to Foley .

Then there is the swimmer from MA. Nobody died from any of Foley's misdeeds. Ted Kennedy should be the first one to throw rocks. The Senator from Chapaquidick is a great example of the Dumbocrats hypocrisy.

Moving to the less odious Barney Frank. Frank ran a brothel from his town house that was a mere five blocks from his office and feigned ignorance. He also fixed the parking tickets of the pimp in exchange for freebies. Propositioning a 16 year old is a disgusting but legal act in the age of consent. Prostitution is still a crime in every state except sections of Nevada. There is also a serious matter in claiming the pimp was conducting Congressional business in order to fix parking tickets. Frank's more serious transgressions got a slap on the wrist.

Foleys behavior is disgusting but legal. He should resign but the party of Kennedy, Clintoon, Studds, Frank are far worse.


JINGOIST said...

Not only did Studds have sex with the young man, he brought him out of the country for that very purpose! When he got back he was slapped on the wrist and then got THREE standing ovations from the House when they convened.
Two positive things might come from this.

1. A pervert who stalks young men is out.
2. The Dems who held on to these IM's and e-mails for so long will be implicated in a scandal. They used (timed) the release of this info. for maximum political effect. Is it possible that they had this info. for more than a year? If so they continued to put young men at risk.


JINGOIST said...

Thanks Beak for pointing out the incredible HYPOCRICY of the Dems in these matters.


The Merry Widow said...

Morgan- You needed to have the hypocracy of the dhimmicrats pointed out? You didn't used to be a dhimmicrat, did you? If so, you got smart!


JINGOIST said...

TMW of course I'm aware of the hypocrisy of the Dems. The Beaks forum gets great coverage and as such can touch the less informed. After all when he points out the morally vacuous nature of the party of Barney Frank, Jerry Studds, Bill and Hill, Janet Reno, Alcee Frikken Hastings and Ted Kennedy he performs a public service. These are disgusting vermin and need to be exposed to the light of day.


nanc said...

drudge has up a news alert that the kid was indeed 18 at the time of the i.m.'s and is now 21 - guess we should know the whole story. it still doesn't look good for our side.

politics is dirty business.

The Merry Widow said...

I thought so, Morgan. When cockroaches appear it's time for the Raid, when dhimmicrats scream, look for the hypocracy! And ask yourself what is it their trying to divert your attention from!

P.S. You didn't strike me as being a dhimmi!

Always On Watch said...

Congressman Studds had actual sex with a 17 year page...

That last name!

Mr. Ducky said...

Now let's see:

Dan Crane ... censured for sex with an underage girl at the same time as Studds.

Jeb Bush appointin a former Playboy Bunny to a 140,000 a year gig with the Florida Department of Management Services. Some services.

Henry Hyde having an extramarital affair while he sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act.

Newt Gingrich boinking Callista Bisek in his office during the Clinton affair. Newt was such a class act that he had his wife served with divorce papers in a hospital while she was being treated for cancer.

Dan Burton head Clinton hunter fathered a child in an extra marital affair while in public office.

Of course there was Frank Sinatra slipping into the White House to bop Nancy Reagan. St. Ronnie was out to lunch in his dotage and Nancy had needs.

How could I forget Arnold the Gropinator? Yessir, he's been a model family values Republican.

Why was a female employee found dead in Joe Scarborough's congressional office. I wish that had gotten as thorough an investigation as Gary Condit.

It's all par for the course in a party that features values guru Bill Bennett and his gambling junkets and dominatrix services. Quite a crowd.

Of course the major issue hear is wether that fat clown Hastert covered it all up becuase for a Republican political power is more important than the page's safety.

Keep going Beak, you've got a real tough one to spin.

nanc said...


i do believe farmer has the cure for this.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well we must say this for the Foley coverup... it keeps Condi "The Cooze" Rice and her complicity in ignoring the now documented warnings about a probably attack by bin Laden.

This is the same woman that claimed Clinton left no plan on how to deal with al-Queda, but that his plan was adopted by Bush prior to 9/11. Hell of a crew your supporting.

But make my day, tell me about Republican "family values". Beak can fill me in on why it was acceptable for Giuliani to bring his chippy to mass.

If we carry on long enough we'll find that all you really care about is hating homos. Hate is what you do best. I didn't know you're in Florida, Nanc. Maybe you can detail the "family values" of Jeb Bush. I'd say there's something wrong when his son is picked up cruising and his daughter carries stolen prescription pads but the "personal responsibility" party (LMFAO) will explain all.

nanc said...

i am in arkansas, plucky - tmw is in florida.

nanc said...

p.s. - get this straight on gays - bwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! sorry, i couldn't resist.

i hate no body - no one. having lived a portion of my life with hatred nearly did me in.

there is a grand chasm between hating the perp and hating what the perp does. because i find homosexuality abhorrent and disgusting does not mean i hate the crack noshers and peter puffers. i don't like murdering and thieving either. G-d will sort us all out in the end.

Anonymous said...

The dems in Congress weren't elected to play the role of "critic". That's our job. They were hired to get things done. They've gone AWOL on the war and their day jobs. They think its' enough to be "critical theorists" and spout complaints to the press and launch "investigations" of Republicans. It ain't.


Mr. Ducky said...

nanc finds gays abhorrent and disgusting but she has nothing but love in her heart. As long as gays know their place and act like good little sambos nanc will let them exist in peace.

Really, such a fine heart, nanc, you hypocrite.

nanc said...

correction "homosexual behaviors".

if i wanted any crappe off you, plucky - i wouldn't have flushed this morning!

Mr. Ducky said...

Now class, let's review the Republican mind.

Let's see.

Anything important happen over the last several days?

Seventeen American soldiers have been killed in Iraq since Saturday. Dozens of civilians have died in the last few days as the sectarian civil war in Baghdad reaches new and horrific levels of violence. The bombers have gotten clever, it seems; they detonate one device to bring in rescue workers, police and onlookers. When the post-blast crowd is thick enough, they detonate another device.

Condoleezza "Cooze" Rice has been exposed once again as a bad liar. Several new reports confirm that CIA Director Tenet and CIA Counterterrorism Director Black did, in fact, deliver a stern warning to her regarding an impending terror attack two months before 9/11. That same warning was given one week later to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and Attorney General Thumper Ashcroft, in a briefing described as a "10 out of 10" on the Take-This-Seriously-o-Meter by the official who prepared it.

Rice, Dumsfeld and Ashcroft all received frightening warnings before the attacks, with Bush getting the August 6th PDB warning to cap it off, and nothing came of it. This moves matters well beyond simple negligence. It is abundantly clear that there was a policy in place to whistle past any and all terror warnings in the months before 9/11. It wasn't about incompetence. It was policy.

Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff reappeared on the scene over these last few days. A bipartisan Congressional report described hundreds of contacts between Abramoff and the White House, including 82 contacts with Karl Rove's office and at least ten between Abramoff and Rove himself. Recall that former White House spokesman Scott McClellan brushed off any White House-Abramoff associations back in January, describing them merely as a "few staff-level meetings."

Congressman Henry Waxman, minority chair for the House Government Reform Committee, released a massive batch of emails from Abramoff to various Washington DC power players. In one, dated March 18, 2002, Abramoff wrote, "I was sitting yesterday with Karl Rove, Bush's top advisor, at the NCAA basketball game, discussing Israel when this email came in. I showed it to him. It seems that the President was very sad to have to come out negatively regarding Israel, but that they needed to mollify the Arabs for the upcoming war on Iraq."

"The upcoming war in Iraq," wrote Abramoff casually, one year and two days before the invasion was undertaken. It seems those "few staff-level meetings" availed Abramoff of some significant information. How this criminal came to know war in Iraq was coming before the rest of the world did is something that deserves a great deal of intense scrutiny.

So, yeah, a few things have bubbled up in the last few days that, one would think, might bring a drop of sweat or two out on any number of Republican brows. Amazingly enough, however, it isn't the war or the 9/11 lies and failures or even Abramoff that is inspiring the Republican perspiration.

No, it's a sex scandal. Of course.

beakerkin said...


Lets see about people knowing their place paraphrases your actual statements about "Jooooos".
It seems that your bigotry is selective at best.

Shall we go into the swimmer or the traitor in MA. Meeting with the NVA while a member of naval reserve should place Gomer Kerry in Leavenworth.

Anonymous said...


And since everyone but the Democrats knew a war was coming, Washington must now be imagined to be the most tight-lipped town in the world for keeping secrets.

What parallel universe are you from?


The Merry Widow said...

plucky-It seems you forgot something when you left the nest...your feathers! Your poor brain has suffered from the freezing temps. up North. That or you didn't pick up your compass to fly South, or you didn't listen to the weather reports of blizzards. Freeze driing damages cells you know.


nanc said...

oh plucky - if i wanted any lip off you, i'd have scraped it out of clinton's zipper!

Anonymous said...

We definitely need an expose on what Pelosi knew and when she knew it!

Somebody appoint a special prosecutor!


American Crusader said...

Are the Democrats being hypocritical?
Of course they are but it still doesn't remove or alleviate the actions of Mark Foley. Personally I think that if Mark Foley was a Democrat, the Speaker of the House and Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., chairman of the Page Board that oversees the congressional work-study program for high schoolers...there would have been an immediate investigation.

Anonymous said...

There is not excuse for Studss actions or that Democrats supported this guy, in defence of Clinton, Monica was at least of age, wrong none the less, but we are not talking about a Child.

As far as Foley goes, as far as we know he never had any sex with these underage pages. This is a case of ethics, but lets also be honest and not jump to any conclusions until a full investigation is complete, before we say that Foley did nothing illegal, or before we convict him of having sex with a underage Page. Two wrongs don't make a right, and if people are going to use the argument "well dems did it too", that really holds no water. Foley did the right thing to Resign, and that shows some integrity on his part, integrity that Studds never showed.

beakerkin said...

I agree with Rob. This is just disgusting behavior and Studds should have resigned.

Mr. Ducky said...

Bayn, tie a can on it. Studds was censured along with Republican Dan Crane for his sexual activities.

There was NO attempt to cover it up.

Times have changed, now that Rethugs are the "family values" party they can't go around charging hookers on the credit card the way Gingrich was doing and not expect it to be reported. They have to cover it up.

beakerkin said...

Studds was helped by being from MA.
Stdds crimes pale in any comparison to Kennedy's and Gomer Kerry. Had he been in a normal state he would have been tossed out.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, he turned his back on the Censure, he turned his nose up to it, in other words, he had no remorse or regret for what he did, at least Foley resigned, Studds stayed in office, Integrity means a lot to me, i understand it may not mean that much to you.

The Merry Widow said...

Robert- Don't you know, plucky is a relavist, "If I or my people do it, it's okay, if you or your people do it..." Relavists are more interested in the End than in the Means. They don't understand that the Means can taint the Ends!


uptownseteve said...


Whining about Gerry Studds' escapades of 20 years ago isn't going to make Foley go away.

And nobody covered up for Studds.

Party of values my butt.

beakerkin said...

Lets see foley resigned promptly. Where is Barney Frank? Studds was never pressured to resign. Bill Clintooooon just spun and spun and bombed an asprin factory and some tents.

I would watch the part of the anatomy you mentioned around Bill Clintooon. You also take your chances when Bill Clinton hands you a cigar,

nanc said...

say taint so!

nanc said...


uptownseteve said...

What's this?

Moral Equivalency from righties?


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Democrats got traction with faggot marriage by removing the issue from the people and taking it to a state level Supreme Court (Massastupids, I think) spurring states across the union to amend their constitutions to ban faggot marriage. Then they tried to gain a victory on that front by placing the measure before voters who could only vote if they were registered Democrats - in Missouri's 2004 Democratic Primary. (The ban on faggot marriage passed in MO with 71%).

This should tell you that Democrats are willing to sacrifice their faggot base for electoral gain.

Hence, at an election cycle when Republicans OWN the public sentiment on just about every issue from the economy to the war on terrorism, Democrats are stuck on a hunt to see if Denny Hastert has known as long as they have that Mark Foley is a semen swapper.

Please don't be shocked when Republicans retain control of both houses of Congress, okay?

Jason_Pappas said...

Now, now, let’s respect the Democrats … OK, Democrat … when they make sense: Ed Koch has some intelligent things to say. I give him my “Zell Miller” award of the week.

But Ducky is right (for the wrong reason, of course) we are missing the important stories like Condi Rice planning to use our tax dollars to support terrorists and the Civil War in Ira ... I mean France. And, of course, the end of free speech in Europe.

beakerkin said...


The story is developing and I hope it is true. However, if this is true the damage is done. There are groups who wanted to out Foley and this is wrong.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Foley got punked by a straight guy pretending to be a faggot on a text messenger as a prank and Democrats have waited 3 long years for the right moment to spring a "what do you know and how long have you known about Foley being a faggot" inquest on Denny Hastert.

In the Democrats position, I would have gone for something totally unheard of from Democrats, such as articulate ideas on contemporary issues, but in a pinch I guess "out the queer" works.

You Dems ain't really going to complain when Republicans retain Congress, are you?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


There's still French people in New Algeria?

JINGOIST said...

Senor Beamish I just finished listening to Shep Smith's take on the Foley scandal and it may as well have been Dan Rather or Catie Couric. Jeeez! No mention of the fact that the page was 18, no mention of the Dems astonishing hypocricy in the matter, no mention of the Drudge report news about these pages luring the idiot Foley into a honey/chocolate trap. It was slanted hard left. Shame on Shep Smith! Putz!


nanc said...

hosie o'bominable has opened her big piehole AGAIN - check out BOR this evening.

Jason_Pappas said...

There's still French people in New Algeria? -B

LOL. Damn good! Or should I say touché. Nah, "damn good" is muscular American English.

JINGOIST said...

BTW has anyone noticed that the Dems get furious when we listen in on conversations between Americans AND TERRORISTS but could care less when a congressman's e-mails and IM's are violated? OK maybe "violated" was a poor coice of words, but rehab's better than being in the pokey. Bad choice again. LOL!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Democrats are a party created by anti-Federalists for the express purpose of defying the Constitution. This is peanuts for them.

Warren said...

Jason, to paraphrase Yackov Smirnoff:

Europeans have always been free to say anything they want, one time!

Purple Avenger said...

...reaches new and horrific levels of violence...

Cub scout picnic compared to the historical body count of the left.

uptownseteve said...

Didn't some chick die in Joe Scarborough's OFFICE???

What happened to him?

Not a damn thing.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky the Lying Ducky,

you do realise that taking a child out of the country to have sex is against the law??

You do realise that Studds was never tried and convicted for the crime that he BRAGGED about on tv with his victim??

Consensual and all.

You do remember that your Eastern Elite reelected him several times even though he never was sorry for his crime or promised not to do it again?? Same as Clintoon and other Dems??

So, when the Republican resigns in the face of his misdeeds it is called hypocrisy. When Democrats hold criminals up as MODELS OF MORALITY it is perfectly OK.


You MORON!!!!

uptownseteve said...


You can keep on ranting about Studds, who is no longer in office, as much as you like.

It only shows your desperation.

"So, when the Republican resigns in the face of his misdeeds it is called hypocrisy."

No. It's hypocrisy when the so-called "party of values" covers up the misdeeds of a known pervert and sexual predator.

It's also hypocrisy when a gay politician consistently supports anti-gay legislation like the "Defense of Marriage Act" as well as opposing gays in the military and civil unions for gays.

Just like black conservatives, gay Republicans are frauds, sellouts and opportunists.

"When Democrats hold criminals up as MODELS OF MORALITY it is perfectly OK."

Oh please, stop it.

kuhnkat said...


Studds was REELECTED SEVERAL TIMES BY THE EASTERN ELITE Sucky Ducky is a member of!!!! The Dems did NOTHING to push him out!!!

That is the kind of morality that the Dimmicrats have!!!



If a Dimmicrat molests people you protect them!! If a Republican TALKS about it, you want them JAILED!!!


You Hypocrisy is showing MORON!!!


Warren said...

Kuhnkat, it isn't hypocrisy, its a mental illness.

Justin said...


Can you defend the fact that in the last Gay Pride Parade in the cess pool called San Fran. That Nancy (looney tunes) Polosi marched in whoes Grand Marshall is on record supporting having sex with 13 and 14 year olds.

By marching with them and knowing who this individual is and what he supports she gave her support for the same cause. How do you explain the democratic support for the ACLU who is supporting NMBLA in its suit to have sex with young boys. This is here and now Uppy not 20 years ago. These are the people that the Dems support. Are they being hypocritical now? You damn straight they are bucko.

Let me clue in on a little something. I am gay and I raised two sons who are straight. One has served his country well in Iraq and I am one damn proud father who if anyone of my friends or any perv had touched one of them would have found themselves on the receiving end of my good friend Maggie357.

You may as well face it your supporting a bunch of hypocritical perverts.