Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Londonistan ctd

Phillips describes the relentless anti-semitism from the Muslim community and the far left. We are familiar with the blood thirsty yearnings of a certain segment of the Muslim community. The far left would like to pretend that a tiny group of Kahane suporters is the equivalent of Hamas etc. However, Jews in general have been very restrained in any comparison. There have been terrorist incedents in Jewish Temples in Tunisia, Turkey and Argentina.

The left likes to down play the actual religious nazis that call for extermination of the Jews. The commie left ( This means you Gertrude) lives in a fantasy world that shares the Islamo-Nazi obsession with Israel and the Jews. Thus we have the oddity of bloggers in the UK who post 24/7 critique of Israel claiming they are not anti semitic. In the infantile Commie world view this Islamo-Nazi eliminationist past is glossed over. Gertrude mentions that there were Churches and Temples in Muslim lands. There were also Temples in Nazi Germany but we know how that ended. Jews never lived in peace under Islamic rule. At best they paid extortion and lived under conditions that were worse than Jim Crowe.

The left lives in a historically ignorant world that ignores Islamocolonialism. They believe in a Disnefied version of the religion and readilly dismiss crimes commited in the name of that religion. They are quick to scream racist or Islamophobe at the drop of a hat. They ignore their own anti-semitic obsessions that are self evident.
167 was very fond of the dual loyalty games the left is well known for. Jews in the mind of the left have dual loyalty to Israel, but if one makes a similar claim about Muslims you are an Islamophobe. The reality is no group has ever had the dual loyalty issues more pronounced than the left itself, the historic home of Communist treason and subversion.

The left is quite fond of word games substitution Zionist and Neocon for Joooos at will. 167 lives in a fantasy world where even the BBC and the Guardian are zionist media. The Jewish media bit is amusing because of the poor coverage Israel gets in the NYT is fairly tyical. We have staged massacres at Qana and fake attrocity Jennin claims among daily biased news.

Phillips does talk about the Commie left that romanced Central American revolutionaries now adopting the Pseudostians as their cause. These are the same dolts who championed Daniel Ortega's thugocracy which they swore was not Communist. These are the same dolts who never seem to notice Commie human rights abuses in Cuba, China, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The Commie left has adopted the IslamoNazi movementin their never ending war against Capitalism. This hardly comes as a surprise as Lynne Stewart and Ron "Commie" Kuby rush to defend Islamonazis.

We are better served by reminding people that Communists are still with us. They seldom admit who and what they are and have a history of deception. However, it is readily apparent who they are and why they are evil.


FLORIAN said...

Most Islamos are as fascist as the Fuerer himself. Only they despise Christians and Jews. Londonistan has it's problems no doubt. The most common baby name for a child in England is Mohammed. Time to deport each and every one of these Islamo-vermin from every single Western nation. They are a threat to our very existance. How many times do you have to be called "infidel" before you understand people?

Always On Watch said...

There have been terrorist incedents in Jewish Temples in Tunisia, Turkey and Argentina.

Blatant anti-Semitism which the left chooses to ignore.

The Merry Widow said...

Hey, Florian, long time! Glad to see you're still alive and kicking!
That (deportation) won't happen, we have been sold out by those who seek power. Those who tell the Truth are unwanted, feared, despised.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!