Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our bounty

I am a proud member of Western Civ. I understand that many people have been wronged for us to arrive at this great juncture in time. However, the answer is to look ahead and appreciate the freedoms and liberties we have. Most of the freedoms and liberties we have are offshoots of Christianity.

The enemies of Western Civ would have you believe in fairy tales. Communism failed and many paid with their lives. Man was not meant to play god and Social justice is a code word for theft. The difference between Communists and the mafia is that the mafia is organized and has a good business model and losy public relations. Communists are inept at anything other than public relations and stacking bodies high. They change their names frequently and deny what they are but it is readily apparent who and what they are. To the deluded Marxist nobody is or was a communist, nor are they stained by class genocide. The rest of us know who you are and the stench of death, anti Americanism and antisemitsm fill the air with every utterance you make.

The Jihadis would make victims of histories most abusive colonialists. People like Gertrude and Duncy forget that the sons of Allah were practicing colonialism, Jim Cowe and wholesale slavery long before and after Western Civ. Uptown Steve chooses to ignore reality. The rest of the chumps white wash the realities of Islam. There is no accident that the vast majority of the worlds religions involve Islam. Minorities have no rights under Islam, but extortion may be paid. The extortion is the divine right of the Muslim. Hypocritical people like Gertrude lecture MZ about his alleged homophobia. They meanwhile say zero about the PA that persecutes gays as governmental policy. They say less about Iran and Saudi Arabia that execute gays. They say nothing about Cuban and Zimbabwean persecution of gays. They get their panties in a knot about every stupid utterance of Falwell. The reality is that Jews are one of many indigenous people abused by Islam for 1400 years. The stream of Christians fleeing the Middle East is quite real. However the usual suspects say zero about the rights of these indigenous people while hoisting fake ones as cause celebre. A quick look at what Russia has done in Grozny show how a real nation deals with the types of provocations the Isrealis have dealt with since their inception. It is time for Arabs to settle their own refugees like every other group. It is time Muslims started to respect the rights of others. It is time for the far left to stop rationalizing terrorism as an alternative lifestyle.

I am an American and my brothers and sisters come in all races. Warren, Mr Beamish, Nanc, AOW, TMW, Jason, Jeff, Justin, Rob, MZ, Russet and many others are my family. Felis wherever he is is an honorary member of our family from OZ. Our heroes are Richard Poe, George Will, Derek Jeter, Barry Sanders, Thomas Sowell, Mark Twain and many others.

There are people outside out house who wish to tear it down. They are mostly Communists, Jihadis and racial power goons like David Duke or Farrakhan.

This is our house and we live in the world of the possible. This house is not perfect and sometimes our members disagree on a thing or two. However, the people in our house are commited to a greater vision of America. Our freedoms and liberties are the envy of many. People risk life and limb to escape the madness of the so called workers paradise in Cuba. Even Jihadist do not like to live in the hell holes they create. They emigrate because their societies fail to create jobs.

Never be guilted or ashamed of who we are as a people or our history. We can play the indict a civilization by its history with Communist or Islamic history with ease.
The problem with pC is the wrong people are being given the guilt trip.

Beamish in O8


nanc said...

kim jong illness has tested a nuclear weapon - tune in to fox news. bombs don't kill people - his illness kills people. it's fact now. get ready people.

nanc said...

kim jong illness has tested a nuclear weapon - tune in to fox news. bombs don't kill people - his illness kills people. it's fact now. get ready people.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

America is nice enough to let other "nations" live on our planet. What else do they want?

nanc said...

like there's a person alive who could hold me for a ransom! trust me - i'd make more money in this deal!

Elmer's Brother said...

can I be a long lost cousin?

beakerkin said...


You are a member of good standing in our family. You do bear a temporary striking resmblance to Nanc.

The Merry Widow said...

I got a few extra weapons in case anyone needs one to protect the perimeter! Mr. B., we need some defensive depth, how much do you think? If we lay minefields, remember the children!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Elmer's Brother said...

I don't think nanc would appreciate that and her and Warren still owe me a storm door.

Always On Watch said...

Unlike with the family into which I was biologically born, I CHOSE this family on your blog. And you were kind enough to let me join. Thank you, Beak.

Most of the freedoms and liberties we have are offshoots of Christianity....Never be guilted or ashamed of who we are as a people or our history..

Nearly a tribute to Oriana!

Felis wherever he is

He's busy doing some detailed research.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Most of the freedoms and liberties we have are offshoots of Christianity"

Absolutely absurd. Try the Enlightenment.

Just get a clue Beak.

Elmer's Brother said...

nanc I hold you for ransom and then we can split it a deal?

The Merry Widow said...

See- I knew you 2 could come up with an equible solution! One question, who are you going after for the ransom?


Freedomnow said...

Hey hold on now. That E.B. disguised as an American Fern!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Bargholz said...

Mr. Dorky:

The Founding Fathers were unequivocal about their inspiration for the freedoms and liberties they fought for and enshrined in our Constitution. That inspiration was Christianity.

The rationalism of the so called Enlightenment produced bigotry against Christianity, Communism and Nazism. Its militant secularism is responsible for Europe's present sorry state.

You're trying to rationalize your hatred of Christianity by ascribing accomplishments to the Enlightenment that it didn't foster. You're trying to rationalize your faith in the empty religion of atheism.

Beak is right and you're wrong--as usual.