Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ducky Just so Hapens to Repeat the Company Line

Yesterday, the Duck was in rare form as the Marxist Malard just happened to repeat Communist party lines. He sides with Yuri Andropov over the elected President of the United States and he repeats the line about Cuban involvement in a Civil War in Angola to stem aparthied. He claims not to be a communist apologist but he amazingly takes the official party line.

In the Book End of Commitment Rafael Del Pino would tend to know just a tad more about Cuban Military invasion and abuses against the people of Angola, Eithiopia and Somalia than Ducky. Del Pino unlike the Duck was there and was a high ranking Cuban military leader. Del Pino was a Cuban patriot who was apolitical but the meglomania and incompetant brutality of Castro even forced this apolitical type to open his eyes. Ducky claims not to be an apologist for Castro, but readily repeats the party line at any moment.

" ...the air force becamethe favorite instrument of terror of the Cuban commanders. The Angolan people were subjected to the most criminal and merciless treatment by all the high ranking officers that paraded through the higher echelons of the Cuban forces in Angola....
.....We did become a mercenary Army serving the interests of Soviet Imperialism".

At the time of this fighting the far left said absoulutely zero about the Cuban mercenary armies. The tried to turn off all aid to Dr Jonas Savimbi and sell the Angolan people out to Marxist hegemony. John "Gomer" Kerry was the Sandinazi pitchman
and repeated Communist talking points. Sandinista and Cuban aid to Communist thug guerilas was ignored. Helicopter massacres of Indians using Pseudostinian and other mercenaries were also ignored. " Gomer" Kerry sold the people of Vietnam out and attempted to do the same to the Nicaraguan people and the people of Angola. Yet the media asked not one question about "Gomer" Kerry's support of yet another Communist thug regime.

"Our military intervention in Angola ranks as one of the greatest crimes commited by Fidel Castro, not only against the Angolan people but against the Cuban youth, whom he sent to the slaugherhouse, for no other reason but to satisfy the Napoleonic airs of his schitzophrenia".

This episode was ignored by the left and their Democratic henchmen who did everything in their power to tar Jonas Savimbi while ignoring the Cuban mercenaries who were paid for by the Soviet Union. A favorite tactic of the left is to react hysterical at any faults of our allies while playing stupid about the daily Crimes commited by Marxist henchmen.

Thus the Duck and others say not one word about daily crimes commited in Cuba, Vietnam, Zimbabwe or China. They do not take credit for the hell holes they have supported and in some cases helped to create. They do not say much about Islamo brutality and thugocracies at all. Instead they focus 100% of their scrutiny on the worlds only Jewish state. They repeat the fable of an indigenous people, a PR move made by the Communists and Nasser in the 1960's. Drive dem Jooooos into the sea only played well with Neonazis. Now with the concoction of a contrived ethnicity they could revert to their anti-semitic norms with the laughable claim of indigenous people. How generic Arabs prone to violence with a 1400 year history of colonialism, Jim Crowe and local slaughter against dem Jooooos and other minorities remains a mystery. Even more mysterious is that Arabs allready posses an abundance of stolen land allready. Communists like the Duck resort to a know nothing approach towards history with a magical starting point of 1948. Any history of Islamo oppression seems vauge. The concocted writings of Gnome Chimpanze and the ignoramus Fanon seem to take pecedence over Bat Yeor or Frederick Joseph minorities who lived under Islam.

The story of the Duck is to repeat the party line, revert to anti- semitic mode and deny any Communist sympathies when questioned. Sorry, Duck been there done that and you walked into this set up. It seems Comwads are quite predictable, but I know the party talking points and strategy as well as you do.

Beamish in 08 and on Mt Rushmore in 16.


nanc said...

and this at madze's:

"Glad the Palis gutted this pig.
Mr. Ducky | 10.25.06 - 1:36 pm | #"


"Rehavem "Ghandi" Zeevi, the founder of the Molodet Party and the National Union, was murdered by terrorist vermin 5 years ago today, at the age of 75, outside of a hotel in Jerusalem."

plucky - put down the bottle.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I bet you a ham sandwich that someone will come in here and blame you for McCarthyism or will call you a "McCarthyite", which in my opinion is something that never existed. McCarthyism is a liberal rhetoric - a darling word for liberals when they run out of facts....a mere fabrication by liberals because McCarthy back in the day shook those leftist bastages up good.

Good ol' Joe didn't do enough. Joe McCarthy is my dearest hero of all for pointing out those Communists in our federal government.

In the back of my mind, another guy's name comes up named "Joe," but he's the father of yet another corrupt and deeply anti-American liberal bunch of family thugs, aka "whatever happened to the Kennedy curse when we need it the most?"

Meanwhile, as history is frantically being erased and re-written, Senator Joe looks down upon us and we look back on him in pride and admiration while the liberal bullshit artists in Hollywood produced a fake movie about him.

Burn your kid's history textbooks if they libel and smear Senator Joseph McCarthy. Yes indeed, set that filthy fucking pack of lies ON FIRE.

Ducky? Imagine that. I'd have never thought of him being that way, LOL.

Robert Bayn said...

Beak, haven't you learned by now, Communist and Islamist totalitarian countries are not the great evil in the world, instead the great evil is capitalism and democracy and freedom, i mean if people get free, how are we suppose to brain wash them with how being poor is a good thing, and executing someone for engaging in immoral behavior is justified!

Steve Harkonnen said...

haha! Great comparative analogy, Robert!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Joseph McCarthy was a fucking moderate.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
Joseph McCarthy was a fucking moderate.

LOL. He gets a lot of undeserved, bad press.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


No, I'm serious. All McCarthy wanted to do was expose Communist sympathizers and remove them from official government positions.

That's moderate, compared to desiring to execute them all and sterilize their immediate relatives just in case stupidity is genetic.