Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Greg Looooooooser boy

Greggie seems a tad upset that we trivialize him as a dimwit. I challenge anyone to go through his blog and find an original thought.

The bottom line is I told Greg to take a hike and I have the emails where I can back up my version. The bottom line is that in addition to being a world class dullard Greg can not be trusted and has a temper problem.

I refuse to be lectured by a dumba$$ about what it means to be a Jew. MZ doesn't dare lecture me, only the numbskull would lecture me about being a Jew. Before you point your finger at MZ take a long hard look in the mirror.

I dropped Greg because he allows a venal anti-semitic couch potato to run free on his site. Gert seems to think that it is okay to question Freedom Now's friendship with MZ, the Editrix and myself. If this is the standard than Gert's own behavior is open to question. Moreover, why does Greg defend a rabid anti-semite whose vulgarity seeps through every comment.

Number One I have been mostly friend and sometimes foe of the Editrix. I always respect the Editrix who is in no description anything other than a friend to the Jewish people. Her articles are well written and she is a very bright woman. The Editrix does not suffer fools so any time Gertie has a problem she does not hide. Gertie flings a cheap shot on Greg's site rather than say it to the Editrix.

Number two MZ is my friend but we disagree on somethings. In real life friends do disagree on plenty of things. I post my objection and he does likewise.

Number Three: I had never heard of the lazy Gert when I did a Google search of my name and found insults on Gregs sand box aimd at me. Greg had zero clue what this blog is about or any of my positions, but he resumed running his mouth. Most of us have zero problem with anti-Communism. We also understand the history of deception Communists have in this country and abroad. Few Communists come out and admit what they are. However, in protracted conversations it becomes obvious.

Greg seems embarassed over my questioning if Gert is an anti semite. There is plenty of evidence that Gert is rabid anti-semite. Rather than answer the charges Gregie goes into a temper tantrum. Gert's blog consists almost entirely of shallow anti Israel propoganda. He is pro- Israel only if one compares him to Chomsky, Hezbollah, the Iranian President or David Duke. Then there is a slight matter over Gertie's telling a Jewish American patriot "Go to Israel". I am certain if any of my readers told Veggietown go to Africa Gert would be outraged.

Greg is a political superball and one needs a scorecard to keep up with his movements and temper tantrums. Yesterday, Greg was a Kahanist today I am searching for peace. Who knows what the super ball will be tommorow a anarchist or will he join a UFO cult next. The bottom line is real Jews MZ and myself want zero to do with Greg based upon his immaturity.


nanc said...

the very best sign of a true friend is in how they disagree with you.

greg is not my friend by any means, but fern is one of my very best friends. i don't shag my friends no matter how much i may disagree with them.

greg uses sophomoric tactics in how he attempts to make his points.

if i've offended a friend - we hash it out in private - if i've offended an enemy, the gloves come off. greg hit you low, beak - he is no friend of mine.

beakerkin said...

I wanted both you and TMW to see the reason I want nothing to do with Greg. No doubt, he will trot along and try and apologize. However, he has a history of these stunts.

Moreover, if he is going to allow Freedomnow to be judged by his friends then Greg is open to the same standard. While Greg rails at my alleged racism. He allows a venemous vulgar anti semite free reign on his blog.

The Merry Widow said...

Oh, I trust your judgement, Beaker. I just wanted to make a few points of my own. But in a post this morning, I expressed my view of such immature, juvenile antics. Actually, I'm not surprised that greg lost another job, if his antics are displayed at work, he would be terminated for unprofessional behavior anyplace I've ever worked! I have never been fired, I have quit for various reasons, but never have I been asked to remove myself from the premises! Even as a volunteer at 15 yrs. old, I was never asked to leave! If he is in his late 20's and fired, again, what does that say about him? and he is clueless as to why!


nanc said...

well, i've tried my dayamdest to be fired a time or two but no such luck!

what does one have to do to accomplish that feat?

The Merry Widow said...

Now a days a whole heck of a lot more than you used to get fired for! even in those days it was my choice to leave, i've even been offered better pay and benefits to stay. I'll bet you have the same story to tell!


nanc said...

i must admit - i've been fortunate - one of my bosses - a manly man who worked with joseph wambaugh back in the day - went to the board of supervisors and threw a fit (tears and all i've heard) when i was leaving for a better job and demanded they upgrade my position and give me more than the job i was leaving for.

he and his wife were two of the finest boss/teachers i've ever known - he looked on me like a child he never had. that, and i used to pull fast ones on him when the press was coming for a visit...oh, could i tell you some stories...

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

well, i've tried my dayamdest to be fired a time or two but no such luck! what does one have to do to accomplish that feat?

Chainsaw. Furniture. Maniacal laughter.

Mad Zionist said...

Greggie needs to have his daiper changed again. I just ignore the two year old brat, and suggest you do the same. Not worth wasting your time on.

nanc said...

"Chainsaw. Furniture. Maniacal laughter."

never worked for me...