Sunday, October 08, 2006

No Deal Gertrude

Lets see Eitan/Greg deserves all the abuse I dish out. His immature attempt to blackmail me failed and was seen by all. When Freedomnow, Nanc and TMW pointed out this was wrong retardo does it again. He has proven that he can not be trusted. Moreover, he comes back later after your tirade and plays stupid. Let him come to this site and own up to his huge blunder no excuses, no mistakes and be a man.

Greg now has to answer for your anti-semitic tirade on Freedomnow's site. Greg can no longer look the other way at scores of anti-semitic quotes. Moreover, as far as who started this look in the mirror . I had no idea who the F&(*k you were and I had seen a quote in Google on Greg's site bad mouthing me. I would also remind others here that Gert has bad mouthed the Editrix and oddly Ducky.

I want an answer why Greg has given an obsessed Communist anti semite so much lattitude. It is one thing to disagree with myself or MZ, but there is zero rationale for Gert's antisemitism. Will Greg man up or Weasel his way into more excuses.

Gert who claims to be Greg's friend compounded and magnified his mistake. A true friend does not go out of their way to make their friends look bad. Whatever problems
Greg's outburst caused were made worse by Gert's antics. Now by spreading the damage
you have used your worst ammunition and I am still standing with many friends at my side.

Now about Gert's orientation this has become quite humorous. Lets see what is the big deal about being gay. After all there Gertie you want to lecture us all about homophobia, good for you. If you did not have such homophobic hang ups which you project onto others than why does it matter. No Gertie, you have been revealed as a fake, phony and fraud on homophobia. You and anyone else can call me gay and I honestly do not care. I have friends who happen to be gay and I am proud of them just as I am of all of my many friends. Anyone who knows me knows what I am about and the thought of me being gay is actually funny.

I will hardly be the first to inform Gert that he does appear quite effeminate. Several others have made the same observation. The fact that you are married and have a kid means zero. Gay or not gay, means absolutely zero as the bottom line is you have no class.

No deal Gertrude but you bore us. We want to hear Greg defend your anti-semitic tirade and trollish hissy fit. You have used your worst ammunition and are in no position to dictate terms. My quiver of slings and arrows will only get worse and I am relentless. You picked a bad opponent and your humiliation has just begun comwad.


nanc said...

you're missing the party.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

This should be on pay per view in a cage at Madison Square Gardens.

beakerkin said...

There is no joy in a massacre. Gert has used all his ammunition.
He betrayed Greg and made him look like a jackass. The fact that he is begging for peace proves he can't take it.

The humiliation of Gert has just started.

The question is will Greg continue to defend a serial anti semite.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

There is no joy in a massacre.

Bite your tongue. Just because leftists have given killing a bad name doesn't mean we have to feel bad when we turn tragedies into statistics.

Tell me you didn't laugh when Nicolae Ceau┼čescu was executed.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

I did enjoy that execution and it was deserved.

I wish you would look at this idiots anti- semitic tirades on Freedomnow's site. They are almost comedic in their stupidity. Just because I call you a Jewish cunt does not mean I am anti-semitic.

How will Greg defend this anti-semitic rampage?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I was in high school when Ceau┼čescu was capped on Romanian television. I thought then as I do now - all Commies must die, along with everyone who doesn't believe Commies must die, along with everyone who won't help kill them.

Funny Commies don't like their own roles reversed on them.

As far as your Greg / Gert battle, they're twerps as far as I can tell. Blowing farts into shotgun hits like a couple of scatologues getting high on each others fumes.

You know its bad when my analogies turn my own stomach.