Monday, October 02, 2006

Time to step out of the red closet

It seems that according to our leftwing vermin nobody is a communist anymore. Most of these clods presume we do not know the history of Communist deception, sedition and treason in this country. Communists have a well established history of obscuring their identities and creating front groups.

Their history of forming misleading front groups and deception pose special problems.
The employment of Communists in any level of government should be ended. Employment of Communists who are sworn to overthrow the institutions they uphold is insane.

The employment of Communists in education should also be eliminated. In reality Marxism is a cross between mental illness and the worst aspects of religious fundamentalism. The difference between Commie clowns and most type of religious fundamentalists is that Commies believe they are god. As Gods they think they have a right to class genocide, create fake indigenous people, steal resources and monopolize the flow of information to the unwashed masses.

The importance of anti-semitism to the closet Commies should not be understated.
Weazie predicated his whole view of Nanc on her changing her views on dem Joooos. Only a clod would ever predicate his ham handed flirting with a woman on her opinions about anything. However, when one lives in an assylum and is three foot eleven delusions are the Norm. 167 and the couch potato of Communist anti- semitism
Gertie have blogs dedicated almost entirely to the criticism of Israel and no other topic. The Purple Avenger has the best description of 167 "Weapons Grade Crazy" found on the web. They both see nothing wrong with a Holocaust minimizer Norman Finkelstein. Gertie also sees nothing Communist in a man whose history is widely known and today calls himself a Green. The mere fact that someone is a Communist, especially one associated with Chomsky, negates all work performed by such an individual. Moreover, the far left NYT compares Finkelstein's writings with the Protocol's of the Elders of Zion. The Duck turns any conversation on its end to bring dem Jooos to the post. Would the Duck ask Veggietown to stop posting on race?
Veggietown could do this on his own blog if he were not so lazy. In fact he is not even supposed to be here by his own words. However, expecting Communists to have honor is a comedic point at best. Lastly, we have Veggietown who thinks calling people JEWS is not anti- semitic and has repeated slurs denounced by Howard Dean as anti semitic.

The point is that even our commies make great effort to deny what they are. Step out of the red closet and have some pride in class genocide, liberation via planned starvation and the creation of neoslavery. The deluded Gert seems to think that there
is something shamefull about anti-communism. The actual history of Communism speaks loudly as to why any sane person should loathe Commies. My position has always been Commies should be subject to intense government scrutiny and denaturalized when they violate the law. The sole exception should be the leaders of Code Pinko who gave money to our enemies in Falujah. They should be placed on trial with the Death Penalty as an option. Freedom of speech does not include treason or interfering with US Foreign policy.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to watch films with KIm Jong mentally ill and 167 to hold a gay pride event in Meca.


kuhnkat said...


Let 'em have it Beakerkin!!!!


PS: Ya ever notice how many of the LEFTARDS heros and waterbearers end up being bad jokes in the footnotes of REAL history???

Anonymous said...

Old Italian proverb...

Alexander never did what he said, and Caesar never said what he did.

Do you really expect Caesar to confess?


beakerkin said...

If they are red let them be honest. However, if they are honest they would not be red.

Anonymous said...

by not speaking and declaring what they are "for" they can never be found to be hypocrites. For the great crime in an all tolerant society such as ours is to be thought a hypocrite, and not an "authentic" individual. And in the absence of a common moral code, "authenticity", the moral code of the radical individual, makes hypocrisy a crime. Barney Frank can bend over his pages because he is out and a declared gay... but closeted republican gays from Florida cannot bend them over, because they would be inauthentic "hypocrites".


Robert Bayn said...

Dont we have enough people coming out of the closet these days =P

I would support a 167 lead mecca pride, maybe the terrorist can finally make use of a good Bomb.

beakerkin said...


If 167 led a Gay pride event in Mecca he would blame the homophobia
on the Jews. The sad truth is that many countries persecute homosexuals. Has 167 said a vowel about Zimbabwe or Cuban persecution. He calls Israel "deeply homophobic" and is out of touch with reality.

The basic problem with the Marxist far left is the need to spin everything in the Third World and vilify America and Israel. Everything in the Third world is not golden.

nanc said...

oh paint the closet yellow and shove them all back in!

JINGOIST said...

FJ you make a very good point sir. The left does scream HYPOCRITE far louder than CHILD MOLESTER! Hell, back in the 1980's Gary Studds (D) was caught actually having sex with a 17 yr. old page and he got THREE standing ovations from the Dems at the next meeting of the House. Foley's hardly what I would call "in the closet." The problem with our Dem and lefty friends is that the very definitions of 'right' and 'wrong' is political in nature. That's why we will ALWAYS clash. They deserve nothing but scorn because of this.


muse said...

good points

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I often muse that its a sign of our political non-seriousness that most people can walk down the sidewalk anywhere in America and not see the corpse of a leftist hanging from a streetlamp.