Friday, October 02, 2009

Obama derangement syndrome

It is clear that Dr Yeagley of Bad Eagle suffers from Obama derangement syndrome. The writings of Yeagley are a disgrace and he should be ashamed of himself.

I oppose the polices of Obama and it is my right to express that opposition peaceably.
The idiotic comments of Yeagley about a coup to remove Obama are disgusting. We do not get to tear up the Constitution because we do not agree with the policies of Obama. Thus far none of his actions rise to the levels of impeachment.

The economy is a wreck. America has survived bad economies and wars and it will survive and arrogant clueless fool. Jimmy Carter who is more loathed than Obama claims the backlash is racial. Carter has obviously never learned that bad economies like the mess he created creates anti DC sentiment.

The workers in my agency are nervous. However, the common sense notion of offering buyouts to workers eligible for retirement eludes the administration. The sad part is many of these workers are just waiting to leave. I listened to the head of our agency speak. He is a decent man with the right attitude that is seriously not shared by management. He is correct about everything except fees. If a job costs x than the fees should cover it.


The Merry Widow said...

The problem is, Beaker, obama & crew, the leftistas and dhimmicrats are all using the Constitution as tp!
To them, the Constituton is useful when they want to dissent, but it is ignored the rest of the time, or run over when there is dissent from anyone to their right.
We do not need another assassinated president, BUT there is still the option(for right now) to vote the idiots out and impeach, or at least block, obama's agenda.
We have not quite yet reached the time for another War of Independence. And quie frankly, I'm not sure that the majority of the country has the cojones for one.
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


CM said...


I like reading the discussions between you men, Motoy, Ray, Ecology, and even my old enemy Tall Soldier. You guys discuss everything from Government, Military, Enviroment, Oil, Greed, Gays and of course all this includes Politics, but you discuss it without the nut case intervening with her usual uglyness. You discuss without boxing each other too much! When I was put out at B.E., T.S. had a cartoon of me as a small mouse being boxed around by a big cat(baggy ann), saying she won, he always took her side, just because they were both sioux.

I hope he stays maintains the cordial course, he can get really nasty and vulgur just like the bag....I will cross my fingers and toes and eyes, cause yeagley needs people, even if it is men only....and one lonely white widow, bag....did you read her story about the cab ride? She admits she and her daughter are white there, hah.


The_Editrix said...

T.S. is nothing but a brainless, spineless, vile, trashy big lump of flabby meat. He stirred up hatred against Yeagley at Indianz, yet sucks up to him at ViHumm. That man is beyond contempt and not worth anybody's thought.