Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Players Will Not Play For Limbaugh

Perhaps someone told Jamarcus Russel that he is playing for Limbaugh. His performance against the Giants was dreadful. The coaching was dreadful and on a couple of sacks they were out coached. Russel is the worst QB is ever saw. I have seen the great ones like Dan Fouts have a bad day and throw multiple interceptions. However, I have never seen a QB look clueless. Of course it would help if the Raiders spent the cash and brought in Jim Fassel who has a record of developing QB's or at least in the case of Kerry Collins rebuilding his career.

In defense of Russel his Offensive line stinks. His WR's are very raw and Heyward Bey and Murphy are projects who need time. The Giants did not throw Steve Smith to the wolves and Sinorce Moss would likely start on the Raiders. Their TE is an above average player. The RBs are likely better than they have shown.

The players who said they wouldn't play for Limbaugh are fools. A look at the Redskins, Raiders and Bucs shows teams in disarray. The Rams are a royal mess but that was not the coaches fault. Who has been drafting players like Leonard. Chris Long needs to get going. The Chiefs and Lions appear to be rebuilding. The Rams need
a lot of help starting with the GM.

Limbaugh is smart enough to let football men rebuild his team. Exhibit A Bill Parcells rebuilds the Cowboys from jokes to a decent team. Owner Jerry Jones brings in distractions and the team is declining. Tony Romo is over rated. Felix Jones is a great player who can't stay healthy. You can torch the secondary with ease.

Another example of an owner getting too involved is Dan Snyder. He did best when he let Gibbs run the show. Jim Zorn would be a great coordinator and his QB can be developed with solid coaching. All that money spent on Haynesworth is crazy as the team needs offensive lineman.

Limbaugh said Mcnaab is over rated because of race. How many analysts have said Eli Manning was over rated because of his relatives. How many said that about Chris Simms
is one of many QB's who could start for the Raiders.

I disagree with Rush on McNaab who has had injury issues. The Black QB thing is largely a thing of the past. If anything the NFL places too much emphasis on big arms like Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russel and not enough emphasis on savvy or heart like Chad Pennington or Steve McNair. You draft a QB and at least you should get some Offensive lineman to protect him and a coach or a veteran to mentor him.

Mentors are an over looked factor in the NFL. The league is amazed at the production of the NY Giants recievers. However, the fact is Keenan McCardel worked with Mario Manningham in camp. On the Defensive side last year Sam Madison and RW McQuarters worked with the Giant DBs. The Chiefs and Lions seem to grasp this and the Raiders do not. Would the young Raiders WR's benefit from Amani Toomer's mentor ship. It certainly helped Smith and Hixon and would be a greater help than Javon Walker.

Football players play for organizations more than owners. Those that assume Limbaugh
could make the Rams worse are in error.


The Pagan Temple said...

Please, Beak. Every time there is a black player than can take a hike from the center without fumbling it and manage to get off two out of four pass attempts we all get bored to death with how he is the greatest new quarterback in the league. Most new white players with such records would be relegated to second or third string. That's really what Limbaugh was getting at, and I agree with him on this blatant patronization of black fans.


Ducky's here said...

Maybe Russel just sucks?

beakerkin said...


The Bengals are a good story. However
I am not on the bandwagon yet.


It is possible. However, with two lowly ranked rookie receivers a bad offensive line and no QB mentor the cards have not been given to make a assessment. The experts would agree with your view.

I remember when the critics said similar things about Eli

shwn said...


beakerkin said...

First of all the Raiders are that bad.

I do not know where you are getting your 80% numbers. This likely includes athletes who are mixed race.

Limbaugh has never advocated banning Blacks in any show. He stated that McNaab was over rated. This is an opinion I do not agree with but is no more racist than when Tony Dorsett correctly states Tony Romo is over rated.

The Pagan Temple said...

A good example of what Limbaugh was talking about is the old Titan's quarterback. I can't think of his name right now. Come to think of that, I guess there's a reason for that. He's good, all right, just not as damn good as so many people like to claim he is, and if he was white, no one else would be able to think of his name either. Really, its ridiculous crap. I would like to think we've advanced enough the last thirty years that there's no need to turn every mediocre to pretty good black quarterback into the next Joe Montana just to convince all the rednecks that blacks are intellectually and emotionally capable of the rigors of leading an NFL team. Isn't that obvious that's what its really all about? I think so.

I also don't think for a second that Limbaugh is interested in forming an all white NFL team. One, that would be illegal, and two, even if it weren't, it wouldn't be acceptable to the NFL, and rightly so.

Limbaugh happens to be a big football fan. Everything doesn't have to be about politics, with him or with anybody else. Could he make a successful team out of the Rams, or any other team? Maybe, who knows? I tend to doubt it myself, because he doesn't know the ins and outs of the game at that level, or what he would be stepping into.

I'm guessing he would have to fire the whole front office and hire an all new coaching staff. A man like Limbaugh stepping into a field of shit like this would have to play the role of a bloody executioner, and it might be years and several court cases later before he finally started to build a successful team, and by then he would probably decide it's just now worth the headache.

By the way, Beak, I'm not wholly convinced about the Bengals either. There used to be a saying in Cincinnati, back in the days when they were thinking of leaving the city. If you want to keep the Bengals in Cincy just draw a goal line around the city and they'll never get past it.

They've had a small number of good years throughout their history, but they have never been consistently good.

Ducky's here said...

This just in, the NFL has told the Vulgar Gasbag to pound sand.

That consortium of Marxist NFL owners just had it in for Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine.

Wonder who the whiny little bed wetter blames.

beamish said...

I hope Limbaugh buys the Rams. As far as any Rams not playing, has someone told the Rams that the season has started?