Saturday, October 03, 2009

Still with the GOP listenng to our new director

I am still very much with the GOP. The Obama effect and the economy are probably going to create some upside. I wish that I could say that Obama is growing into the job, but he hasn't.

The economic mess is not his fault except that his refusal to place the economy first and expensive ideas are gong to prolong this mess. Most people see a cynical side to Obama, but I just see an incompetent in over his head. His saving grace is that Biden is even more of a mediocrity than he is.

Against this backdrop and fearing the worst, I listened to the director of our agency. He exceeded all of my expectations as just a decent person who wants the best for our agency. He reminded me of why i chose to serve and it isn't about Obama, it is about serving the American people.

Of course, he will never solve the problems in our agency. Our problems start with the culture of denial. Denials should be used when the law dictates so. The definitions of the law should not be interpreted in a Spanish Inquisition mode, but from a reasonable perspective. We should be driven by the facts and the facts and the law, not by some statisticians formulas. In most cases the goal should be to resolve the case amicably. If the applicant is missing evidence than the goal should be to get that evidence. If the case must be denied than so be it. But it must not be
done frivolously or out of spite.

I guess that I was surprised by the Obama appointee's humanity. However, humanity crosses party lines except commies who are always evil. The director is a decent man
with a mix of good ideas and some ideas that should be on the shelf. Our director is a decent man. If I were not such a cynic, I would have remained for a photo.


Always On Watch said...

Most people see a cynical side to Obama, but I just see an incompetent in over his head.

Honestly, I see a megalomaniac.

The_Editrix said...

I agree. And I think this megalomania is fostered and exploited by those who pay him.