Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Okay All You Experts

There was a recent story about the lunatic ruler in Iran allegedly being Jewish. Dr Yeagley jumped on this story and believed so called unknown web experts and unknown authors with no knowledge. We have been over this territory before with how to scientifically verify birth certificates. In the case of Dr. Yeagley, he is more interested in proving his biases than facts.

1) An article in the Guardian debunked this story.
2) The basic Iranian ID document, shenasnameh lists both parents religion, wife's religion as well as that of all a person's children. When the document has this information on it why even bother guessing about religion when it is there?
3) This lunatics mother is a Syeda. Syed means that this person is a direct descendant of Mohammad. A person is Jewish if his mother is Jewish or if one has converted. The argument should be effectively ended.

However, for the Nazi types who insist on defining any person with any Jewish blood as Jewish we will go further.

According to the Guardian

1) The suffix jian does not infer a person is Jewish. Muslim names also use this prefix as well. The last three letters ian or yan often is strongly associated with Armenians who tend to be Christians not Jews.

2) The name in question does not mean Prayer Shawl it has more to do with carpet manufacturing. This is not a trade that according to this source was a Jewish vocation.

Never ever believe unknown web experts when it comes to foreign ID. A typical dumb commie rant.

Israel is a racist state because it places religion on its ID documents.

Fact Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan amongst other countries do the same thing. In fact in Lebanon they spell out what type of Christian or Muslim you are.

The moral of this story is don't believe everything you read. In this case the article was really more comedic than factual.


The_Editrix said...

I wonder (well, actually I don't) why the thought that this through and through evil man, a trait that is even mirrored in his unwashed appearence (he has that in common with Arafat), holds such a fascination for non-Jews.

Any suggestions?

The Merry Widow said...

Believe it or not, MI6 is now saying that the story IS true! LOL!
Is this Peyton Place?
GOD bless and MARANATHA!


Anonymous said...

Let it go Beak. This obsession of yours with Yeagley is a humiliation. Let it go. We all get it. You were bamboozled into a short lived discourse with Yeagley because you bought into the falsehood that he is some kind of special person, an intellectual, someone with something to say.

Currently Yeagley is over at his site bantering about how Yale has not honored him as some sort of achiever. The poor guy is so starved for attention and recognition that he is oblivious to reality. Why would Yale acknowledge such an embarrassing alum like Yeagley? Whatever his bi-racial mutt background. The guy is nothing special, nothing more than a soft spoken, relatively polite, unhealthy hateful kook with above average intelligence.

Truth is, Yeagley only matters in his own mind and the mind of the few ignorant, intellectually homeless, useful idiots he manages to ‘invent’ or attract during any given short lived period of infatuation. If he ever was anything, he is now a has-been. Yeagley is just a frustrated underachiever with a negligible charisma. He is really no more than a run-of-the-mill disenfranchised parochial child that squandered his opportunities to rise above his humble working-class mutt origins.

Yeagley is a colossal failure who shamefully wasted the god-given talents and generous societal privileges granted him. Obviously he is not stupid, to the contrary he is reasonably intelligent. Given his apparent raw intelligence and the education opportunities he earned he could have become someone, but he didn’t. He didn’t achieve a fraction of his potential because deep down at his core, he is empty, he is injured, and he is significantly damaged.

It is obvious to the observer that in his own mind Yeagley has never escaped the ugly self-images imposed upon him during his childhood by his hateful and cruel abusive father, his powerless abused mother, and the merciless neighborhood children who taunted, teased and tortured him. In his lifetime he has yet known love and sees himself as unworthy of any. He is everything he was taught to hate including a person ‘of-color’ and a person educated in the eastern elite liberal tradition. He is a victim of the beliefs system he was raised in. So now he sits in his private isolated lair, lonely, confused, without a mate, misunderstood and self-loathing, getting minimal sensational attention taking lame, although technically well written, pot-shots at current events with his personal brand of twisted innuendo and suggestive hate mongering rhetoric.

Yeagley longs for fame. He hides behind a veil of Indian interests, but it is all about Yeagley. He recently says: “My ambition for the Bad Eagle Foundation has always been to create a national party for Indian reform. Our party, for us.” What a rich fantasy world he lives in. Give me a break. LOL!

Now Beak, admit it, for whatever reason, you temporarily fell victim to ‘the Yeagley charm’ and now that you can see your folly, you want to get back at him. You try so hard to maintain that you do not wish him any ill, and that you were and could be friends, (Incidentally, you should reexamine your definition of friends Beak.) but you obsessively return to his site to argue with him and continually write disparagingly about him on your own blog. Why the fa├žade? Let it out. You were duped by this false intellectual and his false celebrity and now you are mad! The guy is a genuine kook and you regret your decisions to ever have associate with him. Free your self, once and for all, admit it and walk away. You will feel much better and be much healthier.

Ducky's here said...

Who cares about this stupidity?

Ahmedinnerjacket is a nutcase. That's it, end of story.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, it's your fault! I went there and managed to read the first two pages. Forgive me, but that was all I could muster up. He is obsessed with Jews. I said so before. Any sane and reasonable person would say that Adolfdingbat either HAS Jewish ancestry so he is trying to smear the Jews by association or he isn't and does the same. At the same time, the moron in Nehru-shirts and ethnic jewelry (sp?) is once again digging for something "very deep, very spiritual", something dark in the Jewish existence only he has discovered, as he is the only one having discovered the spiritual dimension behind Hitler. And in the process he will ride the old nag of biblical quotes to death. The thought that Adolfdingbat may be a Jew EXCITES him, just as the thought of interracial sex and a handsome "Negro" like Obama excites him. (Or is "arouse" the word?) If you bother him with your professional knowledge about documents it is like pricking and deflating somebodys inflatable doll who has just applied lubricant and is now happily humping away on top of it.

It's fine to pick a fight as long as you don't think you can change him. That would be like somebody trying to talk Polanski out of his penchant for barely pubescent girls by telling him that mature women possess some charms as well.

CM said...


Well said, Editrix, as squeaky clean and pure as yeagley tries to make himself appear Christian like, living alone, abstains and all that, he seems to be attracted to the strangest, dirtiest looking men, huh! Even the nasty foul mouth women, who he claims to love, but in reality he hates!

He is a strange one, I'd like to fight him(verbaly)....one on one without baggy ann. If he wasn't so slight and fragile in frame and a weany, I might be afraid of him, but nothing to worry about there!LOL....

baggy ann says he doesn't bat an eyelash, well...hell...why should he, she does all his fighting for him?

Her.. I would not touch with a ten foot pole, something is seriously wrong with her, She is nasty!