Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Dementia of the Duck

Our friend Poultry seems to have a fixation on the term Kahanist. Kahanists wish to create a theocracy in Israel. They are very rare, but are very outspoken. MZ is a Kahanist who values the company of communists.

The term Kahanist does not apply to German Catholics or Christian supporters of Israel.Nor does the term apply to an outspoken advocate of secular law.

Commies are fond of using a variety of inaccurate labels to obscure their Jooooo Mania.Likudnick, Neocon, Kahanst, Zionist are some examples of the words they use interchangeably with Jooooo.

They are also fond of pretending Communists are just typical joooos who disagree with the status quo. Renegade Testicle has made false claims of Zionist Nazi ties while ignoring Communist-Nazi alliances. Outspoken anti Zoinist Finkelstein pretends hs Maoism is an inconvenient detail. Prof Demento Kovel merely writes books complaining that anticommunism is a form of mental illness.

Jews should view Communists in the same manner as Black people view the KKK. Communsts of Jewish heritage are modern Capos and should be treated accordingly.


Ducky's here said...

Now, for his next trick, Beak, the savant who has convinced AOW that I don't think radical Muslims committed the 9/11 attack, thereby establishing himself as a cheap gossip and a good deal of the hard right as incredibly naive, will explain the word hyperbole.

Beak, when some clown starts with the ad hominem insults because someone didn't toe the line towards Israel then they are rightly told to shove a bat up their arse.

Now, we all have a history and in your case it's the fact that the anarchist movement in the early 20th century which grew from Jewish writings to a very large extent, was an early source of terrorism as a tactic.
Terrorism was also critical in the formation of Israel.

Now the radical Muslims have taken up the tactic and are making life miserable for a lot of other people, primarily other Muslims.
My suggestion is that we stop killing so many Muslims and stop the recruitment chain. This idea goes back to our handling of anarchist terrorism n the early century.

Note that of the countries that had that problem, the one which took the hardest line, Spain, has had continual serious terrorism.

Anyway, I don't give two warm farts in hell what you or the editrix think while you are up their riding your hobby horse trying to tell us that Israelis shit chocolate ice cream and piss perfume.

They are in a posture that allows them (Israel) to get what they want by generating conflict. Land, water, money ... they are given it all. In fact it's a tactic right out of the South Korean play book but used much more subtly.
They are big boys now and can stand on their own feet but first they have to decide that there isn't a lot of future in continuing to kill as many Muslims as they like.
That's what I mean by the hyperbole of Kahanist. Now go push some papers and try to come to grips with the fact that you left the Orthodox community and it may well have been a mistake.
But it wasn't my mistake or the mistake of people who think that Israel is simply another nation and should be treated as such.

The Pagan Temple said...

MZ doesn't comment at Renegade Eye anymore, mainly because of the antagonism between he and Gert, and Daniel Hoffman-Gill, the latter of whom has gone so completely bonkers Ren has taken him off his blogroll, though admittedly this might be by request. Whatever the case, MZ's absence is unfortunate, as me and FJ are now the lone voices of dissent at that site.

Say what you want about the Kahanists, but if they had power in Israel, I bet you wouldn't hear a peep out of the Palestinians.

Well, maybe once.

beamish said...

Like all good leftists, Ducky subscribes to the Marxist idea that the Jewish people embody the concept of Capitalism and that a world without Jews = a world without Capitalism.

Much like his fellow leftist Adolf Hitler, Ducky views the geopolitical world through the lens of Zionist conspiracy theories where the world is manipulated "subtly" by alleged Jewish perfidy, a concept likely drilled into him from two directions - years of pre-Vatican II catechism classes and "eternal struggle" Communist agit-prop nonsense.

Because if Ducky truly believed Israel is "just another nation" he would not single them out for his anti-Semitic ire, nor find the low number of deaths of Muslims at the hands of the IDF anymore extraordinary than the far greater body count of Muslim deaths at the hands of other Muslims around the world, nor would he quibble over the pittance we give Israel compared to the vast sums of money and weapons we kick over to her Arab neighbors for oil.

No, Ducky as a Catholic and a leftist identifies with Muslims both religiously as fellow members of a bastardized offshoot of Judeo-Christianity mixed with superstition, and as deeply engrained Jew haters.

The only thing curious about Ducky is that he doesn't sign off his posts with "Heil Hitler."

Ducky's here said...

Funny Beamish, I never mentioned capitalism. Please continue your straw man nonsense.

I have a question Beamish... When the bell rings whom do you follow to get on the short bus, because I know you can't find your own way.

beamish said...

I understand leftists have difficulty with even simple linear logic, but when did anti-capitalism stop being your coat-of-arms, Ducky?

The_Editrix said...

"Anyway, I don't give two warm farts in hell what you or the editrix think while you are up their riding your hobby horse trying to tell us that Israelis shit chocolate ice cream and piss perfume."

Oh my oh my, Duck! So you brush my fact-based information about Israel off as "trying to tell us that Israelis shit chocolate ice cream and piss perfume" and "demented Kahanism" (or something like that) and don't even offer a smidgeon of proof that you are right and I am wrong.

What more proof do we need that hatred of Israel and the Jews is a pseudo-religion, a matter of creed that feeds on itself, fact-free. No accusation is too weird, no lie too blatant when it's about Israel. All those Israeli "massacres" which were either not perpetrated by Israel to begin with (like Sabra and Shatilla), or a village skirmish (like Kibya) or didn't happen at all (like Jenin). It can now safely be assumed that the little "martyr" for the noble Palestinian cause, Mohammed Al Doura, was not killed at all, while "Pallywood" has become a veritable industry to produce slander and lies (masses of video footage online to prove it!) and if one points out that simple fact it's called "trying to tell us that Israelis shit chocolate ice cream and piss perfume" and "demented Kahanism" by some moulting poultry that suffers from verbal coccidiosis.