Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Answer for the Duck

Marxism is a death cult. Like any cult there are followers and leaders. Death cults leaders employ henchmen to do their actual dirty work.

Renegade Eye aka Renegade Testicle aka Comrade Gassy Sandwich fancies himself a Cafeteria Commissar. He is an apologist for a crack addict monomaniacal corrupt despot whom he hails as the latest savior of Marx. The question remains is he compensated for his efforts and has his HOV group met with foreign intelligence operatives. If we had responsible governance he would be under 24/7 security scrutiny and prosecuted for any misdeed. He is a born liar and virulent antisemite. He uses his joooo mania as a badge of revolutionary authenticity.

Commies are very quick to point to Johnathan Pollard but get perplexed by the name Ana Montes. Ana Montes was a communist traitor who worked in the US Government on behalf of Cuba. She is an example of why communists should never be employed in any governmental capacity. Few people know of her misdeeds and while the usual suspects talk incessantly about imagined dual loyalty of real Jews ( Not Commies) who support Israel. There have been plenty of Cuban spies caught fairly recently as well as a bag man paying Chavez mouth pieces. Commies are not guilty of dual loyalty as their sole loyalty is to a death cult that seeks the violent overthrow of the USA.

Muslims have a well known concept called Taqiyeh where it is permissible to lie to advance the cause of Islam. This is true and frequently done by CAIR types or University Goons who ignore actual history. However, the average Muslim in the USA is a decent guy who wants to earn a living and raise his family the same as the rest of us. Renegade Eye knowingly tells lies to advance his cause. In typical communist fashion he will assent to the actions of Slave Revolt or John Brown threatening opponents of Marxism's children, calling people pedophiles so long as he has plausible denial. He is not above invasion of privacy to silence his critics. I have known his identity for three years and could easily have retaliated in kind. The more one knows about the actual Comwad Gassy Sandwich the more comedic he becomes. However, if we retaliated in kind we would be no different than the Toilet Trotskyite.

The difference between you and the gassy sandwich is you don't run around in your underoos pretending you are the imagined leader of a mass movement. You understand that Commies are indeed guilty of a series of crimes. You are not on the payroll or in the service of a hostile foreign regime and for better or worse are your own person. You do not go off into flights of fancy such as hundreds of people conspiring to tell scores of officers identical lies about Chavez.

Then there are hopelessly naive types like Troutsky. The Troutsky types of the world have yet to discern the difference between flowery words and deadly consequences. Philosophy is only as relevant as the actions of its followers. He is the type that buys the idiocy peddled by a MLM marketer while Ren knowingly sells the product to suckers like Troutsky.

One thing that should be apparent that even in these posts. Non commies have rather interesting lives while commies have no lives. I will be going on a trip with my friends Guyannese Church and some coworkers. I visit friends and family and enjoy a mostly happy life. One can see plenty of non political stuff in my blog or AOW. We are not consumed with rage and hatred. Nor do we need to follow the party line from an all knowing leader. We are individuals with healthy ordinary lives and loves.

Commies are to be pitied and sometimes prosecuted for violating the laws of the USA.
The believers of the death cult think that the masses suffer from false consciousness
and that they alone are heirs to the divine truth. Sorry, but the average Joe does not need or want a bug eyed death cultist telling him what he needs. In general the working Joe is quite capable of living his own life and votes with his feet and runs from every Marxist pest hole.


The Merry Widow said...

Also, ducky, hasn't tossed his humanity like so many other leftistas. He actually cares when someone is going through a rough time, examples; AOW & Z.

In both of the above cases leftistas came in and tried to hijack threads dealing with Mr. AOW's stroke and Z's loss of Mr. Z.

Ducky did not join in that, instead he had compassion. For which we are all grateful.
GOD bless and MARANATHA!


Ducky's here said...

Commies are very quick to point to Johnathan Pollard


I never point to Jonathon Pollard. He's a stinking piece of crap who is going to rot forever in jail. Case closed.

Nice straw man, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Thank you, mw. I may completely disagree with z and AOW on issues (to say the least) but I certainly take notice of people's shared humanity. We lose that and we are finished.

Christ commanded that we love one another. The far right may make it difficult but the commandment is of vital importance.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I don't wish to speak for troutsky, he's a big boy and a very intelligent guy, but I sense that he is much more in the anarchist tradition.

It's unfortunate that you can't stay focus long enough to stand and debate and not play the anti-semite card every time you get backed into a corner, which is nearly always.

Also I enjoy ren's site. He has interesting music posts, recipes and serious leftist articles. No need to accept what is written but they are not your standard diatribes.

Frankly, ren, seems to be very leveled headed, not filled with anger. Same with troutsky. I hope your not projecting, Beak.

The Pagan Temple said...

You guys like the Duckster because you've had enough contact with him you've taken the time to get to know him as a person, not just a wild-eyed leftist. Anybody can show compassion and humanity for a person's personal tragedy, which is a good thing, that's natural, but it's not a quality that is the sole domain of the right.

At the end of the day, Ducky is going to support the same things most other leftists are going to support, at least to a large extent.

I think if you'd check around you'd see there are some pretty uncaring people on the right too.

I don't know if you would call me "right" or not, but I consider myself right of center to outright conservative on most issues, though I pride myself on being independent of such labels.

The point being, there are people in this world I wouldn't take the time to piss on if they were on fire.

Unless I could piss on them without also pissing on the fire, that is.

Alligator said...

I've not been a long time visitor to Beaks Blog, so I don't know the "regulars" and their past comments well. While I can definitely peg the Duck as a Leftist, he doesn't strike me as being quite as strident, shrill and personally abusive as the "regulars" are on the Huffington Post and MoveOn.Org sites.

I knew a hard core Leftist who was practically in tears when the Berlin Wall came down. Tears not of joy, but because he saw the collapse of the Soviet empire as the failure of a great and noble experiment in humanitarianism. If only the USA hadn't pushed Russia into militarizing so much, the experiment would have worked and we would all have experienced a new era of Utopia. Of course in his view, it is now up to the American Left to fulfill the dream.....

beakerkin said...


Ren is an apologist for a criminal regime. There have been ample examples of people like him being paid agents. I do not bandy words with criminals.

Ren is very aware of the criminal actions of his followers. He claims plausible deniability, but repeated criminal threats just happen to go from his henchmen to foes of Marx.

His blog reads like Der Shturmer and he can not stand toe to toe with me. A Craig Bardo will bandy
philosophy with him. However, real Jews look upon Commies in the same
manner that Blacks view the KKK.

He is soulless and devoid of human
qualities. Ask Comwad Gassy Sandwich to tell you about his comic book life.

Always On Watch said...

I certainly take notice of people's shared humanity. We lose that and we are finished.

Well, many people HAVE lost that.

The Pagan Temple said...

"However, real Jews look upon Commies in the same
manner that Blacks view the KKK."

I wasn't aware of any blacks being members of the KKK. ;)

"Ask Comwad Gassy Sandwich to tell you about his comic book life."

What are you talking about, him being a wrestling promoter? Beak, I think you're just mad at him because of John Brown spamming your blog and those other incidents. You can't blame a blog owner for what his readers say and do. John Brown is an out of control imbecile.

Or maybe it's because Ren is of Jewish descent, I don't know, but something about him seems to really get under your skin. It's not healthy. Srsly.

For the record, I prefer Lunchroom Lenin as my favorite of your pejoratives for him. Now I have to admit that's funny.

beamish said...

Jonathan Pollard is guilty of crimes that deserve his life imprisonment, aside from and on top of the crimes he's doing time for that he's actually innocent of - the espionage crimes of good Catholics Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.

Jonathan Pollard's espionage didn't get any CIA assets killed, as is the case with Ames and Hanssen, who's crimes Pollard initially took the fall for.

Pardon him of one of his life sentences and let him finish serving the other life sentence.

The Merry Widow said...

ducky-If you remember, there was a leftista that invaded AOW's post on Mr. AOW's initial stroke. He got very nasty.

Also psi-bond on, Z's site had 1 comment that was compassionate, then he went weird and really rude.
You have not done so. You save it for the the threads dedicated to other matters.

In fact, compared to the one on AOW's site, you actually read the post!

TPT-Yeah, he is. And he will, but we can also discuss movies, literature, cooking and art with him. BECAUSE he is willing to discuss other matters...also sports. He has allowed himself to be human around us.

Alligator-ducky CAN BE a real pain in the poopski...what he said to AOW in the beginning would have gotten the crapola beat out of him in person...but he has mellowed.

ducky-People all can be a pain or not, polite or not, compassionate or's like happiness, it's a choice. AOW banned that fool at her site because he made the wrong choices, consistently.
GOD bless and MARANATHA!


beakerkin said...


Black leaders from Farakhan to WEB Dubois have met with the KKK.

Ren is not a Jew. He is a member of a Death Cult that has a history of deception and Subversion. The religious dimensions of Communism have been discussed by many notably Toynbee. He even has his own martyred Christ in Trotsky the war criminal.

Communists are not Jews or Americans. They are power mad death cultists who seek power for its own sake. His reflexive answer
to every problem is revolution. He
is an apologist and possible paid agent of a mad man, drug dealing lunatic in Caracas.

The real Ren leads a comic book life. I am aware of his role in peasant dance known as professional
wrestling. It is a suitable vocation for a power mad kook who fancies himself a cafeteria commisar.

Ren is quite stupid. He invaded my privacy and aligned himself with a series of shady people. There is much you do not know about Comwad Gassy Sandwich. He is a very disturbed and vile man on many levels.

Unlike Ren I do not invade privacy
and post the information that has been verified. The information is available on the web if you seek it
and requires little effort. He would last around ten minutes in one of his puritan Marxist hell holes.

You might be confused by my tolerance of the Duck. The Duck is not an apologist for a criminal regime and retains his humanity.
He does not threaten people's children or sanction any sort of criminal activity. He is also skilled enough that he does not need to make up comic book lies to defend what can not nor should not be defended.

I have always been an anti Communist. My family proudly fought for Poland against Bolshevik lunacy. My family had no love for Poland and left at the first opportunity, but they knew pure evil when they saw it.

Amongst my kind there is no lower form of life than the Communist.
Communism like its cousin Nazism and Islamacism can not be rehabilitated. They are anathema to my American values.

I am a dedicated and relentless foe of Marxism in all its forms.

The Pagan Temple said...

I just kind of miss your comments at Ren's site. Some of them were funny, plus you make good arguments. Ren told me you weren't banned, that the two of you just agreed you would not comment any more. I don't think he would have a problem with you commenting there as long as you just made your comments and tried to keep the personal assaults to a minimum.

Show them you are a bigger person than they are. Look, I've had trouble there myself with some people, and not too long ago at that, and it might surprise you that that is including with Ren himself.

But after the tempers died down, it went back to the usual. Me, FJ, and some Brit called Sentinel are pretty much the lone voices of dissent there. We could use some backup. Sentinel gets about as worked up as you used to, usually at Gert and Daniel, but Ren hasn't banned him.

Sometimes it pays to take a few deep breaths before the fingers start flying across the keyboard.

I've been called racist, bigot, right wing nutcase, gay basher, you name it, including by the Duckster. I generally just take it in stride, but sometimes I fly off the handle too.

At the end of the day, it's nothing of vital importance. It's just a site where you can express your opinion.

I'm sorry you were harassed by someone there, but remember, everybody there isn't responsible for the actions of a few. Keep that in mind.

beakerkin said...


Ren personally invaded my privacy. This was his actions not that of a minion.

The threats against children coming from his followers is a pattern that has repeated itself multiple times.Ren is using a familiar tactic of plausible deniability. He has a bug eyed follower perform his dirty work.

Nor is it an accident that an eyewitness to his lies about Hugo
would be the recipient of these threats. These threats likely came
from his masters in Caracas.

I left the blog long ago. I have no desire to go back there. Ren gets his head handed to him at Troutsky's where he is speechless.

beamish said...

I used to comment at Ren's as well, but lost interest in seeking honest discussion there as none of the leftsits there would step up and confess to being imbeciles. It's tedious to rehash the obvious things in life - the sky is blue, the grass is green, and all leftists are morons.

Though Ducky too avoids the blunt basic honesty of admitting his imbecility up front, he makes no effort to hide it either. In fact, Ducky flaunts his imbecility so no one will make the mistake of not realizing he's a leftist. When that doesn't work, Ducky resorts to anti-Semitic Israel bashing, assured by his fellow leftists Marx and Hitler that Jew hatred is unmistakably left-wing.

The Pagan Temple said...

Well, I made my case and tried my best. Remember me when its time for the next round of Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

beakerkin said...


There is no peace between myself and Ren. He is the embodiment of evil and power lust. My family knows of the great evils of the real Trotsky and took up arms. Real Jews fought for Poland against the Bolshevik savages. My grandfather had no love for Poland and was a man of peace.However, he recognized a great evil where he saw it. He also left Poland at the first opportunity. He considered
Communists to be low lives and
history has proven him right.

Ren is an apologist and possibly agent for a narco criminal regime in Caracas. My fellow officers have
to speak to the victims of the
brutality he pretends doesn't exist. How hundreds of people tell
officers identical lies remains a mystery.

I will not divulge what was easily
discovered on routine google searches. To say that Ren is a moral degenerate is an insult to degenerates everywhere. His life would likely get him executed if he ever lived in one of the gulags
he advocates for others.

Anticommunism is not a genteel thing for me. I am not inclined to bandy points like CB. No communist
can take a serious look at their own history without Linda Blair type contortions.