Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Nobel Fiasco

What has Obama done for the cause of Peace? Obama has not done much other than promote himself and propose some idiotic ideas. The Nobel Peace prize has hurt his image as he seems more than ever a dullard that cares more about what some pompous lefties in Europe think than Albert Workingman looking for a job.

Obama doesn't talk about jobs. He has no plan to get America working. He knows that this is his only chance to get health care reform. The polls are looking bad and democrats know it.

Obama is from the University Marxist school of dementia. Americans first and foremost want to work. However, when tax bills go through the roof it kills jobs.

Even some union members at work who voted for Obama are looking at sticker shock tax rates. The insurers and the medical professionals are balking. About the only group that remains quiet are lawyers who will sue with any plan.

Will Charlie Rangel please retire? It would be a noble act of a person who has been a scoundrel and a clown for decades. Maybe his friends Fidel or Ortega can give him a nice villa with servants.


Ducky's here said...

He has no plan to get America working.


Well when he tried a Keynesean stimulus you (right wing lugnuts) went psycho.

What should he try, a little more supply side? That got us into the mess so let's try more.

Unemployment is going to be high for years, regardless. Thanks to you and the rest of your Giuliani/Bush butt smooching crew.

And what's this about tax rates? Obama hasn't raised taxes, you liar.

Straighten up and start thinking, Beak. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, just look at the specimens over at Gay Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Obama let Barney Frank have the keys to the Fed. There isn't going to be a recovery. Every penny that goes in the front door, Barney's shovels out the back.

beamish said...

So, When Bush's tax cuts expired on October 1st this year, you didn't have your taxers raised?

Boy are you gonna be shocked in April next year.

The Merry Widow said...

ducky-I haven't paid taxes in 6 years..want to bet that I will this April? Even if I still can't find a job?


Always On Watch said...

Check out this roundup from the European press -- the Nobel Prize fiasco.

Always On Watch said...

A shock in April might have quite an effect on the midterm elections.

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, Beak couldn't answer.

Beamish goes straw man about future tax policy and ignores any relevant discussion because he knows that without his straw men arguments a leftist will rip strips of raw flesh of his dumb arse.

Farmer continues with his odd fixation on Barney Frank. No, I'm not going you know where, Farmer but I don't understand how he has the keys to the Fed.
It does seem like a convenient way to avoid responsibility in the grand Republican tradition.

roman said...


All that Obama had to do was give the American worker a 2 month moratorium from Federal Income Taxes. This would have stimulated the economy DIRECTLY. Instead, like all BIG government statists, it is the crazy theory that all money be funneled through the government and doled out by "wiser" politicians to the rest of us unwashed masses.


Charlie Wrangel is a prime example of why term limits should be in place for all political aspirants.
It is ussually after a few terms that political "crooks" start to brazenly use their offices for personal enrichment. Max 2 terms..period!

beamish said...

Beamish goes straw man about future tax policy and ignores any relevant discussion because he knows that without his straw men arguments a leftist will rip strips of raw flesh of his dumb arse.

Ducky will make no relevant discussion, makes the imbecilic claim that the context and continuity of the discussion is a "strawman," and fantasizes about ripping flesh out of people because he's a leftist.

Ducky, what is your favorite flavor of crayon?

Ducky's here said...

Roman, that idea comes up and it is certainly appealing since it is rather simple.

Now, would the money have been spent or gone to pay down debt and would we have been better off swapping public for private debt?

That's the question and if you can answer without the inevitable slip in supply side crap I think it would be an interesting topic. Yes, I think you are just a supply side medicine show barker but maybe not.

roman said...


Funny how most leftist always set up "conditions" as to what supporting sources a discussion can employ (without the slip in supply side...)thereby securing an immediate "heads up" in a debate.
Not really taking into consideration either a Smith (unfettered?) or Keynesian (did he even consider that govt might not be the best to rely upon?) economic theory consideration, a normal middle-class worker (the main economic engine) can easily deduce that some part of their income taxes would be spent on necessities and the rest going to pay off debt (if any).
Those extra income purchases would have IMMEDIATELY stimulated the economy and infused the economic confidence/exuberance that was so desperately needed. This recession would have been stopped dead in its tracks as a resurgent spending by the general public would have given the "jump start" that the pointy-headed pols are still waiting for and presently discussing ad nauseam.
You see, solving the problem is NOT what keeps the pols, academics, journalists and yes, even union bosses in business. Their only interest is to secure and improve their own situations.
The immediate spending by the WORKERS and their families would have directly signaled a renewed spirit of confidence in all three of the economic classes. It is, in my view, really that simple.

beamish said...


Good luck getting Ducky to respond honestly. He won't even admit obvious things, like the fact that he's an imbecile.

roman said...


I guess I am an eternal optimist in this regard.
I know that the Duck has closed his mind to anything that remotely heads to the center from the far left. It's too bad, though, he seems like a fellow with decent cognitive and communication skills nevertheless.

beamish said...


I'd trust Ducky's opinion on which color of crayon tastes the best, but not much else.