Saturday, October 17, 2009

Very disappointing book

After a brilliant start the book The Israel Test turns into a disappointment. The first part is an excellent expose of traditional Marxist antisemitism. The second part bogs down to Israel as an economic success in high tech. The story of how Israel's high tech partnerships with US companies is important.

The Marxist dopes like the Duck point to aid to Israel. However, Israel creates products and technologies that are vital to our future. When we talk of aid that goes to much of the rest of the planet we get zero. With all the money tossed at Pseudostinians from the demented far left of Europe the economy of the Pseudostinian territories is worse than ever. In fact all the aid winds up doing is creating a system of dependence on corrupt politicians be they Marxist or Jihadis hacks.


The Pagan Temple said...

That's an excellent point. What money we give in aid to Israel is at least going to a literate people of a civilized nation. Israel is one of the few places that gets aid money that doesn't amount to throwing US taxpayer's money down a fucking rat hole.

The_Editrix said...


Col. Richard Kemp the former commander of the British forces in Afghanistan is a witness for U.N Watch at the U.N refuting Goldstone-Gallstone report against Israel!

"The automatic Pavlovian presumption that the IDF is always wrong, abusing human rights!" "Wars a full of mistakes but they are not war crimes!"

"The IDF did more to safeguard civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare"