Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The descent of Bad Eagle

The Dr continues his never ending quest to hit rock bottom. No doubt his appearances on the Political Cesspool which features David Duke, Nazis and Stormfronters will help him become a freak.

Those of us who are familiar with the Dr. are disappointed. Bad Eagle was advertised as a site where American Indians and their Conservative Allies could exchange ideas. Almost all of my posts were in the Jewish sections and I really did not see the mindless hatred that comes from the site. I claimed that Bad Eagle has evolved into Storm Front Lite. The truth is likely closer to what Mac claims that it always was Stormfront Lite. The reason it was not readily apparent was that many talented posters who did not share the Dr's bugaboos gave the site crediblty.

The Dr is upset that Front Page Magazine no longer publishes his articles. David Horowitz is many things, but above all even his critics note he is quite sharp. Dr Yeagley deserved to dropped when his mindless racism became too apparent to ignore. Front Page Magazine is a very mainstream well run site, reflective a true man of vision who delivers the goods. I have donated to this site several times and plan to do so again in the near future.

I am not a Conservative. I respect their love of country and agree with them most of the time. These lunatic fools that claim they are paleoconservatives make a mockery
of the term Conservative. The Conservatives I know like Mr B, AOW, Elmer and many others loathe people like David Duke and the Stormfront loser types.

Now many of us rightly are upset at Obama for valid reasons. I went to the DC Tea Party because the country is headed in the wrong direction. Yet even though it is headed in the wrong direction we need to look at those around us closely.

Even though the Duck represents a fowl ( pun intended) ideology, his views on Yeagley are correct. He is a hateful bigot who just happens to have a soft spot for Jews. No doubt he will claim that my criticism of his racial arson causes hatred of Jews.

The lesson of Yeagley is that a true Patriot loves his country and understands we are a nation bound by ideas. My nation has no second class citizens, Black or otherwise.

What has Yeagley done with his career? He was a troubled academic and has become a pundit on the Political Cesspool. He has one very mediocre book that is a collection of his articles. As a pundit he can no longer be viewed as mainstream given his recent posts and appearances of a widely known racist radio program. One can talk about Rush or Imus and the conversation mostly is about questionable attempts at humor. The Political Cesspool is the home of David Duke, Prof MacDonald and not surprisingly Pat Buchanan.

Of course Yeagley might ask the same question of me. I do not aspire to punditry. I serve that which I love, the American People, every day. My career is dedicated to upholding the law. I wouldn't trade one day of public service for fame and fortune.
I was walking with a date through Chinatown when a woman cried Officer Beakerkin and hugged me with tears running down her eyes. I had forgotten her but she never forgot the officer who listened. One can not put a price on moments like that. Such moments come from the heart and are far greater rewards to me than fame.

Second part.

Mr B states that the Rams are the worst team in the NFL and I am going with the Raiders. The Raiders may have won a game on luck, but will never go anywhere as long as Al Davis remains with the club. He was once a cutting edge visionary who has become stale. John Madden and Flores are long gone and even Gruden didn't stay long.

The Rams, Lions, Chiefs are headed in the right direction and the jury is out with the Bucs. I still see Denver playing in a lousy division over their head and the Cowboys somewhat over rated. I do not think they match up with the Eagles or the Giants. I still see positives in the jets loss to the best team in the NFL. They held the Saints to 10 points on offense and Sanchez will get better. I see Braylon Edwards signing with the Jets as a free agent.

My team is still the Giants. They beat two 0 and four teams and two teams that are 2-2. They play the Raiders and have a real test with the Saints. They will lose to the Saints who have a bye week to prepare. It should be simple cover Smith and make Boss and the erratic Manningham beat you, unless Nicks is real.


Always On Watch said...

The Conservatives I know like Mr B, AOW, Elmer and many others loathe people like David Duke and the Stormfront loser types.

No kidding.

Years ago, I read David Duke's book. I'm the type that likes to check things out for myself. The hatred in that book! Surreal.

BTW, I did not buy Duke's book. Wouldn't give him even that smidgen of support.

Ducky's here said...

Remember your rule at Gay Eagle, Beak:

One post is too many, a thousand posts are not enough.

My Get Off Gay Eagle twelve step program is available to you free of charge.

The_Editrix said...

beakerkin // Oct 6, 2009 at 2:17 am

The Political Cesspool is an aptly named racist show that regularly features Nazis, David Duke and noted anti Semite Prof MacDonald of the David Irving Holocaust denial trial.

Than you turn around and wonder why your articles are no longer accepted by mainstream publications.

Beak, you sometimes come across as a scatterbrain, but if you pull out all the stops you can tango with the best. I hardly ever REALLY laugh out loud while at the computer, but here I did.

It always amuses me if that man accuses you having not really read (or understood) his stuff. That is the guy who had to eat dirt because he took two little Nazi sluts for paragons of "white pride" because he was so overexcited that he didn't read past the first page of his information.

CM said...


As an American Indian, I don't see any support for us from him, all I see is him fighting against the U.S. Government and Federal system just because....WHAT!

A good friend should try and have a private talk with him....not on the net!

Saturdays' meeting, the Comanche Business Committee voted unanimously to vote in favor of support one of his Female Indian Professional rivals, Susan Harjo in } Harjo et al v. Pro Football, Inc., now that IS support and work for the Indian Nations, he and baggy ann are working to KEEP the derogatroy image of the Mascots. Who better to know how this effects us than a room full of Comanche Indians! Not one protest uttered! I saw yeagley wiggle in his seat, but not a word from him....was he a Savage Warrior in the room full of Comanches?

With all his Religious Beliefs and degrees and intelligence, what IS HIS ULTIMATE GOAL in LIFE? I know he speaks against the Indian Beliefs, is he also fighting the Jews....He is a hard nut to crack.


beamish said...

There's a well researched article in yesterday's local paper that demonstrates by the numbers (and if the averages hold) THIS year's Rams will be the worst team in NFL history, in every catagory.

Criticizing the Rams has become an art and a science here in St. Louis.

But, Rush Limbaugh may buy the team. It'd be nice to have a team owner than knows something about football hiring coaches and staff that know something about football.