Monday, October 05, 2009

New Post

top Teams in the NFL

1 New Orleans
2 Giants
3 Eagles
4 New England
5 Jets

The 5 worst

1 Bucs
2 Raiders I do not care if they beat the Chiefs on a fluke
3 Lions
4 Rams
5 Chiefs


beamish said...

Come on!

How can you say there are worse teams than the St. Louis Rams? Do you not realize how much work the Rams put into sucking?

We're 0-4 and I'm already wishing this team only sucked as bad as the days of Coaches Linehan and Haslett, who by god damned had no fucking reason even being on the sidelines of a football game, much less coaching one. This new coach, Spaghetti-O, sucks worse than they ever had nightmares about.

I'm thisclose to throwing my Rams hat away.

Alligator said...

Beamish - does this mean you are also in the Show Me State or Where the Rivers Run State or whatever we're calling ourselves now?