Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghost Riders in the Sky

I will likely be away on a new adventure. It is an exciting time to be me. One should always be open to possibilities personal and professional. Only Death, taxes and Marxist stupidity are absolutes.

On Friday I will be away for a bit. On Sunday I should be at the Metropolitan Museum
and it will be fun to be on the town. I am looking forward to some quality road time.

Professionally, the work is slowing down. Legal immigration slows in bad economic times. Obama's bufoonery and the bad economy are better at reversing illegal immigration than the works of enforcement agencies.

I will be in the West Indian section of Queens for a visit. Chinatown had some energy on the main streets, but was weaker than usual on the side streets. My last trip to the West Indian section was not good. I was there for a funeral of a young man who tied way too young from natural causes. There were vacant store fronts everywhere and this is no good for anyone.

While Marxists go and agitate in their visits, I merely learn. Oddly I am more at home in a group of Guyanese than Vermonters. This is the reality of life in NYC. One must be adaptable and the locals are more accepting of outsiders because this is what NYC is about. In Vermont the outsider is a mysterious curiosity. I did better than most because I did not mix with the locals too much other than Northwind who was locally loved despite her being dysfunctional.

The beauty of NYC life is that while Marxist hacks discuss multicultrialism NYC folks have practiced it for years. There are those who never venture too far from home. However, there are those like myself who adapt and thrive in each new surrounding. I m ay be with Poles in Greenpoint today, Ecuadorians in Jackson Heights
or Malaysians in Flushing tomorrow.

Americanism does not define deviancy down. If you are here legally welcome.Find work if you can and obey the laws. If you wish to retain local cuisine or dress go ahead. Above all respect others and understand others have different customs.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, I'm glad to read that you get on so well with Guyanese Muslims.

You are making progress.

CM said...


Great life! Thats why I like to read...everywhere....about everyone....I can just imagine the colors of fall up Northeast. Never been there, never cared to but doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. I love the changes in our climate here in Oklahoma, don't want to live anywhere else, but love to visit the Southwest.

"Most People are some other People. Their thoughts are someone else's opinion, their lines a mimicry, their passions a quotation"-OSCAR WILDE

Thats why I tell my own kids and Grandkids, "READ, LEARN....don't let anyone mistreat you, your a member of the Human race, they are in YOUR world".

There's always a way to work issues out, at least for most people, who talk straight up!


The Merry Widow said...

ducky-It was a CHURCH group...not one from a mosque.

GOD bless and MARANATHA!