Monday, April 24, 2006

Book Review Hating Whitey and other Progressive Causes

David Horowitz is a giant as an author but being an author with a well established body of work has a downside. His works are not measured against the competition but against his other efforts. When one has set the bar so high it is often hard for an otherwise excellent but dated collection of essays to stand out.

His last book the Professors was somewhat disappointing as it was way too broad. Many professors who should have charter membership in the cult of the insane far left were omitted notably Joel " Deranged " Koevell and Ellen " The real Shrek was more intelligent and better looking Shrecker. It was a great book for those who do not read Front Page Magazine every day.

Some of the essays stand the test of time notably the genesis of the far lefts rage against Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens and myself thought the cruise missle attacks on Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan were to deflect attention from Clintons lapses and boost his opinion in the polls. We meet Sandy Burglar who had a major role in China gate. The far left gets bent out of shape about Johnathan Pollard who I do not defend but down plays scandal after scandal of Chinese spying. Much of the furor against Pollard is driven by antisemitism. Clinton also lied when he claimed Israel asked him to pardon Marc Rich, it was Pollard.

We also meet Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panthers. The Duck should closely read the chapter on Pinochet . The left has made a cottage industry out of the 5000 deaths in Chile while ignoring attrocities by Castro and the Sandanistas. Pinochet is not excused or looked to by the Conservatives as a role model. The left still has a love affair with Castro and the insane thug in Venezuela.

The book deals with familiar themes lazy accademics. Incompetent Commie hacks hired
by a leftist Old Bolsheviks club such as Angela Davis, Dorn and Ayers.

Horowitz's book is interesting but dated and it is above average in his vollume of work. I hope his next book cuts new ground but when one is a giant there is high expectations.

Anyone who did not buy this book because of the title owes David Horrowitz an apology. I am guilty of this but a person who has read around eight books and over 100 articles should have zero problem knowing what is in an authors heart. Horowitz has remained comited to the ideals of the Civil Rights movement equality of opportunity. This noble cause has devolved into afrocentrism and bigotry. Many of the key players like Huey Newton, Carmichael and Jesse Jackson were hucksters. More impressive is the writing of Julius Lester who has grown and matured. Horowitz never betrayed his ideals but the nature of the movement has changed.

Sadly we have companies in Brooklyn and Queens that do not employ a single black person . Jesse Jackson wastes time on the NFL and Nascar when ordinary young people need help. The specter of all Hispanic companies in NYC has become common. Who is knocking on doors urging employers to interview HS dropouts ? It certainly is not Jackson who is more involved in the media circus.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be deported to Venezuela and 167 still a ratings zero


nanc said...

sorry - o.t., beak - resident muzzie at the dogeater's judas article.

Anum Mahktar said...

Does your country miss Clinton? Now you have your stupid Bush to ruin your reputation and your economy. God has left America. This is true the land of Satan.

the merry widow said...

Something wierd is going on today!
getting to anybodies comment section is a major hassle, and every one comes up different, in different sizes and formats! Strange!
We were in Santa Cruz when A. Davis was hired, what a mess! Of course UCSC is not quite firmly attatched to this reality!
The sheer nerve of the admin. to hire her, even against some stiff objections was amazing!


Mr. Ducky said...

There you go with the excluded middle, beak. You are a pro.

"The left has made a cottage industry out of the 5000 deaths in Chile while ignoring attrocities by Castro and the Sandanistas. Pinochet is not excused or looked to by the Conservatives as a role model. The left still has a love affair with Castro and the insane thug in Venezuela."

No we do not ignore Ortega. In fact there is some concern that Chavez is going to back Ortega in the upcoming elections agains a cennter-left Sandanista (he also happens to be a jew, fascinating guy. You may be interesed so pick up a copy of this month's American Prospect). Nothing out there is pure.
And we don't ignore the quarter million killed in Guatemala by pigs that the human filth Ronnie Raygun trained at The School of the Americas.

We have a wider view of the world than our myopic brethren on the right. You have this idiotic mentality that you have somehow found the answers and all good is on some far right fringe that you can't define.

As for Pollard. If the stinking Netanyahu branch of the Israeli government asks for the traitors release you simply tell him that if he ever mentions it again we cut of Israel's welfare checks. Notice that Pollard committed the "good" kind of treason in Beaks world. It's really sad. Now you may call this anti-semitism if you like, Beak. In fact you can call it your freakin' momma for all I care. Jonathon Pollard is a fucking pig and he stays in the joint for the rest of his worthless life. I'm just sorry they don't send his punk ass to Gitmo.

The two clowns that were passing stuff to AIPA are coming up for trial and I hope they get the same for passing secrets to our Israeli "friends".

Chinagate? A canard that only the right wing brain damaged still discuss. never happened.

beakerkin said...


If you think this is the land of Satan depart. Lets see what is the religion of those who smacked airplanes into the WTC and shot the school kids in the back at Beslan. Do not lecture this American about evil. If you want to see evil look to the sons of Allah.

beakerkin said...


Since when have you ever cared about welfare checks or wasteful foreign spending or is it just Israel. Funny you don't seem to excersized about the Walkers or the Chinese spies. No you have a one track fairly anti semitic mind yourself.

I also have to independently check your source on Guatemala as that sounds like the total number of dead including those killed by Commies.

Mr. Ducky said...

The killers in Guatemala weren't commies you fucking fool. You have this asinine idea that only communists have done serious killing in this world.

You are probably too young to remember when Sukarno had a hlf million executed as communists with our blessing but I bet you would have jizzed in your pants from delight.

Your world view is defective, your ethics are defective and your facts are defective.

Jason_Pappas said...

Our blessing?

Leftist froth at the mouth when we make claims about Saddam’s evil nature or Ahmadinajad’s demented declarations. All of which include terror, torture, ethnic cleansing, oppression, government imposed poverty, and attempts (in Saddam’s case) to conquer and subjugate neighboring nations. But he’s not a threat according to the left.

Apparently we’re a threat because we make blessings. Wow, Ducky, you really come up with some solid evidence there.

Mr. Ducky said...

Jason try to be coherent okay. When have you ever heard a significant number of leftists deny that Hussein was a cheap tinhorn dictator? Or for that matter when have you heard them deny that Ahmadinajad sounds completely insane (even if it's not clear what his goal is).

Now in fact we know that Hussein had no air force, no army, no navy, no artillery, no mechanized nothing. The invasion was completely illigitimate and the 60 or 100 thousand that we have killed will never be on your scorecard or beaks.

Now no less than Christopher Hitchings, the beaks current darling, has presented the extensive evidence that Sukarno cleared the massacre with Nixon and Kissinger before it commenced. Or it might have been Ford not Nixon.

The man who thinks Daniel Pipes is a n authority should be careful when asking for evidence.

Jason_Pappas said...

“cleared the massacre” … give me a break! And I think Hitchens does a horrible job on Chile as well. I also didn’t care for his diatribe against Clinton despite the fact that I’m no Clinton supporter. Perhaps he’s changed … but I don’t follow him.

Leftists don’t support Saddam? That’s odd because one Hollywood leftist, George Clooney, made a movie where Saddam becomes an Arab Prince, with the best intentions of his people in mind, while the CIA turns out to be the culprit. And it was quite a hit among lefties.

nanc said...

G-d is omnipresent, anum - everywhere at once. as for missing clinton - yeah like someone with herpes would miss not having a case of it for a year or so.

American Crusader said...

lmao@"We have a wider view of the world than our myopic brethren on the right."

That has to be the most ridiculous comments I've heard from ducky yet. I've noticed that as people grow older and wiser the more they realize how wrong they were in their youth.

American Crusader said...

Clinton..every Democrat who voted for Bill Clinton feels the need to defend duplicity, adultery, lying about adultery, sexual harassment, rape, perjury, obstruction of justice, kicking the can of global Islamo-fascism down the road for eight years and so on.

beakerkin said...


The killings in Central America were aided by the creation of Commie Guerillas. These thugs were trained by the KGB and were often sometimes not even Latino.The merceneries who killed the Miskito indians included Pseudostinians.

The killings in Indonesia were Islamic. This is not only my analysis but those of the ethnic Chinese that were there including my friend Wing. You can also read this from the excellent blog linked to Felis's site that originates from Indonesia.

Communists instigate trouble and spread death and mayhem wherever they go. It is a matter of self defense from Marxist thugs. The propesnsity of Marxists towards violence is one reason they should be denaturalized and deported in this country. The absurdity of a preponderance of professors in Universities advocationg a genocidal failed philosophy is a joke . Shall we teach the earth is flat next.

nanc said...

a.c. - my mother, who is so far to the left and about to go over the cliff said of clinton's cheating escapades, "ALL men cheat on their wives - get used to it!" yeah, that's how the left sees life. well, my husband would be singing a capella soprano if the thought of cheating ever crossed his mind and of course, if i did - i'd be pushing up daisies.

MissingLink said...

I recently finished reading a book written by Horowitz "The Politics of Bad Faith".
Excellent read.

nanc said...

i sent the grammar police to the muzzie in residence' site - that'll do it for another week or so...

Robert Bayn said...

Jesse Jackson is a joke, and a racist much like his buddy Al Sharpton and Louis Fucknuts, they do more harm to the African American community than they help, and they can't stand Bill Cosby because he calls for personal responsiblitiy, because if you make it about Personal Responsiablity, you no longer have a need for Jesse Jackson and his crew of idiots.

Esther said...

Great book review once again, Beak! I had no idea that 'Clinton also lied when he claimed Israel asked him to pardon Marc Rich, it was Pollard.' That is messed up!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Didn't you know leftists believe American money is a weapon of mass destruction?

Jason_Pappas said...

I haven't heard that one, Beamish.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak you jackass. The Indonesian slaughter was a wholesale purge of leftists with our explicit permission by Sukarno. It had nothing to do with religion. I don't know whether or not your stupid or ignorant.

The slaughter in Guatemala was not carried out by leftists but by right wing reactionaries trained at The School of the Americas.

That's right Beak, our shit stinks too, we are humans. We are not a chosen people. We are down in the shit with everyone else.

beakerkin said...

Thats funny Wing who was there does not percieve the Indoneasean slaughter in the same manner. Nor does the specialty blog at Democracy Watch see it that way. It was anti Chinese Jihad in the guise of the Cold War .

There was plenty of killing done by Communist who were armed and trained by the Communist. There were extensive Commie mercenaries including Pseudostinians in Central America.

You seem to forget who started all the mayhem in Central America. Killing leftist interlopers who take sides in a Civil war should be applauded. The next time people from CIPES or CPT get into a war zone we should tell our allies open season. Private citizens are not allowed to conduct foreign policy.

Jason_Pappas said...

our explicit permission?

You mean we didn’t go in and stop it so we permitted it? I guess the genocide in Rwanda and Sudan is by “our permission.” Leftists are really daffy (no pun intended.) If something bad happens in the world, it is our fault because we are the world’s superpower and we let it happen. And if we go in, we make matters worse. Damned if we do; damned if we don't.

I believe Beak has the history right from what I remember but I’d like to review the details of Indonesia. To blame it on the US you have to do a lot more than say we “nodded with approval.”

It’s true that in the course of stopping communism, which killed over 100 million and enslaved a billion more, we supported people we’d rather not. Just like the fact that we had to support Stalin in order to defeat Hitler. It was a painful choice and perhaps we went too far in that support. (Notice leftists rarely complain about that one!)

However, Ducky gives us the silly old canard (no pun intended) of moral equivalency in the form “they aren’t perfectly bad and we aren’t perfectly good.” Yawn. It’s their government grinding peasants into dust versus “our blessing” as we sit on the sidelines. Is this the same in the Duckman’s book?

Mr. Ducky said...

Well aren't we fortunate, Jason. We went through a relatively bloodless civil war by world standards. And yes we established a nation that championed social mobility, gender equality, human rights but the Ayn Rand assholes didn't do that...the leftists did. Got it, Jason?

Leftists try to deal with the difficult issues while you figure out how to get a cheap three pack of briefs to WalMart. You can't do it without some shortcuts on workers rights but that doesn't stop you.

As for the war in Europe. Russia doesn't stop Hitler at Stalingrad and its over. In fact the most serious killing and dying was done before we ever entered. britain understood that we took our sweet time and can't understand why you Fascist morons act as if ours was the great sacrifice.
Leftists don't complain because we didn't win the war in Europe asswipe. Russia fought at least three battles (Stalingrad, leningrad, Berlin) where the casualties were each close to those in our entire history.

The Cold War was won (by JFK over the Cuban missiles) and we looked for a way to consolidate the human rights gains this country had made and all we got was Ronnie Raygun. Thank's a lot Jason. You clowns have been taking a free ride without doing any of the heavy lifting for a long time and it is disgusting what you pigs have turned this country into in the last 35 years.

The big sweep of history and the American right has done exactly what except second guess complex problems.

beakerkin said...


While you are counting casulties at Stalingrad do your figures include Hiwi. It seems that 1/4 of the German army consisted of people who do not view Communism the same way you do.

What workers rights are you talking about. The slave labor of Gulags and Communist countries have the lowest amount of workers rights in reality. Are you in a 1920's time warp.

You also seem to forget the Commies allied with the Nazis. Reagan and not JFK won the Cold War
but that is a minor detai. Havel and Walensa would tend to know a tad more then you

Jason_Pappas said...

As I said, leftists don’t mind our helping SOBs like Stalin—Ducky even thinks we didn’t help Stalin enough because the “most serious killing and dying was done before we ever entered.” Of course we were giving him aid before we enter the war. Odd that that does count in Ducky’s book but “giving a blessing” does. The point, and Ducky always misses the point, is that Stalin was an example of helping a vicious tyrant because of the threat of another vicious tyrant. It’s a painful choice and we had to make many similar choices in the Cold War as well. But Ducky can’t even admit that it was horrible to help Stalin. He’s still singing the praises of our old ally in WWII. Uncle Joe can’t get enough praise from the Duckman.

Mr. Ducky said...

Should we have aided Hitler?

What's your point Jason? Look, if you ex military clowns need to justify your lives with this "freedom isn't free" crap. My point is that unless you were in the military in World War II you haven't done a fucking thing for anyone's freedom.

I was listening to rabies radio yesterday and this guy calls and starts with "I'm a marine, so I know sometihng about freedom". No you don't. You don't know your fucking ass from your elbow if you think that being a marine gives you standing to define freedom.

Anyway, thanks for stating the obvious Jason. We had to make choices in this world. No shit. Really, thanks for that.

It really is easy for you isn't it Jason. You just step to the sidelines and figure that because compared to the rest of the world you're a realitively well off little white pussy so you must be the source of something positive in your little laissez faire fantasy. Somehow, even though you must by definition be a fallible human being, your choices are all good. What a pathetic little indolent clown you are.

Jason_Pappas said...

Anyway, thanks for stating the obvious Jason. We had to make choices in this world. No shit. Really, thanks for that.

You really evade the issue. It’s not “we had to make choices” but “we supported one of the most vicious and bloody dictators in history: Stalin.” Anyone we’ve supported since then pales in comparison. You just can’t say it, can you: Stalin wasn’t a mistake but an evil SOB that was an outgrowth of communism and was repeated in many other attempts to create a communist utopia. Our supporting Stalin was the worse example when we joined forces with a tyrant. Oh, that’s right: Uncle Joe still holds a soft spot in the heart of McCarthy-accused sympathizers.

As for not being on the frontline, that’s true. My gratitude goes to all those who fought for our country whether it was WWII or today’s world war against Islamo-fascism.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It's worse than that, Jason. Ducky's soft spot for communist thugs like Stalin nears hero worship.

Because Ducky is, like all leftists, someone who will sincerely display historical ignorance with every breath or keystroke, the fact that the Soviet Union had only been fighting Nazi Germany for 5 or so months before the Pearl Harbor attack is noticibly missing from his screed.

Prior to June 22, 1941, the Soviets and Nazis were merry little leftists together, trading food and fuel to conquer Poland, France, etc. Nazi tanks rolled into Paris with Soviet diesel in the tank. The Nazis were bombing London in 1940 with bombs made from explosive materials supplied by Uncle Joe.

Ducky's beloved Red Army, one of the most pathetic fighting forces ever assembled this side of Arab history (For God's sake, Finland whipped their asses!), got jacked handily by the Nazi Wehrmacht. Without the Ukraine, the Red Army went from a being a well-fed band of incompetents to being a starving band of incompetents.

It wasn't until the United States and Britain pitched in help to the Soviet Union, with food, medicine, ammunition, weapon systems, that the Red Army finally eeked out in pursuit of a battered German army retreating over the bombed-out wasteland created by Allied bombing.

And these American and British deliveries of food and supplies to the Soviets were done by crossing through hostile air and sea space, while doing the same for China, while fighting heavily militarized enemies (plural) on different sides of the planet.

Russian sacrifice my ass.

beakerkin said...

Beamish corectly mentions the Russians were the Nazis allies. Ducky also forgets that the oft cited 20 million figure includes 1,500,000 Jews who had zero to do with combat. This figure includes Stalins purges so Stalin kills an alleged traitor and counts it as among the war dead.

Ducky also forgot the Hiwis readily joined the Nazis largely due to the brutality of the Soviets. Starving 11,000,000 Ukranians and liquidating Poles and Balts would tend to upset regular folks but those execution also got added into the 20,000,000 figure.

Jason_Pappas said...

Yes, let's remember the context. Stalin was on Hitler's side and it wasn't because he was pretending (as Soviet propaganda used to say.) The large casualties were due the inadequate military (Stalin purged it of most of the best leaders) and Stalin's willingness to waste Soviet lives. The savagery of the Soviet military in Eastern Europe and Eastern Germany was phenomenal. It was several orders of magnitude worse than the Shah, Pinochet, or anyone else you can say we supported while we were fighting communism.

Thanks for reminding me of the details, guys. The only thing leftists seem to remember is that Stalinist supporters occasionally lost their job here in the USA. And they see them as heroes.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Make no mistake, the Red Army was very proficient at raping, pillaging, and murdering unarmed civilians. And there was no minefield Nazi Germany could lay down that the Red Army couldn't round up Tajiks and Uzbeks to forcibly march across at machine gun point to their deaths to clear a path.

But when it came to fighting people that shot back, the Red Army in World War 2 wasn't even good enough to call piss poor pathetic.