Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Islamophile persecution fantasies

Many of our leftist critics dream of a world where Conservatives are chomping at the bit to persecute Muslims. This fantasy bears no relation to any reality on the planet. However if a denaturalization and deportation movement starts Communists with a well established history of subversion and espionage in the USA should be the first to go. However our country tends to reward sedition and treason with jobs in the social science section of a university or media outlet.

The paragon of stupidity 167 made some claims about Gay harassment in the United states. Gay persecution is a problem however 167 pretends anti semitism does not exist. As for the beleagured Muslims it is readily apparent they are more apt to perpetrate hate crimes then to be victimized.

Hate crime statistics FBI 2004

Crimes against Jews 1003 Male Homosexuals 855 Anti Black 3281 Anti White 998 Anti Hispanic 611

Drumroll ............. The number of Bias crimes vs Muslims is 193.

We can sit and juggle the numbers but the great fantasy of a beleagured Mooooooslim comunity is fiction much like the rest of the far left repetoire. The number of anti black hate crimes is alarming. However the ideal number of hate crimes is zero.

Lets look at the regional numbers by state

CA 725 but they have 36,000,000 Home of Esther
NY 520 18,000,000 Home of Jason Pappas
NJ 513 8,700,000 Home of Drummaster
MO 259 3,500,000 Home of Mr Beamish
MA 301 5,800,000 Home of the Duck
AR 192 1,600,000 Home of Nanc
MI 601 9,000,000 Home of Rob Bayn
IN 137 3,000,000 Home of Warren
TX 987 22,500,000 Home of Farmer John and Justin
FL 490 17,000,000 Home of Mad Zionist and TMW
VT 74 600,000 Home of Iran Watch and me temp
VA 395 7,400,000 Home of AOW and Mustang

Sorry Felis I did not find Australian Numbers. However you can pick any state as your
honorary home. I guess NY is more enlightened then MA the home of the Wahabi Duck as per capita hate crimes are much more common in the Peoples Republic of MA.

I am sure these numbers will lead to all types of mayhem on the blog.

Speaking of bigots Anum has changed her story again and now blames the Jews for 9-11 again . I wish she would stick with one story . She flip flops almost as often as John Kerry.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to find out why his idol Hugo Chavez blames increasing Venezuelan crime on capatalist tendencies and 167 to seek refuge in Cuba


Always On Watch said...

Some of the initially reported hate crimes against Muslims turned out not to be true. In one case, a Muslim burned down his own business for the insurance money. In another (Koran-burning in Blackburg, VA) turned out to be a departing Muslim's way of disposing of a tattered Koran.

CAIR reported the above two instances when they first came to light, but as far as I know, never published any retraction.

Certainly, there are more anti-black hate crimes. I suspect that some are never reported.

Also, the swastika-painting episode here in my own neighborhood went unreported. The house was vacant, and neighbors didn't want to get involved.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Using the Beakster's numbers (rounded up):

Mexifornia had 1 hate crime per 50,000 people

New Yawk had 1 hate crime per 35,000 people

New Joizey had 1 hate crime per 16,000 people

Misery had 1 hate crime per 13,500 people

Massofstupids had 1 hate crime per 19,000 people

Arkensaw had 1 hate crime per 8,000 people

Mishegun had 1 hate crime per 15,000 people

Mexas had 1 hate crime per 23,000 people

Floorahduh had 1 hate crime per 35,000 people

Varmint had 1 hate crime per 8,100 people

Verjinya had 1 hate crime per 19,000 people

Vermont has the highest per capita hate crime rate.

Fucking leftists.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

oops, I missed Indeanna, with a hate crime rate of 1 per 22,000 people.

I mistyped Arkensaw, which has a hate crime rate of 1 per 8,300 people.

Vermont's 1 per 8,100 people hate crime rate goes far to explain lefty Howard Dean's desire to be the candidate of guys with Confederate flags on their trucks.

Do people really wear Birkenstocks to Klan rallies up there, Beak?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Then again, in Vermont, a guy was sentenced to prison for starving his cows to death during the Terri Schiavo ordeal in Florida, so VT's hate crimes numbers might include injury done to cattle.

beakerkin said...

I did notice the numbers and it does jump out at you. There are almost no Jews or blacks in Vermont. Gays are nearly invisible
outside of Burlington.

A while back I did a post on the hair raising bigotry I encountered among the locals. I had never seen so much stupidity aimed at Immigrants, Jews, Gays and Blacks in one place.

That also was the same bar the local crack ring operated out of.

the merry widow said...

Well MadZ, we'd better leave this awful, prejudiced state and head for VT. to reform the natives! Iron skillets should work well! Want me to lend you one Beakerkin?


nanc said...

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, we don't want to cut their heads off with a dull, serrated knife like they want to do to u.s.? what a relief. because i pass out from paper cuts!

Freedomnow said...


I find it offensive that you use factual information to support your claims.

Leftist tradition maintains that the a legitimate viewpoint can only be made on an emotional level, using conjecture and exaggeration.

Please rethink your cold and unfeeling research and find your way to a more compassionate Liberal level.

Freedom Later
(Now's evil bizarro self)

MissingLink said...

It's hard to find Aussie crime statistics because the authorities don't want to open the proverbial Pandora box (ethnic crime rates).

All I know is that Muslims comprise only 1.36% of our population and 30% of the total prison population.

Thanks for the invitation Beak.
I'd settle in AR somewhre close to Nanc.

I wouldn't worry about Anum - "it" is not a real McKoy.

nanc said...

well, you're quite welcome here linkster - arkansas is quite possibly the only state in the u.s. that big brother hasn't discovered yet - shhhhhhhhhh...we like it that way....we don't really care how they do it in any other state. no, no, no!

nanc said...

p.s. we did see a couple of muslims in branson (steal your dollar city) friday when we were there and while i was leery - it was our 14+ year old son who was profiling - he said, "mom - did you see those muslims with the lady all wrapped up in cloth? with the baby stroller? mom, i kept thinking there was a bomb wrapped up in that blanket in the stroller!" i told him he was going to make himself crazy, but at least he is aware of the possibilities.

nanc said...

p.s. fern needs an avatar!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I still get a little skeptical around hippies with backpacks.

nanc said...

you never know, beamish, you never know - that compounded with the smell of patchouli and you have the makings of a free for all...

F.B. Jones said...

I HATE HIPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and Patchouli. Just typing it makes me want to relapse!

Mad Zionist said...

I let my feelings known about how islam and the liberals who appease them need to be dealt with on my blog: Penn State declares war on the Jews.

Merry Widow: Vermont? Yea right. I'd be gleefully picking off the vermin intruding on The Land way before I considered that move.

the merry widow said...

Your'e right MadZ! I was a pullin' your leg, we have enough to do here in sunny old'. My area is starting to get large #'s of Cubans, I have little problem with them except they can bring down the property values, depends on who moves in. But I refuse to learn Spanish to accomadate(sic) them! Just finished my coffee and it hasn't kicked in yet. My problem is the illegal Haitians and Mexicans who are coming in, it's the illegal part that bothers me. If they are here by breaking the law they will continue to break the law! And this has happened in my neighborhood! And don't tell me I'm prejudiced, I voted for Martinez! I do live in a fairly conservative area, but there is a surfer city north of me!

Good morning all!

Always On Watch said...

Blogger is down for publishing at the moment, and I, too, will post on the following, at Democracy Frontline:

Who Is "Lover of Angels"?

As you're interested in exposing leftist professors, I know that you'll want to see the above article.

Mr. Ducky said...

I'm surprised you think the "hate crime" idea is so useful.

Now is the defenition of a "hate crime" consistent across states? Of course you haven't looked into that.

Another useless column from Beak, you should hang out over at Jason Pap Smears site. That's one big hate fest.

nanc said...

beak - check this out, but i'm sure you already know about this:

i had no idea there was an islamic thinker's society!

Always On Watch said...

ITS is a real hate-fest, huh? I posted that info over at IBA. The article is quite far down on the page now, but I think it's still easily available. Blogger won't allow publishing today. I expect Blogger to shut down completely before the problem is resolved.

See what happens when I take a day off? LOL.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

One of Amun's first posts at "her" website was an advert for an ITS meeting...


Always On Watch said...

I saw that. Guess that tells us where Anum's philosophy lies.

With the Blogger glitch today, I can't put up my new article, but at least I can travel around and make comments. But my poor students may have to do without the homework blog, and that means I might get flooded with phone calls and emails.

American Crusader said...

anti semitism doesn't exist..he should have seen the demonstrations outside Israel's embassy this weekend. What a moron.
Hey...I am from New York.

Mr. Ducky said...

A demonstration outside the Israeli embassy constiutes anti-semitism.

Poor strategy, American Crusader, you trivialize a serious concept and get it to the point that it means absolutely nothing.

beakerkin said...


Claiming the real Holocaust is about to begin is Anti Semitic.

I am certain if real Americans held a protest at MIT and called for a lynching of Marxists you would be screaming. I wouldn't want to lynch Marxists but they should be deported. How would you like to go to Cuba one way ?