Saturday, April 29, 2006

Are Communnist Genocide Deniers ?

On the previous post the behavior of John Brown and to a lesser extent the Duck are revealing. Their reaction to a post that accuses Communism of 100,000,000 deaths is
to do the following.

1 Blame Israel. Israel is not relevant to the crimes of Communism. Moreover their monofocus on Israel and the United States is fairly typical. Communist kill 100,000,000 but Israel is the criminal regime. Communist kill 100,000,000 but lets go back to Israel.

2Historical Dementia . The crimes of Communist against indigenous people including Chechens, Tartars, Balts,Poles, Miskito Indians, Ukranians, Tibetians are well established facts. The brutal history of Muslim Jihads and Jim Crow opression against Various Christians, Jews , Hindooooos, Bhooooodists, Zoooooroasssstrians and others is well known.

Brown wails about American mistreatment of Indians and slavery but endorses exact equivalents via manifesto and Koran. Most of us are well aware of the wars against the American Indian. However, the tribes were decimated by diseases for which they had no immunity such as small pox. Nor were many of these tribes peaceful people like the Land O Lakes maiden. Native American Societies were diverse and there were war like tribes and peaceful tribes. The vast majority of us are aware of the broken treaties and crimes against Native Americans and do not endorse this behavior.

However, the identical crimes of Communism and Islam are mitigated by Brown and the Duck. Thus slavery is evil when practiced in the US but okay in Gulags, Chinese equivalents and via Koran. Imperialism and interference is an American and Israeli crime but perfectly fine when done via manifesto and Koran.

3Political Prisoners
Anatoly Scharansky wants to leave the Soviet Union and is placed in prison.
Brown talks of Mumia Jamal who shot a police officer in the back. The police officer wonded returns fire and hits Mumia in the Chest. Mummia is found wearing a holster
and the gun registered to Mumia with five spent shells is found near Mumia. Unlike Browns myth the bullets in officer Faulkner were the same caliber as Mumia's gun. Most Mumia crank defenders maintain a crank mystery gunman theory. Moreover Mummia himself has never denied he killed officer Faulkner.

Mummia has sat for decades awaiting his justice while Ed Assssner and Mike " Moron" Farell and other bozo far left clown spin yarns. Mummia adresses Commie groups and has a radio show. Scharansky was not allowed to have visits with his family and letters were blotted out. Why he was not allowed to study Hebrew is more curious. Learning Hebrew was not permitted in the Soviet Union. Commies lecture us about rights and then create speech codes and ban Hebrew.

The reader should note that Commies like JB and Duncy excuse and mittigate crimes by Communist regimes and via Koran while placing every action of the US and Israel under a microscope. The truth is that aparthied was an evil system but people did not starve until Mugabe enacted Marxism. Does Brown or Ducky condemn Zimbabwe's oppressive thugocracy ? They change the subject but this is exactly the game Commies play. The United States and Israel are held to high standards and Commies and third world states are held to none.

Chapter one of the Black Book Straight ahead.

Beamish in 08, Ducky still in denial and 167 RIP


nanc said...

oh beak - you do have your work cut out for you. the subject matter at hand is alluring to loonartics. you may end up with a entire new set of...ahem...trollskys!

the merry widow said...

Good ones Nanc! haahaahaaheeheehee!
Good morning Beakerkin!


John Brown said...

Actually, Toady, you need to read what I wrote more carefully.

I have said, and will continue to say, that you're decision to cite the Black Book is demonstrative proof that you allign yourself politically with the fascists and Nazi sympathizers.

I don't need to debunk it.

In talking about the Nazi party, Trotsky pretty well pinned down the White Supremacist followers of 32% and the gang:

"Despair has raised them to their feet fascism has given them a banner. Everything that should have been eliminated from the national organism in the form of cultural excrement in the course of the normal development of society has now come gushing out from the throat; capitalist society is puking up the undigested barbarism. Such is the physiology of National Socialism."

beakerkin said...


You are the Communist equivalent of a Holocaust denier. The rampant crimes of Communism are visable but your denial of facts is revealing.

Mr 32% was elected by the American people in a fair multi party election. When is the last time your boy Fidel had an election or the thugs in China.

The facts are that Communism is a criminal ideaology that produces blood shed and mayhem everywhere.
The authors point is not rehabilitate Nazism but to point out the scale of misery created by Communism.

In short you are in denial . Mr 32% has nothing to do with the history of Communism. This is yet another example of spin .

Me Communism killed 100,000,000
JB Isreal is evil
Me Israel has zero relevance to the 100,000,000 dead
JB Mr 32% invaded Iraq
Me Still not relevant to the history of Communism.
JB Toady you are a white supremacist because you want to kill Mumia
Me Not relevant and Mumia killed a cop be shooting him in the back.

The pattern is when you do not like the facts you make them up. The CIA killed Daniel Perl and Lynee Stewart is a political prisoner.

Fact there are still 100,000,000 dead due to Communist duplicity.

nanc said...

beak - one

browniebutton - still in the loo

John Brown said...

Sure thing. Keep citing your little fascist Cheneyfacts.

Perhaps you can enlighten us as to why you, a Nazi sympathizer, now support the right of Apartheid Israel to kill Palestinian babies? Moreover, after standing firm in support of the Nazi's right to toss Jews onto Indian Reservations, why do you now support their rights to steal the home of any Arab?

In fact, you fund it. Why in the world does a Nazi sympathizer happily fund Apartheid Israel's land theft? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Especially considering that people like you threw them into the ovens.

nanc said...

beak - are you having problems with blogger comments this morning?

John Brown said...

Hey, shitposter!

John Brown said...

Regarding Zimbabwe: Toady would much rather go back to the days of Rhodesia, when Apartheid ruled that country.

Mugabe isn't a prince. He got in bed with corrupt institutions like the IMF. But he led the resistance against Apartheid.

That opposition to Apartheid and the supporters of Apartheid explains pretty easily why the John Kerrys and Toadys of the world call him a terrorist.

John Brown said...

More Uncle Sam support for terrorism.

Will Toady condemn it. HELL NO! Toady stands STEADFAST in support of terrorism.

beakerkin said...


You are soooo original the Jooooo/Nazi came is the ldest cannard in the Commie playbook. Yet this still has no relavance to the fact that Communism is a criminal ideaology that has produced 100,000,000 dead and climbing.

Lets see was aparthied more evil then Communism no. People did not starve under a repressive apartheid regime. In fact Communist have a history of using starvation as a weapon. Then there are mass arrests and class genocide. Any comparison of repugnant aparthied shows Communists to be more deadly and repressive in comparison.

Moving along to Israel Brown keeps forgetting to remember that Joooos and not Mooooooslims are the indigenous people of Israel. One can not steal land that you are indigenous upon. As for blowing up babies yes in Pizzerias and busses the Pseudostinians do it all the time. Arabs have plenty of real estate and ethnically cleansed territory and should settle the Arabs on their turf. The Christians can stay for their own saftey.

Aparthied is fine in JB's view as long as Jews and Christians get the short end of the stick.

Still no defense of Communism Brownie.

the merry widow said...

Plus the archeological evidence for the presence of the Jews in antiquity grows almost yearly! Daily I should say! The canaanites were not arabs, they are decendents of Ham(who was black), the palis are decendents of the philistines who I believe were called "the people from the sea". They were present in Spain and southern England. So should the palis get parts of Spain and England even though they were run off or intermarried with Romans, Celts, Goths of various flavors, Moors, Britans etc.? ad absurdum.
And what does that have to do with 100,000,000 killed by the communists of various countries?


beakerkin said...


This is a game that Commies play they shift the focus everytime their history is placed under scrutiny. All of know Nazism was evil and so was aparthied. However Communism is just as evil as Nazism and demonstrably worse then Aparthied.

the merry widow said...

Worse certainly, Beak. Yeah, I guess I had some, small(teeny, tiny, not to be seen) hope to show his absurdity. Haahaa, not a chance. We counselors wax ever hopeful, but I am also realist to know that some people love thier filthy stys to much to ever leave them! I tried, the end!


F.B. Jones said...

Communism is a treat compared to listening to JB's ranting.

Mustang said...

Are communists and socialists in denial? Does a bear poop in the woods?

Warren said...

Remember the child that sticks its fingers in it ears and goes, NYAA NYAA NYAA NYAA.

It doesn't want to hear.

He is incapable of argument so he throws a perpetual tantrum. He can't factually defend anything he says so he resorts to the nonsense of repetition of meaningless nonsense phrases and slogans.

JB, The sky is red!

Beak, No, its blue.

JB, You are a Nazi!

Beak, Even if I were a Nazi, the sky would still be blue.

JB, You are a racist! ... (ad nauseam)

Hypothesis #1:

JB is an Internet pervert who attempts to shock people in the same fashion as an obscene phone caller.

Hypothesis #2:

JB is profoundly mentally disturbed, (which still doesn't preclude hypothesis #1).


Those who support Mumia Abu-Jamal often allege that the bullet removed from Officer Faulkner's brain was .44 caliber. Jamal's gun -- found on the ground next to him at the crime scene -- was a .38 caliber revolver. Therefore, his supporters argue, Jamal couldn't have fired the shot that killed Officer Faulkner.

When asked to provide proof to support this allegation, Jamal's supporters point to a handwritten note made by Assistant Medical Examiner, Dr. Paul Hoyer. Dr. Hoyer's note said, "shot 44 Cal".

Dr. Hoyer testified at the 1995 PCRA Hearing and explained that his 1981 note merely reflected his speculation at what caliber the bullet might be, made when he first saw the wound and before he started the autopsy. The note was written on a piece of scrap paper, and was not a part of (and was never intended to be a part of) his professional findings.

Some of Jamal's supporters, including his attorneys, have now altered this ".44 caliber" myth, and now argue that there may be several fragments of the bullet "missing," and that if these fragments were the correct size and weight, they would prove that the bullet was .44 caliber. They have never offered any evidence, of any kind, to support this theory.


Official ballistics tests done on the fatal bullet verify that Officer Faulkner was killed by a .38 caliber bullet, not a .44 caliber bullet. The fatal .38 slug was a Federal brand Special +P bullet with a hollow base (the hollow base in a +P bullet was distinctive to Federal ammunition at that time). It is the exact type (+P with a hollow base), brand (Federal), and caliber (.38) of bullet found in Jamal's gun. Additionally, tests have proven that the bullet that killed Officer Faulkner was fired from a weapon with the same rifling characteristics as Jamal's .38 Caliber revolver. Further, Jamal's own ballistics expert, George Fassnacht, conceded in his 1995 PCRA testimony that the fatal bullet was not .44 caliber, and that it was most "likely" a .38. Although the D.A.'s officer offered in open court to let Jamal's attorneys test the fatal bullet, they refused this offer, and have never offered any alternative test results to counter the above evidence. Dr. James Hoyer's handwritten notation on a piece of scrap paper certainly does not constitute such evidence. Dr. Hoyer, a medical doctor who has had no formal ballistics training, has never claimed that he was able to determine the caliber of the bullet. He plainly testified in 1995 that what he wrote was a "guess." Furthermore, Dr. Hoyer testified that, after writing this guess, he had measured the bullet with a standard ruler. Although he acknowledged that this was not the accepted scientific method by which to gage the caliber of a bullet, his rough measurement was consistent with the slug being .38 caliber, and not a .44. Finally, Dr. Hoyer testified that, at the time he made his .44 caliber guess -- while looking at the horrendous wound to Officer Faulkner's head -- he was unaware that the killer had been using high-velocity +P ammunition. Had he known this, he would not have assumed that the slug was of an unusually large caliber.

So maybe the gun the police produced as evidence against Jamal was thrown there in order to frame him? No. The gun had been legally purchased by Jamal years prior to the shooting, and was registered in his name.


Despite the meaningless nature of Dr. Hoyer's notation, those who support Jamal often argue that the jury should have heard about it at the 1982 trial anyway. But had the defense introduced Hoyer's notation, there is no doubt that Hoyer would have been called to testify about it. What Jamal's supporters hide is the fact that this is exactly what happened in 1995.

At the 1995 PCRA hearing, Dr. Hoyer appeared as a defense witness. Leonard Weinglass asked Doctor Hoyer about his "44 cal" notation:

Weinglass, "What is it doctor?"

Dr. Hoyer: "It's a notation I made on a piece of paper that was normally, normally discarded."

N. T. 8/9/95, 186

Dr. Hoyer readily admitted that he had no formal ballistics training.

Fisk: "Am I correct sir, that you've never had training in the field of ballistics and firearms identification?"

Hoyer: "I've never had formal training in that, that is correct."

Fisk: "And am I correct that in 1981 you were by no means an expert in that field?"

Hoyer: "That is correct."

Fisk: "Would I be correct that any statement by you as to the caliber of any projectile would merely be a lay guess and not that, not the valuation of an expert in the field of ballistics?"

Hoyer: "Correct."

N.T. 8/9/95,191-192


In the 1982 trial, the prosecution Firearms Examiner, Anthony Paul, was asked if the bullet removed from Officer Faulkner's brain was consistent with having been fired from a Charter Arms .38 caliber revolver (the type of gun owned by Jamal and found next to him at the scene). Paul states that it is.

Paul: "It's possible to say that it [the bullet which killed Officer Faulkner] was fired from a revolver with that type of rifling, with the Charter Arms type of rifling."

N.T. 6/23/82, 6.110

Later at trial, defense attorney Anthony Jackson asks Anthony Paul if the general rifling characteristics etched of the bullet removed from Officer Faulkner's brain matched the pattern found in the barrel of Jamal's gun. Mr. Paul states that they clearly do match Jamal's gun.

"The general characteristics being part of the eight lands and grooves and a right hand direction of twist, you have a part of that [bullet] still exposed with sufficient quantity to be able to say that a firearm rifled with eight lands and grooves with a right hand direction of twist discharged that projectile."

N.T. 6/23/82, 6.168

Anthony Paul goes on to state that there are many .38 caliber handguns with eight lands and grooves and a right hand twist, and that the fatal bullet was so deformed that it could not be scientifically matched to Jamal's gun to the exclusion of all other firearms. However, he stresses the fact that there was one, and only one, gun with all of these characteristics at the crime scene -- the gun owned by Mumia Abu-Jamal. This is the same gun that was registered in Jamal's name and that was found next to him at the crime scene less than a minute after the shooting. By any rational standard, these facts show that the fatal bullet was fired from Jamal's gun.

In addition to matching the general rifling characteristics of the gun used to kill Officer Faulkner, Jamal's five-shot Charter Arms handgun contained five spent casings from hollow-base .38 caliber high velocity Special +P ammunition. Of the shells found in Jamal's gun, all were +P ammunition, (4 were Federal brand and 1 Remington). In 1981, Federal was the only brand of +P ammunition that had a hollow base. Additionally, Anthony Paul acknowledged that the +P bullet was a type of ammunition that was rarely seen in 1981. Anthony Paul commented that the +P is a unique bullet, with an extra heavy load of gunpowder. It so devastates its target that police departments are restricted from using it.

This extensive ballistics evidence clearly ties Jamal's gun to the murder. But his attorneys and supporters simply ignore this evidence, hide it, or act as if it doesn't exist.


Anyone who doubts that the gun found next to Jamal was actually his gun should have a look at the trial evidence. The gun was purchased by Mumia Abu-Jamal and registered in his name. A storeowner, Joseph Kohn, testified in 1982 and stated that he sold Jamal this exact gun on July 17, 1979. (Two years before Jamal became a cab driver.) He produced a purchase receipt with Jamal's signature on it and a serial number that matched Jamal's gun. Additionally, Jamal was wearing an empty shoulder holster when he was apprehended. Even Jamal's own lawyers admit that he was carrying a gun that morning -- though they have never explained what he intended to do with it, other than murder Officer Faulkner.


It sounds absurd. But to date, Jamal's ballistics expert George Fassnacht -- the same ballistics expert Jamal had at the 1982 trial -- has refused to even look at the bullet that killed Officer Faulkner, much less run tests on it himself. There is no doubt that if the bullet was not .38 caliber, as Jamal's supporters so vigorously proclaim, it would have been a simple matter for Jamal's ballistics expert to verify this. But that, of course, would require Jamal's expert to at least look at the physical evidence. Yet when offered the opportunity to do exactly that at the 1995 PCRA hearing, Jamal's expert flatly refused to look at the bullet, and Jamal's lawyers stood by and said nothing. Jamal's refusal to test the bullet gives us all the insight we could ever need into the validity of his ballistics claims.

In July 1995, Assistant District Attorney Joey Grant asked Fassnacht:

Grant: "Well, you have opined that since you didn't have a chance to look at the evidence, test the evidence [in 1981], all you did was read a report. Well, we [now] have what you didn't have in 1981. Would you be willing to try a hand at it now?"

Fassnacht: "Would I be willing to reexamine this evidence? No, I wouldn't"

N.T. 8/2/95, 150

Further exposing the myth that the fatal bullet was .44 caliber is the fact that George Fassnacht has never stated that he believes the bullet is .44 caliber. Instead, while testifying in 1995, Fassnacht actually agreed with the prosecutions findings.

ADA Grant: "In any event, no matter whether that explains it or not, you know from your own expertise that this is in no way close to being a .44 caliber bullet, don't you?"

Mr. Fassnacht replies, "Yes."

N.T. 8/2/95, 158

Fassnacht again repeated his belief that the bullet was not .44 caliber when he was cross examined by the Assistant DA Grant and asked the following:

ADA Grant: "Considering what you read, [the ballistics reports], you must admit to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that a .44 caliber that [bullet] was not?"

Fassnacht: "Yes."

N.T. 8/2/95, 160


The 1995 hearing completely refuted the .44 caliber myth. Yet outside the courtroom, lawyer Leonard Weinglass continued to use this .44 caliber Myth to drum up public support for a convicted killer. Despite the fact that his allegation that the bullet was .44 caliber was contradicted by his own ballistics expert, Weinglass still shamelessly repeats this myth at his public presentations on the alleged "facts of the case."


After a four month investigation of the facts of this case, the ABC News program 20/20 aired a broadcast that looked into this and other myths offered up by Jamal's lawyers as evidence of his alleged innocence. While being interviewed by Sam Donaldson, Leonard Weinglass's sham regarding the caliber of the fatal bullet was captured on film for all to see. Cornered by Donaldson, Weinglass was forced on nationwide television to publicly back away from his .44 caliber claim -- though he continues to say the opposite, to this day, in his off-camera lectures.

SAM DONALDSON: The police say that that slug has the lands and grooves consistent with being a .38 slug.


SAM DONALDSON: But if it's a .38, then your contention that it was a .44 is wrong.

LEONARD WEINGLASS: Well, I think that issue is very much something that should be played out in front of a jury.


Because the testimony of their own ballistics expert publicly refuted the idea that the fatal bullet was .44 caliber, the defense has now added a new spin on the .44 caliber theory. They now claim that there may be a "fragment" or even multiple fragments of the fatal bullet that are supposedly "missing." Though they have never offered any evidence to prove this in court, they claim that if this supposedly missing fragment just happened to be the right size, it would verify that the bullet was .44 caliber.

But the new myth continues to be plagued by the problems of the old one -- as so often happens when the truth intrudes on fantasy. Like the old myth, the new one directly conflicts with all of the ballistics tests, as well as the expert testimony from both the defense and the prosecution.

Further, it is plainly dishonest for Jamal to claim that something is "missing" when he never looked for it. Since Jamal's expert refused to examine the physical evidence, his lawyers are simply lying when they pretend to know that part of it is "missing."


Officer Faulkner was killed by a .38 caliber bullet from Jamal's .38 caliber gun.

JB, "I" am an expert in ballistics.

nanc said...

well, well, well...

beakerkin said...


This may sound funny but in a true Communist state John Brown might get shot about a week after me. Communists in the current era are obsessed with Jews who support Israel. They also liquidate class enemies so I would be high on the list. Mustang and Warren might outrank me on the list as exmilitary people.

Communists do kill their own and JB is nothing more then a useful idiot at best to a dedicated Communist like the Duck and an embarassment at worst.


There is a decided negative stigma to Holocaust Deniers.Yet we have plenty of people who insist that the Khmer Rouge were not Communists
and attempt to pin the blame on the personalities Mao , Stalin etc. There is zero difference between class genocide of Communists and the racial genocide of Nazis. Killing the Kulaks as a class is not better then killing Jews on racial grounds.


I have heard the story of the .44 myth and now we know the origin. Thank you for explaining the origin of that fantasy of the left.
One important other note Mumia shot Faulkner in the back.

I did make a serious error in comparing Scharansky to Mummia. Any such comparison is an insult to Scharansky who just wanted to leave the workers paradise. The anti semitism that Scharansky describes in the Soviet Union is swept under the rug by Ducky.

Anonymous said...

A man dies and goes to hell. There he discovers that he has a choice: he can go to capitalist hell or to communist hell. Naturally, he wants to compare the two, so he goes over to capitalist hell. There outside the door is the devil, who looks a bit like Ronald Reagan. "What's it like in there?" asks the visitor. "Well," the devil replies, "in capitalist hell, they flay you alive, then they boil you in oil and then they cut you up into small pieces with sharp knives."

"That's terrible!" he gasps. "I'm going to check out communist hell!" He goes over to communist hell, where he discovers a huge queue of people waiting to get in. He waits in line. Eventually he gets to the front and there at the door to communist hell is a little old man who looks a bit like Karl Marx. "I'm still in the free world, Karl," he says, "and before I come in, I want to know what it's like in there."

"In communist hell," says Marx impatiently, "they flay you alive, then they boil you in oil, and then they cut you up into small pieces with sharp knives."

"But… but that's the same as capitalist hell!" protests the visitor, "Why such a long queue?"

"Well," sighs Marx, "Sometimes we're out of oil, sometimes we don't have knives, sometimes no hot water…"


Warren said...

FJ, That's funny!


Interesting conversation with another useful idiot, yesterday: (Reminiscent of "Who's on first?")

Idiot: Who was Cinco de Mayo?

Warren: Its the 5th of May.

Idiot: I knew it was next week but who was Cinco de Mayo?

Warren: Its Spanish.

Idiot: (with look of incomprehension), I thought it was Mexican.

Warren: No, I mean its Spanish for "the fifth of May", a Mexican holiday. Its kind of like the Fourth of July. It celebrates the defeat of the French army by the Mexicans at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862.

Idiot: (disbelieving), Well I'm going to look it up. I don't know why the French would have anything to do with it!

Next time he sees me, he'll act like he knew it all along and was testing me. LOL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes warren, I got that same kinda thing the other day over at Jason's. I quote Nietzsche, and immediately the guy starts calling me a nihilist. I explain (rudely) that Nietzsche was the first modern philosopher to try and move beyond nihilism, and then he immediately claims that he was actually NOT referring to the Nietzsche quote, he was referring to me on the basis of my "other" postings(mostly on beauty and the sublime and the epistemology of Kant...) how is THAT nihilistic? If I were a nihilist, I'd be suicidal, not "lovin' life" like I am, trying to suck out its' marrow.


Warren said...

FJ, I think that, ("If I were a nihilist, I'd be suicidal, not "lovin' life" like I am, trying to suck out its' marrow."), ties it up nicely.

Its a rather sharp dividing line!

We ought to make a law that people can't use words that they don't understand. With a hefty fine, we could afford to buy them a clue!


the merry widow said...

Getting hit in the wallet does have that effect Warren. Something that I have used to good effect with my 2! Of course they have brains inside thier heads, that does make a difference!


Warren said...

A guy meets and old friend and finds out he has turned into a Marxist. Supprised, he asks him:

Guy: What happened to you, you used to be so rational?

Marxist: I had an operation so I would fit in with the professors at the University.

Guy: Was it painful?

Marxist: Only when the stuck that needle in behind my ear and sucked out most of my brain!

the merry widow said...

Watches as friend's head implodes! Walks away shaking his head. Moral; friends don't let friends work at universities!


Always On Watch said...

The brutal history of Muslim Jihads and Jim Crow opression against Various Christians, Jews , Hindooooos, Bhooooodists, Zoooooroasssstrians and others is well known.

Of those last groups, all but Zoroastrians were represented in the group of speakers at the symposium I just attended. Quite a balance on the podium and in the attendees.

MissingLink said...

The truth for a communist (real one) is a relative quality/item.
Of course this "rational" approch ends when it come to promoting their ultimate, absolute value.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

We ought to make a law that people can't use words that they don't understand.

Revoke the free speech rights of leftists?

I like it.

As President, I will work hard to pass the Shut Your Dumb Ass Up Act.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey mustang...denial of what?

After you and warren cash your nanny benefit checks, let me know?