Sunday, April 30, 2006

Has this blog become a troll magnet

This blog has a series of pests ranging from Ducky to Anum to John Brown. The Duck is not a troll in the standard sense. The Duck does raise relevant points and creates a starting point for discussion. He is an anti semite but that is a near universal malady among the far left. The Duck is the official Troll of this blog as we prefer Trolls that have some coherence and never cry. Crying and whining is unmanly that is why 167 was never named the official troll.

Anum is not a troll either in that she drops one remark and goes. Sadly, Anum has yet to understand that her views only redouble our opposition. Anum is convinced that she has the Key to heaven and we are all misguided and lesser people because we do not embrace Islam. Anums closed tent and Jim Crow like world view are repugnant to the vast majority of us. Most of us acknowledge the difference between Civil and theological law. I prefer to let the big guy upstairs deal with theological issues. Any attempt to subject the USA to Talmudic law would be more comedic then dangerous and no Jew advocates this absurd concept.

John Brown feels a need to be heard and to do verbal combat. He has a blog that nobody reads is vulgar and just lies through his teeth. A minor example is the bit that the CIA killed Daniel Perl . Not even the most deranged of leftists in NYC and VT believe that crap. He still has not figured out that you do not build a blog with people who oppose your views. If you want to build readership you find people with similar views and trolls will migrate there. He feels a need to have a seat at our family table. This is not unusual as plenty of people come and enjoy our Community.
We get new members all the time like Kevin, Kyle and I wish Storm would check in more often. In fact we welcome those who seek to get a start like FB Jones.

One of the reasons I do the interviews was I wanted to give new bloggers a chance to meet our older members. One day I will have to figure out a way to do a team interview of all these new team blogs. Nanc and Warren , Warren and AOW and Justin and Rob in a team interview would be fun. My offer to interview any new blogger is still open. John Brown has not requested an interview but he would have to answer questions.

My most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang Of Social Sense
3 Jeff Bargholz
4 Mike of Mikes America
5 Esther of Outside the Blogway
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Farmer John This interview would be mostly on Art and Litt
8 Kevin of Amboy Times
9 Bum From Jersey
10 Rob the Dirty Liberal who is the rare comedic left type.

Weasie is another vulgar troll who has his own blog with low readership. He has exhibited a range of mental health disorders and loathsome behavior on FPM. He has run into the paradox of bloggging in that he wants an audience but lacks the social graces to find it. Maybe the solution would be for John Brown and Weasie to form their own community of vulgar Commies but that would be common sense.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to get married to Ernie in MA and 167 RIP


F.B. Jones said...

At least you have bums.

F.B. Jones said...

and trolls.....

beakerkin said...


The key to blogging is to stay with
it. Warren and I started or blogs with no community. Along the way we met Mr Beamish and Jason Pappas. A poster who was an upstart AOW developed a huge following. Her blog dwarfs mine and Warren's.

The key is to have patience and find some gimmicks that work for you. I started off as WWE Commie crunching style. Then I moved to research posts. I added several experiments such as cyber roasts and interviews.

You are miles ahead of where Warren
and I started from. Have patience and be careful for what you desire in case you get it.

I honestly wanted to post on California litt but a troll invasion forced my hand.

Always On Watch said...

A poster who was an upstart AOW developed a huge following.

I'm an upstart? Damn!

No offense taken, of course. You are family, Beak. Besides, the electronic bar did a lot to help me out.

The main reason I have a huge following is because of the car accident. I was laid up all summer and spent 16 hours a day in the blogosphere and made lots of contacts. I had to stay occupied so as to forget the pain.

I wish Storm would check in more often.

Not long ago, he checked in on one of my buried identity-theft articles. I think he's been very busy with work lately.

Your interviews rock, Beak! I hope that someone consents soon.

nanc said...

O.T. - beak, our friend donal has a new blog - slamming d.u. - now that ought to brings some trolls out from under the bridge:

Robert Bayn said...

I'm offended i'm not on the troll list, what do i have to do to get on the list, dammit!

beakerkin said...

Rob you are too ahem conventional in your politics. One can disagree and have good intentions. This is a far cry from John Brown, Anum and to a lesser degree the Ducky.

Nanc I saw Donals new blog has already attracted the evil one who never left FPM. Shame on FPM staff for not prosecuting Socrates and ending his digraceful behavior. He never left FPM but posted under a range of aliases.

AOW you were an upstart way back when. Now the upstart is much larger then her peers. Your example should remind everyone what the keys to generating a good blog are.

1 Great Content
2 Be a good host
3 Have a fun time while you are doing it.
4 Be helpful to new bloggers.

American Crusader said...

I would not even be interested in listening to an interview featuring John Brown.
It's not his viewpoint that bothers me as much as his vile hatred towards others.
I would add to your list above to be open to other viewpoints, which your site definitely does.

the merry widow said...

A.C.-You are right on the money! I would totally avoid an interview of jb! Ducky doesn't get a roast of himself, what would an attention hog like jb be like with an interview? It would be pure spew. No thanks!


nanc said...

it'd be more like standing behind a septic cleanout truck without any protective clothing while they open the valves. things that make you go "blechhhhhhhhhh"!

beakerkin said...

Alas Drummaster it is time for another poster abortion.

Socrates is a vile pedophile . He is an unwanted lifeform and waste of Oxygen .

Revup the shop vac lard %^%&^ is going to be aborted.


Ah another poster abortion feeeels
sooooooo goooood

Always On Watch said...

AOW you were an upstart way back when.

But I was a persistent one. That's key, I think, as is some variety and fun (all of which you've mentioned).

MissingLink said...

It's not his viewpoint that bothers me as much as his vile hatred towards others.

Communism is built upon hate.
From the very beginning (and starting with its creator) the communist gurus were social misfits and losers with no life to talk about.

beakerkin said...

Felis I think the correct term is alienation. One has to destroy the existing order to create these utopias. The Franfurt school has made matters worse.

Is the Frankfurt school in Australia.