Thursday, April 27, 2006

Interuption of Schedule

I apologize to all those who were enjoyng From West To East. Stephen Schwartz is an excellent author and this effort is well worth reading. In an ideal situation all of my readers including the Duck could kick back and diescuss California litt. However, we have a vulgar problem with the initials JB.

Most of us know Communism was evil but I am more concerned about the Rob Bayn's then JB. Rob doesn't understand why I am vehemently anti Communist. Rob is a patriotic liberal with a different view point. I am concerned when a good person is unaware of the legacy and the true nature of Communism. Rob is not to be faulted as he has been bombarded with a popular culture that distorts the facts about a genocidal system.

If anyone was to get up and try to defend Nazism and say that genocide was just a misguided part of a good idea they would be correctly ridiculed. There is something perverse about a Marxist like the Duck railing against Rand. Rand and Liberterians do not have a history of failure and 100,000,000 dead. Yet we have a plethora of apologists making every excuse under the sun for this failed system. We have Commie apologists in our University system. This makes as much sense as placing pedophiles in jobs at daycare centers or Bankrobbers as security guards in banks.

Communists are natural bigots and it is safe to assume that if you hear an anti semite 80% of the time it is a comie . The almost as incoherent anarchists are responsible for almost the entire remainder. A commie feels no shame at using racial slurs on those who disagree with them . Thus Brown feels he has the divine right to use racial slurs. However if one of us used a similar slur about Charlie " the red " Rangel all hell would break loose.

I also find it humorous that the Duck feels a need to lecture Felis who lived under Communism about his experiences. Sorry Ducky but Felis lived in your workers paradise. Your workers paradise was not lost it never existed .

Sit back and enjoy the brutality as we bring you the oft quoted but seldom read Black Book of Communism.

Beamish in 08 , Ducky to Gitmo and 167 unread.


nanc said...

i don't like charlie "the red" rangel - he reminds me too much of susan estrich.

Kyle said...

I hate to come in on the tail end of a thread, but I like being first.
I am a conservative/libertarian but I despise the Randians, for the same reason I have contempt for most leftists.
These are not serious people, they take their pie in the sky theories and push them to the utmost limit. There is no middle ground either. You have to agree with them or you are an ignorant "looter"
Rand made the same mistake that Marx made, even though they were opposites. They were both materialists.
But guess what? Humans are not only material, we have a spiritual, emotional, and artistic nature as well.
Ignoring that is the essence of folly.

Always On Watch said...

Your proposed serialization looks interesting. I'll be tied up with the symposium most of the weekend but will catch up when I can.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Do you know what the difference between a Randian Objectivist and a libertarian is?

Randian Objectivists smoke cigarettes because it "looks cool."

Warren said...

Nanc said:
" i don't like charlie "the red" rangel - he reminds me too much of susan estrich."

Its the voice!

nanc said...

well, warren - even you must admit it goes beyond that - they look a little alike also...maybe when charlie was born, they threw away some of the mold, but some of it grew back in the form of estrich.

happened to me.

MissingLink said...

It's going to be an exciting ride Beak