Saturday, April 01, 2006

Book Review Murder of a Nation by Henry Morgenthau

The Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocide is one of the most understudied events of the last century. The picture that people have of Islamo/Christian harmony under the Ottoman Empire is false. Muslim treated minorities worse then our Jim Crowe era. Yet we have a plethora of ignorant leftist talking about colonialism. Islamo colonialism is still a problem today and any notion of indigenous people in Israel that clings to fake indigenous ethnicities is a joke. Arabs invaded the area and never were indigenous but leftist like to invent facts.

The book recounts the American ambassadors attempts to save the Armenians. The German embassy did zero to aid the Armenians and there is considerable evidence that its local representatives supported the genocide.

There is a minor comedic subplot in that the Germans sent one of 167's favorite types of Jooooooooos to reason with Morgenthau. The German embassy sent a clown by the name Dr Nossig to talk to Morgenthau. This was a conversation between a Jew (Morgenthau) and a Joooooooo (Nossig). Nossig tells Morgenthau that the Ottomans would be happy to settle Jews in Israel as long as they gave up their zionist schemes.The notion that Jews should have a right to run their own affairs in lands they are indegenous must have gone over this clowns head.

The Germans were upset that their silence in the massacre of the Armenians was becoming known in the Western press. The Germans blamed the messenger rather then the inhuman policies they often endorsed. Morgenthau stood his ground and did whatever he could.

The book is a short excursion into a larger topic that should be studied. The comedy of the left in making a colonial oppresive people as the ultimate victims is readily apparent to anyone who has picked up a book. Muslims have zero claim to victim status or to point the finger at anyone. Any examination of their history of colonialism and brutality reveals the curent charges from the left to be absurd. The far left likes to reinvent history but Islamo oprsession and colonialism remain facts.


MissingLink said...

There are still families even in Poland and Ukrain (not to mention the Balkans)whose predecessors were taken into "jasyr" by the Tatars and became janissaries or sex slaves.
This only stopped in the mid 18th century.

Always On Watch said...

I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read just the first paragraph here.

The story of the Armenian genocide is glossed over in most history texts.

Always On Watch said...

Have you seen Felis's articles about the Nazi/Muslim connection? I've filed it somewhere, but don't have it handy. Maybe Felis will come back to this article and elaborate.

nanc said...

aow - there was recently a wapost editorial on that very subject approximately two weeks ago. i remember posting it everywhere i pitstopped that day. i'll see if i can find it. i know it's posted at freedomnow. hmmmmm. one of my greatest enjoyments is tickin' him off!

Always On Watch said...

I missed that editorial, I guess. Too much blogging. LOL.

You can email me if you find it.

nanc said...

my terrible, aow - they were watimes not wapost! yikes - here they are and i'll e-mail them to you also when i get the chance:

if you see them here first let me know.

MissingLink said...

Beak even left his comments for this particular post.
Here's the link just in case someone would be interested:

Always On Watch said...

Missing Link,

Kyle said...

The german complacency in the Armenian Genocide is all the more embarrading for them because it was Pre-nazi.
As for the Turks, Well at least you can give a small beinfit that after Gemal Attaturk they havent been committing large scale genocide.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As for the Turks, Well at least you can give a small beinfit that after Gemal Attaturk they havent been committing large scale genocide.

Genocide, no. But the traditionally Kurdish areas of Turkey are less Kurdish now, thanks to a policy that outside a NATO member's borders would be called "ethnic cleansing."

Jason_Pappas said...

Yes, and Constantinople was 25% Greek as recently as 50 years ago but almost no Greeks are there now except a few religious who symbolically act as if the city is still the center of the Orthodox Church. I’ve met many Greeks from Constantinople here in New York City.

Oh, yes, and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus … they haven’t changed completely.