Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beakerkin and the Crackhouse down the block

Now older readers are well aware of the police scrutiny in town. Not far from where I live the local police busted a crack ring. Now the locals are having all kinds of fun saying that there was no crack house in town until the NYC boy arrived. I am certain that the customers must have all been NYC types all three of us.

The part that annoys me the most is the sheer stupidity of this crew. What type of Morons burry money in their back yards anyway. Don't these amatuers know how to launder money. I could see a reality show NYC gangsta educates wannabe hoodlums. Well you need the accent deese , dem, dose and the mannerisms stop squezing my grapefruits.

The locals employed a drug cow instead of a drug mule. One of the members of the gang was a huge woman. On my first night in town she started to flirt with me and I made a much remember statement. " Well there is a time and place for cheap alcohol. Do you have anything with a halucinagen." People still joke about that line months later. I do not know what those hoodlums were thinking except if I am a cop I refuse to search that woman. Perhaps the dairy indudtry is so dominant in this state so a cow would draw less attention then a mule.

The locals are still a bit touchy about a minor joke I made. If disaster strikes this town everyone grab your guns and guard the key asset in this town the beverage mart. Half these people would be divorced if they ever sobered up.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I dunno, Beak. Whenever I have to stay in the hospital, I always look to be assisted by the nurses who have a half-pint bottle of cheap vodka in their lab coats. Those have the most nursing career experience.

MissingLink said...

Re: a half-pint bottle of cheap vodka in their lab coats.
It also saves on the anasthetic bills.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I tend not to rip on drunks. You never know when you'll have to stay in a hospital.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

There is more to life then cheap booze. There is expensive booze.

Did you see on American Crusader a Mr Beamish campaign promise to feed the detainees at Gitmo Pork and beans was made comment of the week.

nanc said...

beak, check these out:

all soybean products. he never bothered me after i made it clear to him that i wouldn't put up with his crappe and said if you - beak - wanted, could get the lowdown on any of us as for your position at dhs. of course, with the wood i have on people, could also find out JUST about anything i needed to know, but just don't care to. he NEVER bothered me again.

beakerkin said...

Nanc I saw the quotes in the original but Soc is obsessed with Donal. Donal is his obsession and anyone who is friendly with Donal becomes a target.

I am a target because I keep busting his aliases. Until about a month ago Meathead was widely accepted but now people know who he is . He fooled people like Zinla and Imp who should know better. Jinny knew who this was the whole time but has her own identity to protect.

American Crusader said...

A New York City gangster would never have buried money in the backyard. Cisco and Mad Dog 20/20 are still top sellers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Someone's been making campaign promises in my name?

What's this crap about feeding prisoners at Gitmo? Didn't they bring their own food?

beakerkin said...

Actually I started that gag at American Crusader. It proved to be a popular campaign theme but make them bring their own food is even better.

Always On Watch said...

Half these people would be divorced if they ever sobered up.

Bwahahahaha! But likely true!

the merry widow said...

Yeah, but how many have killed each other! Not that I'm complaining mind you. To each his or her own.