Monday, May 01, 2006

Communist as Societal Parasites and Faith Restored

You will see a whole range of protests by illegal aliens today . However you will not hear in the words of Paul Harvey " the rest of the story". This is one of the reasons that donating to Front Page Magazine is so important.

The media does a horrible job describing who is organizing these protests. In fact they do not with the exception of the NY Sun list or mention classic Communist front groups. Communists by nature are secretive and depend on stealth to achieve their goals. They depend on the use of fellow travelers to give them cover. At the hint of any outing of who they are they cry McCarthyism. However naming an actual Communist as a Communist is not McCarthyite. Nor were innocents even named by the original McCarthy.

Patriotic liberals like our friend Rob Bayn do not understand why we object to the presence of Communists in Peace protests. Communists have a history of subversion and espionage in this country. However, if one listens to their rants the only person guilty of espionage is Johnathan Pollard and "AIPAC". Communists are also genocide deniers just as evil as Holocaust deniers. They readily flout our laws with groups such as ISM and CPT as individuals are not allowed to conduct their own foreign policy.

The media does not tell you that Code Pink is a Commie front group . In fact they do not even ask the question. The other day the NY Daily News did a story about Code Pink grannies violating the law in their protest . The proper headline should read geriatric Commies hauled to Rikers Island for illegal protest and trespass. The media does not even ask the members are you communists ? Are you aware that you are members of a group that has commited treason against the US government by giving money to our enemies in Falujah.

The media will not tell you about the contingents of ANSWER, Code Pink, UPJ and National Liars Guild members. They will not write about the Pseudostinian flags and free Mummia placards that have zero to do with immigration. Nor will you see a word about anti Semitic placards blaming Jews for 9-11 or Israel bashing at an event that has zero to do with Israel.

The only place you might read about how the far left coopts these immigration protests is at Front Page Magazine and a few other Conservative sites. The far left likes to organize these events so that they can claim a larger numbers. However as a veteran of many peace protests few protestors are aware of the Commie organization and contingents in their midsts. Most are thoroughly disgusted but a few ask the same question " What is wrong with these people if they want peace". The problem is that any event organized and attended by Communists is forever tainted by their genocidal history.

On a personal note our mortal enemy has had his new aliases banned at FPM. It is sad that so many people who should clearly know better were fooled by Meathead/Socrates act. I am reffering to Impertinent, Zinla, and Northern Steve who should have known better. Meathead was Socrates ultimate alias as he always dreamed of an alias that was an authority figure. My turning on the light on this fake professor woke up many
and make no mistake J Lowe was well aware of who meathead was. However J Lowe posted under the name Lobsterman and a trip to the archives readily points this out.

David Horowitz is fighting the noble fight against Commie subversion. It is important that we stand behind him in this fight. So if you have ever enjoyed FPM or Moonbat Central cut a check for $25.00 dollars today. If you were a fan of any of his
great books, those or Richard Poe cut a check for $25.00 today. If you enjoy the writings of Lee Kaplan, David Yeagley, Gamliel Isaac, Robert Spenser, Daniel Pipes or Serge Trifkofic cut a check for $25.00 today. If you even like endorse your check with the phrase abort Socrates today. DH has a great sense of humor and will cash your check . I will send out another check for 99.99 with one cent taken off with the phrase abort Socrates today make FPM a better place.

Mr Beamish in 08 " prisoners in GITMO will be fed a diet of Pork and Beans", Ducky out to celebrate his legacy of genocide, 167 to step out of the Commie closet "I am here and Red and not satisfied until all you jooos er zionist are dead. You look cute in that Commisars outfit want to play Abu Gharib at my place. Naked twister is soooo much fun and Socrates aborted on FPM as Meathead and aborted here. He has found his true place in the cosmos as an abortion.


Anonymous said...

The First of May, A new Song in Praise of St. Tammany, the American Saint— "Tune, The hounds are all out &c.

Of St. George or St. Bute, let the poet laureat sing,
Of Pharaoh or Pluto of old,
While he rimes forth their praise, in false flattering lays,
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Was never St. Tammany's food, my brave boys.
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A King, tho' no tyrant was he;
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* * * *

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What country on earth, then did ever give birth,
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His acts far excel all that history tell,
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Now to finish my song, a full flowing bowl;
I'll quaff' and sing the long day,
And with punch and wine paint my cheeks for my saint,
And hail ev'ry first of Sweet May, my brave boys.


American Crusader said...

We should not even be in this situation. 11-12 million illegal refugees in this country is unexcusable. After 911, Border security and port security should have been national priorities.

beakerkin said...

Well the first thing we have to do is stop the it can not be fixed attitude. Then we start deportations like any other country including Mexico. If some people like Ducky get added to the deportation rolls it is no loss.

John Brown said...

I'm not going to be around much today, Toady.

Because I'm on Strike! against White Supremacists like you, Lou Dobbs, and Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, you've still not begun serializing your pro-Nazi book... why not? Ain't it about time to get it going... I'm looking forward to seeing you defend Nazis.

beakerkin said...


The only person defending genocide is you. Forced famine , killing fields , gulags and helicopter massacres of Miskito Indians are the legacy of Marx.

While I do permit free speech you are testing my patience. I have begun a new feature called poster abortions. You had better learn to be a respectful guest or into the shop vac you go. This will be because of your rudeness and not your abhorent policy.

I have more independence then a doctrinaire Commie like you ever had.

Drummaster fire up the shop vac.

If you want to be heard you better tone down nonsense. Feel free to behave like the pseudostinians and throw stones at a cop. You might get early use of a head coffin.

John Brown said...

Censor away, Toady. You don't think I know it's coming? I know how all your hypocrical clowns operate. Perhaps you can get sWARRENtik to do the censoring?

As for your little John Birch anti-Commie ejaculations: prove it. Serialize your little fascist playbook and we'll then have a chat.

Until you've got the balls to serialize the little NaziRag like you claimed you would last week, you're just spouting words.

beakerkin said...

Unlike AOW I am pro abortion and have no problem eliminating unwanted post or posters . Allow me to demonstrate with the handy shop vac.

First we give the speech

You are an unwanted vulgar poster who has not learned manner. We respect Warren as he is our best friend in the blogosphere. AOW is also a close friend as is Nanc whom you have insulted.

These are unwanted posts on a blog
this choice is between me and my creator a zone of privacy.

Fire up the shop vac.

Mr. Ducky said...

We shouldn't American Crusader?

Let me restate it ... this is happening because some group wants it to happen. You can trace it back. American capital wants cheap labor. We want to export subzidized agricultural products and drive Mexican peasents out of agriculture.

Something is going to give. You can't have your cake and eat it. As long as you are going to throw in with the Jason Pappas crowd this is what you get.

nanc said...

O.T. beak - i just performed my first troll abortion and it actually felt better than i thought it would. G-d forgive me.

beakerkin said...

Excuse me there are plenty of unemployed Americans including some in VT who have been on welfare for ten years. Let them pick the fruit or work at McDonalds

Mr. Ducky said...

Well gee Beak, maybe if the wages were high enough to support a family they would. Employers want to depress wages and benefits.

Just part of the full Ayn Rand. Can't have your cake and eat it, Beak.

Jason_Pappas said...

As long as you are going to throw in with the Jason Pappas crowd this is what you get.

What on earth are you talking about? It’s great to know I have a crowd.

In a free market, with no government intervention, lobbying doesn’t do anything since the government has no power to give one group what is rightfully another’s. But we don’t have a free market, we have a regulated market. In a regulated market, everyone fights for the spoils of government.

Business doesn’t need cheep labor. That’s silly. McDonald’s competes with Burger King. If they both have to double the wages of their employees there is not competitive disadvantage. And the consumer pays more no matter where he eats. Yes, business will drop off as some people start to brown-bag it. But then Oscar Meyer gets the business. Business as a whole functions with any wage rate and the consumer pays the price.

Thus, in a regulated economy, McDonald’s and Oscar Meyer are fighting over the spoils. Read Bastiat’s “Seen and Unseen” or Hazlett’s “Economics in One Lesson” or … never mind, you not interested in real economics. You still think Marx was a good economist. Daffy, indeed.

beakerkin said...

Ducky Jason explained the large pictue. However the illegal aliens seem to make ends meet. Not to mention that removing illegal labor would increase wages be reducing supply. The alternative is to have people on Welfare for decades Duck. Reducing people into non working wards of the state is more dehumanizing then working at McDonalds.

Jason_Pappas said...

I happen to agree that it would be better to have legal immigration instead of illegal immigration. And, of course, immigration should be at rates appropriate to assimilation. I also think we need to stop illegal immigration at the border. Mexico is a basket case, always has been. But we can’t invade Mexico to change their regime. There will always be an incentive to come here and you can’t blame the people who try.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beak,

This is movinghand, I used to post at David Yeagley's web site and been reading quietly.

Today as I want to load the web site, up comes this:


There is no website configured at this address.

You are seeing this page because there is nothing configured for the site you have requested. If you think you are seeing this page in error, please contact the site administrator or datacenter responsible for this site."

That sounds ominous. Yeagley never had much money, think they turned it off for unpaid bills?

Always On Watch said...

David Horowitz is fighting the noble fight against Commie subversion.

I got to hear him speak on Saturday. As far as I could tell, he spoke without notes and had all the organization of his speech in his head. Quite something to see and hear!

beakerkin said...

Moving hand I spoke to Dr Yeagley on Friday and he has been attempting to install the new system. He is not very adept with technology and that is the most probable cause of the message.

Dr Yeagley wants to get the new Bad Eagle into gear. I am trying to get some of this blog community to contribute material for his op ed page.

I am certain everything is going well but he also posts at so if this persists look there. You will see Warren is around as is the Merry Widow.

Anonymous said...


Wow what a swift reply!

Thanks very much, sounds I've no reason to be worried.

Keep up the good work with your excellent blog and don't let the XXX grind you down! :-P

the merry widow said...

Beaker- I was about to ask the same thing! Glad to hear the good Docter is just having some tech issues, I was afraid someone had hacked him or something. Thanks for the info!
Movinghand- Why not start posting? Docter Y. could probably use some positive feedback, he probably feels terrible about banning KPS. He is such a gentleman, things like that bother him!


beakerkin said...

I spoke with Dr Yeagley on the subject of KPS and he was thinking about it for some time. More interesting was Nora's use of an alais Thank God I am White. She was here today and no doubt has something up her sleeve.

Nora is another person who does not let go and move on. She was banned by her own choice and has not let go. I was offered reinstatement and said no thanks.
I have no desire to return to the forum while Mac is a moderator.

the merry widow said...

Beaker- Just checked the Orlando tv station I usually watch. Only one arrest reported so far. In a poll, 70% said workers should be fired for skipping work to protest.
So far Orlando is the only place reporting a march. 40 Colonial HS students tried to leave after the first bell, the principle made them get permission from thier parents, 20 ended up back in class! Sounds like a few parents have thier heads srewed on straight!


Jason_Pappas said...

By the way, FPM is the premier website for getting the truth to people. The daily articles are phenomenal and “Discover the Network” is priceless. I remember when I was of college age and hearing little but leftist propaganda, it wasn't easy. I’d love something like “Discover the Network.” I had to figure much of this on my own and with what meager books and articles I could get in the library. I’m a big support of Horowitz.

Jason_Pappas said...

I’m a big supporter of Horowitz.

beakerkin said...

I will be sending a check for $99.99 with the endorsement abort Socrates. David Horowitz is a giant in our time and is unafraid to call a Comunist a Comunist. I am sad his forum was poluted by serial trolls one of whom is trying to establish ourself in our community.

Others may tolerate Weasie but I have no patience for Commies.

American Crusader said...

If this country has a sound immigration policy and protected its borders, then yes, we should not be in the situation we now find ourselves in. I've never hired an illegal immigrant but my tax dollars supports them. If we can pay three dollars for a gallon of gas than we could pay a few cents more for our strawberries.
Nice to see that trolls are trolling elsewhere today.

American Crusader said...

oops..I missed John Brown's ranting hate mongering.

beakerkin said...

John Brow will either be more respectful of Nanc or be aborted. I have zero problem with him calling me every name under the book but he better tone it down.

MissingLink said...

Communists have a history of subversion and espionage in this country.

They are subversion and espionage.
The problem is of course that they pretend to be something else (offically).
True commies are shy about saying who they really are.

E.g. Ramsey Clarke.

beakerkin said...

The whole Communist movement is about deciet and stealth. That is why John Brown is a vulgar exception.

FLORIAN said...

First thing's First. Why didn't the INS or Immigration enforcement start shutting down these protests and hose the aliens down with fire hydrants--then begin arresting the illegals?
This is such a joke! In Mexico if Americans were doing the same thing there'd be a bloodbath.

FLORIAN said...

Oh and BTW...about "donating" to I'm not so sure about that one Beak. Free-speech is pretty much diluted over there on the forums. Most good posters have left there, not to mention that David strikes me as a wee bit of an egomaniac.

beakerkin said...


I had a good exchange with David Horowitz this morning. He is aware of the problem and trying to fix it. The truth is that in a large public space like FPM you are going to have psychos like Socrates and Weasie. Both have followed me here but they are dealt with easy enough.

David Horowitz has always been modest and generous in his numerous exchanges with me. I am also somewhat friendly with Richard Poe and Dr Yeagley.

The ideal thing would be to get the two worst offenders off Front Page Magazine. Now that Weasie has a blog maybe he will leave everyone alone. Don't hold your breath with Socrates.

I left FPM months ago to go to Bad Eagle and then build a community here. Who needs those sites when one can pick and choose friends.

Still a small donation of $19.99 with the message abort Soc wouldn't hurt.

FLORIAN said...

How do you manage to have exchanges with Horowitz? I always was under the impression he was a little bit "above" the rest of us and too busy?

FLORIAN said...

Aborting Mr. Dis-unites us would help too!

beakerkin said...


David Horowitz answers the blog comments frequently if you are concise. Believe it or not he sometimes reads this site.

He has sent me private thanks on a couple of the reviews.He has always treated me with the utmost kindness.

Back to your earlier question government officers do not like to arrest people in masse at protests unless it is a last resort or public saftey is an issue. They prefer ones and twos and the National Lawyers Guild and Commie Contingent could turn violent. The pictures would be all over the place.

I had not been posting at FPM for a long time when Meathead picked a fight with me. Now he has lost his prized Prof alias that he spent years developing. He will work his way onto the board but I will remain here in my new comunity. I prefer my family of blog friends and the freedom it offers to FPM.

nanc said...

hey flo! beak! yeah, i heard horowitz wanted me for his blog team, but, warren won out!

and if you believe that, i have some dehydrated water to sell you! good evening everybody.

Mad Zionist said...

Throw everyone marching out of the country. Seriously. Quisling scum.

nanc said...


did somebody fart? okay - everybody turn OFF your scratch and sniff monitors - NOW! there is a distinct, dark, smelly cloud over madzionist!

MissingLink said...

wee bit of an egomaniac.
I don't think so.
The volume of questions, requests, and e-mail in general makes it hard.
Trust me.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

First thing's First. Why didn't the INS or Immigration enforcement start shutting down these protests and hose the aliens down with fire hydrants--then begin arresting the illegals?

Because Democrats aren't in power.

beakerkin said...

The above deleted posts are from unwanted posters . We do not want psychopaths and nut jobs on this blog. Socrates is the ultimate evil
and will not be allowed on this blog in any form.

Weasie is a vermin who is not amusing and offered nothing but comentary on the bloated one.

Socko everytime you mess with me you end up on the short end . No more Prof Meathead. You would still be there had you shut your mouth and kept far from me. However , once you get in my face it is over. It will take you years to come up with new aliases and you will be caught many times.

Bottom line do not mess with the Beak and stay away from Donal. Our
whole blog community is aware of you and you will be aborted.

FYI I am laughing at how the mighty have fallen. You made a series of comments about this site through your aliases but have the nerve to show up here . There are no apologies for what you have done to Donal and others on FPM.

This blog community has no place for your kind.

Drummaster fire up the shop vac on 600lb turd and a midget are being aborted. A group abortion is a first on this blog.


Feeeeeeeels Goooooooooood

beakerkin said...


I am for enforcing the law but mass arrests at a protest would backfire. Small groups is much safer but our government doesn't even do that.

Warren said...

Prosicuting any employer that knowingly hired an illegal would put a stop to it and the illegals would soon leave of their own accord.

American Crusader said...

I agree with Warren. Go after the employers. But I don't think they would leave on their own accord, I would rather be in America was no job than Mexico. They will just live off our social services organizations

Always On Watch said...

I heard yesterday that IRS gives an immigrant a taxpayer ID number, regardless of that immigrant's legal status. Is that true?

Always On Watch said...

I had an interesting experience with immgrants a few weeks back. I drove to a piano student's house--a mansion like I've never seen--to give lessons. When I pulled up in my Crown Vic, which used to be an undercover police car, the immigrants installing my client's sunlight scattered. They hopped over hedges and took off for the woods.

Now, this client is rolling dough and has no need for cheap labor! The construction firm was employing illegals, and my client did not care. Final corker: my client is a stay-at-home mom, but her husband works for the State Department. The American flag is prominently displayed at that mansion, and these people declare themselves "patriots" to anyone who will listen.

How about a little enforcement of immigration laws by targeting the employers of illegals?

Lastly, cheap labor is not cheap, if one considers the larger picture--health care and education, just to name two on-the-dole areas which are freebies for illegals.

beakerkin said...

I think that is true but will have to put in a call to Rav Rooov who works for the IRS. If we were serious about enforcing the immigration laws the IRS would be the best agency.