Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Troll Hunting Do not do this at home

The ultimate maniacal troll Socrates suffered a huge setback at the loss of his pet alias Meatheadsubstitute. He had fooled many who should have known better such as Impertinent and Zinla. I knew all along that Meathead was Socrates trying to pass himself off as a Professor. He created a persona that was paper thin and tried to pretend he was a Conservative who disagrees with DH. Yet writing styles are like fingerprints but many were fooled.

I had stopped posting on FPM when Socrates attacked one of my posts claiming to be a
Professor of Science. A quick trip to the archive revealed his Professorship was a recent claim and there were plenty of posts on Lobsters and Socrates but not much else. He did fool a class act TrickyBlaine who accused me of Rovian tactics.

Soc has a vendetta against Donal who spurned his romantic advances. He also has a vendeta against David Horowitz who turned him down for a staff writers job. David Horowitz doesn't employ staff writers either. Thus the alleged Prof Meathead goes on tirade after tirade as a Conservative opposed to David Horowitz and many uy into it.
Jeff Bargholz picked up my implication that Meathead was no Professor and had the same hunch. A real Professor like Prof Pike talks the talk but Meathead did not and many knew as soon as I pointed it out.

Soc was unhinged by my interview of Donal and reacted predictably with jealousy. He created a brand new alias to attack me in personal terms but I am a tough customer.
The moderator banned me and this weekend without my being there he reverted to form.
Thus in a battle with the Beak he once again is defeated .

I have decided to leave FPM and Bad Eagle forums for this community. Who needs moderators and a series of uncertain alaises when we can form our own community ?
I still will write posts for Dr Yeagley who is a friend but this is my home. I do not have to deal with trolls under 15 or more aliases at FPM. I do not have to put up with anti American Scotts and the Babe Ruth of Cybermorons Amerind at Bad Eagle.

This is our home an most of you are family. I still post on Rocco's site as it is small and community oriented. Maybe the era of huge poster forums is over but I have found my home.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky dumped by Ernie, 167 RIP and Socrates aborted at FPM.


the merry widow said...

Hey, Beak, as I have said at BadEagle it's like sitting down and discussing stuff with friends in a safe place(like a living room!) Becoming more of a circle of friends and community. A comfortable place to learn and affirm! Coming here is like borrowing books from a friend, with some laughs thrown in! Believe me I can use them!

Good job and good morning!

nanc said...

i too have found myself posting less and less at fpm - you're right beak - the small community is best and growing each day. we have autonomist, aow, democracy frontline and mike's america for the wee bit larger blogs.

now, if we could just get perty, j.m., scorched earth c.f., jingo, zin, ninja and a few others to see things our way...

i don't appreciate being jerked around by people with multiple personality blog disorder. although some have been kicked off multiple times and came back with new names, at least ours would let you know. this name-game-playing from the disturbed and certifiable has got to stop. thanks for taking the garbage out.

now, warren is in a poetry mood it seems this morning - no limericks - ratz!

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak, I notice that you called Code Pink a communist organization. Now I know you have to lay the hyperbole on pretty heavy for some of your readership but you've removed any useful meaning from the word.

Would you describe a "communist" and does that differ from "socialist"?

Your next essay question:
The Spankees bullpen has someone who can pitch to David Ortiz. True or False?

beakerkin said...


Code Pink 100% is a Communist Organization and many Commies play word games to hide their identities. The most common terms commies use to hide their true colors are Socialist, Progressive, Green, Anarchist,labor socialist.

The leadership of Code Pink are hard core Commie activists and should be under government survielence 24/7. In theory there are patriotic socialist who renounce the totalitarian Communist strain but in actuality
99% are traitors and undercover Commies.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, you merely continue using descriptive variables. Your rhetoric conveys no meaning.

Please point to policy statements, actions or anything that would warrant calling Code Pink "communist".

I'm simply demanding that you make Jason pappas proud and live the life of the mind.

When you are finished you may continue with the more difficult problem of the Spankees bullpen.

beakerkin said...

Look at their leadership it speaks for itself. Code Pink is a Communist organization. If you are trying to play the rope a dope game with a few Commie leaders does not make a front group that has been proven false.

beakerkin said...

Madea Benjamin the co founder of Code Pink is a long time Communist activist. Moreover in personal confontations in NYC their members do not deny her role. Code Pink is a classic Commie front group and its leaders belong in jail and its members fined.

Mr. Ducky said...

I'm going to keep trying Beak. You've become a sloppy thinker.

Now present something specific that constitutes the label "communist". So far you have simply maintained that it is self evident. No, be specific.

beakerkin said...

Ducky do you deny the existence of Communist front groups. There is lengthy bodies of information on the subject. Madea Benjamin the co founder of the group is a well documented Communist.

Next you are going to tell us that the National Lawyers Guild is not a front group either.

John Brown said...

I realize I'm violating my own rule by commenting on a blog that has censored me, but I couldn't resist pointing out that after so much wind wasted by Beak about his intent to serialize The Whitewashing of Fascism, he's still done nothing but spout words on the matter. Not one word that I can see from the book has seen the light of day on this blog.

I'll keep an eye on this, Beak, and remind you whenever necessary of your unwillingness or lack of interest in serializing the little Fascist Screed you were sanctifying not one week ago.

Mr. Ducky said...

Other than in David "Psycho Clown" Horowitz's Frontpagemag where has Medea Benjamin been documented as a communist?

No, the National Lawyer's Guild is not communist and despite its roots, neither is the ACLU.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Educate thyself.


The very idea that leftists are even actually capable of carrying on an intellectual conversation has been proven time and time again to be emphatically ridiculous, so I don't bother with "big forum" venues.

beakerkin said...

Medea Benjamin is a Comunist and that is well established. The National Lawyers guild has been a known Communist front group even before Horowitz walked away from Communism.

Mr. Ducky said...

Notice that favoring that the blockade be dropped makes one "pro-Castro". Seem beamish, hang around Frontpage and it makes you stupid. You don't want that do you?

I'd be more upset if I didn't know that you guys represent a fringe that has no political voice in the nation.

beakerkin said...

Ducky Jodi Evans and Madea Benjamin are hardcore commies. Communist have a well documented history of forming front organizations that has been established for well over sity years. What you are trying to do is turn history on its head.

This is the same game where you denied Cindy Sheehan made anti semitic remarks and even Susan Estritch refered to them . Sorry Duck but Commies belong under survielence or in the case of Code Pink leadership GITMO.

Jason_Pappas said...

It’s true that communist front organizations often have a rank and file that isn’t communist. These organizations try to take advantage of plausible grievances and personal pain. They’re one notch below ambulance chasers.

Often communist fronts take advantage of the duped. For example, Mr. Dupey … I mean Ducky … is a case in point. Except Ducky seems to smart to be duped, which means he’s duplicitous. Or just daffy! Or Beamish is right all along: "The very idea that leftists are even actually capable of carrying on an intellectual conversation ..."

American Crusader said...

International A.N.S.W.E.R. took full advantage of the immigration demonstrations. Yet none of the MSM outlets acknowledged their participation.
A.N.S.W.E.R.'s National Coordinator has said that illegal immigration can be the "catalyst for a broader class struggle, even possibly a revolutionary struggle."

I wonder why this has been largely ignored?

beakerkin said...

I saw the banners of another Commie Group United for Peace and Justice. The media has done a miserable job does not even mention the Communists at all.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

So, FrontPageMagazine lays out the case that Code Pink was organized by and is directed by unashamedly self-professing Marxists, but leftist Ducky says reading it "makes you stupid."

I can think of no higher endorsement of its dead-on accuracy.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

More amazingly Ducky claims that the National Lawyers Guild is not a Commie Front Group. This has only been well established for fifty years.

The larger question for the Duck is does he believe front groups exist.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


If Ducky were ever coherent enough to convince anyone that he knew what he was talking about, we'd have trouble identifying him as a leftist.

FLORIAN said...

There's a new troll at FPM beaker--named Ernesto--and another one named commie4ever who could also go by the alias "blackraven". Perhaps it's Socrates himself also. I remember I got duped once when he went by the name Cyrus.

Jason_Pappas said...

You know Beak, that fact that Ducky is in such denial makes me think there is hope for him. If he can't see past his nose and we give him glasses, maybe he'll realize we're right. The problem is: he won't pick up the glasses.

C'mon, Ducky, in your heart you know we're right. (Sorry, Barry, wherever you are!)

MissingLink said...

The very idea that leftists are even actually capable of carrying on an intellectual conversation has been proven time and time again to be emphatically ridiculous,

This is 100% right.
They have responses embeded.

They understand very well though that rubish can become fact if repeated many times.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Mr. Dorky,

your demand that Beak document "proof" that the aforementioned organizations are communist to the core is a typical tactic of the sophomoric left. Medea Benjamin could sodomize you with a hammer and sickle screaming: "Workers of the world unite! Why isn't your bunghole tight?" and you'd claim it was a right-wing conspiracy.

Please point to a policy statement, etc that would warrant the claim that these groups aren't communist. Document proof that David horowitz is a "psycho-clown."

You couldn't document proof that Marx, Engals and the politburo of CPUSA were commies. Why should beak do your research for you? Beamish linked a site that provides comprehensive documentation of the commie activities you requested. Facts are facts, regardless of your dishonesty and personal opinions.

Socialism is the main step on the way to communism. Many socialists are unaware of this, because socialists tend to be ignorant and extremely stupid. You're a good example of this. Many Marxists don't even know that they are Marxists. Commies are devious manipulators and those ignorant of communist doctrine (just about everyone on the planet,) don't recognize their propaganda when they hear it. An ignoramus is easily duped.

The American Communist Lawyer's Union is no longer communist. That's funny. I notice they haven't made this ridiculous claim.

You really are quite stupid for thinking that your regurgitated debating technique is effective against adults.

Stop eating the Play-Dough.

F.B. Jones said...

Great work Holmes! I am impressed by your ability to smell trolls, even in diguise.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Beak, I'm glad the repulsive Suckthecheese/professorsubstitute got the boot. He was as seditious and detestable as an infiltrator could be.

The people who were fooled by him have no excuse. Besides being a transparent fake, he was exposed so many times it isn't funny.

A prison instructor. I said it before and I'll say it again. I knew he took it up the ass.

What did he finally do to get booted? I'm curious. He'll go back under another guise, of course. Just check any story about higher education. His fixation on Horowitz is pathological, and quite possibly homo-erotic.

How did you learn the personal details of Subby's life? You can protect your sources if you think that's best, but I'm sure you can share the broad strokes. Which prison does he work in? I know that you have investigative experience. Did you have anything to do with his being banned? If so, good job. I can honestly say that I hate that cock-sucker.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Even when Comrade Franklin Demento Roosevelt and Klansman H. Truman were making Eastern Europe safe for Communist oppressors, they never dismissed the existence of Commie front groups.

Why does Ducky?

beakerkin said...


I left FPM rather then deal with Socs numerous aliases. It is probable that he has several other aliases on the Board but Meathead was special to him because it fooled Zinla, Jinny and Imp who would never waste a second with Soc. He also got to play Professor
and invested five years in that alias.

My time at FPM is over as I like the freedom and friends in our blog family. I miss Northern Steve, Mike , Batya and Zinla to name a few. However I grow weary of playing games with moderators and trolls. I know where Weasie is and Soc is easy to locate and abort.

Freedom and a great group of friends is what our community is about. Even Weasie is here but as long as AC and a couple of others comment on his post he seems content.

A blog community is much more rewarding then FPM or Bad Eagle.

FLORIAN said...

Roberta still needs to clean out some worm holes at FPM that's for sure...and I've been banned along with many others several times--only to come crawling back. It's definitely not the same anymore as it used to be.

Jeff Bargholz said...


I see that Subby is a pedophile as well?

He used to write at Moonbat Central, although I forget his alias. He posed as an attorney. He can be found gleefully praising the decapitation of Indonesian schoolgirls by terrorist cowards, if I remember correctly. That was the day I went from hating him to wanting to do him grievous bodily injury resulting in death. Nanc told me he was in a prison and I told her that he was probably a rapist and a pedophile.

Some people are so twisted thay just cant hide it. Five years. I had no idea. That makes the destruction of his sloppily constructed Meathead persona all the more satisfying. I hate that creep as much as you do.

You haven't written back to me. Are you pissed off at me? I hope not.

nanc said...

j.b. donal knows what prison he's at. i'll ask her.

tell me one thing, guys and gals - DO YOU EVER GO AND ACT A FOOL WITH MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER AT LEFTIST BLOGS? i didn't think so, but i'm sure if you did it would be for a very good reason and nunya would act like poopstain. that is what separates us from the vermin.

nanc said...

flo - i think i've been banned three times in a year. at first it was because i didn't know the rules. they couldn't handle my overtly serious nature the other times - i'm sure that's what it was because roberta told me not to act like so and so and so and so...blah, blah, blah.

i noticed today there may have been only 15-20 people carrying on. i just couldn't get into it.

beakerkin said...

Jeff I must have missed the communication. You unknowingly played a large role in unraveling Meathead.

I mostly ignore Soc aliases on rare forays to FPM. He has learned painfully that every time he messes with me I kick his @#$#. The reason is in addition to being a trained investigator I also have studdied psychology and know what buttons to push . He is very easy to unhinge is you know what buttons to push. In short I own Soc and it kills him.

He started this little scrum by attacking my grammar as an expert scientist. Scientists do not focus on gramatical oddities. I sent him a message that was only meant for him to pick up when I called him a faux Professor and reffered to his weight.This was my way of reminding him I know who he is. You were the only person that picked that up.

He started becoming unglued when Nanc mentioned a Donal interview.
Suddenly he starts writing Socrates lines and obsessing about Donal.

I raised the antee with a trip to the archives to find out when Meathead became a Professor. I also pointed out that Meathead never describes departmental life of a Professor like Professor Pike.

Meathead becomes enraged and goes off and fools Tricky Blane, ZINLA and Imp. He attacks me nonstop but Nanc, Batya, Farmer John and you step forward. He creates a brand new persona in an attempt to intimidate me . A person who was blown up in 93 , witnessed 9-11 and was a veteran of the Garment Center is not going to be intimidated.

Well Roberta banned me misreading the numbers. Soc became unglued at
the creation of a Donal blog. Donal is his obsession and he starts promoting Socs blog and asking people to email him. Roberta was left with no choice.

I am mailing this months check to DH with the endorsement abort Socrates.

Ways to know if you are dealing with Soc.

1 Obsession with Donal or her friends

2 Fixation on minor gramatical oddities.

3 Unhealthy and sleazy flirting with women. He is really bad at this.

4 The need to be recognized as an expert. I seldom post on immigration even though this is the area I work in. Nor do I present any expertise as the field is so complex.

5 He has a unique writting style that is noticed in about four seconds if one is looking for it.

6 His posts are verbose but say nothing. His creations reveal no geographic references, insider terms or ethnic terms. They provide zero clues on purpose because then people could ask questions and we would readily notice the fraud. The most absurd was Muster Quark Socrates attempt at creating the man in the iron mask. Only a dullard would think a FPM poster has a dedicated groupie.

You played a key role in the destruction of Soc's most prized alias. He posted at Moonbat Central as Muster Quark.

We can expect him to attempt to infiltrate this community. However, new posters will have to be watched for a while.

I am finished with FPM as this community is my home.

the merry widow said...

It sure is nice to hang out with smart people Beak, you learn a lot! I remember MQ, he was a bit peculiar,LOL. Having a bloodhound on the crew is VERY helpful!


beakerkin said...

MQ was one of his more bizarre creations. However what poster has legions of fans that exist only to sing their praises. It is bad writing by a person who is a moron.

The notable exception is Mr Beamish. My Mr Beamish in 08 is a salute to the ultimate foe of evil everywhere.

Beamish in 08

nanc said...

the soybean did go from bad flirt to worse flirt with ninja and i noticed it right away. he plays on what's important or what he believes is important to you and it evolves from there. that's why i don't let ANYBODY cozy up to me. i know y'all think i'm warm and fuzzy, but...heayyyy...

beakerkin said...


Inept flirting is a sure sign of Soc .

the merry widow said...

Hey guys! I haven't been hiding, yahoo was kaput for several hours and I just got back on. Any idea why? Nanc- Even though I haven't seen your hair, it has to be as lovely as you!


Anonymous said...

well, not a SURE sign... right nanc? (what's that blush symbol do-hickey?) ;-)