Thursday, May 04, 2006


I am attempting to do a rare triple post tonight.

Coming up next is a rare Farmer John/ Beakerkin special where we delve into abstract conceps.

The Black Book of Communism Chapter 1 is next

Lastly a Cyber roast for everyone's best friend in the blogosphere Warren

I am also trying to get new people to sit in the Hot Seat for interviews. The Current most wanted list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang of Social Sense
4 Esther of Outside the Blogway
5 Jeff Bargholz
6 Florian Gurrero New Blogger
7 Donal New Blogger
8 Brooke
9 Woman Honor Thyself
10 Ecology of Bad Eagle

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky romancing a decoy, 167 RIP and Socrasleaze about to be aborted at FPM


nanc said...

i'm behind you allllll the way farmer - no, really, wayyyyyyyy behind you.

actually, there's probably no better person to spend a cyberday with i've found.

MissingLink said...

Looks like a busy day Beak.

FLORIAN said...

Just let us know Beak. I'd be more than glad to participate in an interview! Keep up the great work. Original ideas are what keep people coming to your blog. (with the exception of the trolls who just leave troll droppings).

Anonymous said...

thanks nanc!

And for our 1st abstract concept, well discuss how Shemp was REALLY the funniest of the Three Stooges, followed by Curley Joe, Moe, Larry, and Curley... in that order.

But of course, no proof will be required for this exercise, because the truth of the statement is self-evident. ;-)


beakerkin said...


If you are up to the task of being interviewed I will put one together on Saturday. The Warren Roast will be very busy and you will get a chance to meet scores of bloggers paying tribute to everyones best friend Warren.


I have one down and the Black Book
of Communism next. I am ashamed to admit it but the cyber roasts are special because they are just fun.


You tell beamish to round up some roadkill. We will be sending out to the beverage mart for adult beverages.

You will have to be the hostess. I am serving as MC.

nanc said...

farmer - you men and your stooges - something ALL men have in common as i've had to sit through my share of the stooges and benny hill, who i do greatly admire - he wouldn't have made it in today's world.

cyber roasts are becoming a concept of the future, beak - a grand idea of yours. i'll try and alert beamish, but i do believe he may be getting ready for a rant - don't ask me how i know - i get this feeling akin to arthritis in my bones - heyaaaayyy, I'VE GOT ARTHRITIS!!! it wasn't beamish after all! phew...

FLORIAN said...

Just let me know Beak and I'll do my best to make it interesting.
Great ideas coming out of your blog btw.

Warren said...

I'm sharpening my axe! ;^)

Anonymous said...

Nothin' beats a good sharp axe! Not even a leatherneck!


Sorry, all you Semper Fi guys!

the merry widow said...

They wore leather bands around thier necks to protect them from sword cuts. Though Warren's axe might just do the job, if the're not fast enough, good trainning excersize!


American Crusader said...

You've got a lot going on over here. AOW sent me an e-mail about you being listed on blog shares as a klansman.
I missed your post on the subject but I have since read it.
Not what I would call the actions of an intelligent person.

nanc said...

i'm not sure, but i think beamish has served up green dog (verde woof woof) at warren's roast.