Monday, May 15, 2006

Hat Tip to Florian

Uptown Steve did contact the blog from Fairpoint NY. Uptown says he has not been in Union Square Park for 20 years . He also claims he does not have an oversized head. Uptown may be crass, vulgar and anti semitic but he tends not to lie. He did admit to sending that email to Leshawn Barber.I will look for the post but it clearly was Uptown and noc Soc stealing yet another identity.


beakerkin said...

I wil post the Donal interview in the morning.

beakerkin said...

In case anyone wants to see Uptown statement it is on the April 30 post. What he is doing in Fairport NY is unknown

nanc said...

O.T. - update on a.c.:

uptownseteve said...

Beaker, I've never been to Fairmont NY in my life.

And I stand by my every word to LaShawn Barber.

She is a pathetic, self-hating wannabe white wretch and she can't stand being confronted with the truth.

As far as you calling me a "jerk", I'll just laugh as usual.

That's sort of like Charles Manson calling someone "nuts".

FLORIAN said...

How did you find out about uppy in NY Beaker?
He's been busted for lying before--somehow I'm not amused by his latest attempt at distorting the truth.

uptownseteve said...


LaShawn Barber claims my idp address was Fairmont, NY which is just one more indication of her poor grasp of the truth.

I contacted her just like I've contacted beaker. FROM BOWIE, MD and even posted my e-mail address for the pathetic handkerchief head.

And even if I was in Fairmont, NY, what does that have to do with anything?

You people continue to try to create issues where there are none.

And YUP, I'm now on beaker's blog.

Let's see if he's willing to debate issues or just call names and bait because he can't debate issues.

FLORIAN said...

I'm glad I tipped off La Shawn to your vile troll dropping uptown. It was such a trademark of your's to show your class in that manner.
What an example of a gentleman you are!!!!!

FLORIAN said...

Well we've always been willing to debate the issues with you--just that you always seem to give straw-man arguements that keeps the dialogue running around in a circle.

beakerkin said...

Well wlcome to the blog Uptown. I notice you focus on the Jerk part but ignored the part where I also call you honest.

I have zero problem with you posting and you can share old times with the Duck.

Would you be interested in doing an interview similar to the one given to Donal. A good section would be two NYC boys talking about home.

beakerkin said...


You are still coming in on the site meter as Fairpoint NY. Where are you ?

uptownseteve said...


What vile troll dropping?

People like you crack me up.

It's alright for you to make ugly, vile remarks about my ten year old nephew and his mother but if I correctly identify LaShawn Barber as hating black men then that's so terrible?

C'mon, be for real.

uptownseteve said...


Whatever dude.

Say whatever you want.

It's your blog.

But what's this about you meeting me in Union Square???

FLORIAN said...

Uptown: You know I never ONCE said a word about your nephew.
Let's please leave the personal attacks aside--you're not Ducky or Socrates. La Shawn has her opinion and she's entitled to them, just like you and I are.
BTW you ought to read the interview on my blog with John Brown. You might find some very common ground with him.

beakerkin said...

Uptown there is a person in Union Square that cals himself Uptown Steve. He has a huge bald head and
often speaks on similar themes. You have said that this is not you and this is okay. You may be a jerk
but you are not a liar. People have differences in opinion and I have no problem with that. You do not misrepresent yourself or post under multiple aliases.

I would like to do an interview for tonight called Uptown Steve 101. It will be a mix of comedy and serious elements so our readers can know where you are coming from.

uptownseteve said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Union Square all the way DOWNTOWN??

And did you ask this "Uptownsteve" if he posted on FPM or lived in Bowie, MD?

Or maybe you just made the whole thing up.

I pick door number 3.

the merry widow said...

Charming! sarc/off


beakerkin said...

No I had left Manhatan and lower Fifth Avenue when I had posted at FPM. The person calling himself Uptown Steve arrived once or twice a week with the familiar story. If you say it is not you then you have zero reason to lie about it. Nor have you shown any propensity to lie in the past.

nanc said...

hmmmmm...yup - me too, tmw - like a bra in a drive-in.

the merry widow said...

Nanc- Do you remember this person? What is the best way to ?interact? Or not?


Mr. Ducky said...

Hey uptown, stay cool. They still think you're me.

Who was Florian over at that FPM nuthouse?

beakerkin said...


Uptown Steve is not a bad guy if you cut to the chase. He doesn't lie or misrepresent himself. He is anti semitic and has a differnt point of view.

He does have an excellent knowledge of NYC and clearly was a local at one point. Union Sqiare is not exactly downtown . It is on the Southern edge of Midtown.

Just treat him exactly as what he is an angry man with a sometimes funny side. Sadly our other Coast Guard Vet AC is not around to swap tales with Uptown.

uptownseteve said...


Water under the bridge. It doesn't even matter.

Relevant question.

You are a big Giuliani fan

I think he was and is grossly overrated and the new movie "Giuliani Time" will reveal the truth about him.

But more to the point.

Republicans had a great time attacking Bill Clinton for his personal peccadilloes while in office and before.

Giuliani openly conducted an extrmarital affair while in office to the point of attempting to move his mistress into Gracie Mansion while still married.

Seems like a double standard to me.

the merry widow said...

Uptownsteve- I'm not that big a Giuliani fan, but I do respect him for the way he handled 9/11 and also handing back the check to that Saudi prince! Aside from that, I do not approve of anyone breaking thier wedding vows! No one is perfect and I don't expect perfection, but I do expect people to take thier oaths seriously enough to honor them, even in what some might call extenuating circumstances. Your word should be your bond, even to your own hurt! And if I was his wife I would have imbedded an iron skillet in his skull!


uptownseteve said...


I'm still trying to figure out what Giuliani did after 9/11 that was so extraordinary.

I've been asking this for almost 5 years and no one seems to have an answer.

They just get angry that the question was asked.

Let's see.

He mobilized the police and fire departments.

He went to the scene of the attack.

He gave speeches of reassurance to the city.


It was commendable but hardly extraordinary.

And it's totally disingenuous to suggest that David Dinkins would not have performed equally well under the circumstances.

uptownseteve said...


Can you describe what is so "angry" about me, according to you.

beakerkin said...

Uptown this is not pertinent to the post and we have covered this.
The problem with Clinton was that there was a series of predatory behavior. No such allegations ever
were charged and his affair with Lategano remains speculation that both have denied. As for Judy Nathan, Rudy was in a marriage and his wife had abandoned him. He found a relationship with a woman who apparently loves him and he married her. Judy Nathan would make an excellent first lady.

beakerkin said...

Just tone Steve. How about a one on one interview and if you do not like the questions you can pass.

uptownseteve said...

The charges against Clinton were just allegations and Giuliani's wife left him because he WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR!!!!

Beak, TONE means nothing on a messageboard.

I've been called everything but a child of God on FPM yet some kind of way you guys decide that I'M the angry one.


Ask your questions beaker.

I'm telling you now that I will not entertain any "when have you stopped beating your wife" type baiting.

FLORIAN said...

You know I'd give uppy a fair interview Beak. Look at how fair I was with JB.

nanc said...

there are quite a few women in my little town that clinton had flings with over the years - perhaps i could get an interview with one of, to talk to the judge - he'll point me in the right direction.

beakerkin said...

I will do an interview with you tonight. Just to complette your set you are the son of God.

Some of the questions will be about NYC and others will try and demonstrate your sense of humor.

Gulianni did not have any pattern of predatory behavior. Moreover the only staff member he was ever accused of carrying out an affair with was Lategano and both have denied the matter. Clinton was accused of predatory behavior with a series of women who were government employees the situations are not comprable.

uptownseteve said...

That's a weak argument beak.

Either your opposed to extramarital affairs or you're not.

Personally I think that what Clinton and Giuliani did in their lives is their business and between them and their families.

But the righties wanted to impeach Clinton for his infidelity and make excuses for Republicans when they do it.


Mr. Ducky said...

The way Giuliani handled 9-11? Just what did he do that any other mayor would not have done? Really, I want to hear the answer.

He sent back the Saudi check? Well we know that Rudi is a grandstander. But other than venting spleen, what was the real value of that act?

Of course you can't seperate Rudi from his bagman Bernie Kerrick. Bernie did a hell of a pump n' dump on Taser stock. He and Rudi made millions. Rudi is now a "security" consultant. That means he advises people how to get their share of the Homeland Security boondoggle.

Then of course there is his outstanding Catholic virtue as he struted around with his chippy while still married. Beak, I recommend you shut your mouth because you know nothing about Roman Catholic doctrine or you would know that bernie was in grave error.

uptownseteve said...

Whaddup Ducky!!!

Representin' as usual I see.

beakerkin said...

Uptown the issue was not adultery except in those with simple minds. The issue was Bill Clintons pattern of Sexual predatory behavior. He abused his power to give Gennifer Flowers a job. He sexually harassed Paula Jones. Kthleen Wiley tells the same story
and the issue is abuse of power. I also believe Juanita Broderick.

There is no such similar pattern of abuse of power with Guliani. Even his most ardent detractors do not make this claim.

beakerkin said...

Ducky as usual you are a simpleton with a mix of slur an inuendo. There is zero evidence that Keriks problems and lapses were linked to Guliani.

However when the issue of Communist organization, leadership and membership in Code Pink , UPJ or Answer are raised you play dumb.

Guliani did a fantastic job leading NYC and calming America after 9-11. He showed leadership and was rightly hailed world wide even by Chirac.

uptownseteve said...

Beaker, this is the same ol same ol.

"Showed leadership, calmed America".

How the hell did Giuliani "calm America????"

American's tend to rally around it's leaders during a time of crisis.

Clinton did the same thing after the Oklahoma City Fed Building was bombed but somehow he didn't make the cover of Time Magazine as 'Man of the Year".

You guys can bellow all you want.

This is grossest case of propoganda, media exaggeration and hero worship I've ever seen.

Mr. Ducky said...

As usual Beak, no specifics. Please remember that you are dealing with leftists here so that you can not get by on emotion. We use the mind and reason.

What did Giuliani do that was exceptional. What did he do that you feel would not have been done by any other mayor.

I notice you backed off on the issue of him strutting with his chippy while he defended Catholic values. It should give you strong insight into what a cheap hypocrite he is.

He had no connection to Kerik. How convenient, the mayor of new York had no connection to his police commissioner even when "crime" was Giuliani's big issue. Are you getting some idea why we question your ability to reason this out clearly? Too emotional ... stop anging around Jason and get some leftist friends. We are here to help.

Stay cool uptown.

the merry widow said...

No, we don't. His behavior was less than exemplary, but abandonment is a consideration in divorce. That I would have supported, but breaking vows is not an option. Predatory behavior, testified about by many women who didn't know each other and under the fear of retribution speaks volumes! Guiliani I would have hit upside the head, Clinton I would have shot! And, no I'm not a republican! Nasty things happened to the people around the Clintons, not around Guiliani, that I know of. Juanita Brodrick had photos of physical abuse, Gennifer Flowers had consistant stories of what went on during the affair, Kathleen Wiley spoke of intimidation... Wrong behavior and worse behavior!

P.S. Guiliani kept his cool and gave effective orders then got out of the way! Nagin blathered, did nothing, didn't ask for help or advice, his people suffered from inefficiency! Marked differences!

uptownseteve said...

Giuliani's biggest fame ticket is the race issue.

He totally ignored NYC's black leadership and unleashed his police in black neighborhoods to commit human rights violations on innocent citizens which would make a 1940 era facist blush.

During the economic boom of m ide to late 90's violence crime and street violence plummetted to all-time lows throughout the nation and particularly in urban centers.

But only Giuliani became the political "Clint Eastwood" who squinted his eyes, teared down the mud people, and cleaned up Dodge City.

It's enough to make you sick.

uptownseteve said...


Wrong analogy.

As horrific as 9/11 was, it hit a small area of the city, evacuation of the area was fairly simple, and the whole thing was over quite quickly.

Katrina engulfed an ENTIRE CITY, the crisis was and is ongoing with thousands of people displaced and homeless.

The two incidents are totally different and unrelated.

nanc said...

O.T. news release - never before seen video of plane hitting pentagon on 9/11 at noon on fox - for all you conspeorists out there.

also possible tsunami warning to come off coast of jakarta.

beakerkin said...


Wrong again . There is zero evidence of any finacial links between Keriks deals an Guiliani.

You have a strange view of linkage Duck. Communist form, lead and organize a group and you see no links. However Kerik has a scandal and nobody is alleging any links to Gulianni.

Gulianni was hailed by the entire world. Even his critics like Al Sharpton praised his leadership. This is a case of sour grapes. The term " Gulianni Time " was part of a perjury by Amadou Diallo. The term was never said by the officers and Diallo admited that later. Diallo for obvious reasons got a free pass .

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, why did New York hire the Boston police commissioner?

Is it because Boston learned its lesson after the Chcuk Stuart disgrace when they shook down ever black person in Roxbury and the South End and ditched the strong arm nonsense in favor of community involvement?

It was called "the Boston miracle" Beak and it did get press all over the world. Nobody took notice of Bernie strongarming the squeegee men. That may have been necessary but it was clumsy and was a show evrything else Giuliani did.

uptownseteve said...

beaker sez

"The term "Guiliani Time" was part of a perjury by Amadou Diallo. The term was never used by the officers and Diallo admitted that later. Diallo for obvious reasons was given a free pass."

Beaker, Amadou Diallo is DEAD. He was the brother shot 19 times by 4 different cops in 4 different positions who all swore he had a gun. Which he didn't.

The brutalized black you are alluding here was Abner Louima who was brutally sodomized with a broom handle by a white NYC cop who didn't take Louima to an abandoned building or a dark alley to brutalize him, but the damn police stationhouse where Volpe paraded around with the stick covered with blood and feces, bragging about how he "took a man down."

beakerkin said...

Ducky Guliani was overwhelmingly popular with NYC residents who know a tad more then you do. There is zero substance to any of the charges. The squeege men were a public hazard and they deserved to be removed. The move was very popular and even the far left deranged types in NYC did not object to that.

I think your Pal Infidel Castro's education and health care are more hyped then anything in the USA.

beakerkin said...

Whoops Abner Louima. Louima was not charged with perjury. His cousin who assaulted officer Volpe and started the ensuing fracas was given a free pass. Louima perjured himself and was given a free pass. The term Guiliani time was never said by officers.

American Crusader said...

I miss a couple of days and already I'm lost. Who the hell is Uptown Steve?

Uptown Steve is a Coastie?
And yes I'm still around, I just couldn't maintain a site and comment on others at the same time. I'm not going anywhere.

American Crusader said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
uptownseteve said...


Giuliani's popularity in NYC was in the toilet on 9/10/01.

He incredibly became a potential Presidential candidate because he was the Mayor of NYC the day it was hit by terrorists.

That's bizarre.

American Crusader said...

Mayor Giuliani won reelection in 1997 by almost 20 points? He won as a Republican in a city that Democrats outnumber Republicans 5-1.

beakerkin said...

American Crusader I am glad you are here for another reason. Uptown Steve is also a Coast Gaurd Veteran.

I am glad to see you and hope you are doing better.

beakerkin said...

Uptown Steve is a poster from FPM who disagrees with most of the positions on the right. He is not a bad guy and is a former NYC resident.

FLORIAN said...

Welcome back AC! Glad to see you! We've been praying for you.

uptownseteve said...

Who is American Crusader?

nanc said...

look up ^^^ town steve. meet a.c.

beakerkin said...

American Crusader is a fellow blogger who is a Coast Gaurd Veteran like yourself. He is a nice person with a huge heart who is under the weather.

Two Coast Guard Veterans should have plenty to discuss.

the merry widow said...

Geez, little did I know I'd leave a gale when I left!
A.C.- Glad to hear from you, did Nanc and AoW send my greetings and prayers? Understand your hanging up the blog for a while, you have enough on your plate and need to conserve your energy! Next time don't scare us like that! Hear?


uptownseteve said...

So when will the 'uptown' interview start beak?

uptownseteve said...

BTW, I stopped by LaShawn Barber's blog tonight and asked her a perfectly legitmate question in a calm, civilized manner as I've done before.

Barber refused to post my question because she can't deal with being challenged.

beakerkin said...

I am writing it as we speak you are a head liner and remember to use your sense of humor.

nanc said...

will he show before donal?

Jeff Bargholz said...

Uptown Skeev,

Why do you think Blacks have to be ignorant, racist morons? If a Black person acts like a human being instead of a shit-flinging cement monkey, you accuse them of wanting to be White. There is nothing inherently Black about being an envious, ignorant, stupid, racist, foul-mouthed, under-achieving, whining scumbag who cant even speak his native language.

Newsflash: There are far more African Blacks than there are American "Blacks" (30% white, on average,) and they disagree with you. With the exception of Zimbabweans and South Africans (The scum of Black Africa,) NONE of them want to be like American Blacks. They aren't racist imbeciles with fragile egos who are incapable of speaking their native languages, and they don't want to be.

American Blacks have nobody to blame but themselves for their lot in life. The highest standard of living in the "Black world" and what have you done with it collectively? The highest criminal and public assistance rates and the lowest educational and achievement rates.

When someone successful like Barber criticizes the obvious failures of Black Americans, you attack her instead of facing the truth. Blacks don't have to be racist failures to be Black.

She's the real Black person, and you're the phony.

Jeff Bargholz said...


isn't Barber taking legal action against the scumbag who threatened her? If it was Uptown Skeev, you should give her what info you have on him.

An asshole like that belongs behind bars.

FLORIAN said...

Jeff: Where did you see that La Shawn was taking legal action against uptown?

Why would she?
Free speech no?

beakerkin said...

Donal and Florian have contacted La Shawn. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time he has confessed to making those posts.

Jeff Bargholz said...


I saw it on Barber's blog. It was in one of her stories about the Duke Lacrosse witch hunt. (Whitey hunt.) I guess he threatened her somehow. I don't think she knows who he is, although his IP address can be traced to a city, of course.

He's a piece of shit so I hope he was telling the truth when he said he did it. He belongs behind bars with all those wonderful black prisoners he always claims are innocent victims of The Man's oppression. They wont cut him any slack because he's a brother.

uptownseteve said...

jeff bargholz


If I threatened Barber, I challenge you, her or anyone else to produce my exact words on this board.

Hey beak, isn't jeff bargholz a racist?

If not, why not?

uptownseteve said...

BTW Bargholz

You should really deal with your anger problem.

All that hate, resentment and envy is eating you alive.

Something to remember:

Black people have nothing to do with your personal failures and shortcomings.

nanc said...

bargholz is one of the fairest people around, steve. he is not angry - he is passionate! there's a difference.

uptownseteve said...


If I said that every Jew who wasn't a liberal is a dishonest, xenophobic racist you'd all be screaming bloody murder.

But bargholz can claim that any black who isn't a Republican is a $hit slinging monkey???

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Please remember that you are dealing with leftists here so that you can not get by on emotion. We use the mind and reason.


You're shitting me, right Ducky? You did not just casually try to float the patently false statement that leftists use the mind and reason, did you?

You've got a faulty premise there, Ducky. Leftists are incapable of reason.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

But bargholz can claim that any black who isn't a Republican is a $hit slinging monkey???

Where did he claim that?

Are all leftists illiterate, or just the ones on the internet?

uptownseteve said...

"Where did he claim that"

In the post right above at 9:05pm 5/16/06.

Are all righties stupid, or just inveterate liars?

Jeff Bargholz said...


please reproduce my alleged statement about Non-republican Blacks being shit flinging monkeys.

While you're at it, explain why Africa is overflowing with "Uncle Toms" instead of racist whiners.

There is nothing inherently Black about being a racist, sociopathic, under-achieving moron. Assuming you actually are Black, you're in the minority in your own race, boy.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


None of Jeff Bargholz's posts above even contain the word "Republican."

I have heard that you come from a leftist political perspective, so naturally I presume you are often confounded by things that require more brainpower than crayons. I'm glad I've not misjudged you yet.

uptownseteve said...

bargholz, mr beamish

Okay, just explain to me.

Bargholz claims that I accuse any black who acts like a "human being" as "wanting to be white".

I'm assuming that he believes that most blacks DON'T act like human beings.

If he meant something perhaps either one of you can elaborate.

Beamish since you are posturing as an intellect, I'm really anticipating an impressive response.

uptownseteve said...

bargholz sez.......

"please reproduce my alleged statement about Non-republican Blacks being shit flinging monkeys."

Here you go racist.

From your 9:03 5/17/06 post

"Why do you think Blacks have to be ignorant, racist morons? If a Black person acts like a human being instead of a shit-flinging cement monkey, you accuse them of wanting to be White."

Beamish, you can respond anytime.

bargholz also sez

"While you're at it, explain why Africa is overflowing with "Uncle Toms" instead of racist whiners."

You'll have to elaborate on this one.

If you're able.

Isn't Kofi Annan an African?

Are you suggesting he is an Uncle Tom?

How so?

Jeff Bargholz said...


explain how you think black racists like you are representative of "most" Blacks. (ASSUMING YOU ACTUALLY ARE BLACK--WHICH I DOUBT.) You're in the minority, boy. You DID accuse civilized Blacks of being "White"--as though that were an insult rather than a compliment.

Thanks for reproducing my comment. You conclusively proved that I never mentioned Republicans in my past comments. Way to go, shit for brains.


Why are they "Uncle Toms?" Why don't they speak English "ebonically?" It's not their first language. It's not even their second language in most cases. Why don't they blame their shortcomings on whitey? Why do they work to support their families? Why are they superior to American Blacks? Why do you suck dicks?

Why is kofi Annan a Marxist, terrorist, racist piece of shit? Why is he so atypical of Black Africa?

Remember, I identified Zimbabwe and South Africa as the racist armpits of Africa. Did you ignore the 54 other countries in Africa besides South Africa to tailor your non-response to my facts?

Of course you did. You really do like to suck cock, don't you? Preferrably Republican cock. Slurp, slurp! Yummmm, big conservative cock!

You don't fool me. You want to be abused. You're a masochist. That's why you haunt sites like this. You want to be spanked on a daily basis. It turns you on, you sick freak.

Fucking dork.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Beak, sorry for all the unnecessary profanity in that last post. My brother wrote that in my name thinking he was funny. While I agree with what he wrote, he could have expressed himself with less profanity.

If you think this was bad, you should hear about some of the other things he's pulled. He's used my name and old email address in gay chatrooms, bondage/s&m sites and sexual impotence forums. I used to get gay propositions and advertisements for viagra in my daily mail. My wife was convinced that the gay guys pestering me were women. She thought I was having an affair until I explained it to her.

It's my own fault, because I do things like that to my brother too. I hope it didn't cause any problems. He did mirror my own position fairly well. We were talking the other day about Skeev, and the conceit many Black Americans have when it comes to race. They tend to think that their opinions reflect the majority of Black opinion. They're dead wrong.

uptownseteve said...


You make me proud to be a black man.

tee hee

Anonymous said...

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