Sunday, May 21, 2006

My review of Flight 93

Last night I went to see Flight 93 with another fellow NYC resident. My first reaction was nostalic for the pre 911 era. It was good to see the buildings in the NYC landscape again. I also felt homesick at the shots of Newark airport.

The film does a decent job of showing the violent nature of our enemy. Prior to 9-11 we had lived in a different world. The notion was that hijackers would be on suicide missions was incomprehensible to most Americans. The notion was that a hijackers took the plane somewhere and made demands. The new mode has probably ended that line of work as passengers will now most likely react as those on flight 93 did.

The governmental confusion at the FAA and the military is understandable. The government does a lousy job of reacting to crisis. Top managers are not selected due to the ability to improvise. In fact government employees that improvise are second guessed and fired. This happens somewhat in most private sector jobs as well but to a
lesser degree by far.

However the 9-11 film I want to see will never be shown. All of America is familiar with the events of 9-11 except for some anti semitic conspiracy nuts. My film would show what Ducky's Commie friends did that Saturday in Union Square Park. My film would also show the media's choice to pull the images of the second plane hitting. I would also show the bodies hitting the pavement and the chunks os builing debris flying.

One of the reasons conspiracy goons lure some kooks is that basic facts were not shown. The explosions broke windows 400 feet away but Weasie wants to know how WTC 7
across the street collapsed. This shows people like Weasie are unfamiliar with the layout of the area. Anyone with a familiarity of the area knows that body parts and
building debris were found across the srteet in all directions. There was no firefighting in WTC 7 but a different distinction should be made. Most of the surrounding buildings were built before the Glass box concept of the WTC .Buildings like the Empire State Building and the other buildins to the South were built with much more concrette and they survived but have still yet to be demolished.

My film would show the treasonous bigoted behavior of Ducky's Marxist brothers and the crass opportunism they exhibited on that day. Amist the smell of fiery burning death that was indescribable to anyone not there the local NYC Commie held an anti semitic rally and blamed Israel and the Jews for 9-11. I remember my blood boiling as I told my girlfriend to meet me at home later. Instinctively she touched my cheek and said I am not leaving without you. I looked at her and tried to reason with her but she let me know in no uncertain terms my place was at home. I would play video clips of that rally where the conspiracy talk started that day. The far left likes to talk about exploitation of 9-11 and no group exploited the event and has fouled its memory as greatly as the Commie far left that Ducky and others deny exist.


VerityINK said...

BEAK--Nice review; I always like to hear the personal touch.

Funny you sould mention Flight 93... Yesterday, my husband and I met a lady in this building who had been on the flight the day before. She was questioned by the FBI........ said that the only thing she could tell them was there was a group of muslim men in the bookstore the day she flew. Said they didn't seem to have a flight, but hung around the airport a lot...small world.

Poor lady; I'm sure she feels fortunate she did not take the flight the next day...

MissingLink said...

I visited Groung Zero in August last year.
It was my first trip to America and NY.
Unforgetable experience.

beakerkin said...

Felis The site is smaller then those who watched 9-11 on TV think.
People think of a massive sprawling complex but the site is 32 acres.

nanc said...

we have 40 acres - one-quarter mile by one-quarter of a mile square - seems large by our standards, but not really in terms of buildings and people. quite amazing there was no more damage done that day. thanks beak.

Brooke said...

I'm glad that you could see it, Beak.

I think that libbies should get your version a la Clockwork Orange!

Always On Watch said...

Prior to 9-11 we had lived in a different world.

That's certainly true for me on a personal level. Prior to 9/11, I wasn't paying attention to much of anything in politics or overseas. I got my wake-up call that day!

Amist the smell of fiery burning death that was indescribable to anyone not there the local NYC Commie held an anti semitic rally and blamed Israel and the Jews for 9-11.

Oh, how I wish that were brought into the public eye, over and over again! I heard of that demonstration, but until I started visiting your blog about a year ago, I hadn't paid much mind to what happened in Union Park. Abomination! I'd like to use some stronger language, but I'm controlling myself in a public forum. Use you imagination as to what I'm thinking.

I once attended some autopsies at the medical examiner's office. The smell of death is unforgettable. The worst that day was the smell of a burn victim, so I think I know something of what you're talking about. Having grown up on a farmette, I also know about the smell of rot. Those are smells that one can never, ever forget.

Compared to the NY site, the Shanksville site seems small. But that could just be my perception.

Not being a New Yorker, I can only imagine how you must feel about that destroyed skyline. The loss must be hard to bear. And if Flight 93 had reached D.C., some of "my" skyline would be gone. The symbolism goes far beyond missing buildings, of course.

body parts and building debris were found across the srteet in all directions.

And body parts (fragments) were recently found, right? Those poor families! Have you ever heard Springsteen's "You're Missing"? It evokes indescribable emotions for me. Yes, I know Springsteen's political views, but some of his music reaches my heart.

Esther said...

Um, but what did you think of the actual film, beak? :)

beakerkin said...

I enjoyed it but the poor Muslim student two aisles over ran when the audience cheered the killing of the first hijacker. The sight of two NYC types saying take that as a Jihadist criminal gets beaten to a pulp must have scared the crap out of him.

beakerkin said...

Brooke and AOW

I almost went off the deep end that day in Union Square Park. There comes a time when a man no longer cares and has had enough. People who know me in private life think of me as happy go lucky. That anti semitic rally in Union Square Park by Commies awakened the Cold Warrior in me . My girlfriend swore she could see the viens in my forehead.

She just gently prodded me and let me know she wasn't going home without me. I guess she knew my priorities better then I did . She did not let me out of the appartment for hours and outsmarted me at every turn.

Always On Watch said...

the poor Muslim student two aisles over ran when the audience cheered the killing of the first hijacker.

The Middle Eastern man in the audience when I attended the movie yawned, smirked, and laughted his way throughout the movie. He was sitting, more or less, in front of me, so I got to see his every reaction. When the film ended and the rest of us were sitting, stunned, in our seats, he got up and left as if the movie just didn't matter. We all glared at him as he left.

No cheering in my audience. We were a small group at the first matinee.

Always On Watch said...

Glad that your girlfriend controlled you that day. Otherwise...

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, possibly you won't get to see "your 9-11 film" because your ranting is completely off the page. Just insane.

I believe you can get a "best of" compiliation of Michael Savage's greatest hits.

Although what I like about Savage is the way he rips off Lenny Bruce. You rarely find a creative right winger.

beakerkin said...

Ducky if the tapes of that Commie rally in Union Square were played after watching people slam into concrette none of you commies would live a hour. They should play it before a major Peace protest.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Michael "Savage" isn't intelligent enough to be a right-winger. He's Morton Downey Jr, sans talent.

Bob Elburts said...

That some Flight 93 passengers "fought like warrior poets" is encouraging for our future. For surely “we the people” are able (but are we willing?) to storm the bridge of the ship of state, and seize the helm from postmodernist hijackers. See

Anonymous said...

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Jeff Bargholz said...

You know what sticks in my mind regarding 911? Before the second tower was even struck, the MsM was imploring the public not to "jump to the conclusion" that muslims were responsible. They didn't even say "muslims" at first, but "terrorists."

The notion that blaming muslims would be rash and premature is exceeded in stupidity only by the notion that blaming terrorists would be an unwarranted assumption.

Who the hell else would do something like that? Even after Al Qaeda took credit, the bleating recriminations continued, along with insipid calls for tolerance, understanding and solidarity with the "religion of peace." After US intelligence confirmed Al Qaeda as the culprits, the MsM continued to question the veracity of the findings.

Does anyone remember how long it took the MsM to go from "it wasn't the muslims," to "don't strike back at muslims?"

Islam and Marxism are diseases. They need to be expunged.

Jeff Bargholz said...


the muslim student two aisles over ran when the audience cheered the first killing of a hijacker? It's a sad sign of the times that the audience didn't jump up in hot pursuit. The enforced restraint we're all living under infuriates me. Living in Omaha, I rarely see anyone I can identify positively as a wog, but when I do, I seem to be one the few people in the crowd to react at all. I'm especially disgusted when this happens in airports, which happened to me in Texas, Illinois and Michigan. I will never fly on a plane with a wog. If I saw one sitting in my boarding lounge I would raise a loud stink with the airline co. until I got other passengers to join me in demanding that muhammed take another flight.

It sickens me to know that if I beat the shit out of a wog, I would be the "bad guy," and my own government would prosecute me with greater vigor than it does the terrorists.

I predict that when the muslims eventually detonate a nuke on US soil, the pent-up fury in this country will erupt into a backlash.

I don't ever want to see the first scenario come true, but I cant wait for the second.

Jeff Bargholz said...


no offense, but where do you live? San Fransico? Berkeley?

How did that muslim turd avoid a beating? I cant believe nobody threw their soda at him during the movie.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Hell, Jeff. Palestinian "civilians" danced in the streets. Saddam Hussein quite publicly couldn't contain his delight. The PDFLP terrorist group were even bold enough to initially claim responsibility, trying to take credit for the work of other barbarians. Then the Pentagon got hit and the PDFLP made damned sure everyone knew they was just bullshittin'.

But to me, it does not matter. Until a Muslim jumps up and says "we must fight Al Qaeda and other terrorists BECAUSE of our Islamic beliefs" I will always be suspect of them.

Too many people I know have either been injured or close-called by Islamic terrorism.