Sunday, May 07, 2006

John Brown THIS MEAN WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am an advocate of free speech and practice it on my blog. I allow plenty of dissent but John Brown has just crossed the line. His attack on a well respected member of our community Warren has crossed the boundaries of taste. I also do not put up with attemts to intimidate some of our community into allowing his venom with the threat of being labeled Klansmen.

The truth is that we have someting John Brown wants badly eyeballs. Our ever growing blog community spans the globe. New members join every week or so and we welcome them. However, there is a code of ethics that I will call the Ducky code of honor.

1 We allow and encorage dissent as that creates lively boards. Ducky serves a distinct purpose and perhaps given time Weasie can emulate the Duck. So far his behavior has been decent. Perhaps leaving FPM was good for him as well.

2 We do not allow racial, ethnic or sexual slurs of any type.

Browns description of a Native American Warren as an Indian killer is comedic. Native Americans unlike Commies did not think in racial terms. Tribal rivalries were well established long before the Europeans arrived. Brown's version of Native American history seems to come from a Mazzola Commercial. Native Americans practiced
human sacrafice, agressive colonialism, canabalism, drug use and slavery including African Americans. Native American societies were a diverse collection of peaceful and warlike tribes. None of the preceding justifies the crimes commited against Native Americans. Native Americans were decimated by diseases for which they had no immunities.

Brown labels Warren a Sambo a black that is servile to whites. Later he is described as a klansman. How a person is both at the same time remains a mystery.

I propose a total abortion of every John Brown post until the folowing terms are met.

1 The removal of the post Warren the Indian Killer
2 The removal of every members name from the Klan section.

AOW, Warren, Brooke seem on board allready. This will work if we are united because we have what Brown wants readers. He will not gain acsess to those readers until his behavior improves.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Beyond my reasonable request that LoBrow include a disclaimer in his future posts on my blog that his words come from the mind of a simpering moron, I simply ask that LoBrow attempt to speak coherently and rationally. It's not my fault that ain't in a leftist's repertoire.

But Ducky's attempts are tolerable.

the merry widow said...

All of you have been incredably patient with the efforts to educate jb in the uses of common courtesy, the removal of said "F" student is understandable in the face of others who are eager to participate. I have NO problem with removing such disruptive persons for the sake of the conversations!

Good morning and G*D bless all here!

Always On Watch said...

The truth is that we have someting John Brown wants badly eyeballs.

And I was willing to grant him eyeballs when he first starting commenting at my blog. But his comments degenerated and had no variety. In addition, he was hijacking my posts and discouraging others from commenting because they didn't want Brownie to follow them back to their blogs. Also, as you know, I have students reading my blog, as well as the others' blogs in our little family,

Duck is an erudite troll, insofar as a Leftist can be erudite. (I'm sure that Duck will dispute that last little clause). Or use Mr. Beamish's term "tolerable."

Brownie's attack on Warren is WAAAYYYY wrong. It's that simple for me. I would never do such a thing to another human being, not even to Brownie.

Good luck in reforming Brownie's behavior. I see him as incorrigible.

At my blog, Ducky once told Brownie, "Tie a can on it. Enough already." Later on, Brownie sucked up to Ducky, but I doubt that Duck will comment at Brownie's blog. I know that I won't.

Justin said...

Beak I have a question. I just read JB's moronic post on A.C.'s site. Now to the question.

Are JB and 167(cockroach to me) identical twin brothers? Or has 167(dimwitted whiner) cloned himself?

Now the last question is a scary though I know but it seems they all have the same mantra.

nanc said...

i don't blame you, beak. not at all.

beakerkin said...

No JB is honest about his political leanings. He is an open Communist and believes that any critique of Communism is facist.

JB is less anti semitic then 167 who uses the terms Faggins to describe Jewish businessmen. 167 uses ethnic slurs and cries that any critique of his insanity is homophobia.

JB also is a better writer and probably can spell pedophile. JB also does not write 274 word sentences with twenty three comma and six ..... and then call other people illitterate.

What I fail to understand about JB is why waste time in our community.
There are plenty of blogs like 167 and Weasie's that would welcome his views. They tend not to get as much readership but one can build an audience. Even Weasie has come here in search of an audience. He has also toned down his act and has built a small readership.

I have considered giving JB an interview and would grant 167 one if he asked. However both can not expect the treatment afforded to the Chemist or even Anum. This would be a Hannity style interview.

His attack on Warren was low and incoherent.

Always On Watch said...

Spelling isn't everything.

Justin said...

"His attack on Warren was low and incoherent."

But isnt that the way of all like JB and 167 when they cannot offer any substantial truth to their own beliefs they launch cheap personal attacks on others who can?

I would tell JB what he is in the Souix language but they might just close down your site. :P

nanc said...

i don't even think weazl would put up with much of his nonsense. hard to say, but it seems da weaz at least wishes to be read with intelligence and that, frankly, leaves brownie out. incoherent, indeed. when i asked weazl to stop calling me "babes" or "baby", he respected my wishes. you cannot gain the same respect from brownie - i tried.

Warren said...

Don't get incensed on my account. I have my own way of taking care of these problems. I also am limited in time so I'm not going to spend my entire fun time "getting" him.

I've got something in the works but it might take a little time to bear fruit.

He operates in a fashion similar to FPMs "Soc".

He uses two different computers, (or a dual boot machine ((not likely)), and switches between ISPs but most of his posts come from the NYC area. At this point he has always used Road Runner Communications, ( in your site meter). A Time Warner subsidiary.

One of the computers uses Mac OS and Opera, the other uses Win XP and Foxfire. The Mac is most likely his home computer.

He posts on the, so-called, indy sites and you can find a screed or two of his there. He probably publishes the screeds on his blog as articles on the Indy sites but I haven't had the chance to deep search them yet.

I think I've proven my hypothesis, i.e. he is a Internet obscene phone caller and right now, he is fixated on me. Better me than you. I won't loose any sleep over it. He just doesn't have, and he's not going to have, a voice on my blog.

I never listened to obscene phone callers and I'm not going to start now.

He, most probably, has another blog, or blogs and uses other names to shill for him. Keep that in mind.

I ran into a group of Trolls from the UK that used to do this then they linked to the posts and got a laugh from inciting the stupid Americans. He might be doing something similar but with the newer products like Site Meter, its easy to see this type of thing.

That may be the reason for his blog, (so no one can tell that their posts are viewed or linked at his blog). But he can't get us to go on a rant there.

I think I will take a look at his source code and see what I can find out.

Beak, my brother and best friend on the net, do with his posts as you wish but not on my account.

Brooke said...

I think that anyone who actually visits my blog could tell that I'm not really a klansman, although it is a very insulting thing to call someone.

Just imagine if I called him a *igger or something similar...

Anyway, if he could behave himself in the future, he could certainly comment, as I do not like to have to censor people; I just don't see him doing that. As a good hostess, I simply cannot let him insult my guests.

Anyway, I don't think he'll be back for awhile, and he'll probably come up with some other "klansmen" to replace our humble names with. It is funny that we got so under his skin, though, just by being polite moderators!

beakerkin said...

Right on schedule the pedophile Socrasleaze who molested his own daughters. The man who has set the gold standard for sexual harassment.

Your comments are unwanted and as such you are an unwanted poster.
Drummaster fire up the shop vac.
It is time Soc Joins Meatheadsubstitute and all his other forgotten aliases.


Aborting Socrasleaze is a public service.

Brooke said...

BTW, Beak, I'm having some trouble linking you to my blog. It just returns me to my own site...

I'll keep on trying!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I claim to be a favorable acquaintance of the Beak. Are you calling me "dirty low down scum?"

What is is about leftist philosophies (Communism, Nazism, Fascism, etc.) that drives a person to attempt collective punishment on an entire class of people?

You don't even know me "King" Socrates, and you want to insult me because I'm the Beakster's friend.

Let's see. Fascistic class-based insults, arguing from ignorance, and an obvious psychological need to be made a fool of in public forums.

You're trying to tell us you're a leftist, ain'tcha Socky?

beakerkin said...


Don't worry about the links. Your title alone ensures a certain number of trolls. I get them largely due to the fact I am a Jewish anti Comunist.

Nobody thinks any of us are Klansmen

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Opps, I pumped rounds into a troll abortion. My post above was in response to "King Socrates."

Warren said...

No, Soc puppet, it isn't.

Do any babies lately?

pedophilia doesn't = voice of dissent, it equals the lowest form of life.

You need your neck stretched then burial in an unmarked grave!

beakerkin said...

Soc you must be frustrated because your post disappear in seconds. If Farmer John were around we could debate if an aborted poster exists at all



nanc said...

guess i missed all the activities! as beamish would say, carry on.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

We know who the message was intended for. Socrates is banned forever on this site.

Only the Weasel has chosen to put up with Socrasleeze. Weasie has been on his best behavior and there is no reason to continue fighting. He has his own blog and a few readers let him have his own audience. He has kept the venom down for now and there is no reason he can't be a new Ducky like pest.

nanc said...

the king's arse is at donal's right now.

the merry widow said...

Don't go out tonight
it's sure to take your life
there's a full moon on the rise!
Thank you CCR, the little boogers keep commin' back fer more, don'tch'a know.


FLORIAN said...

I couldn't help but laugh at what John Brown wrote. He's completely dillusional and full of hatred.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Well, Beak, I really don't care for posters who have the sole purpose of making personal attacks and adding nothing substantial to a discussion. You're always going to run into that with commited leftists, cursed as they all are with ideologies that by nature and definition can't be presented in a way that convinces others of an underlying presence of brain activity within them, but namecalling matches are bottom barrel.

I don't expect any leftist to contribute anything intellectual to a discussion anymore than I would expect any baked potato to get up and rebuild a carburetor on a 1957 Chevy.

You have to keep your expectations realistic. But that's not any reason to tolerate the dishonest and rude.

MissingLink said...

Some people cannot change because they know they are right (although left).
I normally completely forget about crap as soon as it stops stinking.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
I don't expect any leftist to contribute anything intellectual to a discussion anymore than I would expect any baked potato to get up and rebuild a carburetor on a 1957 Chevy.

Are you keeping a collection of these? You need a special posting to highlight some dozen or so.

Always On Watch said...

One reason for Brownie's attack on Warren is that Warren IS "everybody's friend," as Beak's title here states. I suspect that Brownie doesn't have many friends, though he'll protest to the contrary.

Warren said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
F.B. Jones said...

Wow I have missed a lot. Jb has been busy spreading hatred, and I have been looking for employment. Man if I didn't need to gain a better standard of life by using our capitalist system. In JB's America he would be handing me my job and telling me how to spend my money. I guess if this is still not pleasing to him and his friends, they would help me think the way they think. I think we know where this leads. The same place all liberal "logic" leads. DEATH for opposing the views and direction of their leaders.

Just a thought

I think that the klansmen stuff is almost to funny to handle. I am glad that everyone of us is only conserned with the wellbeing of White folks. My Asian family would be glad to know this is the company I keep online.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Are you keeping a collection of these? You need a special posting to highlight some dozen or so.

That was from Page 567,321,094 of A Brief History of Beamishism and its Syncretic Influences on 21st Century Politics, a university textbook printed in 2035 following the Just For the Hell of It War.

nanc said...

beamish - wtf is wrong with your site? a few of us have been having trouble getting it to load - or is that how you planned it in 2034?

Anonymous said...

Nice parabasis beak! But let's not lose our heads, just yet.

Aeschylus, "Seven Against Thebes"


O Zeus and Earth and city-guarding gods,
And thou, my father's Curse, of baneful might,
Spare ye at least this town, nor root it up,
By violence of the foemen, stock and stem!
For here, from home and hearth, rings Hellas' tongue.
Forbid that e'er the yoke of slavery
Should bow this land of freedom, Cadmus' hold!

Be ye her help! your cause I plead with mine--
A city saved doth honour to her gods!
[_Exit_ ETEOCLES, _etc. Enter the_ CHORUS OF MAIDENS.


I wail in the stress of my terror,
and shrill is my cry of despair.
The foemen roll forth from their camp
as a billow, and onward they bear!
Their horsemen are swift in the forefront,
the dust rises up to the sky,
A signal, though speechless, of doom,
a herald more clear than a cry!
Hoof-trampled, the land of my love
bears onward the din to mine ears.
As a torrent descending a mountain,
it thunders and echoes and nears!
The doom is unloosened and cometh!
O kings and O queens of high Heaven,
Prevail that it fall not upon us:
the sign for their onset is given--
They stream to the walls from without,
white-shielded and keen for the fray.
They storm to the citadel gates--
what god or what goddess can stay
The rush of their feet? to what shrine
shall I bow me in terror and pray?
O gods high-throned in bliss,
we must crouch at the shrines in your home!
Not here must we tarry and wail:
shield clashes on shield as they come--
And now, even now is the hour
for the robes and the chaplets of prayer!
Mine eyes feel the flash of the sword,
the clang is instinct with the spear!
Is thy hand set against us, O Ares,
in ruin and wrath to o'erwhelm
Thine own immemorial land,
O god of the golden helm?

Look down upon us, we beseech thee,
on the land that thou lovest of old,
And ye, O protecting gods,
in pity your people behold!
Yea, save us, the maidenly troop,
from the doom and despair of the slave,
For the crests of the foemen come onward,
their rush is the rush of a wave
Rolled on by the war-god's breath!
almighty one, hear us and save
From the grasp of the Argives' might!
to the ramparts of Cadmus they crowd,
And, clenched in the teeth of the steeds,
the bits clink horror aloud!
And seven high chieftains of war,
with spear and with panoply bold,
Are set, by the law of the lot,
to storm the seven gates of our hold!
Be near and befriend us, O Pallas,
the Zeus-born maiden of might!
O lord of the steed and the sea,
be thy trident uplifted to smite
In eager desire of the fray, Poseidon!
and Ares come down,
In fatherly presence revealed,
to rescue Harmonia's town!
Thine too, Aphrodite, we are!
thou art mother and queen of our race,
To thee we cry out in our need,
from thee let thy children have grace!
Ye too, to scare back the foe,
be your cry as a wolf's howl wild,
Thou, O the wolf-lord, and thou,
of she-wolf Leto the child!
Woe and alack for the sound,
for the rattle of cars to the wall,
And the creak of the grinding axles!
O Hera, to thee is our call!
Artemis, maiden beloved!
the air is distraught with the spears,
And whither doth destiny drive us,
and where is the goal of our fears?
The blast of the terrible stones
on the ridge of our wall is not stayed,
At the gates is the brazen clash
of the bucklers--Apollo to aid!
Thou too, O daughter of Zeus,
who guidest the wavering fray
To the holy decision of fate,
Athena! be with us to-day!
Come down to the sevenfold gates
and harry the foemen away!
O gods and O sisters of gods,
our bulwark and guard! we beseech
That ye give not our war-worn hold
to a rabble of alien speech!
List to the call of the maidens,
the hands held up for the right,
Be near us, protect us, and show
that the city is dear in your sight!

Have heed for her sacrifice holy,
and thought of her offerings take,
Forget not her love and her worship,
be near her and smite for her sake!
[_Re-enter_ ETEOCLES.

Hark to my question, things detestable!
Is this aright and for the city's weal,
And helpful to our army thus beset,
That ye before the statues of our gods
Should fling yourselves, and scream and shriek your fears?

Immodest, uncontrolled! Be this my lot--
Never in troublous nor in peaceful days
To dwell with aught that wears a female form!
Where womankind has power, no man can house,
Where womankind feeds panic, ruin rules
Alike in house and city! Look you now--
Your flying feet, and rumour of your fears,
Have spread a soulless panic on our walls,
And they without do go from strength to strength,
And we within make breach upon ourselves!

Such fate it brings, to house with womankind.
Therefore if any shall resist my rule--
Or man, or woman, or some sexless thing--
The vote of sentence shall decide their doom,
And stones of execution, past escape,
Shall finish all. Let not a woman's voice
Be loud in council! for the things without,
A man must care; let women keep within--
Even then is mischief all too probable!
Hear ye? or speak I to unheeding ears?


Ah, but I shudder, child of Oedipus!
I heard the clash and clang!
The axles rolled and rumbled; woe to us
Fire-welded bridles rang!


Say--when a ship is strained and deep in brine,
Did e'er a seaman mend his chance, who left
The helm, t'invoke the image at the prow?


Ah, but I fled to the shrines, I called to our helpers on high,
When the stone-shower roared at the portals!
I sped to the temples aloft, and loud was my call and my cry,
_Look down and deliver. Immortals_!


Ay, pray amain that stone may vanquish steel!
Were not that grace of gods? ay, ay--methinks,
When cities fall, the gods go forth from them!


Ah, let me die, or ever I behold
The gods go forth, in conflagration dire!
The foemen's rush and raid, and all our hold
Wrapt in the burning fire!


Cry not: on Heaven, in impotent debate!
What saith the saw?--_Good saving Strength, in verity,
Out of Obedience breeds the babe Prosperity_.


'Tis true: yet stronger is the power divine,
And oft, when man's estate is overbowed
With bitter pangs, disperses from his eyne
The heavy, hanging cloud!


Let men with sacrifice and augury
Approach the gods, when comes the tug of war;
Maids must be silent and abide within.


By grace of the gods we hold it,
a city untamed of the spear,
And the battlement wards from the wall
the foe and his aspect of fear!
What need of displeasure herein?


Ay, pay thy vows to Heaven; I grudge them not,
But--so thou strike no fear into our men--
Have calm at heart, nor be too much afraid.


Alack, it is fresh in mine ears,
the clamour and crash of the fray,
And up to our holiest height
I sped on my timorous way,
Bewildered, beset by the din!


Now, if ye hear the bruit of death or wounds,
Give not yourselves o'ermuch to shriek and scream,
For Ares ravens upon human flesh.


Ah, but the snorting of the steeds I hear!


Then, if thou hearts, hear them not too well!


Hark, the earth rumbles, as they close us round!


Enough if I am here, with plans prepared.


Alack, the battering at the gates is loud!


Peace! stay your tongue, or else the town may hear!


O warders of the walls, betray them not!


Bestrew your cries! in silence face your fate.


Gods of our city, see me not enslaved!


On me, on all, thy cries bring slavery.


Zeus, strong to smite, turn upon foes thy blow!


Zeus, what a curse are women, wrought by thee!


Weak wretches, even as men, when cities fall.


What! clasping gods, yet voicing thy despair?


In the sick heart, fear machete prey of speech.


Light is the thing I ask thee--do my will!


Ask swiftly: swiftly shall I know my power.


Silence, weak wretch! nor put thy friends in fear.


I speak no more: the general fate be mine!


I take that word as wiser than the rest.
Nay, more: these images possess thy will--
Pray, in their strength, that Heaven be on our side!
Then hear my prayers withal, and then ring out
The female triumph-note
, thy privilege--
Yea, utter forth the usage Hellas knows,
The cry beside the altars, sounding clear
Encouragement to friends, alarm to foes.
But I unto all gods that guard our walls,
Lords of the plain or warders of the mart
And to Isthmus' stream and Dirge's rills,
I swear, if Fortune smiles and saves our town,
That we will make our altars reek with blood
Of sheep and kine, shed forth unto the gods,
And with victorious tokens front our fannies--
Corsets and cases that once our foemen wore,
Spear-shattered now--to deck these holy homes!
Be such thy vows to Heaven--away with sighs,
Away with outcry vain and barbarous,
That shall avail not, in a general doom!
But I will back, and, with six chosen men
Myself the seventh, to confront the foe
In this great aspect of a poised war,
Return and plant them at the sevenfold gates,
Or e'er the prompt and clamorous battle-scouts
Haste to inflame our counsel with the need.


I mark his words, yet, dark and deep,
My heart's alarm forbiddeth sleep!
Close-clinging cares around my soul
Enkindle fears beyond control,
Presageful of what doom may fall
From the great leaguer of the wall!
So a poor dove is faint with fear
For her weak nestlings, while anew
Glides on the snaky ravisher!

In troop and squadron, hand on hand,
They climb and throng, and hemmed we stand,
While on the warders of our town
The flinty shower comes hurtling down!

Gods born of Zeus! put forth your might
For Cadmus' city, realm, and right!
What nobler land shall e'er be yours,
If once ye give to hostile powers
The deep rich soil, and Dirce's wave,
The nursing stream, Poseidon gave
And Tethys' children? Up and save!
Cast on the ranks that hem us round
A deadly panic, make them fling
Their arms in terror on the ground,
And die in carnage! thence shall spring
High honour for our clan and king!
Come at our wailing cry, and stand
As throned sentries of our land!

For pity and sorrow it were
that this immemorial town
Should sink to be slave of the spear,
to dust and to ashes gone down,
By the gods of Achaean worship
and arms of Achaean might
Sacked and defiled and dishonoured,
its women the prize of the fight--
That, haled by the hair as a steed,
their mantles dishevelled and torn,
The maiden and matron alike
should pass to the wedlock of scorn!
I hear it arise from the city,
the manifold wail of despair--
_Woe, woe for the doom that shall be_--
as in grasp of the foeman they fare!
For a woe and a weeping it is,
if the maiden inviolate flower
Is plucked by the foe in his might,
not culled in the bridal bower!
Alas for the hate and the horror--
how say it?--less hateful by far
Is the doom to be slain by the sword,
hewn down in the carnage of war!
For wide, ah! wide is the woe
when the foeman has mounted the wall;
There is havoc and terror and flame,
and the dark smoke broods over all,
And wild is the war-god's breath,
as in frenzy of conquest he springs,
And pollutes with the blast of his lips
the glory of holiest things!

Up to the citadel rise clash and din,
The war-net closes in,
The spear is in the heart: with blood imbrued
Young mothers wail aloud,
For children at their breast who scream and die!
And boys and maidens fly,
Yet scape not the pursuer, in his greed
To thrust and grasp and feed!
Robber with robber joins, each calls his mate
Unto the feast of hate--

_The banquet, lo! is spread--
seize, rend, and tear!
No need to choose or share_!
And all the wealth of earth to waste is poured--
A sight by all abhorred!
The grieving housewives eye it;
heaped and blent,
Earth's boons are spoiled and spent,
And waste to nothingness; and O alas,
Young maids, forlorn ye pass--
Fresh horror at your hearts--beneath the power
Of those who crop the flower!
Ye own the ruffian ravisher for lord,
And night brings rites abhorred!
Woe, woe for you! upon your grief and pain
There comes a fouler stain.
[_Enter, on one side_, THE SPY;
_on the other_, ETEOCLES
_and the_ SIX CHAMPIONS.


Pim's Ghost said...

Why don't these idiots come to my site? I could use the traffic and furthermore relish debate. Pity that.

beakerkin said...


Do you honestly want to debate an unrepentant Marxist. This is not your average pest read American Crusader for the classics.

American Crusader said...

According to JB, I am a Jew loving Nazi and a white supremacist injun killer.
I've tried organizing a group around this ideology but with limited success.

beakerkin said...


The charges against Warren are comedic but I do not like intimidation. Last I checked the Klan does not admit Jews . A complette moron who is not in a position of strength.