Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lessons from Yesterday's Uptown Temper Tantrum

I went into the interview with Uptown Steve well aware of his sandbox mentality and low intellect. Some of the questions asked to Steve were aimed at our own cartoon charachter Ducky. Ducky seems to think that racial epithets are okay as long as a Commie stooge like Harry Belafonte or Paul Robeson utter them. Ducky should be well aware that as the child of Broadway buffs not only am I aware of who wrote Emperor Jones I have seen it on TV and off Broaday. Ducky's use of another racial epithet Chimpy was used by White bigots against a black bigot Uptown Steve.

Uptown Steve plays the following games

1 Cry victim. The interview was fair and avoided Israel and Jews as much as possible.
Uptown has a running bit Jews controlled the slave trade bit. When asked about the overwelming Muslim and Black roles he responds so. The facts are that everyone was involved in the slave trade and highlighting a Jewish role itself is anti semitic. Have we ever discussed Italians, Norwegians or midgets in the slave trade ? The facts are that Blacks and Native Americans owned slaves. Nor were these Blacks who owned slaves merely purchasing relatives. One can see an over view of this in Dinesh D'Sousa's classic End of Racism.

2 Deny and demand quotes. Steve plays this game all the time. He denied calling Donal, JBaumgart, Pointman and Hispano Jews. His train of thought is akin to the old standard N%^&^& lover bit from bigots of yre. Esther and I stood up for Gays yesterday so according to Uptown both of us must be gay. I found all the quote and then he turns around and rationalizes. He has done this on topics was Yasser Arafat born in Egypt and is Michael Lerner a real Rabbi. Countless links were produced and he states well I still think Lerner is a Rabbi. Interestingly Lerner would have a genuine anti semite as a reader. The fact is that calling someone a Jew merely because of their opinions is indeed anti semitic. If Donal were here she could add names to the list.

3 Strawman irrelavent points. Donal and Jeff Bargholz are friends and their statements have absolutely nothing to do with me. Donal will readily tell you about Steve's crass behavior. I have been called a racist several times along with Zinla and Northern Steve. None of us have ever used racial epithets despite repeated attempts to provoke us into saying them.

4 Lack of education. Donal will verify this story and it is speaks vollumes. I asked Uptown over the course of two weeks to name a book he has read. He has yet to ever quote a book. Well he named a book about Nat Turner and the subject dropped. Except a poster Morgan Frost noticed he had gotten the title wrong and apparently never read that book either. You can see dozens of references to books on this blog.
The political affiiations of Lerner, Chomsky, Finklestein and Kovell are well known common knowledge. Any attempt to compare Thomas Sowell, La Shawn Barber, Walter E Williams and Larry Elder all patriotic Americans to Communists, Anarchists and Greens is insulting to people beloved by America.

5 Warped Logic Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are political figures and regularly run for office and are portrayed as Black leaders in the media. Michael Savage is a talk show host and seldom mentions blacks in any capacity. He does say plenty about Muslims and to a lesser extent Gays. David Horowitz is a writer and runs Front Page Magazine. He is not mixing apples with oranges but apples with zuccini.

The reason I did this interview was I wanted to show the mindset and low class behavior of a person who has fouled La Shawn Barbers site and FPM. I am fairly certain that La Shawn is well aware of the differnce between honest dissent and low class showmanship punctuated by stupidity. What does La Shawn's inability to pass the bar mean to a person that could not name a single book he had read for two weeks ? Other classic Uptown Steve moments were claiming Iranians were Arabs. Donal, Florian and Nanc might have other examples of Uptowns stupidity.

I will never forget the words of my favorite writer Richard Poe when I disagreed with him on the Terry Schiavo matter . It does not take a genius to know the difference between an honest man and a knave. For the record Richard Poe did explain why I was 100% wrong and misguided.

Mr Poe's words were on display yesterday and before that with John Brown.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to get wed to Ernie in MA, 167 still a ratings zero and Socrasleaze still aborted and looking for Meathead.


nanc said...

if uptown is who i think he thinks he is - he may have also called Yeshua a black man. to which i care not if he were a nice fucsia or a teal! He is and that's all that matters to me. who gives a crappe?

beakerkin said...

I have had those conversations with Uptown . He quotes the part about lambs hair. The race of the phrophetis not relavent tothe message. Moreover, it is illogical to claim to be a follower of the phrophet but loathe his people.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, may I point out that your rant about Paul Robeson speaking lines in a play getting "a pass" because he was a communist is just this side of stupid.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak, you listen to Michael Savage?

beakerkin said...


The point is 100% relevant because the owner of Turner Movie Classics plays the film Emperor Jones on his network with the N word said twenty plus times. This same Commie clown ( his statements on Nort Korea and Cuba) will not allow Sppedy Gonzales or the Little Rascals to be shown.

I do not recall any demands from the accademic commisars to ban Eugene O'Neil . This is because he picked a Commie stooge to play his role. This is much like the way you hide behind another Commie stooge Harry Belafonte in order to hurl racial epithets at Condi Rice.

I listen to Mark Levin who is on on the same time slot. I will listen to Savage if Levin is not comming in clear. It is either that or Montreal talk radio or Airhead America.

Mr. Ducky said... beak, is this to say that you can't see a difference in artistic quality between Eugene O'Neill and the Little Rascals? You can't differentiate Paul Robeson and Alfalfa?

You are a stitch. Upset because Paul Robeson isn't censored. Maybe they just couldn't find someone who would have been as effective in the role.

You can get The Little Rascals on Netflix. In your case you probably want an "all Buckwheat" disc but I'm not sure if those are available.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the dementia of the Duck continues. First of all if you had a sense of history the Little Rascals was considered enlightened at the time because it showed White and Black children playing together. As usual Commies like yourself have no sense of history because you keep on rewriting it.

Moving ahead the Little Rascals is not taught in college and in high schools . Eugene ONeil gets a free pass on the N word because he had a certified Commie stooge Robeson say it 20 plus times. If Twain is banned from schools because he used the N word twice the ONeil should get a similar ban. The reason he does not get a ban is he hid his racism behind a Commie stooge . This is exactly why you use Harry " Commie Stooge " Belafonte's remarks to cover you own racist remarks.

Sorry there Duck but you are a racist.

VerityINK said...

BEAK--I am sick to death of Uptown! A more pathetically ignorant person I have yet to meet.

Let's get real about him. He lives off his wife, who IS an attorney, or he sure as hell wouldn't be living in any expensive house--it's HERS. Second, he works very little (as evidence of his enormous time spent on FPM, blackcommentator, NYT Race Forum, LaShawn's site--and any other place he haunts.)

He WAS in the Coast Guard, but he spent his time offloading sewage up in Sault Ste. Marie and patroling the Great Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore--period. He DID go to college, but had to finish his studies via correspondent courses--virtually mail in classwork. Gawd knows what his education REALLY is--he spells more than one ox as 'oxes', knapsack as 'napsak', and orgasm as 'orgasim', so except for the autobio of Malcome X, I doubt he's read much.

Everything you said about him is true, Beak--he knows virtually nothing, thinks Arafat was born in Jerusalem, or some such nonsense--and he'll believe nearly ANYTHING else that shows whites or Jews in a negative light.

For the record, I've invited him on numerous occasions to come to my blog and ask me any of those questions he wants to ask--and continues to ask YOU, instead--and he's too chicken to do so. I'm VERY surprised he didn't toe-dance around all this crap even more than he has here...

Brooke said...

Hey Beak! Speaking of commie liberal racist morons, AOW, Mr.Beamish, Steven Plaut and Yours Truly are still on the klanwatch...

beakerkin said...

I am aware of that attrocity. Stephen Plaut is a public figure
but Brown knows where I stand. He want viewership but he will have to decide if he will remove the names minus Plaut or if he will just add mine.

The next move is up to him.

FLORIAN said...

Nice effort with the interview Beak. You tried, but like you told me with my interview with JB, you have to have a coherent interviewee. Damn shame uppy couldn't handle himself.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I think it's rather odd that I'm on a "Klanwatch" list, except for the fact that said list is maintained by an average leftist displaying the natural leftist tendency to be a complete moron.

Still, I've never voted for a Democrat in my life. How can I be a Klansman?

FLORIAN said...

Libs love to re-write history to suit their agenda's. First they sided with the Marxists, then the Commies, now it's the environmentalists and Socialists. Tell me who the real KLANSMAN is when the former-founder of Planned Parenthood states that the goal of the abortionists is to prevent minorities and other urchins of society from having all the children they have as they continue to look for their UTOPIA.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Do you believe, as I do, that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were the pinnacle of 20th Century left-wing ideology?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Michael "Savage" is a talentless hack, and everyone who willingly listens to his radio show may now consider themselves deducted 30 points on their running IQ tab with me.

50 if you like him.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I used to have a running total of the number of times the word "nigger" has appeared in all of Quentin Tarantino's scripts.

It was well over a thousand.

FLORIAN said...

Hitler was a Socialist Beamish. A nationalist Socialist...the worst kind. Yes he was a left-winger without a doubt. Though I still think Communism under Stalin was the pinnacle of left-wing ideology.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


By "pinnacle of 20th Century leftist ideology" I meant that Hitler and the Nazis advanced leftism to unprecedented levels of atrocity by industrializing the "class struggle" with cattle cars and gas chambers.

uptownseteve said...


You know nothing about my job status, education or CG career.

In other words, you're just having a temper tantrum, pulling lies out of your butt and throwing them.

You have never invited me anywhere and after toying with beaker on his blog, I wouldn't waste my time on yours.

Beaker's upset because I made him look stupid on his own blog (not a difficult feat).

But I won't waste anymore time here.

Later clowns.

beakerkin said...


You did not make me look stupid or raise a single point. You have shown yourself to be ignorant of basic facts like if Michael Lerner is a Rabbi or a Communist.

You may cery all you wish about La Shawn Barber but she has picked up books. Nor do we have to spend time with the produce the links because she is well researched.

The problem is when we do produce links you spin lie and rationalize.
You denied ever calling Hispano a Jew. I provided the quote and now you change the story.

I will not waste time providing proof of your anti semitism. The mere calling people who disagree with you Jews is anti semitic . The fact that you fail to understand that is due to your lack of intellect.

A clown unlike you has a marketable skill and is beloved by many.

nanc said...

flo said, "Damn shame uppy couldn't handle himself."

nanc says, "i'm sure he handles himself plenty!"

uptownseteve said...

You CAN'T produce proof of anti-semitism from me because their isn't any.

You claimed that I've threatened LaShawn Barber and I'm STILL waiting for a copy of my e-mail or a threatening quote.

I noticed that after I left this board the other night, all your buddies like DONAL and Jeff Bargholz came scurrying
out from under the floorboards like the roaches they are, talking tough and lying as usual.

You're all pitiable clowns.

I laugh at you.

tee hee

beakerkin said...

Uptown the fact that you are stupid
is not our problem.

Do you want to ask average folks if calling people Jews when they disagree with you is anti semitic ?
You dennied that you had made the statements for two weeks and when the evidence was produced you changed stories.

Meanwhile Jeff Bargholz asked for similar proof of his quotes. Sorry Uptown this blog is not a Special Ed class like you are used to. I am not going to spoon feed you information that is readily available.

beakerkin said...

Here is a great idea Uptown . Try writting your own blog and lets see if you can draw an audience.
You seem to think you are smarter then La Shawn so you should be able to draw an audience.

What is going to be your excuse this time ? The bottom line is that you are lazy . I built an audience through hard work. Florian and Donal's sites have grown exponentially. Where is your site or are you just lazy and undisciplined ?

uptownseteve said...

No, actually I have a life, friends and experiences to enjoy.

Not to spend all my time jerking off on a blog with nonsocialized losers and haters.

I just like to pop in every know and then and screw with you morons.

It's sort of like dragging a stick across a cage at the zoo.

beakerkin said...

Just another one of your excuses Uptown. You seem full of excuses on everything. The only thing that is more profound then the excuses is your lack of intellect.

La Shawn has a talent and a major following and you are a nobody. Who cares what you opinions are ?
I built an audience through hard work and all you have is excuses.

Your life is just one big excuse.

the merry widow said...

How juvenile! If I caught my 2 doing that, the stick would have been applied to thier bottoms. Since you are not my problem, I will ignore what you say and scroll past your posts.

tmw P.S. Good morning everyone else!

beakerkin said...

Good Morning TMW

I may do a take off of Mr Rodgers called Mr Beakerkin.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


If leftists were actually physically capable of saying something intelligent, don't you think they would have by now?

nanc said...


and i'm sorry - i've been calling you steve - i just realized it's "seteve" - whatever...

uptownseteve said...

Something "intelligent" like any Jew who disagrees with beaker is a commie traitor?

Or maybe something "intelligent" like any black who acts like a human is acting "white"?

This exactly why you morons congregate on blogs.

'Cuz you know that in the real world you're routinely laughed at.

FLORIAN said...

Actually uptown--in the real world there are more blacks on the gov't dime and in welfare lines than hispanics or any other race for that matter. Pretty sad when even an Illegal Alien can find work when an American black can't. When Black men start acting responsible and taking Bill Cosby's advice then maybe we'll take your arguement a bit more seriously. Until then, I think the sista's are going to be the one's running the show for the brutha's--at least they finish school.

VerityINK said...

Oh, can the crap, UpClown. Nobody is laughing at anyone but you! You think you sound dignified or smart? Saying what you said to LaShawn, and not answering a friendly little interview? When the hell did your chickenshit ass ever get to be such a big deal?

You live off your wife--and she's raising your sister's illegitimate child because your sissy is in jail. You think you're not a stereotypical ghettotrash family? You'd have NOTHING but for your wife, so quit putting on airs!

You're nobody special, smart, or clever. Your wife--if you even bothered to marry her--could do much better--if only so many of you brothas weren't locked up in prison!

You're a 40-something paranoid idiot who thinks you're the be-all and end-all of life on earth, but you can't even support your own family!

Grow up and join the human race and quit being such a sniveling little bitch.....jeez...unless all you're fit for is a weekend card party and smokin' a few blunts......Think we don't know who and what you are? We ALWAYS have!

uptownseteve said...


I'm deeply hurt.

florian sez...

"Actually uptown--in the real world there are more blacks on the gov't dime and in welfare lines than hispanics or any other race for that matter."


Prove this Florian, and as God is my witness, I'll never post here or FPM again.

uptownseteve said...

donal sez

"Saying what you said to LaShawn,"

Yeah, what did I say to LaShawn?

I'm waiting for any of you pathetic liars to produce this so-called "threat" from me.

I'll be waiting a long time too.

"and not answering a friendly little interview?"

If I didn't answer the interview, why are you clowns so upset?

tee hee

FLORIAN said...

Didn't you tell her that (and I paraphrase) she despises black men. That the only white boys she dates are ones that would take her by a roadside motel? Has she met their parents?

She said on her site you'd been stalking her for about 2 years now and she got so fed up with it that she traced your IP address to PAETECH Corp. in NY!

She said your email was

I knew it was you the second I read that first sentence. How can you consider yourself to have class by sending such filth to a woman?

I gave her all the info I had on you...she said she was looking to prosecute. Personally I don't think she has a case, but I'd get a nice laugh if she does.

FLORIAN said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...


If you read the material that you post on you would be well aware that my point is correct. Lerner, Chomsky, Finklestein and Kovell are well known Commies or Anarchists. The problem is that this is not an affirmative action blog or special ed class. You are too ignorant to waste time on.

I asked above who cares what your opinions are ? I have a well established blog and Florian's and Donal's have grown by leaps and bounds since they joined this community. Who cares what you think or wants to read your sandbox tantrums.

Moreover calling people Jews because they disagree with you is antisemitic. You can not escape the charge.

Moreover I read Jeff Bargholz and I do not recall him ever using the term S&*^T flinging. This is a term that seems consistent with your posts.

Tee Hee what a jerk.

uptownseteve said...


Actually I asked her if she has found any white boys willing to take her anyplace but a roadside motel.

So where was the threat?

LaShawn flipped out because she knows that I hit a bullseye.

Truth to righties and Toms is like daylight to a vampire.

And how was my remark any different or worse than DONAL's remarks about my family, job and CG career?

You righties are such cowards and hypocrites.

You dish out filth all day long and whine like toddlers when you get it back.

Hell, FPM's "truthteller" e-mailed my home and threatened to kill me.

I just laughed at the clown and invited him over for some action.

Of course I never heard from him again.

uptownseteve said...

beaker sez........

"Moreover I read Jeff Bargholz and I do not recall him ever using the term S&*^T flinging. This is a term that seems consistent with your posts."

From the bargholz post at 9:03am 5/17/06 on the "Hat Tip To Florian" thread

"Why do you think Blacks have to be ignorant, racist morons? If a Black person acts like a human being instead of a shit-flinging cement monkey, you accuse them of wanting to be White."

Your turn, lying jerk.

beakerkin said...

The whole quote as produced by Bargholz proves that he is familiar with your routine. I read the whole post and there is zero racist content. It is an observation to your behavior and treatment of people who are your better namely Barber, Thomas, Sowell, Williams, Elder and Clarence Thomas.

Lets compare Uptown and Clarence Thomas. Thomas has actual degrees from elite Universities. Uptown has 98.6 degrees if he sticks a termeter in his backside

Tee Hee what a jerk . Homey don't play that.

I bet Uptown is the only clown in the Circus with Nike Clown Sneakers.

uptownseteve said...


You really are such a sorry little punk.

Before I even came on your blog, you were calling me names.

You hadn't crossed my mind in over a year and the only reason why I found your blog is because I entered "uptownsteve" into the google search engine and saw that you were still obsessed with ME.

THEN when I initally posted, you backtracked and said you "liked me' and that I wasn't a bad guy.

THEN you thought you could corner me with loaded, baseless questions and when I swatted them away and handled you like the mental midget that you are, you become unhinged.

So when are you going to pull a "LaShawn Barber" and ban me from your blog?

I'll make it easy for you.

If you can produce my so-called "threat" to Barber as you have repeatedly claimed, I'll voluntarily leave for good.


VerityINK said...

UpClown--I wasn't the one who said you posted a 'threat'--but you DID post EXACTLY what FLO said you said. I wrote to LaShawn, too, and told her EVERYTHING I knew about you, Mr. LongLeaf division of Bowie, MD,

And for the record, don't talk about truthteller wimping out; Casey had you dead to rights--you said you'd meet him 'anywhere, anytime' --and then you wimped out and changed the date and conditions once he set the thing up!

And we're not 'upset', Mr. Ghettotrash--we're laughing at ya just like we ALWAYS have!


uptownseteve said...

beaker squeals......

"The whole quote as produced by Bargholz proves that he is familiar with your routine. I read the whole post and there is zero racist content. It is an observation to your behavior and treatment of people who are your better namely Barber, Thomas, Sowell, Williams, Elder and Clarence Thomas."


beaker, you're a clown.

too much

beakerkin said...

I don't see any racist sentiment in Bargolz quote whatsoever.

Tee Hee

Uptown you are a moron. Break down Bargholz entire post and explain what is racist.

You made the charge now back it up or are you all talk

Tee Hee.

uptownseteve said...


YOU are casey.

Who do you think you're fooling?

And Barber, as you do, have my email address, know where I live and everything else.


Do you think I fear you losers?

What are you gonna do DONAL?

Not a goddamn thing and neither is Barber.

You're all MOUTH.

uptownseteve said...


First you say that he didn't call black people "shit-slinging monkeys".

Now you claim it isn't racist.

But you claim that calling someone a "Jew" is anti-semitic".

I've got some friends over tonight and we're breaking our sides over this silliness.

Thanks for the entertainment beak.


FLORIAN said...

I'll second Bargholz's post that uptown is a sh*tflinging monkey! No uptown it's not racist--because you come here to throw bombs--not to debate like an adult, but to irritate people. You always patronize conservative blacks because you think they side with "whitey". You insult whites and hispanic conservatives because they stand for oppression and you believe they are afraid of blacks. Your use of "toms" and "goobers" pours gasoline on the fire and you in no way ever attempt at serious dialogue.
And BTW I do remember C Casey saying that you wimped out on meeting him in CA! We laughed at that one good. No your statement wasn't any worse than Donal's generally--but since you drew first blood it does qualify as a fire starter. My only question is why are you so obsessed with La Shawn? She's been getting hate mail from you for awhile now. Do you like her? You want to get with her maybe?
Or are you just being a good little troll?

uptownseteve said...


Get it straight.

This was Bargholz' quote:

"Why do you think Blacks have to be ignorant, racist morons? If a Black person acts like a human being instead of a shit-flinging cement monkey, you accuse them of wanting to be White."

Now, try again.

beakerkin said...


( I must don My Mr Rodgers Sweater )

" If black people act like human beings instead of a shit flinging cement monkey " is not a racist statemen. Bargholz is mentioning the many blacks you critique and juxtaposing them with your own low standards.

Bargholz did not mention anyone in particular . Who behaves like a shit flinging cement monkey

There is zero racial content in that remark.

Now calling a person a Jew because they disagree with you is anti semitic.

beakerkin said...


I see zero racial content in that remark. I do not think blacks have to be racist and ignorant. I know many upstanding citizens who are well educated. It is you who think that blacks can't think for themselves like any other American.
The must agree with Uptown Steve who is uneducated or they are not authentic or Uncle Toms even if they have 100% black blood.

uptownseteve said...

And any Jew who disagrees with beaker is a commie traitor.

Beaker, I want to thank you.

I've been trying to convince my friends to get more involved in the internet because this where a lot of folks are getting information and opinion....and it's primarily dominated by total frauds and buffoons.

It's so easy to refute and expose them.

You are making my case for me.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I don't know you or your personal reputation all that well, and quite frankly, I don't care. I don't think I've ever posted anything on the Front Page Magazine forums. We've never crossed paths on the 'net until you showed up here.

All I know is that you're a leftist, and considering my extensive research upon leftist philosophies, I mean no personal offense when I plainly state that leftists are morons. It doesn't matter the color or shape of the leftist - leftists all uniquely share the trait of being tragically stupid. Most, obviously, are too stupid to realize this.

To me, you're just another leftist flyweight intellect slinging bullshit in lieu of attempting to overcome the obstacles leftism has placed between reality and any hope of you ever articulating a coherent thought.

If you can hang, knowing my honest opinion of leftists, cool.

If not, well, that's typical.

beakerkin said...


" and it is dominated by frauds and bufoons"

I thought you said that you didn't have a website. Fraud and bufoon are quite accurate descriptions of you

Tee Hee what a moron

nanc said...

tee hee sounds so HiCNiC or UU...

Jeff Bargholz said...


if Upclown Skeev really sends hate-mail from his employer at PAETECH Corp. in New york, we can easily get him fired.

Reproduce his most offensive, racist and murderous comments and send them to PAETECH's CEO and Human Resources manager. Legitimate companies fire employeees for this kind of misbehaviour on a regular basis. Any employee of mine who uses company property to stalk or attack people is terminated IMMEDIATELY. (They never get that far because I know what I'm doing.) This is one of the most successful avenues pursued by real Americans in search of justice. There is a huge case history of scumbags like Skeev who have been "punked" by their own words.

I'm very serious about this. I'll do anything I can to help you. you have plenty of regular contributors to your blog that will do even more than I will.

Let's bring this piece of shit down. We can do it.

uptownseteve said...



I have my own business so it'll be difficult to fire me.

I suppose that you get your information (PAETECH is my "employer") from the same place you get your views.


Maybe I should investigate your IP address and show YOUR employer some of YOUR remarks.

Like "blacks are shit-flinging monkeys".

Think they would like that?

You clowns really make me laugh.

The real question is why do I upset you so much bargholz?

Anyway, shoot your best shot bitch.

I've been stompin racist roaches like you all my life.