Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where there is a will.......

I am slightly under the weather having food poisoning. Those of you who are familiar with this malady can imagine driving 450 miles. Somewhere along the line I sprained my neck and am runing a mild fever as well. I will try to go to work tommorow but I have onehundred sick hours.

I am a patient person but two days of Uptown is enough. He will be deleted if his posts are not on subject. I am an advocate of free speech but his low class behavior and boring posts are too much for even a patient man. If Uptown can stay on topic fine. If he can not he will be deleted.


Elmer's Brother said...

Beak if I frustrate you at all concerning staying on topic just say the word.

FLORIAN said...

Staying on topic for uptown is like forcing a welfare recipient to work for food and money. No matter how hard you try they just drag their feet and refuse.

nanc said...

well, i tried to keep everybody on topic today, beak - to no avail. nice dress mrs. cleaver.

beakerkin said...

Elmer you are a friend and are always welcome. Two days of pointless stupidity is enough. Uptown has a problem with Jeff Bargholz , Donal, La Shawn and needs my blog to vent,

I stand by my figures about Hollywood, fasion and marketing dollars. The Williams sisters are still fugly but opinions on aesthetics are like #@# every one has one. The Williams sisters made a fraction of what Ann Kournikova and Maria Sharpova make in endorsements. The Williams sisters
just do not look feminine to me.
This is an opinion but the marketing dollars speak for themselves.

FLORIAN said...

Williams sisters??? Not this again Beak! We've come to the conclusion that they look a big too manly. Heck, Serena's hands are bigger than mine probably--not to mention her thunder thighs--and don't get me started on Venus's horse-face. LOL.
Maria Sharipova is a goddess to say the least. Amanda Coetzer, Martina Hingis, Anna Kournikova, and Marie Pierce are also good looking.
Get well Soon Beaker.

MissingLink said...

Sorry to hear about your health probs Beak.
What can I say??
Get better ASAP.

beakerkin said...

I wanted to be visitor 20,000 but missed.

Every man any woman have different standards that please their eyes. I like women to look like women . Huge thighs and calves are the norm in my family. They look great on a man but dreadful on a woman.

nanc said...

visitor 20,000 where, beak?

beakerkin said...

Felis getting out of the car has done wonders. This problem shall pass but do not opperate a motor vehicle with that problem . It exacerbates the problem. Also it deprives one of truckstop food and I look forward to it.

I was disappoiinted in this Michigan stuff. It is the local name for chilli dog and not novel.
I had one at Gus Red Hots and felt it until NJ.

beakerkin said...

I missed it this blogs 20,000 visitor will be today but will not be me I was 19998

beakerkin said...

Visitor 20,000 was from Dallas so it was probably Justin or Farmer John.

Robert Bayn said...

Hope your feeling better Beak.

It was not Justin, he is a comcast guy.

Always On Watch said...

In 2004, I came down with food poisoning the day before Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws in California. Needless to say, I missed the meal. It was all I could do to get on the return flight on Friday evening, the day after Thanksgiving. I managed to survive the flight without puking all over everyone, but I spent the last two hours in the john; I was doubled over when we landed.

Once on the ground, the malady began again and lasted for a few more days.

I picked up the food poisoning in a restaurant in Pasadena--chicken salad sandwich with avocado and sprouts. Any of those elements could have brought on the agony.

Nothing like being laid up at one's in-laws' house, and an in-law whom I barely knew at that. We got a big laugh over the incident in 2005, the following year, but I was very careful as to what and where I ate this past Thanksgiving.

Food poisoning is debilitating and often requires a few weeks to full health to be restored. Don't overdo!

the merry widow said...

That's what I've been trying to tell him, AoW! I had mine in the 80's, Thanksgiving Day, Dad took me to the emergency room, I went in pajamas, robe and slippers, can't remember if I even brushed my hair. Dad dropped me off so he could go park, I was tossed into a wheelchair to be taken in! I was an idiot and went to work that Sat., ended up going home 2 hrs. early since I could barely stand! DO NOT underestimate this bacteria, it is not a joke! Just go to bed and die for the day.
Good morning and G*D bless all with good health!

P.S.AoW- Good to see you out and about! How's your back doing?

uptownseteve said...


What's the topic today beak?

the merry widow said...

uppity- Don't laugh at anothers distress, the day will come when you will be laughed at in yours.


Freedomnow said...

Beak you are the biggest troll magnet that I know of.

You were one of the first bloggers to give positive publicity to the trolls who visit your blog.

It was a move asking for trouble, but I commend you for it. You got spunk!!!