Monday, May 08, 2006

In the Hot Seat with Florian

Florian is the newest member of our community. He is an alumnus of Front Page Forum where I started . Jason, Nanc and Big Bubba also posted on Front Page Forum. Now some of us do not have a feel for Florian as he is new. This is your chance to meet Florian and visa versa.

Florian is much smarter then I am because when Warren and I ventured out from Bad Eagle it was rough. I don't think we had boards with seventy comments for at leat the first four months. Most of that was hate posts from 167 and his accolytes. One of the things about joining a community is having the potential for built in readership. What John Brown and Weasie seem to miss is that if you want to build a readership a you are most likely going to need readers with similar view point.

1 When you first contacted me you were not happy with the state of your blog. Has being accepted into a community and having a full board made the experience more rewarding ?

2 You have seen some of the dificulties with Trolls at FPM and at our common blogs.
Compare the trolls here and at FPM ?

3 Is there any poster at FPM you would like to see start their own blog. I am partial to a Northern Steve or Mike blog ?

4 Now that I have slain Meatheadsubstitute who is the most annoying troll at FPM ?
I am amazed I have not been on FPM in a month and Hank Snow brings me up daily ?

5 What is your goal as a blogger wide readership, special interest or just having a community ?

I would like our more experienced bloggers such as AOW , Felis and Jason to offer pointers.


6 What are your views on immigration ? There is some criticism from the left that there is a xenophobic bias among critics.

7 Should immigration visas be based upon vocational skills rather then familial ties.

8 Are you in favor of throwing the book at companies who hire illegal aliens ?


9 Is the liberal worship of gas taxes a slap in the face of rural Americans ?
10 Are you in favor of building more nuclear power plants.
11 Should we expand drilling for oil in America


12 Do you watch professional sports ? If so what is your favorite team.
13 In general would you rather watch a comedy, action film , western or sci fi movie ?
14 Humvee or Sportscar choose one

War on Terror

15 Do the 9-11 conspiracy types strike you as insane or hateful ?
16 Do you think much of the anti war furor in the USA and Europe is anti capitalism ?
17 Is part of the problem that the war critics define Islam within their own religion
or lack of religon.


18 I know you listen to Michael Savage . Do you listen to other shows on talk radio ?
Can you explain to Felis what Michael Savage means by RDDB Red Diaper Doper Baby ?
19 Other then Front Page what large sites do you frequent on the web.
20 Coose one Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin ? I would choose Monica Crowley but nobody other then me knows who she is.

Fun and Games

21 Have you visited a swamp ?
22 Have you visited any historic sites
23 Which member of the cast of Seinfeld and Friends was your favorite.


24 Do you think Hollywood is out of touch with what America wants to watch.
25 What are your views of school vouchers ?


FLORIAN said...

How do you want these answered? Emailed or posted comment?

beakerkin said...

No Just post them a few at a time. Take your time and expect some questions from the audience.

The interviews are the most popular segments. I like the cyber roasts.

Nanc can you work on getting Jeff Bargholtz to sit for an interview.

FLORIAN said...

1. Most definitely. As you remember I was struggling to get any audience at all. You might say my readership was comparable to the infamous John Brown. Thankfully with your help, Nanc's, Felis, AOW and Donal I've gotten my feet a bit wet and gotten a lot of support from all of you. The rewarding part is just being able to enjoy seeing comments add up on your lists and know that you are now offically a "member" of the blogger family.

2. Trolls here are a lot more personal then at FPM--especially with Roberta monitoring everything. In the old days at FPM you could be called anything and everything. There were no rules. Since Roberta the moderator began zapping posts and banning IP's, FPM has lost a bit of it's luster. You're not free to speak your mind as much as you used to. Trolls here on the blogs are almost like barnacles stuck to a whale. Once you get one it's hard to get them to leave or even be civil.

FLORIAN said...

3. Oh most definitely. I loved Northern Steve and his passion for conservative politics. I enjoyed seeing his transformation over a year or so from a moderate centrist to a complete right-winger. Mike and his libertarian views would also make for an interesting blog, but my top choice candidate for starting a blog would be Jingo (AKA Morgan). He's disappeared somewhere and we do miss him.

4. The most annoying troll ever to date is obviously Socrates. His numerous handles and ridiculous posts border insane. Quite frankly Uptown Steve used to really get under my skin as did Mr. Unite Us because of their constant race-baiting and uniquivical nonsense blaming Jews for everything. Right now a relatively new poster by the name of Ernesto has plagued FPM. He's got a sick sense of humor and he equates the crime of Illegal alien border jumpers to speeding. Among his hero's are Castro and Mao. There's an official boycott to respond to him--apparently I found out rather late as Batya had to tell me to ignore the guy.

nanc said...

i'll work on j.b. (jeff bargholz) but he's asked my help on something and i responded to him, but he's not responded back to me. apparently he's made a post at wikipedia and some leftwing nutjob has been hacking his work. i'll forward a copy of his request to you.

flo - just a suggestion - i pasted my questions to my documents and took the better part of a morning answering them and then reposted them here.

don't you dare compare yourself to the brown one! he's been dogging us since autonomist several months back when mr. dipippo banned him altogether - at least four or five months ago - your site is doing great and i'm glad to have you around the corner, so to speak.

FLORIAN said...

5. My main goal is actually just to have a wide range of readership. In time, (and with your support) hopefully I can generate and become part of the bigger community within the conservative blogosphere.

6. Well my parents immigrated from Spain--Legally. So it's a hot topic no doubt. I am absolutely 100% against all illegal immigration--no matter where the source comes from. It's a crime and the US is perhaps the poorest enforcer of it's immigration laws in the western world. Even Mexico finds and deports it's illegals within a matter of weeks. As far as critics saying it's a xenophobic bias--that's laughable! The only reason most people catagorize Hispanics as illegals, is because most illegals are HISPANIC. It's that simple. If most illegals were Canadian we wouldn't even have to deal the race card. Sadly, some in our society always feel the need to use it.

8. Immigration visas have usually been based on familial ties for the most part. But in today's world, I would say a bit more of the former and less of the latter. I mean, how many painters and landscapers do we really need? It's not like Mexico is sending their best doctors (and they do have good ones) or scientists over here.

nanc said...

seinfeld would have folded if not for kramer! they could have even done without seinfeld.

FLORIAN said...

#8 was actually 7..whoops...

nanc said...

i like that avatar!

FLORIAN said...

8. Totally in favor of it. The arrogance of these companies is unbelieveable, and so is the damage they are causing to our medical system, educational system and our social atmosphere. Heavy fines in the tens of thousands should be applied to these companies. Their officers or managers should be locked up and the business shut down for an "inspection" period--kindof like what happens when the gov't shuts a restaurant down for rats. Illegal immigration could be easily contained if the employers wouldn't hire these people. No supply of demand for cheap illegal labor. Simple isn't it?

9. Liberal worship of gas taxes is a slap in the face of all Americans. It's been estimated that the profits the government makes off of the gas taxes is almost equivilant to the profits the oil companies make. Bet you'll never hear that from the media.

10. I work in the energy industry so I know a bit more than the average person on this. In short YES! The price of coal and gas has gone up exponentially in the last two years and those costs get passed on to the consumer. With nuclear power plants the cost is only a tiny fraction of what energy costs would be with coal or gas. Not to mention that it's enormously cleaner than the other forms of energy (but you'll never hear that from the environmental wackos). Nuke power is cheaper, cleaner, more efficient, and so much easier to maintain. It's a no brainer. Unfortunatley most of the public is ignorant to these facts and therefore the consumers pay higher prices for other forms. Higher prices for us (Energy companies) means higher prices for the consumer. My company has raised rates by 22% in just over 1 year. Nuke power (if congress loosens up restrictions) is the way of the future.

11. Absolutely. ANWR, off the coast of Florida, in the Atlantic, and other areas in the interior should be explored. The "not in my backyard" statement has no place in today's world of turmoil. We need to be in control of our own destiny for energy and not allow OPEC and the Arab league to dictate our future.

12. I love Soccer. It's by far my favorite team sport. What can you say--I'm Spanish! My favorite soccer team is Atletico Madrid. I also love college football. University of GA. Tennis and golf are my other favorites. I'm better at golf though.

13. Sci-Fi or action. I love the Star Wars saga and Lord of the Rings. As far as action films--I love almost anything in that category.

14. I'm more of a gas-guzzler SUV type...but if I had to choose one--Sportscar.

15. A little bit of both. How can you reason with a person like Cynthia Mckinney who insists that GW Bush KNEW prior to the attacks what was going to happen. Or Cindy Sheehan who says we lied about WMD'S in Iraq, when everybody in the intelligence community positively said that Iraq had WMD's. So hateful--yes. Insane--definitley.

16. Anti-war and Anti-Capitalism go hand-in-hand. Both are leftist and both are driven by complete propoganda. Europe, as you know has become incredibly anti-capitalist. Socialism in the extreme has taken over most countries in Europe. The role of "parent" has become the role of government--from womb to tomb so they say. With this mindset of people being nurtured by the government, morality and honest decision-making take a back seat. Europe, unfortunately has been hit with a rash of pacificity. Just look at how the 3/11 train bombings in Madrid calculatingly turned the election into the Socialists favor and a win for Zapatero (Spain's version of Jimmy Carter)? That says it all there.

17. I view this as part of the relitivity training our schools and institutions have taught for the past dozen or so years. The multi-culturalists want us to think that Islam is just as good as Christianity and Judaism. They are the same. One isn't better than the other. Liberals will always tell you that God is a loving God and he will never "send anybody to hell". While it's true God is a loving God, he's also a God of Justice. Remember Lot's wife? Cain? Even David had his moments. Equating Judeo-Christian beliefs to Islam is like equating ice cream to horse manuer. Judeo-Christians die for their beliefs, Muslims kill for theirs.

18. Absolutely! Neal Boortz (my personal favorite), Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and occasionally Laura Ingraham.

19. As far as forums go-none. But I'm a daily reader of, Newsmax, Drudgereport, and occasionally Foxnews and CNN.

20. Michelle Malkin. I know Monica, but she hardly gets the exposure as the other two. Michelle is just more brutal than Ann I think and her sarcasm goes a step further also.

21. A swamp? I've visited Savage Justice a couple times.

22. Gettysburg, Custer's Battlefield, Kennesaw Nat'l battlefield, several Roman and Spanish Castle's in Spain. Fort McHenry, MD (where the Star Spangled Banner was written), Bran Castle in Romania (Dracula's Castle), Buckingham Palace--to name a few.

23. Kramer on Seinfeld. Loved him. Not sure about friends. Joey perhaps since he was the funniest.

24. Sure they are. Take a look at the hit in the pocket book they've taken in the last couple years. There's more violence (which I don't object to), more political and social displays such as Humpback Mountain and Munich, and much more sexual debauchery than there has been in recent years. Most mainstreamers are sick of it. Need I mention the political rantings of some hollyweirdos such as George Clooney, Kevin Bacon, Michael Moore, and Barbara Streisand.

25. We need them and badly. Democracy, Capitalism, and Liberty are all about choice--so why can't parents select the school their child will go to?

Thanks for the interview Beaker.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

9. Liberal worship of gas taxes is a slap in the face of all Americans. It's been estimated that the profits the government makes off of the gas taxes is almost equivilant to the profits the oil companies make. Bet you'll never hear that from the media.

Actually, after the cost of pumping oil, transporting it to refineries, refining it into gasoline, shipping it to gas stations, and paying all the labor costs of everyone involve, oil companies make around 8 cents profit off of every gallon sold.

The government (federal, state, and local) still get 50 cents on every gallon.

Want to cut the cost at the gasoline pump?

Eliminate taxes on gasoline.

Want to cut the cost even more?

Allow domestic oil exploration and build more refineries (this also has the side effect of CREATING JOBS).

Want to cut the cost even more?

Ban Democrats from public office.

Freedomnow said...

John Brown,

You have been given a guest appearance on my blog. I will make a star out of you, kid.

I know you need the publicity so check it out.

Freedom Now

nanc said...

i've always said fern is one of the best.

Warren said...

Florian, good interview.

Cuz (Beamish) stole my thunder. From what I've seen, state taxes on gasoline run from 40 cents to 60 + cents per gallon with NY having the higest (63) and California a close second.

Sci-fi and action, Yea Rah!

Did you get a chance to shoot that 40 S&W over the weekend?

the merry widow said...

Good job, Florian! Welcome to the community!


Always On Watch said...

my parents immigrated from Spain

From which part of Spain? I have a degree in Spanish so am interested in all things pertaining to Spain. My Spanish is rusty now as I didn't use it much for many years.

Always On Watch said...

Equating Judeo-Christian beliefs to Islam is like equating ice cream to horse manuer.

Good zinger there!

Always On Watch said...

A swamp? I've visited Savage Justice a couple times.

Did you get any slime on yourself?

FLORIAN said...

AOW: Parents from Santander and Pamplona. Northern Spain. And after many long sterilization sessions I finally did get the slime off of myself.
WARREN: No haven't shot the .40 S&W yet--this weekend for sure. Can't wait.
I haven't read up as much on the gas tax vs. the oil profits. I guess I was a bit off. But you get the point.

nanc said...

anybody having problems with blogger this morning?

FLORIAN said...

Rumors running about another DOS attack on blogger. Who knows? I know i've had problems.

Freedomnow said...

Ohhhh blogger was slow for a while. I cant see how they make money so I rarely complain.

But the time they upgraded their servers was a nightmare. The software still doesnt run as good as it did before the "upgrade"...

the merry widow said...

Yes, yes and yes, I've been down since 10am, before then was sloooowww. Glad to be back!


Iran Watch said...

I apologize for not responding sooner. Blogger has been down all morning where I live at.
Soccer? Since it your national sport I will let this go.

Michelle or Ann...more people should read Debbie Schlussel

21. A swamp? I've visited Savage Justice a couple times. HAHA, but I have found interesting is that weasel has invited John Brown to visit his site but for some reason John Brown isn't interested. I wonder what that might be?

FLORIAN said...

JB apparently has his own agenda. He's a loner. Apparently, he might think weasel is an "infidel" also.

beakerkin said...


That is interesting and it has crossed my mind. However, he seems
more interested in argument the presentation of facts. Muslim Goblins sounds like a PC Lord of the Rings bit. Mr Beamish will explain why Orcs are more appropriate at a later date.

I am placing an interview with the Solid Surfer tonight. Let me know when you are ready for your own interview.

Weasie is also having trouble getting an audience. Insulting readers is not a way to build a following.

American Crusader said...

Good answer to #6. I don't think Republicans are xenophobic, at least not the majority, but they don't want to see American values eroding because of any large group that doesn't want to assimilate into American culture.
Racist themes such as "Nada Gringo" are glossed over by the press but if it was the other way around there would be massive news stories on racist Americans.

FLORIAN said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
F.B. Jones said...

I am glad to see I am not the first to use this group to increase the traffic on my blog. I am so greatful to these evil people. I mean wonderful people.
It is good to be of a growing body of God's children. This group has got it all.. Even trolls
This group deserves an award for tolerance of trolls and support of up and coming bloggers.

beakerkin said...


You didn't use this group to boost your readership. You joined a community and are a member. Now it is true that some members are larger like AOW and Felis but all are important. Even trolls like JB and Weasie come here looking for readers.

I have got an agreeement to interview Rob the Dirty Liberal. He is the rare comedic person on the left. I am trying to get him scheduled for Friday. Some of our better interviews have come from those who disagree with us such as Ducky and the Disgruntled Chemist.

Mr. Ducky said...

Absolutely American Crusader. i have no desire to see American values destroyed because Gingrich republicans, thumpers and Libertarians can't be integrated into American culture.

Now you may think this is just the duck stirring the pot but I will ask you to define the "correct" American values.

Surely you understand that beaks are quite different than mine and the American middle class has values quite different than George "Chucklenuts" Bush.

beakerkin said...


Our values are based upon the values of the founding fathers. That is why our legal philosophy is predicated with the intentions of the founding fathers.

The founding fathers did not intend the country to be divided by a series of victims rights groups ala the Marcuse school of Marxism. Thus the Beak and Newt are more attuned to what it means to be an American then the devotees of Marx either via classic labor scheem or the Marcuse coralaries.

Beamish in 08.

FLORIAN said...

American values, like Beak said are the values our founding fathers engraved in the Constitution. I don't remember anywhere in the Constitution where we MUST pay Federal income taxes, have socialist policies such as welfare, ssi, or medicare. I don't ever remember reading in the Bill of Rights that healthcare is a "human right". Food, clothing, and shelter are also disqualified from being "human rights". They are more needs, and what better organization to help out the needy then non-profit agencies--not my tax dollars. FDR and his so-called "new deal" did more to destroy the American dream and American values than any war could ever do. As far as middle America's values differing from GW Bush's: indeed we do differ. We believe in strong border security and the full prosecution and deportation of all illegals and their benefactors. We believe in less gov't pork, much less gov't spending and waste, and a balanced budget--Bush and his cohorts don't (neither do the Dems BTW).
Correct American values go by the Standard of our Constitution--and it's not a "living" document.

Mr. Ducky said...

Values are "engraved in the Constitution". Values or rights? Please formulate a better answer.

Don't simply refer to "the constitution" or "the founding fathers" (as if they agreed on anything). Let's make this an aphorism free zone.

Did the New Deal represent "American values"? If not, what "values" did it violate?

Beak, let's show a little discipline in your writing. So you are atuned to "what it means to be an American". All you offer is something about victims? Are you trying to present a laissez-faire position? Please write with more clarity.

beakerkin said...

Ducky it is quite clear that the founders of this country were concerned with individual rights bestowed upon us from our creator.
The entire Marcuse, Marx and for the record Sharia based group rights laws are anathema to the original founders intent.

The notion of Marx being congruent with American values is a delusion on your part. Try to show some coherence in your thinking Ducky.
The point of my original post was
quite clear.

Mr Beamish in 08

Brooke said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert Bayn said...

If life is not valued and the quality of life is not valued as part of American Values, than we are in a sad state for a country that is suppose to lead the world.

Brooke said...


Do you listen to Glenn Beck?

Are you a 24 fan?

What do you think of Israel threatening pre-emptive action against Iran in response to their multiple threats of genocide?


beakerkin said...


At some point in the future you should also sit for an interview.

MissingLink said...

You're a clear thinker Florian.
I like it.
Grear interview Beak.
Another success story.

beakerkin said...

Felis I do not know if you caught a Fruedian slip on our next guest. Our next guest is the Solid Surfer.
I accidentally wrote Silver Surfer who is a comic book hero.

Florian also forgot to explain what a Red Diaper Doper Baby is. This term is a local talk radio hosts parody of the term Red Diaper Baby found in the writings of Radosh and Horowitz.

Michael Savage also says the words compasion and sensitive with an inflection. Regular listeners get the joke.

nanc said...

did i miss another browniebort?

FLORIAN said...

Ducky: American values do not mean "BIG GOV'T", such as we have today. Today's version of gov't is an imperial force that seeps itself into our very lives. The very things that liberals push into their platforms are almost in direct violation of what our founding fathers decided upon when creating our Republic. VALUES Ducky...not rights! The only rights we have as humans are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness--that's it.
As for the Neal Deal, it borders on Marxism and gov't intrusion into peoples businesses and lives. More taxes, more bureacracy, more BS.

FLORIAN said...

Brooke: Never heard of Glenn Beck. Who is he?
And yes I LOVE '24'. But unfortunately I have to wait on the DVD's for this season as I missed the first couple episode's and didn't want to ruin the rest of the season. So I'll have to wait.
As for IRAN....well, if they continue to threaten Israel's existence, then the only option Israel's MP's have is to strike first. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Now if Iran does end up striking first--it will be a day darker than 9/11--for sure.

beakerkin said...

Nanc you didn't miss anything.

nanc said...

O.T. - news alert - hamas and palis (fatah) agree to peace. well, well, well, - what do you get when two terrorist factions make a pact? i just imagine what someone like hitler and pol pot could have done if they'd had the chance to put their heads together...

FLORIAN said...

More bloodshed...more rape...more death...more violence....Isn't this a lovely world we live in?

F.B. Jones said...

I am a member. Sorry if that sounded bad. I am a proud member of this alliance.

nanc said...

...and then beak asked a troll, "boxers or briefs?" the troll replies, "DEPENDS!"

Mr. Ducky said...

florian, Israel hasn't got the freakin' muscle to do the Iran gig. They can take out an lightly protected single reactor in Iraq but this is different.

Chucklenuts is trying to get a huge explosive test going in Nevada. Now why the bleep do you think he's doing that?

Meanwhile the Iranians are pissing themselves laughing and China just signed a contract with Cuba to drill for oil off the Florida Keys.

Mr. Ducky said...

Florian, when you can reply to the Constitutional question with intelligent specifics that demonstrate you understand that the early founders were hardly unanimous I must wait until you decide to stop being a talking points parrot.

The fact that you are so stupid that you think Israel can take out the Iranian reactors indicates that you aren't a deep thinker.

beakerkin said...


Do notice your ideaological breteren have zero problem exploring for oil everywhere except the USA.

Iran knows what will happen if Israel is attacked. For good measure they should take out Mecca as well as Iran. Their friends in Damascus should also get nuked.

Mr. Ducky said...

No Beak, I notice this. The US has 5% of the world's reserves and uses 40% of the world's supply and you can't do the f*cking math. That's what I notice from you rightists who apparently don't have the gift of reason.

I doubt even the Kahanist butt munch would nuke Mecca. There would be an immediate exodus from Israel and it would stop being a nation in very short order. Dumb move Beak. Luckily Batty-yahoo isn't runing the country or is even influential.

Freedomnow said...


Doesnt it register anywhere in your narrow-minded worldview the implications of why Israel does not threaten Mecca?

Every Muslim leader that wants to deflect from their own problems threatens Israel.

Whether it is Saddam, bin Laden, Iran or whoever. Just like the Nazis blamed everything on the Jews, modern day Muslims and Socialists continue the tradition.

P.S. Socialists love oil dont they?

Mr. Ducky said...

I completely agree Freedomnow. Especially in Egypt, Israel has been used to keep the masses distracted.

I blame nothing on the jews. I don't have a lot of interest in Israel. For all the press it gets its not much aof a player.

FLORIAN said...

Hey Duck-head! I answered the question perfectly to the "T". The fact that your liberal mentality disallows you from comprehending facts is not my fault. As to what you said about Israel, it's laughable. Israel would turn Iran, Saudi Arabia, Southern Lebanon, Egypt,Syria--and maybe even Iraq into a radiation parking lot if they are attacked. While people like you would love to see another holocaust happen, the Israeli's know what they're up against. Quite frankly, it's only a matter of time before nut-job in Iran makes his last move.

FLORIAN said...

About oil. Yes, we should milk Iraq's oil dry as well as KSA's. After all it is our oil--we found it and buy it. Had it not been for our western technology these people would still be living as nomads in the sand dunes.

beakerkin said...


It is quite simple if Israel gets nuked Iran goes and Mecca and Medina go as well. Let the zealots hold their Haj in a toxic radiological dump.

Lets see what percentage of the worlds GDP is produced by the United States. If you look at that number our oil consumption is just about right.

Then again the Commies and the Soviet Union were never enviormental role models. This is another case of Marxist pointing the finger at the US on problems they themselves failed to adress.

FLORIAN said...

As a matter of fact Beaker...Mexico, India and China contribute more pollution to ozone by themselves then the USA does--but you'll never hear that from the media.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, the percentage of GDP isn't particularly relevent. If we want out of the geopolitical oil struggle we have to use less. It's simple. We have to conserve. Additional drilling will not make any serious difference.

Florian, China pollutes, yes. They are also the worlds leading user of solar power and are converting quickly.

Now if they pollute it gives us the green light to sit on our collective ass and do nothing. Spoken like a Bushista.

beakerkin said...


That is baloney increasing oil supply is the way out of a crisis.
Conservation is limited.

GDP is the relevant criteria as wealth is produced energy is used.
Third world countries are more poluted then the USA.

Then again Castro has worked wonders for Cuban GDP. But you can not find a roll of toilet paper or get meat. Great health care and educations may be more mythical then reality based.

FLORIAN said...

"Spoken like a Bushista"
I'm hardly a supporter of Bush. Every nation pollutes--so what? You say we must conserve? How so? Are you going to start by not driving your car anymore or not turning your A/C on? How are you going to make 270 million Americans conserve? More gov't enforcement right?
The thing that makes me chuckle so much about green lobbyests, is that they are the biggest bigots on earth. They drive their gas-guzzling Hummers and SUV's, crank up their heating and cooling, and they lobby the gov't for stricter enforcement of pollution/environmental laws that actually drives up energy costs--YET...they denounce anybody who also drives those type vehicles and wastes energy.
Conservation isn't the answer by any means. Not in a Free Country anywasy. Under communism/marxism perhaps.

nanc said...

conservatism should be a personal choice and if you can afford it, use it. i've all but parked my suburban (a gift from my husband's family) and drive it only on special occasions. i would never force conservation on anybody else although in some areas it would be a good idea.

we recycle and have been for many years. what we don't eat our animals do. what our animals cannot eat and we cannot recycle, we fire up to add to that little hole in the ozone! styrofoam too!

Brooke said...

Beak:I'll sit anytime you'd like, and hopefully I will be one half as well spoken as Florian!

Florian: Beck is a radio talk show host on the am dial from 0900 to 1200. He's pretty popular; you should be able to find an affiliate near you, if you'd like to try him. He also just started a show at 1900 on Headline News. (It's still piloting; the radio show is MUCH better.)

FLORIAN said...

Brooke: Ok I'll look for him. Unfortunately I'm at work during those hours and at my office they ban conservative talk--I work among liberal wolves. So I'll have to find time on a lunch break.

Freedomnow said...


Just hold on, you cant call Florian a Bushista without calling me one.

Viva the Bush Revolution!!!!!!!

MissingLink said...

I didn't notice any Fruedian slips.
Even if I did I'd pretend I didn't. ;-)

Elmer's Brother said...

florian, I enjoyed the interview and you are a regular read for me now.