Friday, May 19, 2006

Uptown vs the Beaker let the readers decide.

Uptown Steve and I disagree on a major point and I would like to get your feedback. Uptown is often critical of Israel and the Jews. When people disagree with them he calls them JEWS in capital letters. He has done this to at least four non Jews who have taken issue with his views.

One of the four people Uptown has called JEW is Donal. I know of at least three others Pointman, Hispano and JBaumgart. I aslo think Uptown did this to Jimbo as well. Donal, Florian and Nanc may recall others that he treated similarly. At first Uptown spent weeks denning he had ever made the remarks. When he was shown the remarks he has spun a fairy tale.

What do you think , is this bigoted behavior ?


uptownseteve said...

Oh yes beaker.

That uptownsteve is an anti-semite.

But bargholz who claims that blacks are 'shit-slinging monkeys" ISN'T a racist.

And beaker, who claims any jew who disagrees with HIM is a commie-traitor, isn't a bigot as well.


We're convinced.

Enjoy your blog beak.

Beats livin' in the real world.


Possum said...

Using the word Jew that way is using it as a perjorative term, as if being a Jew is something to be ashamed of. So, it's blatant bigotry. I new a narcissist who used to use the women that way, with a tone of disgust.

Warren said...

Of course its bigoted behavior!

Pardon my french, but, Steve is an asshole!

You know, the "my crap don't stink" kind.

He thinks that just because he did it, its ok, and when he gets the inevitable reaction, he whines like a baby and calls people names.

Anybody that would put up with his crap has serious self-esteem problems. Then comes in bird brain for a little ass kissing and spit swapping.

Have they set the date yet?

beakerkin said...

Bargholz never called blacks shit slinging monkeys. Read the quote again.

The fact is that Noam Chomsky, Lerner , Norman Finklestein and Kovell are Communists or Anarchists and as such are traitors. Is it my fault you do not read anything beyond the the comic section of the newspaper.

Tee Hee

You spent more time on my blog then I did today Tee Hee.

Robert Bayn said...

Bigoted? I not totally convinced it is bigoted to call a jew, a jew, obvisouly he is using and saying it that way to piss you off, or anyone else off who might be Jewish. I been called a republican numberous times by Justin, now that is just mean!

beakerkin said...

Rob he calls non Jews JEWS in capital letters when they disagree with them. That is equivalent to someone questioning my orintation or Esthers for our positions on Gay issues.

I do not take offense to being called Gay but it is bigotry on the part of whomever said it.

uptownseteve said...

yeah beak, let him read the quote again.

"Why do you think Blacks have to be ignorant, racist morons? If a Black person acts like a human being instead of a shit-flinging cement monkey, you accuse them of wanting to be White."

And I've been accused by some of your buddies of being white.

Are you calling them racists or anti-white?

You're a clown, a fraud and a fool.

uptownseteve said...


Have you claimed that gays had superior intellects and characters than others?

The people that I suspect are Jews HAVE made those assertions.

Non-Jews don't believe or claim that.

Deal with it.

beakerkin said...


Your lack of reading skills is evident. Bargholz is clearly refering to the people you slander as Uncle Toms as decent human beings. Try reading it again.

Jews do score higer than most groups on standardized tests. This isn't supremacist but it is a fact.
There are studies that Gays also have higher educational and income levels . The fact that a person repeats items that have been documented does not make them Jewish or Gay.

The question remains what standardized tests measure . However, the mere statement that Jews or Gays score higher on standardized tests may be factual

You are obtuse.

uptownseteve said...

Ohhhhh, your beloved standardized tests.

I grew up in NYC, went to school with Jews and have competed with them all my life.

While some have been extremely capable and competent, others were so dumb they couldn't find their own asses if they used both hands.

What were your standardized test scores beaker?

With your superior Jewish intellect, how do you allow me to repeatedly make you look like a 3 year old?

MissingLink said...

"Why do you think Blacks have to be ignorant, racist morons? If a Black person acts like a human being instead of a shit-flinging cement monkey, you accuse them of wanting to be White."

What it means - If a black person doesn't act like an anti-social, agressive hooligan, Steve insists such person betrayed black "race".

In my opinion it is not racist, although the language isn't perhaps the most subtle.

This is basically personal criticism of Steve as an individual because he insists that all black people MUST follow his prefered pattern of behaviour.

I am not sure if Steve is a racist although this is what and ousider would certainly see from the way he responds to any question and/or criticism.

I certainly would not call anybody "Jew" if this person weren't actually of Jewish background.

In translation it would mean - You behave like a Jew.
..or you behave like a Black
and so on.
After such an exchange you feel like asking; :What the hell did you mean by that?"

the merry widow said...

I agree Missinglink, juvenile in any case. Even though I'm not a Jew, I wouldn't throw a temper tantrum over it, I'd probably take it as a compliment. Especially if I was compared to Don Feder! That man can write!


beakerkin said...


Here is the problem with Steve he thinks the world owes him something. Whatever happened in Slavery was long ago . Uptown has not only had every opportunity to compette on a level playing field but the field is tilted in his favor.

He is part of the school of excuses
for failure. Rather then compette
and work hard he whines and cries.
La Shawn Barber is a female writer who Uptown loathes. Uptown sees Lashawn as a traitor because she does not want a hand out nor ses herself as a victim.

Here is another oddity Uptown comes here to attempt to compette with a Jew, me. He brings up the subject of Jews and standardized tests and now wants to cry about it. He has an inferiority complex
that seeps into every post.

Now lets look at another Uptown example of ignorance. Ten Jews and Ten Blacks take a test and Jews average 87 blacks 73. Uptown lacks the basic understaning of math to understand that this does not mean every black scored lower then Jews. This does mean that blacks on average score lower on that test. What the test measures or what part test taking skills play is unknown.

This is Uptown's game

1 Cry victim. Everyone is a racist
and Jews are the biggest racists.

2 Demand quotes and then when those quotes are produced spin. He didn't just call Hispano a Jew. He wrote YOU ARE A JEW capitalized. He will go into a long debate about what capitalized leters mean.

3 Bring up irreleant points rather then answer a question. What does Jeff Bargholz or Donal have to do with an interview ? Both can defend themselves quite well and do not need my help nor am I responsible for their statements.
I do not ask Uptown to denounce X or Y because to be honest nobody cares what he thinks .

4 Ignorance on basic knowledge and then responds with well I don't believe it. The following points were presented to Uptown with many links.

A Arafat was born in Cairo
B Michael Lerner is not a Rabbi.

There are many other examples including one where I and about half a dozen others had to explain
that Iranians are not Arabs. This was also a 167 classic on this blog.

One can not have a serious conversation with such an ignoramus. As soon as a discussion starts Uptown gets bogged down on basic information. In short he is the weakest link in any discussion.

Always On Watch said...

What do you think , is this bigoted behavior ?

In a word, yes!

Warren said...

Steve is a racist!

I've read his crap elsewhere, FPM and lesser known blogs. I read his screeds to LaShawn Barber and I knew which "Steve" it was before he confessed. It was evident in the writing style.

If that exchange was made on one of the "White Nations" forums, (Storm Front, et al), between a white male and white female, there would be no questioning of who was a racist! The only thing missing was the exact phrasing with a gratuitous, "RACE TRAITOR", thrown in for good measure.

With Barber, it was, presumably, about a "black" stripper accusing a bunch of "white" college boys of rape. If it had been a white stripper, there isn't any doubt in my mind that, Steve, would have agreed with her or considered it beneath a dignity he doesn't possess,to comment.

As its panning out, it seem that LaShawn is 100% correct, [sarcasm] I'm sure that we will
see steves apology any day now. [/sarcasm]

Of course, to steve, since it was all about race, (and a personal attack on someone that doesn't share his racist adgenda), the actual facts of the events have no bearing on his statements.

eyesallaround said...

How funny. Why do you care if he's anti-semitic? Tell him to bugger off if you don't like his views, or screen like Gayle does... If someone believes a load of crap, who cares?

VerityINK said...

EYES--What do YOU care if Beak cares? I don't like abject stupidity and rabid anti-Semitism either--it doesn't do the world any good, and UpCrap is the king of hypocrisy bleating about blacks 24/7 and nattering continually about Jews. Blacks should do one TENTH the good for society that Jews have--then they might be as well-admired!

VerityINK said...

UpClown, why is it you assume that people can only do, or have, one thing at a time? (THAT says a lot about YOU.) You say blogging 'beats having a real life'??? First, YOU spend more time on the 'Net than anyone I ever met, and second, we blog AND have a 'real' life. (Being a newlywed is GREAT!)Maybe YOU can only manage one thing at a time, but that's not true of the rest of us--grow up, word up, and SHUT UP.

beakerkin said...


I left FPM a while back and I find it amusing that he would seek me out. To be honest I don't think of him at all.

FLORIAN said...

Uptown is obviously a miserable failure in life--otherwise he wouldn't be so keen to get our money on the reparations arguement. Slavery never affected him in any way. He's lying if he says it has.
We don't OWE him or any other black with a racial chip on their shoulder ANYTHING! As a matter of fact nobody owes anybody anything, the strawman arguement he gives that we do is completely laughable.

nanc said...

that's why i don't like indians.

uptownseteve said...

Oh my.

The idiots claim that no one cares what I have to say but all they do is discuss ME.

This is funny.

uptownseteve said...


You're lying AGAIN.

I'm still waiting for you to prove your assertion that more blacks are on the government dole than any other race.

Of course you're not going to answer because you just pulled it out of your ass.

Now you claim that I've said that whites "owe" us.

Now it's obvious that white people in America have benefited from America's racial caste system.

Let's be for real people.

For most of America's history, it was LEGAL to discriminate against blacks in every area of existence.

How could whites NOT have benefited?

I've read a lot of drivel about my so-called "inferiorty complex".


I guess that's why when I do go on blogs and web forums, it's usually on rightwing racist site like this one where I'm outnumbered 20 to 1.

And usually leave with the participants screaming, howling and fuming hysterically.

Like you are now.

Hey beak, donal or anyone.

How about coming over to for one day and mixing it up.

You don't have the guts.

You clowns only gain strength when you're in mob mode.

In your hearts, you KNOW that you're losers.

uptownseteve said...


"YOU spend more time on the 'Net than anyone I ever met"

You're lying again.

Until I the last couple of weeks, I've posted on the web maybe once a week.

FPM has become a boring sewer of nuts, rabid zionists, and the usual gaggle of white supremacists yelling from their trailers.

The NYT shut down their Race Relations Forum as soon as a strong black presence made itself known.

Then I decided on a whim to enter "uptownsteve" into the google search engine and what do I find?

Beaker's blog, with beaker whining about how much of a jerk uptownsteve is!


I hadn't communicated with the puke in over a year.

"and second, we blog AND have a 'real' life. (Being a newlywed is GREAT!"

I bet it's great for you DONAL.

Finally getting some after all this time.

Tell me, what was hubby doing time for?

Did he know McVeigh or Eric Rudolph?

tee hee

uptownseteve said...


>Blacks should do one TENTH the good for society that Jews have--then they might be as well-admired!"

Well-admired by WHOM?


If Jews are so "well-admired" then why have they been so hated throughout history?

Why did they have to create a Jewish nation by forcibly taking other peoples land?

Why didn't America welcome all of the Holocaust victims to come HERE?

Correct me if I'm wrong but blacks did not solicit the presence of whites on the African continent.

Africa was INVADED and TERRORIZED by whites and black people have suffered from the relationship ever since.

VerityINK said...

UPCRAP--First, don't talk about my husband like that or we can start talking about your skanky prison sister's bastard child, and the gal you're shacking up with that you haven't jumped the broom with yet--getting 'some' or not. Capice?

Second, Jews are hated by fools like you because you're JEALOUS of them (I can't help your smallness of character). And it was your darling DEMOCRAT FDR that kept the Jews out of America--not any good Republican president. Learn some history. Jews were in Israel CENTURIES before Islam was even CREATED. They took land from no one. After the Holocaust, the world owes them their own land--and it's only .6% of all the land in the middle east.

And no, blacks didn't ask for white presence in Africa. WE DIDN'T NEED YOUR PERMISSION, STUPID. You and yours weren't strong enough to keep us out, so deal with it, weakling. When you blacks are left to yourselves, we get South Central, Detroit, AIDSAfrica, Haiti, and Charles Taylor chopping kids arms off, Mugabe starving people, Idi Amin--you name it. You're even a scourge to YOUR OWN people. Please go back to Africa and straighten it out!

beakerkin said...

Uptown nobody cares what you think.
People do not come to this site to hear your wisdom. You are irrelevant, a nobody with no readers. Le Shawn has readers, David Horrowitz has readers, Jeff Bargholz has readers but where are yiur readers.

Do not run this shuck and give crapola about being a strong black man. Unlike others I have been to the inner city and have seen giants toil in annonymity. You are a nobody just a loudmouth in cyberspace with no social skills.
Sorry Uptown but you are not a strong black man in any definition.
I will save that description for the teachers, clergy and cops of allcolors who toil in annonymity to make their section of the world a better place.

As for your fighting racists you are also a liar. When a genuine bigot named Alan showed up you had other issues. Mike, Tricky Blaine , Fiona and myself mopped the floor with Alan. Spare me the talk about White racists because when the genuine article rears its head you fall silent.

You are all talk Uptown and nobdy gives you a second thought.

Robert Bayn said...

Yo stevie boy, one thing you seem to be missing, is i don't know facts? It was your people who sold you to the American Settlers, or was that not on your exam for "hate whitey"? Americans took in Jews after the Holocaust because that is what America does best, give refuge to people, you know show a little class, you know that thing your lacking. As far as Jews being hated around the world? I think that has more to do with the religious tyranny that exists in the middle east, and i guess when you are God's chosen people, people get jealous.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I realize name-calling and spurious "prove reality to me" challenges are the hallmarks of advanced leftists, devolved as they are into solipsistic monuments of utter stupidity, so it's no surprise to me that you're taking your intellectual ass-whoopin' with a sneer.

Pee Wee Herman's classic "I know you are but what am I" debating style didn't win any awards.

So try something involving a lil' more brain power. You don't have to use enough brain power to make us doubt your leftism, just use enough to elevate the discussion out of the sandbox.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

...Now that we've got the amenities out of the way, I'll take some shots at Uptownseteve's history quiz.

If Jews are so "well-admired" then why have they been so hated throughout history?

Leftism is rooted in the idea that human individuality is non-existent; there are only groups or "classes" of people, most of which need to be exterminated by the leftist's self-identified class (the "proletariat," the "Aryan race," etc.). Jews are a favorite target of leftists (see Marx's 1843 essay that served as an inspiration for Hitler, entitled On the Jewish Question) because Jews distinguish themselves from other religious cultures in practice and belief. Leftists, primitive ideologues all, see difference as dangers. Can't wipe out religious threats to big government sponsored idols (and leftists do so love their massive statues, vaccuum-preserved tombs, and flowing portrait banners of dead leftists, without attacking the monotheists.

Why did they have to create a Jewish nation by forcibly taking other peoples land?

Who's land? What force?

Why didn't America welcome all of the Holocaust victims to come HERE?

Hitler and the Nazis were lucrative trading partners in the Franklin Demento Roosevelt administration's "New Deal" socialist economic policy catastrophe. Reports of abuse of Jews in Germany that made it to FDR's desk during the mid to late 1930s were likely met with a wheelchaired rush to a private moment in the bathroom with running water and a busy hand sopped in lubricant. It wasn't until Hitler turned his guns upon Roosevelt's fellow communists in the Soviet Union that the warnings of the British right-winger Winston Churchill stopped falling on deaf ears.

Jews weren't even welcome in Klansman Harry Truman's house in Independence, MO at the end of World War 2. Do you honestly think Truman's leftist government would do a complete 180 and actually dedicate itself to helping people demolished by leftism?

Correct me if I'm wrong but blacks did not solicit the presence of whites on the African continent.

Well, someone had to drive the Arab conquerors out.

Africa was INVADED and TERRORIZED by whites and black people have suffered from the relationship ever since.

The crimes of France in Africa are particularly heinous.

Oh look, leftism started in France...

VerityINK said...

INSTANT CONSTABLE BEAMISH--UpClown isn't going to be able to understand one 100th of what your last comment stated. Remember, this is a boy who spells more than one ox as 'oxes'. Better taker 'er down to one-syllable words...

VerityINK said...

You know, BEAK, I had to laugh when I read that the NYT closed it's racial forum when UpClown started to post there heavily. I guess even the Times could stand only so much stupidity, racial bleating, and UpClown illiteracy

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

INSTANT CONSTABLE BEAMISH--UpClown isn't going to be able to understand one 100th of what your last comment stated. Remember, this is a boy who spells more than one ox as 'oxes'. Better taker 'er down to one-syllable words...


Up Town Set Eve,

Learn, fool. We ain't 'bout no bull shit. See?

uptownseteve said...

Did I upset the goobers?

tee hee

beakerkin said...

Upown Since you are into labels and like TV Land I think Rerun is appropriate. Except that Rerun was stupid and knew it but other wise was charming. Charming is not an an adjective that describes you well. You can be like Rollo from Sanford and Son .

uptownseteve said...

Gee, beaker called me rerun.

I'm so insulted.

Are you like George on "Seinfeld"?

beakerkin said...

Nah but George is alot better then Rollo. What scheme are you up to today ? Black market fish sticks didn't pan out to well . People can just buy them in stores.

beakerkin said...

There never is a point to your mud slinging. We do not talk of race here.You should try other venues as you have become a bore.

Tee Hee What a dope.

uptownseteve said...

Nah, I'm mass marketing the book "Beautiful Jewish Women".

It's only a couple of pages long so shipping charges are real light.

tee hee

beakerkin said...


I will not go into comparitive beauty but most of the Black movie starlets are mixed with at least half white. The book must not have text as you do not read.

uptownseteve said...

Oh really?

Gabrielle Union, Vivica Fox, Angela Bassett, N'Bushe Wright, and Tisha Campbell are half white?

That's news to me and the rest of the world.

Beaker, I swear that you get dumber with every post.

beakerkin said...

Sure like Haille Berry, Mariah Carey, Vanessa Williams and it works for men like Derek Jeter. Keep dreaming

uptownseteve said...

I happen to think that Gabrielle Union makes the 3 you mention look like Bette Midler before she's put makeup on.

tee hee

BTW, can you name a Jewish beauty?

I'm not saying they're not out there, it's just I can't think of any.

Robert Bayn said...

rofl @ Rollo!

Too good Beak!

Did i mention i love Sanford and Son, and to compare this idiot to a great show like "what's happening" is just wrong!

beakerkin said...

Lers see almost half of Hollywood has Jewish blood. Gweneth Paltrow, Phoebee Cates are just off the top of my head and Cates was much more attractive then any of the women you or I mentioned. Joan Collins is also Jewish and was a beauty into her 60's.

uptownseteve said...

I didn't ask you about their ancestors beak.

Most so-called African-Americans have white blood but guys like you still want to riot if we try to move next door.

Phoebe Cates is Jewish?

Didn't know that.

That's a fine girl.

beakerkin said...

Liz Taylor is a convert but is near the top of the list. Natalie Portman is near the top the list is endless. The more white in African Americans the better they appear both male an female.

uptownseteve said...

Ain't THAT a bitch.

You're showing your true colors now beak.

The more white in African-Americans the more "white" they appear, not better.

But thanks for confirming what I always suspected anyway.

uptownseteve said...

BTW slimy,

Liz Taylor converted to Judaism which makes her as Jewish as Whoopi Goldberg.

That's probably the case with Cates and several others.

beakerkin said...

Oh really lets see Haille Berry, Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams are not held up as examples of attractive Blacks. What do they have in common ? Derek Jeter and Lenny Kravits may be 70% or more white. This is not me talking but marketing.

Robert Bayn said...

The more white in African Americans the better they appear both male an female.

Lord, beak i hope that is just you trying to ruffle his feathers and you really don't feel that way, yikes!

uptownseteve said...

"Attractive Blacks" to people like you who only accept the white standard of beauty.

Whether you want to deal with it or not rappers like Nelly, 50 cent, and Snoop have large followings among white girls.

Didn't jet black pop star Seal just marry some high profile swedish model?

Maybe YOU should get acquainted with the world of marketing my friend.

uptownseteve said...

"Lord I hope that is just you trying to ruffle his feathers and you really don't feel that way. yikes"


Yo robby,

The fact is that I ruffled HIS feathers and that is exactly how he really feels.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Diana Ross and Imam are with men of what color. Tiger woods chose a woman of what color.

uptownseteve said...

And your point is what?

Like I said this model Heidi just married and Robert DeNiro dates nothing but black women.

Former Defense Secretary Bill Cohen married a black woman.

What's your point beak?

beakerkin said...


The truth is that Hollywood, modeling agencies tend to use light skinned black women .This is not an opinion but an observation of reality. I do not pay attention to Uptown because he is irrelevant. The Williams sisters get squat in endorsement because they are unattractive to the masses and Sharpova is raking in the dollars. That is not my opinion but reality.

Sometimes reality isn't PC but marketing $$$$$ doesn't lie nor is it wasted money. The dollars are researched before they are paid out.

Robert Bayn said...

wow, so your actually going to sit there and defend such a statement, sorry Beak that is way over the line.

uptownseteve said...

The beak is really showing his true colors today.

And of course he doesn't know JACK.

The Williams sister's don't get endorsements????

Well what the heck is this?'sportsbusiness/s/2003/2002/1503084.html-43k

And Venus and Serena are both GORGEOUS young ladies.

They just don't look white which is beaker's standard of beauty.

beakerkin said...

Uptown have you been drinking MD 20/20. The Williams sisters are fugly and do you want to compare that with Anna Kornikova who won zero or Maria Sharpove.

Even Spike Lee acknowledged the shade issues in film. Marketing dollars are carefully reasearched before major investments are made. The public tends to view light skinned black women like Mariah Carey to the darker skinned Angela Bassett.

Marketing dollars and advertising campaigns differ from your assesment. Sorry Uptown America doesn't agree with you.

uptownseteve said...


No question that the majority of the American buying public is white and they tend to subscribe to the white standard of beauty but your contention was that the more "white blood" the blacks have, the "better" they appear.

Now that may be YOUR opinion but it's not fact pal.

Maybe you can explain why Angela Bassett has been nominated for an Academy Award and Mariah Carey has appeared in which movie?

One of the top runway models in the world is a jet black African woman with short cropped kinky hair (unfortunately I can't recall her name now)so your marketing theory is just wrong.

David Horowitz has constantly referred to the popularity and marketablity of Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey as "proof" of the absence of racism in white America.

Now YOU claim that whites won't market blacks because they're "fugly".

I recently saw a commerical with Snoop Dogg and Lee Iacocca.

Your hero Bill Cosby made his name being a product pitchman and he hardly looks white.

So this begs the question.


beakerkin said...


Do you want to compare Haille Berry who is light skinned to Basset. I do not make the market place nor is the market place fair.
However mixed race black women are more sucsessful in marketing then black women.

Lets take Cosby out of the mix as he has a genuine talent. Cosby is paid for his superior wit and comedic skill. He comes across as the loveable man next door.

Marketing dollars speak for themselves. Sorry Uptown Americans prefer mixed race light skinned black women like Mariah to the Angela Basset types.

The news gets worse because Latina's like Salma Hayek Mexican- Lebanese and Jesica Alba to light skinned black women . As our culture becomes more hispanic there will be less African Americans on film or ads.

beakerkin said...

For the record Steve I called the Williams sisters fugly and I stand by that remark. The look like post op linebackers and kill ratings whenever they are on the screen.

uptownseteve said...

Sorry beak.

You, with your racist mindset, are trying to equate "America" with "white people".

More to the point, white bigots like yourself.

You are running from the fact the Williams Sisters are making MILLIONS in endorsments and the fact that YOU don't recognize their beauty, talent and marketabilty is irrelevant.

They're making money anyway.

"Do you want to compare Haille Berry who is light skinned to Basset."

As far as natural beauty?

Most definitely.

And why is Berry making more money shilling products than a whole lot of white girls?

Answer THAT racist.

"However mixed race black women are more sucsessful in marketing then black women."

Berry is far more successful in marketing than a lot white women.

Why do you think that is?

"Lets take Cosby out of the mix as he has a genuine talent. Cosby is paid for his superior wit and comedic skill. He comes across as the loveable man next door."

He's the only black guy with talent and wit I suppose.

"Marketing dollars speak for themselves. Sorry Uptown Americans prefer mixed race light skinned black women like Mariah to the Angela Basset types."

You're pathetically trying to present your racist views as "American" views.

Sisters like Naomi Campbell, Beyonce and Gabrielle Union are all making millions in cosmetic and clothing endorsements.

"The news gets worse because Latina's like Salma Hayek Mexican- Lebanese and Jesica Alba to light skinned black women . As our culture becomes more hispanic there will be less African Americans on film or ads."

So you HOPE.

But sorry pal.

Much of America is passing you by and recognizing the talent, creativity and beauty of the black community.

We're right at the center of American culture.

MTV tried to shut blacks out during their early days.

Now most of the MTV programming features black performers and the audience remains predominately white.

You're just SCARED beaker because the world is passing you by.

tee hee.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Uptown you start this thread with a jab at Jewish women.
Yes Phoebee Cates, Joan Collins, Paltrow , Portman and many others are Jewish.

Now you are crying racism because I say the Williams sisters are fugly. There is nothing racist in that remark . The Williams sisters to look like post op linebackers and are an eyesore.

If anything blacks are becoming irrelevant as Latinas are making their presence felt. Sorry Uptown Salma Hayek is much better to look at then Berry.

The amount that Berry and the others get is less then that of Nicole Kidman , Julia Roberts etc.
The market place disagrees with you Uptown . When the people in suits decide to put a black woman in an ad it is a Mariah Carey or Berry mixed race type. This is not my opinion but reality.

You can cry racist all night but the market place dictates $$$.

uptownseteve said...


I was baiting you with the "Beautiful Jewish Women" jab and you bit.

Hook, line and sinker.

Actually, I've always loved Barbara Streisand's ass.

You're "blacks are becoming irrelevant" drivel is just a reflection of your sick racism.

Oprah's magazine sells like hotcakes and I see black women like Beyonce, Gabrielle Union and others all over the covers of fashion magazines every day.

You're just in denial and it's sad.

Hugh Hefner is a hero of mine and 30 years ago when it was extremely daring, he made a jet black, very African looking American black woman his Playboy centerfold.

Aziz Johari.

Tell me she's not GORGEOUS.

beakerkin said...

Sorry there Steve.

As far as money and marketing the data speaks for itself. These are not my opinions but the opinions of people who get paid big bucks. Hispanics have displaced blacks as Americas largest minority. Even Spike Lee discusses the skin tone issue in film.

Hollywood and fashion have prefered
light skin blacks for generations. A more then half white woman like Berry sets the standard. This is the way that the system works. You can compare the marketing money of Sharpova to the Williams sisters and it is not even close.

Oprah is something I do not understand at all but I do not understand Dr Phil either. Oprah inherited a time slot from Donahue and has defended it and achieved numbers based upon what I have yet to figure out.

The standards of beauty are not set by me. I worked in the fashion industry and understand this far better then you assume.

As hispanics flex their muscle the role of African Americans grows smaller. Yet while the jobs disappear Jesse Jackson spends time on NASCAR and country clubs areas that effect a handfull at best. Blacks are not even allowed to interview at many of the remaining companies. How does a company with 200 plus people in Brooklyn have not one black. I asked the owner and was told blacks steal and sue. I was fired about a week after asking the question. I went on an interview with another company in SI and asked the same question and got a similar answer.

The bottom line is that the civil rights establishment does not fight for those who need jobs. It has gone from fighting to open doors to newspaper photo ops. You can talk to people who work in personel agencies and they will tell you the same thing.

The reality of the business place and marketing $$$$$ is not made by me. I just report them as I see them.

uptownseteve said...


You are just trying to convince yourself of the irrelevance of blacks because YOU want to see black activists and black politicians who anger you weakened or ostracized.

If blacks are going to be so negatively affected by hispanic immigration, then where is the outcry in the black community?

I don't see it. I welcome the immigrants. As do most blacks that I know.

The people yapping and whining loudest about immigration are white racists like you who pathetically are trying convince blacks how it will hurt us!

The fact is beaker that people like you are scared sh!tless that whites will soon be a minority in America and your attempt at the old "divide and conquer" tactic is obvious and weak.

You don't know JACK about the mission of the Civil Rights "establishment".

Who is it anyway beaker?

Do you even know?

uptownseteve said...


Black businesses are growing at a higher rate than any other ethnic group.

Your constant horror stories about the black community are merely a cheap attempt to pacify your racist anxiety.

uptownseteve said...

BTW beaker,

Could you name the company in Brooklyn where the owner made the statement that he wouldn't hire blacks because they "steal and sue".

I'll make sure that they are immediately investigated for racial discrimination.

That's if you didn't make it all up.

beakerkin said...


Maybe you have not spent enough time in the real Uptown. Your views are not reflective of many young HS dropouts who want a chance but are not being given one.

The political establishment doesn't care about anything other then power. I could care less who represents whom in what community.

As far as you suing BS no lawyer would touch that case. It would be my word and payroll records . Welcome to the new work place with no rights or representation.

uptownseteve said...


You're full of dung.

First off I said nothing of suing.

But I know enough attorneys with Civil Rights litigation experience that if excluding blacks from hiring was a practice of this company you speak of, they'd be investigated in a NY minute.

But you just pulled the whole scenario out of your rear end.

You know it and I know it.

uptownseteve said...

BTW beaker,

If this company fired you for merely asking a question, why didn't you sue?

You're so full of crap it's pathetic.

beakerkin said...

No it is one I have written about long before you were here. I have seen plenty of lawsuits and nobody would touch this.

Talk to a friend in the personel business placing people in low end jobs. They will tell you the same thing.

uptownseteve said...

Let me get this straight beak.

The hispanics are going to make blacks irrelevant but the biggest complainers about immigration are white conservatives.

No one will hire blacks because they believe we steal and sue.

Yet because of Affirmative Action, companies are just rolling out the carpet for blacks whether they are qualified or not.

And any unemployment problems in the black community are because of the "civil rights establishment".

No Corporations want blacks to represent their products because most "Americans" think blacks are ugly, yet the top money makers in endorsements are black.

Beak, don't take this the wrong way but in the true spirit in which it's meant.

You're a dummy.

beakerkin said...


I could care less what you think. I did not seek you out and could care less. The fact that you have no clue what is going on out there is humorous . Perhaps you need to spend some more time Uptown or listen to your friends.

Ask people at the Department of Labor in NY or NJ or employment agencies ?

uptownseteve said...

Of course you don't care what I think.

And I know that you didn't seek me out.

There, there now beak.

It'll be alright.

I'll leave you alone for a while beak.

I see you're getting worn down.

Mr. Ducky said...

I have to disagree on something uptown. I sense a lot of resentment among young blacks who are being pushed out of jobs by low wage undocumented aliens.

I think the resentment there is strong but because they don't have much of a voice all we hear are the white whiners who have been hurt far less, and I would argue have benefitted.

uptownseteve said...



In what industries are immigrants "pushing" blacks out?

I'm curious.

Robert Bayn said...

Maybe they are not being pushed out, maybe they are to busy blaming whitey for all their problems.

uptownseteve said...

Sort of like how Jews like you blame blacks for all of America's pathology.