Monday, May 29, 2006

Who is our best and brightest

I want to talk about people who put their lives on the line each and every day. They toil in annonymity far from home and the ones they love. They work under brutal conditions and often pay the ultimate price. They are our best and brightest and not the unwashed pampered elites who parrot Chomsky.

Many of these people come from poor under funded schools but do not complain about a labor of love. While the Marxist goons talk in high tones about brotherhood those in the military practice it each and every day. Your life may depend on that team member next to you so petty bigotry may get you killed. People who serve in the military have a bond that transcends that of any other job.

Sadly the best of our country finds itself second guessed by the worst of the country. The treasonous far left, many have not worked an honest day in their life
as students or professor feel the need to second guess every action by men who in every category are their superior. Who are these critics that point the finger of blame at our heroes ? They are the Sons of Marx who are apologists for a system that
has produced a virtual monopoly on death and devastation since WW2. They are the Sons of Allah whose Colonialism, Ethnocide and a series of never ending attrocities.
They do readily point the finger at others and create fake massacres but blame others for 9-11, Beslan and a score of lesser known attrocities.

Few of us ever find out what we are made of. We think and imagine that we have the right stuff to join our best and bravest. I found out on 9-11 that I do not have what it takes. There is no shame in being ordinary and running on that day . There were many who fled the vortex of death and destruction on that day. As a civillian my job was to get out of the way for well trained responders. Many of those first responders never did get home and are part of the 3000 who paid the ultimate price on 9-11. They ran to danger as others ran away.

Never allow the worst of America to point the finger at our best and bravest.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky still hiding from Elmer Cheney, 167 zero ratings and Socrasleaze aborted into nonexistence.


the merry widow said...

Beaker- My Dad used to tell me this; Those that can, do, those who can't, teach and those who can't teach, write textbooks! No, AoW, I'm NOT including those who teach to do, out of love! There are plenty who teach so they can be "change agents"! And they were right and the results are what we have to deal with now!


Robert Bayn said...

I was reading some Military poems to the other day, and one stuck out to me, it had this line:

"They said the Military would leave scars, but i never felt them, until i got home and tried to live a civilan life".

It was written by a soldier who served in Iraq.

Elmer's Brother said...

Appreciate that sentiment Robert.

I suppose that people lose the will to fight if they can't see the light at the end of the tunnel or victory as we would call it.

One analogy that crosses my mind is the parent who deals with a strong willed child. The key is to be consistent and firm. The word is resolve. Eventually that kid will conform or suffer the consequences.

Parents who lose their resolve will end up having the kid control them.

Storm said...

Elmer I like this analogy about children. I usually use something like how can you possibly convince Korea or Iran to follow the will of the World if we had not dealt with the lack of compliance by Iraq to follow the will of the World?

The problem is the UN lacks the will to do anything more than write nice letters....oh and rape women...and take Sadaam's money.

JINGOIST said...

Well written Beaker! My father has a lifelong love affair with William Shakespeare and until four or five years ago I never understood it. That's when the switch was turned on for me. Now I recognize beauty and profundity when I see it. In describing the actions of leftist rent-a-mobs towards our troops you wrote:

"Sadly the best of our country finds itself second guessed by the worst of the country."

WOW!! Take a bow Beaker , that was powerful!


Elmer's Brother said...

You're right storm the UN is the worst of all types. The parent who never gave a *hit in the first place.

VerityINK said...

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MissingLink said...

You've been on my list for a while now.

MissingLink said...

Very clever and very wel written post.
Hear, hear.

VerityINK said...

Thanks M'LINK--I didn't know that--thanks a bunch! I'm just now getting myself coordinated--where does the time go?

Always On Watch said...

Many of those first responders never did get home and are part of the 3000 who paid the ultimate price on 9-11. They ran to danger as others ran away.

On my 9/11 cap, I have a little fireman's helmet pinned. I never put on that cap without thinking of those responders who rushed in, without any thought for themselves.

People who serve in the military have a bond that transcends that of any other job.

Most of us pause on Memorial Day, but we should remember our military all year long. I make sure that I do that because I have prominently displayed in my living room my Uncle Bill's portait; he was a WWI veteran, wounded for life but so patriotic.

Good post!

Mr. Ducky said...

AOW, do you ever ask why Beak's hero Giuliani hadn't passed a budget that included upgraded functioning radios for the first responders?

He knew that the units had poor equipment and didn't have a common frequency. However, he stood on the rubble so everyone loves his ineffective butt. I don't know why.

beakerkin said...

Ducky loves to second guess every action of Rudy while holding nobody else accountable for anythiing.He holds far left terrorists blameless and has absolved Dorn and Ayers who should be pushing up daisies. He also has no clue about genuine history.

More curious is Ducky's repeated anal references. Is the noble mallard reduced to anal humor.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, why didn't the NYPD and Fire departments have adequate communication equipment?

Seems you let Rudi slide.

eyesallaround said...

Beautifully said!!!!! I'm going to steal the whole (with hat tip of course) for my blog. Really, really, well said.