Friday, May 05, 2006

The Black Book of Communism Chapter 1 Promising All Things to all People and Delivering Death

The first chapter sets the stage for the October Revolution. An incompetent monarch was fighting an unpopular war and losing badly. The country faced a series of problems each one combined into the perfect storm to create the catostrophic disaster known as Communism.

Communists by nature are decietful power hungry tryants who go through a series of hoop tricks to disguise their nature. On a local level they promise all things to all people. They create front groups to conceal their true identity. Even todays Marxist with a smile has a hard time understanding that a group founded by and led by Communists is a front group. Communists also pervert the language so that terrorism only seems to describe those that are opposed to Marx.

The Country had a disintergrating army plauged by the other three problems. The Army was fighting an unpopular war and a series of traitors agitated against military comanders. Lenin advocated Revolutionary defeatism so that a defeated nation would plunge into a civil war . A dispirited fractured country would turn to Marxists for salvation. This is why Marxist side with a counties enemies no matter how odious and loathsome.

There were a series of agrarian peasant revolts and demand for land reform. There revolts were to continue after the communist revollution and to end tragically. The local commie clowns promised a world without landlords. They also preyed on the peasants jealousy of relitively smaller land owners known as Kulaks.

The Communists also took advantage of a series of nationalists desires for independence. The Balts, Armenians and others desired their own state. Communist demogouges promised that as well.

Communists also took advantage of an economy in shambles and nervous workers. Communists swept in and promised a world free of bosses and merciless owner. The Communists then nationalized industry and the workers were worse off then ever before.

Lenin was a devious scheeemer who actively worked for his own countries defeat. He then fostered a Russian peasant brutality offshoot of Marxist insanity . The petty Marxist pseudo arguments were tossed out the window for those who wanted power now.

However in the next set of chapters we will see how the Commies delivered death to each promise they offered. Freedom is death has an Orwellian spin but devotees of Communism still have a religious faith in a failed system.

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nanc said...

and to think the braindead one pist and moaned that you weren't doing your review quick enough for him and he's been all over the place dropping - well - droppings! the noive!

American Crusader said...

Basic Marxist theory states that you need political revolution to achieve communism. Lenin knew how to put this theory into practice.

Beak...what do you think about Moses Hess's relationship with Marx?
Do you think there is any truth to the accusation that the Bolshevik government was a Jewish government?

John Brown said...

That's sure what Hitler thought, AC. Especially when Trotsky ran foreign policy.

Back then, the lunatic cranks said the "Jewish conspiracy" was Marxism.

John Brown said...

Hey, shitposter!

beakerkin said...

AC Communist are natural traitors in their quest for powerThey practice a concept known as Revolutionary defeatism. Thus their religion and nationality are irrelevant in their quest for power.


Yes but today's left wing ComunoNazis talk of Neocon and Jewish cabals. This is a clear case of projection as the history of treason and espoinage practiced by American Communists dwarfs all other treason.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Marx himself was a raging anti-Semite. The green leftist apples of Nazism and Communism didn't fall far from the tree.

American Crusader said...

"Revolutionary defeatism"

That's basically what I was initially talking about. Communism wants the country first to become so defeated and demoralized that they will turn towards Marxist theory.
Political revolution is the final phase.

American Crusader said...

Basically the same method used by the Hitler, Mussolini and even Franco to some extent.

the merry widow said...

Beaker- Have you seen Dr. Y.'s latest, a poster named Nick raises some interesting points! I'd like your take on it!


167 said...


We all know you are a desperate little paedophile troll with a marginalized blog that gets less than a quarter of the readers that I get – your own blog stats say that .. and that is when I don’t bother to post for several weeks … but you are funny and you are so very predictable, because you always roll out the same tired old repetitive drivel whenever I post something that is designed to get you wound up :)

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Jason? Who the fuck is he?

Posting links to articles in the Institute for Historical Review? LOL That claim grows every time you make it. If you check your own archives you will see that it started off as me simply posting a link to someone who had a link to someone who contributed to the IHR. Get some consistency you senile old fart.

Still, it is always good to know that you are my own little pet troll who I can play with whenever I want to .. and who is so obsessed with me and sees me as such a threat that he has to mention me in almost every single post :)

PS: I see that you are now banning some of your fellow paedophiles from comenting on your blog. I thought you prided yourself on never banning people and never deleting comments (even though we have all seen you delete dozens of comments that show you up as a liar).

PPS: Whatever came of that assurance that you (in your ever so important 'Homeland Security' roll) had ensured that I could never again be allowed to enter the USA again and would have my green card removed? I have just had three fabulous weeks in California, humiliating the clueless shysters at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. I guess you really aren't as important as you think :)

FLORIAN said...

Hey 167! Nice spam. Do you wet your pants all the time whenever somebody disagrees with your putred hate?

beakerkin said...


Still double posting but facts weren't your strong point.

MissingLink said...

Does the book mentions the German involvement in "planting" Lenin in Russia and supporting him with funds in exchange for withdrowing form the war?
Does it also discusse the fact that the overthrow of the tsarist system was achieved before the bolsheviks got involved?

beakerkin said...

The book does mention the part of the Tsarist system being overthrown
before the Bolsheviks arrived. Sadly, many of the kulaks had reieved their land in the land reform of 1905.

The book talks of the Commie role in subverting the troops in WW1. It does not delve into the German role in sending Lennin back but it is a fact.

Always On Watch said...

You've got my attention with this posting. One of the courses I took at the university was Modern Russian History. The professor was fantastic--and not a Leftist. He spoke of everything mentioned here, even the German involvement with Lenin.

I was the only non-history major to take this professor's course that particular semester. The prof allowed me to do papers on Russian poetry and Russian art as I was not a history major, but I did all the rest of the work which the history majors completed for that particular course.

The Russian Revolution was much more involved that "power to the people."

I look forward to your next installment.